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25 Apr 2017 07:14:32
It's going to be a very interesting summer window, Echo saying we will be going for 6 or 7 new signings and at least 2 marquee, can't wait, GuernseyBlue.

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25 Apr 2017 08:31:40
That's what my Michael ball says we need to be fair not what the echo is saying.

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24 Apr 2017 21:16:42
Congratulations to our u23's league Champions and well done Unsworth for the job he's done.

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24 Apr 2017 21:27:49
Well done lads. Hopefully this is only the start for our club winning silverware.

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24 Apr 2017 11:40:16
Interesting comment from Koeman discussing Man Utd's interest in Lukaku, ""I have been there as a player too. I know what it is like when a player has big ambitions.

"But if we really want, we can make the players stick to their ­contract. That decision will ­eventually be made by the board. " Yes he may well leave, but I am positive we will get every penny we deserve for him with 2 years left on his contract and statements from the manager like this. He will not be sold cheaply.

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24 Apr 2017 17:57:42
Keeping hold of him is a dangerous game to play. After next summer despite how well he plays, he will start to recede in value as there will be less than 2 years left on his contract. So by then we would either need to be in a position to satisfy his aspirations or be prepared to take a smaller fee in the summer after next season.

I'd like him to stay, but he seems hell bent on leaving so why not just let him go and use the money to build a team not so reliant on one player to score goals.

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25 Apr 2017 00:04:58
Utd are similar to Everton the way they use Zlatan and us Lukaku, Rooney coming back into their team will benifit Utd, which leads me wondering how we would do without relying our style of play to suit Lukaku and if other players would be more active with a different striker other than Rom, if we get offered silly money knowing he wants away, I would take a crazy bid now, bring in another Striker, bring Rooney home along with Siggerson, a centre half and a goal keeper for starters.

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25 Apr 2017 06:33:40
On the goalkeeper situation, people keep talking about Leno, Hart, Pickford and Heaton all of whom are already number one at their respective clubs. Added to that they are either good shot stoppers or safe hands when the ball is in the air - none of them are the whole package.

Does anyone know if we've looked at Begovic? Proven quality keeper who only gets cup games but for me has been one of the best in the prem for years. He may be happy picking up medals for playing a few cup games but I would be well pleased if we could bring him in.

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22 Apr 2017 09:37:41
Just read about Abraham in a deal with Chelsea for Rom. Any truth Ed?

Also any news on a design for a new stadium?

{Ed002's Note - I wouldn't think so - Tammy Abraham is far from ready for teh premier league on a regular basis. Everton have very specific targets they are working on.}

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22 Apr 2017 13:27:56
I don't think he's anywhere near ready to be an immediate replacement, but he's certainly a player I'd love to have on our books.

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22 Apr 2017 14:11:40
Could he possibly go into our ever improving U23's squad with a view to breaking into the first team?

Ed002, any chance elaborating on Everton's very specific targets please?

{Ed002's Note - There are a number of sides who have spoken with Chelsea about Abraham but Everton is not one at this time. Another loan for the player is likely. And I have explained on numerous occasions which strikers Everton are interested in.}

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22 Apr 2017 22:38:59
Thank you Ed002. You just got me with 'very specific targets'. Made me think there was 2 targets we were close to. Forgive my eagerness for my beloved club.

{Ed002's Note - They are the same folks I spoke of NBTB.}

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23 Apr 2017 11:35:35
These are Pickford, Keane, VVD, kolasinec, trippier, Rooney, sigurdson, and William Jose is that right ed?

{Ed002's Note - Cedric Bakambu and Willian Jose.}

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23 Apr 2017 11:59:09
Cheers ed. got all but bakumbu.

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22 Apr 2017 10:03:35
All the players below players have been linked with us in the papers:

Pickford, Hart, Keane,
Trippier, Kolasinac, Rooney,
Tielemans, Ghezzal, Siggurdson
Abraham, Hernandez, Willian jose.

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22 Apr 2017 10:45:07
And I bet we don't get any.

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22 Apr 2017 12:18:08
I think if we wanted them we could get siggurdson, Rooney and Hart quite easily. We are a far better opti9n than what they have at the moment.

I would really like ghezzal, siggurdson, trippier, keane and Hart. We would be a force to be reckoned with next season with those on board.

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22 Apr 2017 13:29:20
I would take pretty much all of them, especially Sigurdsson and Trippier, but it's too early to get excited about anyone.

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19 Apr 2017 23:38:25
What's going on with this Sead Kolasinac? You read one report and he is on his way to Arsenal the another report states Everton and Spurs are in with a shout!

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20 Apr 2017 11:52:21
Im still hopefull that he will join us. that's if we are actually after him. He would be excellent cover for baines plus he can play left mid so he's versatile.

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20 Apr 2017 12:57:39
He can also play cb. He's good defensively and can get forward. I get the feeling we are going to be fighting the odds on a few signings this window, just hope we can win on a few of them.

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22 Apr 2017 09:47:48
Why would he join us to be cover for Baines? We've got to be realistic, guys. We're a few years from the point at which players with options at other big clubs will choose to come to Everton and not be first choice in their position.

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19 Apr 2017 20:52:18
Hi Ed,

What is the likelihood of us looking abroad for a GK?

Do you know if we would be able to tempt Leno or Horn to Goodison?

If we were going to get someone from the Prem, i personally think the best keeper we can get is Heaton. The bloke is so underrated.


{Ed002's Note - Leno and Horn are folks who won't be joining JMW.}

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20 Apr 2017 00:31:18
Real shame Ed.

Cheers for the info.

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19 Apr 2017 20:47:10
Don't usually talk about roumers but just been told by a very good source that rooney is definitely returning. I was not in favour of him returning but he talked me into changing my mind. time will tell if any of it is true?

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19 Apr 2017 19:28:07
Hart favourite with the bookies to join Everton, i think there is better out there, ie Pickford or Butland, GuernseyBlue.

{Ed025's Note - i like butland GB but the more i see of pickford the less i rate him, hes a decent shot stopper but thats about it for me and hes bound to do well with that defence in front of him hes in the action all game, i quite like hart to be honest mate and would not mind him at all...

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19 Apr 2017 19:43:45
Hi Ed thanks mate agree with that, i am sure R K will have someone in mind after so many mistakes recently from Robles, cheers mate, GuernseyBlue.

{Ed025's Note - im sure he will mate..

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20 Apr 2017 02:25:27
Have you watched Hart at all this season ed025. Been awful for Torino that even their owner has pointed it out. Not to mention he's wages, surely ther has to be better value out there for Everton.

{Ed025's Note - i think he is at a club he does not want to be at dilakh, basically hes a good keeper but hes homesick and wants to return to blighty and i think someone will inherit a top keeper there, the problem is that all the top keepers are taken so it wont be easy to get a good fit mate..

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20 Apr 2017 15:46:14
Personally I think Kasper Smeichal would be the best option and hopefully he'd want to come.

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20 Apr 2017 09:53:42
Hi ed. I agree about Pickford. I don't see what all the fuss is about. Everyone in the media seems to rate him tho. I havn't seen it yet. Kasper Smiecle would be top of my list!

{Ed025's Note - pickford is only young GG and he may turn out to be very good, but at the moment he is miles away from being the finished article mate, kasper would be a good choice though..

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21 Apr 2017 15:18:32
Would anyone take a look at begovic? Good keeper with a fair few years left (still only 29) ? Suppose if it depends wether he wants to play or his happy on a big wage doing not much and picking up medals.

{Ed002's Note - Begovic will very probably leave in the summer.}

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21 Apr 2017 23:20:31
Any chance of begovic at Everton ed or are other clubs interested?

{Ed025's Note - im a fan york but to be honest there is nothing linking him to us at all mate..

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19 Apr 2017 11:10:16
Been reading an article that talks of Hart being of interest to Everton and West Ham but also mentions he has made 5 clangers that led directly to a goal! The second worst record in Serie A. Not sure how this compares to his time in the premier league or against other keepers, any thoughts fellow Toffees?

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19 Apr 2017 12:51:22
Pickford forster or butland would be my choice. Although there's probably a lot of unheard of quality keepers abroad.

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19 Apr 2017 15:29:26
Same 3 for me anom and even maybe Heaton and I bet there are a few names that will be mentioned over the summer.

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19 Apr 2017 18:43:13
I like those names and would raise with a cheeky look at Bernd Leno 😉.

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19 Apr 2017 19:51:17
Hi all, I like all mentioned but for me Schemicael is the one. The way he has conducted himself this season when all others around him have let their club down has spoke volumes. He is a winner through and through!

{Ed025's Note - good shout that blu..

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