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29 Jun 2016 17:00:20
One just said that we must be patient the signings will come, I too am very excited. But eds do you not think a little urgency is needed when preseason is just around the corner. I'm sure with RK that new signings will come.

{Ed002's Note - Make some signings just for the hell of it you mean?}

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29 Jun 2016 18:24:20
I get the feeling most are hoping for 8-10 players to be signed. we have one of our best squads in god knows how long, a great bunch of youngsters chomping at the bit to play and from what i can gather a shrewd gaffer. Certainly a gk is needed and i'm sure that will be addressed. no doubt koeman will have stones in the office sharpish to see what's going on with him, and same with rom when he is back. i think possibly 4-5 new players could be signed but maybe even less. let's just see what happens, because thays all i'm doing. I've learned a long time ago not to get over excited. i'm sure we will come good tho.

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29 Jun 2016 15:48:03
We have come a long way since a few seasons ago, we have a new manager, but the biggest plus is we are no longer a selling club where other teams pick our players off at a much lower price.

For all the gripes about new players coming in, last season we would have been happy to keep hold of our better players, Koeman is a very very lucky man, he has a blend of quality players, some exciting young players coming through, and a transfer kitty to make additions.

As a fan, I would not be too worried, the signings will come, top priority has to be a goalkeeper, but the Blue revelution is on the Horizon, be patient, the signings will come, keep the faith.

{Ed025's Note - i enjoyed that baz..

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29 Jun 2016 17:44:36
Hi Baz good post that mate so much tripe these last few days on here I too look forward to the season ahead, GuernseyBlue.

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29 Jun 2016 13:33:45
I see a lot of discussion here about the past. The past is the past, forget it. What I see is a new owner who has a good business record. I see him identify the managerial weakness and go after and get a manager with great pedigree certainly as a player and arguably as a manager. I see speculation that Moshiri is looking to appoint a DoF which is new for Everton and which indicates a plan to but a good managerial team in place.
What I expect in the immediate future is for the managerial team to assess the current squad and youngsters, identify critical needs and sign players accordingly. This precess is not not going to be done overnight. The last thing we need is panic purchases.
From a business viewpoint I expect the business team to radically improve the commercial revenue and plan and build a new stadium. Again this is going to take time.
I believe that we have a bright future, time will tell whether my optimism is well founded.

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29 Jun 2016 14:26:05
Some people like living in the past mike, let's look forward now, new owner, new manager, plenty of cash and new stadium on the way yet people still moan, just ignore them as will never be happy.

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29 Jun 2016 14:32:41
I agree we certainly do have a bright future and some great things are happening with the club.

If we forgot the past do you think we would have the fan base we currently have? It is because of the past and the glory days we were able to attract Moshri and his billion, It is because of the past we were able to land Koeman.

Part of our desire for the future means giving us a taste of the past when we were a fantastic team, every other team in the old first division feared playing us, and they were right to do so. Without our past we can not be realistic about our ambitions. We have tasted success and we want it back.

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29 Jun 2016 14:43:59
That my friend is reasonable optimism. I can go with that. If my posts about our current squad and how it was assembled are what you refer to about the "past". it was really the present I was on about. but also there seems to be a section of our support that thinks we are going to do a Roman Abromovic at Goodison. ie buy a load of players. really top ones who would rather sign for 11th placed Everton that Celtic for instance. ie albeit a Champions League club from another country. My optimism is more like yours. cautious. I think some fans have seen a once in a lifetime achievement in Leicester City and now expect us to just buy our way into the top 4. My view on our current squad is somewhat different to theirs.

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29 Jun 2016 14:57:23
Totally agree with remembering the past for good reasons, not constantly dragging up negative rubbish that's behind us, yes we've had bad and good, but remember it's not always easy to fix something, it takes time, I feel it will take a couple of seasons before we are back challenging the top half, think a losing mentality is hard to get out of, just hope with some fresh faces we can turn it around.

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29 Jun 2016 15:04:13
Degsy not one single poster has ever stated we are going to do a Chelski or City, the majority want the kids brought through and are realistic, I've not seen any posts about signing Neymar or Messi, odd one about Zlatan but he is on a free, things are about to change at our club and even the pessimistic must be excited, let's enjoy where we are going.

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29 Jun 2016 15:06:23
The point I was trying to make about the past is that it cannot be changed. At 76 years of age I of course remember the past, especially the good and great times. Of course we want the great times back. I was at Wembley in 1966 and in 1995 and was at Goodison when we won the league and I want to see more of it before I leave this life. However at present the most important thing to the club today is the things I describe above. Good team management and good business management which have been lacking for some time. Improvements in all aspects of the club will come with those things in place, we just have to be patient.

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29 Jun 2016 15:22:18
I remember the time just before the Watford cup final back in the 80's I could never imagine we were destined for the great things we achieved after that game!

It taught me the lesson of 'never give up hope'

Degsy lad. . . have you forgot that lesson because you were there too!?

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29 Jun 2016 11:54:01
Nottingham Forest have confirmed the signing of Vellios, heard fans say he played very poorly at the clubs he played at over the past few years (specifically one fan who looked togive him a lot of stick during his loan spell in belgium)

Hope the lad plays well for Forest, might see him sign for a prem club in a couple years if he does well.

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29 Jun 2016 08:35:02
I really can't get into all this excitement of "we have a new manager, things are great! "
I really want to see him make a couple of signings. I have said before today that in the last 3 years our squad deteriorated by quite a bit. Our league performances in the last 2 seasons really prove my point. Some of this can be put down to RM's tactics. That I accept. But when I look at how we signed players under the Moyes days (and I am not necessarily giving him the credit. perhaps something changed in our scouting system or structure re players signing? ) we signed players like: Baines 4 mill, Coleman 60k, Jags 4 mill, Stones 1.5 mill, Mirallas 4 mill. I know we also paidbig dosh for Fellaini. but we doubled it by selling him. In the last 3 years we signed Kone 6 mill, Niasse, 13 mill, Alcaraz free, McCarthy 13 mill, Besic 4 mill, Del Boy 4 mill, Lukaku 24 mill, Mori 13 mill, Barry 4 mill, Lennon 4 mill. For an outlay probably 4 or 5 times as expensive, I believe the squad has deteriorated and the players are worse now than after the huge outlay. I understand that Man City are very interested in Stones and we can recoup probably around 30 mill. but where does that leave us? I also understand Lukaku would go for big money. but again how do we replace our higher valued players? Thses big money players want Champios League or at least Europa League. and before shouting me down. wait and see. Because I saw a thing about the Dembele player going to Celtic with loads of posts of people asking why he went there. not one mentioned Champions League! Call me a misery guts if you like, but I am getting on in age and have seen lots of blind enthusiasm before today many times. Yes I can see RK bringing a couple of players in. but maybe not the ones everyone is expecting. I think he will do well to get our best 2 players to remain. especially Stones. I think Lukau just stirs things up to get a pay rise every now and then. but I think there is substance in the Stones rumours. Mid table will actually please me. Look at all the other clubs. Look at how the Crystal Palaces are splashing big money. Our 100 million that is burning a hole in our pockets is insignificant when you look at how easy RM spent that amount and made our squad worse!

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29 Jun 2016 09:17:53
I'd rather not discuss Martinez anymore as it's been done to death, but I completely disagree that we have a worse squad now. The Moyes players you mentioned above are still here (albeit older but we have some good young players coming through) . Aside from Kone, Niasse and McGeady (who should all be gone by the end of the summer) all of the other players have a future at the club. The squad depth has greatly improved, and now there's only a couple of positions we are short in (Which I expect RK to sort out) . Notice how you conveniently left out Bilyaletdinov, Kroldrup, Beattie and Simon Davies out of your Moyes signings list.

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29 Jun 2016 09:25:45
Although touching on what you said about Palace, I am concerned that £100m isn't enough when the likes of Palace and West Ham are spending the same. Then again, we just have to trust that Koeman knows what he's doing. There's a weight of expectation here that maybe he didn't quite have at Southampton, and if he wants his big Barcelona move in a few years we will have to perform.

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29 Jun 2016 11:01:15
Blue Tommy, it is all about opinions. I know that. But you list a few players from Moyes days. Billy and Beattie did ok. but not brilliant I agree. Beattie was good at first but faded. My original point was that there is a wave of enthusiasm sweeping amongst the fans. I am cautiously optomistic. I am afraid that when we kick off the season, the ones with all this enthusiasm might get brough down back to earth and do what often happens at Goodison. get on the players' backs. I have seen it so many times during my 49 years of supporting them at home. The away fans seem to be a bit more supportive and loyal. Back to the point. Moyes was here 11 years and made a few bad signings. But the overall improvement in the squad he made was incredible. (an RM quote I know) . Then RM came in and has brought in a range of players. Some have improved the squad. In my eyes/ opinion Lukaku and Mori have in particular been improvements. I would say the jury is out on Barry, McCarthy, Lennon, Cleverly, Besic, Robles and Deulofeu. Barry to an extent has been invaluable, so maybe he should be with Lukaku and Mori as an improvement? The others above listed have been quite brilliant at times and terrible at others. Similar to your Moyes players listed. Inconsistent is the key word. Then there is: McGeady, Kone, Niasse and Alcaraz. So tosum up. our first team is still quite full of Moyes players. A shining star that has been over used (Barkley) who was here anyway. So in my view the squad is weaker. Howard was good until his last 2 seasons. Did we replace him with better? The back 4 (all Moyes signings are still there. Distin was too old and yet does great at Bornemouth. Yes Mori has replaced him. But is Mori so much better? Questionable. The midfielders of Osman, Pienaar and Gibson and Mirallas were still here until just now and 1 is always injured. They were replaced by Barry, McCarthy, Besic and Cleverly. Barry is so slow he looks like he is 10 yards behind younger players so gets booked every game. McCarthy is brilliant at breaking up play but useless at forward passing or creating anything. Besi is also great at breaking up play but as yet has shown no consistency. hence being sub or subbed a lot. Cleverly is Cleverly. Mr Average/ dependaple. The one thing none of these players have between them is goals or creatio nof goals. Pienaar, Osman, Gibson to a degree and definately Mirallas all had goals and forward passing in their arsenal. We are badly missing that. Lennon has always flattered to decieve. Fantastic pace but often fails with delivery or end product. McGeady I don't need to say anything. When you also consider reliable players like Hibbert now gone. I really do think our squad is inferior to 3 years ago. I also think that if it was better we would have been higher in the league the last 2 seasons. It is my opinion. but I might be wrong?

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29 Jun 2016 11:05:35
The "top 4" clubs are talking about individual players costing 80 million plus. Liverpool have just spent 30 million on Mane. Palace ofered 32 million for the Belgian lad. Leicester must have bags of money to spend. Other clubs have wealthy owners. Our 100 million is keeping us on a par with the average clubs. Not taking us to the top quite yet. I think this blind optimism is worrying because the first fans to turn on OUR players will be the ones with big expectations. That is my main point.

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29 Jun 2016 11:39:23
''There's a weight of expectation here that maybe he didn't quite have at Southampton, and if he wants his big Barcelona move in a few years we will have to perform. ''

Those words Tommy and similar thoughts abounding and echoing through most Evertonian minds!

Degsy mate. . . the slate on current players (most anyway) has been wiped clean theirs is to now impress upon RK they deserve to be in 'his' team.

This should be interesting .

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29 Jun 2016 11:41:14
i agree that expectations need to be kept in check. i refrained from using 'realistic' because realistically, with te squad we have, top 4 is not impossible. i mean Leicster outplayed evry team int he league with players who at the end of last season/ start of this where seen as middle table players if that.

i am one of many who believe this is out best squad in a number years. i liked the astute signing from moyes but i put some pretty heavy praise on martinez for having the 'ability' to take 33 year old barry on lone, for enabling us to take and ultimately sign Lukaku and Del boy. It is also worth noting his failures like Atsu of course.

no-one what is come now we have a new manager. BK has said that RK has not promised him Champ league like martinez, RK looks to have a good head on his shoulders and all we can do is judge him based on his first season with us.

all i can say for sure is that i am looking forward to the season ahead. Hope the lads play well under RK and hope to see some good signings coming in. Mahrez, Vardy and Kante cost Leicster less than 5M.

As everton suporters who witnessed 60k for coleman we should know that big money signings may not prove to be the best players coming into the squad.

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29 Jun 2016 11:52:02
I do feel like you've got rose-tinted glasses where Moyes is concerned, but I'm happy to agree to disagree on this one. I believe quality and depth is present in much of the squad, whereas under Moyes we often only had a starting 11, and filled the bench up with players that were never going to play, such as Jutkewicz. I am excited for our future but I for one will not be expecting immediate success. I agree with your reservations regarding the fans as many of them ruined most of last season by moaning. I can understand people who say money should be what motivates a player to play well, but none of us have jobs where thousands of people who are supposed to be on your side start booing you after 5 minutes. Patience is the key here.

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29 Jun 2016 12:13:43
I think the 100m us just a figure quoted. . i think that moshiri will pay what ever needed to get us to challenge for a cl place.

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29 Jun 2016 12:26:58
Ok points taken guys and without going on and on. this is the basis of my pont. RM certainly improved the squad with a goalscorer. No need to mention who. He also really, really strengthened the midfield positions with grafters. The ones I previously mentioned certainly put a shift in most games. and here is my point.

I believe RM wanted a team that grafted and grafted moving the ball around, keeping possession as we all know. In an effort to break down the opposition. Then the goalscorer(s) would pop a few in and Bob's your uncle. In reality, the players he signed were brilliant at grafting.

However, once we had the ball, we could pass it all over the place. forwards, sideways and backwards. but in todays modern game, teams are set up with real defensive coaching. So if a full back over-laps, the other full back usually drops back in and one of the other centre halves moves out to cover for him. Or one of the holding midfielders drops in to cover.

So if your team is set up to retain possession, it gives the other team time to re-organise and have their defence shift to whatever is necessary. Now the goalscorer is waiting for the ball during this period and makes run after run until he eventually becomes totally fed up because each time it looks like he is going to get the ball played to him, the midfield or full back play it sideways or backwards.

Yes this is partly due to the coaching of the previous manager. but it is also the ability of the midfielders is lacking compared to the passing players from the previous manager. I think I have seen McCarthy play about 3 penetrating passes since he has been here.

Barry about 2. Cleverly not many and Besic not many. I would be interested to see the stats on their assists if anyone has them? Obviously someone has served Lukaku and Barkley with assists but I wonder who? I also know Barkley has a big number of assists.

like I said previously he is a shining star and can play forwards. but too much weight was placed on his shoulders too soon. You could see his confidence drain in some games.

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29 Jun 2016 12:34:18
Much to do with our transfer targets will become clear when we apoint a DoF.

What i don't like is statements coming from the club saying we are going to make a marquee signing. our team has a few players that have failed to shine brightly in the last few years we don't need to add another prima donna to the list.
We need what is says on the tin style players. People who will do the job and do it right. Players like distin osman weir who give 100% all the time and fight til the final whistle. that's what we need.

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29 Jun 2016 13:05:39
Much as I like and agree with your post Backofthenet, I don't think the point about fight is the important bit. It is lack of flair to create things. McGeady was signed for creation. Not good enough. Lennon was signed for flair. maybe ok but very inconsistent. Was Spurs 3rd choice! All the other midfield players listed in my post are defensively minded.

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29 Jun 2016 12:36:52
Degsy give it a rest. always the pessimist. We get your point about goals from midfield, I think you mentioned it once or a thousand times before. As for your love for Ozzie and Hibbert, let it go will ya. Ozzie got a few games last season and he had clearly lost his pace and was not up to it anymore.

I like the way people make out that Hibbert and Ozzie were loyal servants to the club, well they were getting paid thousands to sit on their asses for the last few years. The club isn't there to waste money on players who have been loyal for years. If we want to succeed we need to ship out the dead weight and unfortunately that's what Ozzie and hibbo are.

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29 Jun 2016 14:28:06
Well said Ray, let's look forward now instead of regurgitating the same spiel.

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29 Jun 2016 14:48:10
blueray, you will be one of the first on here moaning about lack of loyalty from Lukaku. Then preach about "why should we show loyalty to home grown players? " Read my post again. yes it mentions Hibbert and Ossie once I think. It is about a thousand words long and talks about tactics, fears, fans and lots of other things. It also talks about silly little boys getting over enthusistic because we have a bit of dosh if you want me to reply in the insulting manner that you started?

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29 Jun 2016 15:19:51
I meant no offence degs and apologise for that but your comments always relate back to the same things regarding the lack of goals from midfield and ossie. i never get on and slate players and comment only when I feel the need to, unlike others (not including yourself) who comment at the drop of the hat and nothing interesting to say. I agreed more often with you when you were debating with swan and have no problem with you whatsoever, but can you not move on from the moyes days and look forward to the koeman days like the rest of us.

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29 Jun 2016 06:11:15
Who do we want and who will we get.

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29 Jun 2016 06:56:31
There is some itch on you Pb78. Seems your very excited. There will be a million story's of signings in the next 6 weeks or so and very few of them story's will actually happen. With the squad we have imho a keeper, striker for competition with Lukaku and a right back for competition with Coleman are priority.

Maybe a left winger and an attacking midfielder for competition with Barkley thrown in for good measure.

Who the players are doesn't bother me. I'd rather look at strengthening certain positions rather than looking at a player to sign. Some good defensive midfielders linked which is good but imho we are well covered in that position.

Can't wait until next season. Think it will be another 3 weeks before transfer's really kick off.

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29 Jun 2016 08:47:19
as far as attacking midfeilders go id like to see us use Dowell and Tarasaj as competition for barkley imho

we have many young deffernders who 'could' play RB, like Holgate, Pennington, Kenny and Browning.

i agree with you about the midfield, Besic, Barry, McCarthy, Connolly, Davies and who can forget gibson?
Could throw cleverly in there but i'm unsure how Koeman will want to use him (if at all. )

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29 Jun 2016 09:23:47
We've needed a proper left mid since Peanuts got injured, all we really need is a keeper LM and second striker everything else is covered. So any signings in any other position would be a luxury.

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29 Jun 2016 11:48:40
thik your right there Sa90, but with Lennon, Mirallas and Del boy surely one could shift to the left. i recall Del boy stating he would prefer/ he aspires, to play as a central attack midfielder. i think his crossing would be wasted if he playys central but hey ho.

In regards tot he keeper we've apparnetly offered Mandanda a 3-year contact, more news in supposed to be released later today but although i hope we get the lad i don't think itll happen so soon.

i think we either rely on Niasse to partner Lukaku (whihc doesn't seem to eb a popular choice among fans) and replace Kone with a young talent to play rotation (niang possibly)


we play Niasse as the rotation striker and go out and make our marque siging a high profile striker.

(we could always sell niasse but id like to see him play under RK first)

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29 Jun 2016 11:54:00
Agree 100% sa90, I've been saying the same for weeks.

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29 Jun 2016 12:55:54
sa90 - agree completely except for 1 position. I think CM/ DM is the most urgent to fill.

It's unbelievable the reliance we have had on a 35 year old Gareth Barry in the past few seasons. His legs are going and the game slows right down every time the attack goes through him. Yes he was one of our best players last season but we surely can't rely on him being 100% for 38 games a season now?

I like McCarthy but agree with reservations that he doesn't provide enough quality, and would also put Besic in this category. Gibson is too injury prone and it is too soon for Davies. We need a top quality CM to control games. I would love Schneiderlin if some of the rumours are correct.

Keeper happy with Mandanda or Stekelenburg, LW - Grosicki and Wijnaldum have been linked and either would be interesting. Then just a back up CF and we are done!

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29 Jun 2016 13:23:35
If the rumours are to be believed, then we will be getting Mandanda (Free) , Schneiderlin (£25m) and Grosicki (£10m) . This would plug all of the gaps in the first team and leave plenty over for a supposed marquee signing, who I can only assume, based on the other acquisitions, is a striker.

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29 Jun 2016 14:51:16
There are younger players who can fill in at RB if Coleman gets injured and they could do a job. But the point is its too comfortable for Coleman. There is no one pushing him for his place. There is pretty much a player to push the first pick in all other positions bar RB.

All seem to be in agreement with a new striker and keeper. I mentioned LW as a follow on if we can. Reason being I think we have a brilliant player in Mirallas to play there. RM didn't play him. He was better than the recognition he got in the last 2 years. If he gets a proper chance this season imho there might be no need to bring in someone new as there is Lennon, Del boy, Cleverly etc who can play there.

I agree with Greg about the new signing and Dowell for attacking midfield. I hadn't thought of those. Barkley needs to be challenged though.

Nothing worse than a player who isn't pushed into to playing well to keep his place.

Interesting points from southern_toffee about CM and I agree with the vast majority of it. Barry was relied on too much and is waning. McCarthy will have to step up big time. Him along with a pick from Besic, Gibson, Cleverly and even Barkley should be strong enough imo. If we sign Schneiderlin all the better as I rate him but I'd hold out as surely 2 out of them 5 will rise to the top and do good.

Its all about opinions and makes an interesting read for me anyway.

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29 Jun 2016 16:14:16
NBTB - I think a lot of thinking is based on using 2 holding mids and a no10. I actually think this is a little outdated and doesn't suit our current squad (Barkley not a natural 10 and McCarthy not a natural holder) .

My view is we should play 3 centre mids and not a traditional 'no10', with 1/ 2 more defensive minded and the other more attack minded. This is what a lot of big clubs are starting to do (Barca - Busquets/ Rakitic/ Iniesta; Real - Kroos/ Casemiro/ Modric; City - Fernando/ Fernandinho/ Yaya; Bayern - Vidal/ Alonso/ Thiago; Atletico - Koke/ Tiago/ Gabi) . RK even used it at Southampton with Wanyama, Davis and Ward-Prowse. With this formation the main support to striker is from wings. RK used Mane and Long for this. More 4-3-3 than 4-2-3-1.

With this set up it will put Barkley in a more natural position (no8) to attack from deep, but also leaves us with 6 cm options including Gibson who will probably be injured. Hence why I think a starter ahead of Barry is so important. Schneiderlin / McCarthy and Barkley would make a very strong midfield 3.

This is also why I think we could do with another LW as none of our current batch (Kev and Gerry as exceptions when firing) can provide adequate support to Rom.

{Ed025's Note - for me ST we need a better option than macca in midfield, the lad does run his socks off but "busy doing nothing" is how i would describe his game, its just my personal opinion but for me we need better quality mate..

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28 Jun 2016 21:48:01
Alex ferguson for the England job for two years to steady the team and get them set playing proper football then hand it all over to? Ha ha just a thought.

{Ed033's Note - then hand it over to David Moyes :)

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28 Jun 2016 21:25:01
Let us have faith in Ronnie let him get the playing staff we need and say nothing to the press about our targets suits me fine no price tag rubbish then, coyb.

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28 Jun 2016 21:03:06
Thanks muff by the way who would you buy for our beloved blues.

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28 Jun 2016 18:44:33
Must say sorry to muff didn't mean like that pal.

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28 Jun 2016 20:54:34
No need for sorry mate as I didn't take offence, Just baving a laugh.

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28 Jun 2016 21:07:04
So muff who would u sign i think foster mata sniederlin niang pella yarmalenko.

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28 Jun 2016 21:21:35
Muff can take it 😂😂 I mean murff.

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29 Jun 2016 00:06:07
Agree with all those tbone mate.

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29 Jun 2016 08:49:26
i thought Yarmalenko did agood job of reducing his price tag this Euro's if you ask me.

id be upset if we spent £25M on Yarmalenko and didn't try to steal Batsy to play up top with Luky.

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