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20 Nov 2017 07:22:03
Most of the posts go to the Everton Banter page

Also more posts are being added to the Everton Other Posts page

19 Nov 2017 22:36:29
heard a rumour we will be offering 13 million for silva tomorrow have any Eds heard anything.

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20 Nov 2017 02:15:18
Let's hope that it is resolved one way or the other this week, either get him or move on to the next target.

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20 Nov 2017 07:17:52
either way mike I don't think anything will happen before Thursday I can't see the board wanting silvas first time in the home dugout to be in front of a near empty stadium v Atalanta.

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19 Nov 2017 17:24:20
For the record, the reasons why Silva is highly regarded are:
1. He took a team that was 10th in the Portuguese 2nd division when he arrived into the 1st division and got them into the Europa League 2 seasons on the trot - the only 2 seasons they've ever been in the competition.
2. He won the Portuguese Cup with Sporting - their first trophy in 6 years.
3. He won the league with Olympiacos (in fairness, they win it most years) but he also finished with the same number of points as Arsenal in their Champions League group, which also contained Bayern. They beat Arsenal at the Emirates. While that team always wins the Greek league, they had literally no players of real note, unless you count a 35-year-old Cambiasso and Milivojevic, who is now doing OK at Palace.
4. In terms of points per game, he's improved both Hull and Watford since coming to England.

There are worries: he has moved a lot; Hull collapsed at the end of the season; Ed002 reckons he's more of a coach than a manager, which works in Watford's set-up but not necessarily in ours; his teams do at times let in a lot of goals, but not as bad as Martinez, and it's perhaps unfair to make too much of that when looking at the teams.

On the plus side, he's always managed to get wins against the biggest sides and at the very least gives them a game.

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19 Nov 2017 09:22:34
Watford reject another approach for Silva, do you think he will push for the move himself Ed?

{Ed025's Note - im not sure bobslad, i think he wants to come to us but his integrity will come into question if he just leaves mate..

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19 Nov 2017 14:00:31
I wouldn’t mom my integrity in question if I was doubling my salary ed 😂😂😂.

{Ed025's Note - thats fine for him eddy but its us im more concerned about mate..

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19 Nov 2017 15:19:24
would silva be our saviour ed, or another martinez.

{Ed025's Note - thats the $64,000 dollar question leinster, i happen to think he would be a good shout but i said that about our last 2 clowns mate so i dont think im the man to ask mate..

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19 Nov 2017 15:33:19
Hi Ed what do your reckon Will we get Silva or not? Thanks.

{Ed025's Note - im really not sure eddy, i think moshiri wants him but prizing him from watford will not be easy mate..

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19 Nov 2017 17:04:02
Think Silva would do good job for us but just get the feeling he won't hand his resignation into watford. We need to get a resolution to this one way or another soon as January transfer window will be here soon and if we don't have any stability manager wise then I think it will be hard to attract the players we need.

{Ed002's Note - He cannot simply resign and move to Everton.}

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19 Nov 2017 15:55:30
Yeah and I don’t think he would resign ed but I don’t see the reason I. Watford keeping an unhappy manager donyou.

{Ed025's Note - it will be difficult for them eddy..

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19 Nov 2017 17:55:31
They must have other options though! Had tonof learnt from he summer with giroud! Don’t put your eggs in one basket they say! You can see all the fans get uneasy and starting to ask questions now.

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19 Nov 2017 18:32:08
When you are 8th in the table and 5 points of 4th, would you want to leave a club at this stage for one just above the relegation zone. Whether he is good or not, if I was Silva I think I might wait until January before jumping ship to another club. By then I might be walking the plank myself or being highly sought after.

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18 Nov 2017 04:31:57
Ed002 do you have any information on Ross Barkley's situation in regards to whether or not he will sign a new contract?


{Ed002's Note - I think he would still need to be convinced that signing a new contract is the best thing for him - he knows Spurs are keen and he knows signing a new contract would possibly price him out a move elsewhere at a later date. He needs good advice.}

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18 Nov 2017 10:27:06
Could just be rumours, but I’ve heard a lot made of his off the field problems here in Liverpool and that his desire to get away is more fuelled by this? He is apparently being terrorised by people and he needs to get out of the city. As I say, this could possibly just be total conjecture and tittle tattle! You do have to wonder though why a boyhood blue would want to move away from his club.

{Ed002's Note - It is little to do with who a player supports - they will look for success and the chance to play at the highest level.}

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18 Nov 2017 11:48:29
Thanks ed.

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18 Nov 2017 14:19:30
Would love the lad to stay. He is a good player in my opinion, injury free, fit and with his confidence returned (some so-called supporters booing the lad does not help) he is a very good asset to Everton. Whether Unsworth is ready for first Team Management is beyond my pay grade but personal opinion as far as Barklay goes it can only be a good thing at this time that Unsworth is in charge. I think we should leave the intricaces of Club Management etc! to those that are better qualified. We can then enjoy ourselves in rumour and speculation. COYB.

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18 Nov 2017 14:20:43
He’s off. No doubt about it.

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18 Nov 2017 23:05:59
I understand completely what you are saying regarding playing at the highest level, and Everton can’t offer that right now. My point was more about his off field problems (if true) being more of an incentive to leave than for actual footballing reasons.

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19 Nov 2017 13:27:55
Didn’t someone called Gerrard have far worse off field dramas than what Ross has and eventually he stayed with reds .
I just think if he is to go for once we play hard ball with that Bloke from Spurs and don’t let him go for a song!
Ok he can go for free in the summer but the amount of money he could save us by staying up might be worth him staying and seeing if a new manager can encourage him to stay.

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16 Nov 2017 23:06:36
Allerdice has had a change of heart, and will sit down with club officials over the weekend.

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17 Nov 2017 01:54:43
Ofcourse he will.

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17 Nov 2017 02:06:01
please. NO.

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17 Nov 2017 08:34:54
Felt good when I got up this morning. Nice long weekend off work. Lots planned and some xmas shopping. Then read JCW100s post. Now I think B&Q for 5 metres of rope may be top priority!

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18 Nov 2017 07:59:46
B&Q might be out of stock of rope rather rapidly if that’s true!

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16 Nov 2017 18:44:06
hello ED02 any news on a sharkpod please.

{Ed002's Note - Perhaps next week.}

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16 Nov 2017 21:45:33
cheers ED02.

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16 Nov 2017 11:38:04
Fabio Capello has come out and said he wants the Everton job. Its a club I have always followed ever since a young boy.

"I feel i can attract a striker to the club that can propel us to the top half of the table. Some of the best strikers to play the game have graced the Goodison turf. Particular favourites of mine being Mikel Madar and Denis Stracqualursi. If i get the opportunity to manage this great club, i will take it with both hands. I'd do anything for this club and anything for these fans".

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16 Nov 2017 13:08:59
I like the fact someone has taken this seriously and given a thumbs down 😂.

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16 Nov 2017 14:15:07
source :) :) :)

i am only joking.

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16 Nov 2017 15:14:12
Hahah gibboEFC. Some people on here never cease to amaze mate.

Dixie Normus - i was in Monfalcone at the weekend. Visiting a friend and bumped into him in a local pub . Honest!

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16 Nov 2017 15:35:51
gave it a thumbs down as it wasn't funny, 2/ 10.

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16 Nov 2017 18:53:32
Things are quite serious within the club at this moment in time and certain people are taking the pss just about sums us up at the moment.

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16 Nov 2017 19:51:36
Things are serious indeed but doesn't mean people can’t have fun.

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16 Nov 2017 22:21:21
Its the first time i have posted on any of the current matters.

And our club has been serious for more than this season, its been going on for 20 years mate. To the point where i'm fed up of being down hearted or angry about it.

Better to try and look on the bright side of things instead of posting morbid, mind numbing posts like the above.

I bet you two are in the booing brigade which has f***** this club up a lot more than a harmless post on a club forum.

Get a grip.

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17 Nov 2017 09:32:36
Still wasn't funny.

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17 Nov 2017 10:00:59
Feel sorry for your bird wblue. Poor lass.

Plenty of things i don't find funny or agree with on here, but i would rather just scroll down than actively hit a dislike button.

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17 Nov 2017 12:54:47
ouch i'm hurt!

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18 Nov 2017 10:25:28
Jmw1878 i have never booed any efc team of the pitch or thrown cushions from the top balcony which has been my home for the last 15 years so before you maje assumptions if people gets your facts

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16 Nov 2017 08:41:59

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16 Nov 2017 10:00:18
no he isn't.

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16 Nov 2017 19:52:36
Makes me want to start the panto season

Oh yes he is
. oh no he isn’t


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17 Nov 2017 12:33:25
wheres the oppositions striker?

He's behind you?

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15 Nov 2017 20:18:58
Hi eds what can you actually see happenings us over the manager situation it’s taken 3 weeks to decide on who they want “Silva” reports of a second bid turned down for him do they go back again will the next choice of
Manager want to come knowing he his second / third choice. I know taking your time on decisions is a good thing but this process doesn’t look like taking your time it looks like different views and it
Knowing what they really want which really does scare me.

{Ed002's Note - The reality Eddy is that Everton need to make he best decision and that involves stepping back. I really don't know of a magica fix. For the decent supporters I want a calculated decision.}

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16 Nov 2017 10:26:21
Evryone keeps saying Everton must take their time not make a knee jerk reaction, important to get the decision correct .
I agree with this 💯 %
What frustrates me is fans saying “ I am glad we are being careful and NOT making hasty decisions BUT if we take it there is no smoke without fire WE HAVE ALREADY ASKED SEVERAL MANAGERS to join us and for one reason or another have been turned down .
When Koeman was sacked any business worth their salt would have had a strategy in place like West Ham obviously did .
All I read when I turn on tv or Internet is press maki g a laughing stock of us over managers turning us down .
I remember when Harry Catrick would do business on the motorway and sign a player before it was even being talked about!
I FEEL DREADFULY SORRY FOR David Unsworth he must feel undervalued, not knowing how long he is going to be in charge and it cannot be good for team morale .
It’s not that we are taking our time to get the decision correct, our problem is we THOUGHT we knew who we wanted but whoever was responsible for assessing the risk of them turning us down got it terribly wrong!
It isn’t going to happen sadly but a big clearout is needed at board level as they cannot even agree amongst themselves.
Finally what I do not understand is all businesses have a “ boss” were the buck stops and we are no different
But it seems whoever our boss is does not have the ability to make the overall decision and this does concern me .

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18 Nov 2017 09:50:03
Or just maybe things were so bad under Koeman, and declining rapidly, that the board didn't think they had time to plan ahead.
Mid season is an awful time to try to find a new manager unless it is someone who is already out of work - and they don't tend to be the ones you would want.

They clearly thought Unsy could do a job, short term and potentially longer, but I think his selections and results in first few games will have spoilt that plan.

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15 Nov 2017 15:55:00
There has been a lot of comments on this forum about EFC dithering with their decision. Well today that dithering has paid dividends as Big Sam has come out and said that is why he has dropped out of the running. Well do EFC, dither away.

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15 Nov 2017 17:03:38
If he never spoke to us [his words] how was he ever in the running?

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15 Nov 2017 18:19:33
Very good point Bullens.

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15 Nov 2017 19:31:47
Good post Smit mate so glad we didn't get him.

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15 Nov 2017 20:26:53
The same joker that did a great job with palace then jacked at the end of th season because he didn't want to manage a club side day to day for the long term? He'd do a job for us but we're not desperate enough yet and even if we did I wouldn't want him given a contract beyond May 2018.

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