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20 Sep 2014 12:56:21
Really pleased that RM did not go for the 'in fashion' rotation system against Wolfsburg but not sure if he should continue with it with derby game coming up (oh that hurt last season).
Not that bothered about League Cup, should RM field his second 11 before the Anfield game?
Or should we break the mould and play our strongest starting 11 for as long as we can?


20 Sep 2014 14:00:16
The problem with playing our starting 11 every game is they will eventually get tired and pick up constant injuries, near full strength tomorrow with maybe eto instead of rom or osman instead of naismith or something, league cup doesn't bother me, I would happily rest players, give atsu, browning, alcaraz, mcaleny and long etc a go, swansea will rest players anyway


Every game is important and a lot of our players could do with the game time as they weren't as fit as they should be at the start of the season so I say play strongest 11.




20 Sep 2014 09:41:52
Everyone slating the Wolfsburg performance. Ok we may have been a little complacent at times but the players had a confidence about them as if to say it doesn't matter if you score because we will score more. I for one call that entertainment and I know it's been a while since we've had some but let's enjoy it and get behind the team! 3-0 against palace and 2-1 against Liverpool you heard it hear first coyb!


Ed025{Ed025's Note - i hope your right kingy..



20 Sep 2014 09:27:00
We scored more goals in Europe this week than the other 5 English teams added together


Ed025{Ed025's Note - good stat rick..



19 Sep 2014 20:04:10
Why did Martinez not give Atsu 30 minutes and take mcgeady off when it was 3 0 .atsu will be wondering if it was worth signing.

Blue Vinny

Ed025{Ed025's Note - i was thinking the same thing vinny..

19 Sep 2014 22:19:53
With the risk of putting a damper on last nights result, I wonder which match Roberto and most of the papers were watching.
The score line flattered us and could have been totally different had Tim Howard not been on his A game.
I agree RM should have substituted Lukaku, McGeady and either Jimmy Mac or Barry with Eto'o, Atsu and either Besic or Gibson when we went 3-nil up.
It would not only freshened the team, saved legs for Sunday and given valuable game time to squad members.
Also, I couldn't see what shape we were playing - it seemed to be 2 4 2 1 1 which morphed into 4 2 2 1 1, either way Lukaku was slow with poor first touch and McGeady was also ineffective. Also, the way we set up there is little or no creativity in midfield and Barkley is sadly missed.
What a pleasure to see Eto'o's skill in possession, movement off the ball and creative vision in a short cameo which saw him create two clear cut chances one of which was taken. He looks to be a steal not only for the option he brings but hopefully Rom can benefit from his skill
and experience.
RM should put Rom on ten yard speed training against Super Kev whilst Eto'o should teach him first touch close control.
I don't think we are anywhere near last season's footballing level and will be taken apart by the top four or five PL
What is of concern is if RM thinks we are performing well he won't see the need to ring the improvement changes.

Fancy Smith

Ed025{Ed025's Note - well thats cheered me up no end.. :(

19 Sep 2014 22:30:26
Sorry Ed just trying to give a realistic and balanced view of our current form,

Fancy Smith

Ed025{Ed025's Note - i know mate..but you could be a bit more upbeat fancy..after all we did beat a good side 4-1..

We were playing Wolfsburg for crying out loud. This team narrowly missed out on champs league with a much finer margin than we did. They have quality players and expecting a 4-1 pasting was beyond anyone's imagination.

We were flattered by the scoreline but we need a difficult group to get out of, if we are serious about winning this competition.I'm chuffed we won 4-1. But I'm even more impressed that it was a difficult game too.

If Howard has to make great saves for us to win then fine, that's his job.

It was a great night and a good test too.


Toffee ace

Ed025{Ed025's Note - im with you there ace, a lot of guys seem to find faults even when we give a really good side a bit of a pasting!...they had chances yes, but we also could have scored more..



19 Sep 2014 18:55:36
Dont mean to bring down the mood but erm yeah, the derby is next week and I for one, have a disgusting feeling about it, think it will be worse than last season, i'm going for a 1-1 draw with palace, aj to equalise in the 93rd minute, against liverpool i'm going for a 5-0 defeat, I think balotelli will get the opener, lallana will net from 30 yards, lambert will come on and score, gerrard to score a penalty and sturridge to mark his return with a curler from outside the box, sorry, i'm usually up for it and all but I have a horrible feeling, anyway, enjoy the rest of your weekend


Ed025{Ed025's Note - how can we now..

Look at the way villa set up against them and also the Bulgarian side, they don't seem to have the know how to penetrate a tight defensive unit and are suspect when on the back foot with players running at them, I for one do not fear them and believe we can punish them if we set up right and play on the counter


19 Sep 2014 20:40:02
Just remember tom cleverley doesn't play for everton, that lights up my whole life


And that is just the icing on the cake haha


19 Sep 2014 22:10:12
To be honest with you Swan, I have a bad feeling about it though, every time I have a good feeling about a derby, we have a crap result so here's hoping we get a win.


20 Sep 2014 00:17:57
Swan drop the negativity mate.




19 Sep 2014 13:54:42
On last nights game.
Tim, man of the match for me,
back 4 solid, no give aways, Stones outstanding at CB, no more RB, combined great with Coleman.

GB & Jimmy Mac great in midfield, Naisi & A mag,
what a signing for the money, super Kev was just that. SUPER!
the only downside seems to be Lukaku, doesn't look fit, couldn't control or trap a ball & sub'd again.

Other than that, all positive with plenty of games coming up.

I (very positive) Claudius.


20 Sep 2014 10:29:06
I can't understand some people, after the first 3 games the doom merchants were out in force. It was a season too far for a lot of players. We were going to finish mid-table. Now we win away from home and put 4 past a good German side and the doom merchants are still moaning. It is a good job we didn't put 7 past them.




19 Sep 2014 12:56:52
Great performance by the guys last night. I posted on here a few weeks ago after our defensive woes that I thought this season was 1 season too far for Distin & that maybe he'd lost a yard of pace & it was time to get young Stones in. what we have seen since is a huge improvement defensively & Stones has been immense & amazing. I was simply drooling watching him last night - he's now got to be the best young central defender (did you here me Roy H.) in the country for me & for such a tender age he shows so much class, awareness & composure. reminds me so much of a certain previous defensive Italian great - Paulo Maldini. :)


I love being an Evertonian

UzbekBlue UzbekBlue

Ed025{Ed025's Note - so do i mate..

20 Sep 2014 00:18:55
Said Uzbek lad


20 Sep 2014 02:41:19
I agree with some of what you say here. especially regarding Stones, him being my first pick at CB. he reads the game so well and for his age is incredible.

Against Wolfsberg he looked amazing on the ball, the perfect player for the system.

BUT. We surely can't compare his performances to the ones of Jags and Dist though.

Chelsea, Arsenal vs West Brom and Wolfsburg (who managed to rifle in an almighty amount of efforts, from range albeit)

I want him to play as many games as possible for his development, there's no1 who would doubt that he will be a star but don't write off jags yet over some performances against west brom and wolfsburg.

BTW Thursday was just amazing, me my son and my dad all loved Europe and couldn't have wished fora better start. can't wait for the injured players to come back.

Happy blue

Leon EFC



19 Sep 2014 11:40:18
If we are to build a new stadium, this idea wouldn't generate multi millions, but if priced right could catch fans interest, and a couple of million pounds, would give fans a feel of being part of a new stadium and our clubs new home. We could follow the Scottish clubs in selling bricks and paving stones around the new ground with inscriptions of choice. External bricks, internal at the stand you sit in, granite paving stones on the players entrance, things like that.




19 Sep 2014 09:31:30
Wonderful performance last night. I just hope the early season form has now gone out the window. It seems plain to me that our pre season was a disaster and that we looked totally unfit in our first three games. That added to putting John Stones back in the middle has improved us no end. let's hope we can now put a good run together and claw back some of those dropped points.


The performance last night was what we have come to expect from a good team of players. The possession was neat and the pressing and shape without the ball was great. Got to say Gaz Baz still impresses me each game I watch, his positional awareness and passing is second to none, that and also Eto, Lukaku can learn a lot about holding the ball up from him hopefully. All in all a solid performance and looked more like the Everton we witnessed last season. COYB


Happy with the result, but I noticed that Lukaku looked like he had just completed a full 90 mins after 10 mins of the game starting. I still don't think he is anywhere near 100% fit.




19 Sep 2014 08:29:17
McCarthy, Stones and Howard were immense last night. It was awesome to see us back competing in a European competition where we belong




19 Sep 2014 00:07:25
I heard John Stones stopped to get diesel on his way home after the game, but when he went to pay for it he put 'Olic' on the counter by mistake instead of cash, apparently he'd forgotten to take him out if his back pocket after the game!


19 Sep 2014 08:00:26
HA HA, good one KJ, Stones is awesome mate, the next top defender for country and hopefully club for 10 years




18 Sep 2014 23:50:06
Fantstic match tonight. If anything is going to get us investors in our magnificent club then it is this type of football.

Dont know about anyone else but you are on the edge of your seat expecting us to score and yes sometimes if we will hang on! Beats being bored with punt after punt every game.





18 Sep 2014 22:40:42
Yes, I know but I have got to say it. our number 5 is pure class, what a brain, touch and style.

Jonathan P



18 Sep 2014 20:58:05
well done 60 grand




18 Sep 2014 19:29:38
No defenders on the bench, looks like we're going for it

Gods Doctor

Alcatraz was on the bench.


19 Sep 2014 08:01:11
That's what he said Pete, "no defenders on the bench"




18 Sep 2014 15:33:18
not sure if this has been asked on here in the last week or so

If Scotland vote yes on leaving the uk will it effect Naismith and our foreign/home players quota?




18 Sep 2014 13:11:34
Anyone have any good links for Europa games to watch online?



Check out wiziwig.tv or eplsite.com for some good links. COYB


18 Sep 2014 13:59:40
It's on ITV4 mate so you may be able to watch live on the ITV player


18 Sep 2014 18:23:43
There is an app called TVCatchup. It has all the usual channels on including itv4. I have used it in Germany on my ipad before.




18 Sep 2014 00:35:25
Everton FC Returns to Dr Pepper Dallas Cup
Toffees will seek to become England's fifth Gordon Jago Super Group Champion

DALLAS, Texas (Wednesday Sept. 17) - The Dr Pepper Dallas Cup, the most prestigious youth soccer tournament in the United States, has announced that Everton FC, the current Barclays U18 Premier League Champion, has officially accepted the invitation to participate in the elite tournament's 2015 Gordon Jago Super Group. Dr Pepper Dallas Cup XXXVI will be held from March 29 through April 5, 2015.

Returning for a third time to the Dallas Cup, the Merseyside club is recognized as being one of the premier developmental academies in England. Two of their esteemed graduates, 2014 FIFA World Cup players Wayne Rooney and Ross Barkley, appeared with Everton in the 1999 and 2012 Dallas Cup tournaments, respectively.

In May of this year, Everton defeated Manchester City 1-0 to win the Barclays U18 Premier League, the highest level of youth soccer played in England. In consideration to represent the club in Dr Pepper Dallas Cup XXXVI are many of the players from that championship team, including Harry Charsley, who scored the championship-clinching goal, along with English U18 national team players Ryan Ledson, who recently captained England to the European U17 championship, Callum Connolly, and Jonjoe Kenny.

The Toffees upcoming trip to Dallas continues the long-standing relationship between the world-renowned tournament and the English Premier League. Arsenal, Manchester United, Liverpool, and Manchester City are among the Premier League teams that have competed in past Dallas Cups. Fulham was the last English side to claim the Gordon Jago Super Group, hoisting the "Boot and Ball" trophy in 2013.

Cheshire Cat

18 Sep 2014 11:50:57
Cheshire Cat: good info that.

Cowpat Sid 2 Cowpat Sid 2

18 Sep 2014 15:04:33
All the moaning about the New Ground! Build it and they will come. (investors).




17 Sep 2014 17:35:26
Blue Bill gets some stick from some supporters, but never has from me. I see him as a blue blooded supporter. not a chairman as in some clubs I could mention. In fact I will mention one poor club. Tranmere Rovers. It is well known that Peter Johnson kept his girlfriend on as chairman of Rovers when he "joined" us. The decline of our club under his guidance was nothing short of remarkable. Ble Bill came in and initially steadied the ship. Now he has taken us on to another level. We are making record signings and hopefully will have a new state of the art stadium in the next few years. For those supporters who think he is milking our club, I suggest you have a good long look at Tranmere Rovers and think about what might have happened to our club. Birmingham City, Hull City and Cardiff are other examples whereby ego filled chairmen want their cake and to eat it. Chelsea and Abromovic are the only club that I can think about whereby an individual has poured millions in without changing the philosophy of the club. But I would rather us earn our right to be at the top of the pile. We did it before and we can do it again.


I agree that we should earn the right to be successful and not rely on a sugar-daddy - especially any whose sources of wealth on on record as having been, shall we say, subject to unflattering observations in the legal system ;-)

Cowpat Sid 2 Cowpat Sid 2

Totally agree gents I would look at Fulham for a more recent comparison El-Fayed could be compared to Bill as he looked to build Fulham into a foootballing force but still got slated from certain quarters. New owner and now look where they are. At least with Bill we all now his heart is in the right place.




17 Sep 2014 08:10:54
Another thing on the stadium, let's remember we do have other wealthy people on the board, they only seem to invest when a profit is returned to them and obviously with this new stadium there will be opportunity for a big return so it is not necessarily a big investor, just another option, also I hope you're all ready for all the locals to have a cry to the papers as they walk their dogs there for at least the next 12 months!

Blue D

Also leave there dog S@@@ in the little black sack that's if they bother picking it up, also the summer sound of scrammblers riding lawlessly through there, ps I live in l9, I used to jog there but fear of threading in mess or getting hit by yobs I decided to go fat, no build is without its detractors


It's a hole round that park u think the people who actually own houses round there would be happy that the area is having a real facelift and there house probably increasing in value and any one who lives in a counsel house shouldn't have a say full stop!


19 Sep 2014 08:02:51
Kingy bit low that last statement fella, best putting brain in gear before engaging fingers in typing action




17 Sep 2014 08:00:08
A football financial expert has stated that a new stadium for Everton, would generate an extra £30 million per year for the club




16 Sep 2014 22:31:45
Cant post on the Newcastle site, says I Can't log in, just wanted to wish Jonas Guttierez a fast recovery, best of luck to him


Well said mate. let's hope he has the same success as our stubsy and makes a full recovery.




16 Sep 2014 21:25:34
This board can't do anything right in some poeples eyes. Everyone in the world and with half a sense of nouse knows Goodison is not feasible to house a Premier league football club and no amount of wishful thinking is it possible to redevelope. The delay we would face in purchasing the property around her would be 2 or 3 years at least and that's hoping no one objects. Look at what has just happened to spurs.

Its took years for Liverpool to get the go ahead to purchase the houses around anfield and are still having issues with the rest of the area around there.

As for failed attempts due to finance. This only relates to the kings dock as Kirby was nothing to do with finance.

Too far, not big enough, too big, more this, less that, I want to see the money, no investors. Well you know what, dave from scotty road or bob from old swan don't know squat about building a stadium. So all this I want to know this and that. what's it to you.

This is the earliest of stages we are at which is site location and for me they couldn't have got it any better. Embrace the fact we are moving forward and get some optimism.

The club is unrecognisable from the one in the nineties and this chairman and board have done an incredible job. Show a bit of faith and pull together and you never know we might just get what we dream of or at least some of us not stuck in the past!


Hand grenade thrown.


Fair play! We'll said mate


Hand grenade well and truly thrown BJ. We all know the old lady is showing her age and is not going to last much longer, but imo mate I want something substantial to cling to than just a report in a paper and a couple of quotes.

jimmy c

Great post couldn't put it better, the old lady is tired its time to let her retire into the past, she will always be in our hearts and soul, but time moves on, so get behind the project we have had enough of standing still, am 45 I would like to see it before am 50




16 Sep 2014 21:02:17
Hey guys, just wondering, what do you think about us selling only around 27,000 tickets for our first game returning to Europe? I think that's low but understand that the prices are relatively high as well.




16 Sep 2014 20:02:17
This new stadium reporting just doesn't wash with me.Firstly we haven't even been given permission for the right to develop, plus we need serious investors to fund any new development seeing as it looks like we have neither I wish we never said anything at all until everything was in place for us to actually announce something concrete. Do we want to end up once again with egg on our faces ie. Kings dock, Kirkby.

jimmy c

The fact we are working with LCC and that Walton hall has been identified means we have as good as had a wink saying permission will be given, it's a case of putting in plans that all agree on now. If you read report, investors are already starting to come, LMH, we as part of development will build housing, this housing will be pre bought by LMH, this will help in paying for the building of the houses, and the profit on them houses will be used to pay the company hired to build the whole development. We will take loans based on the sale of our old ground as well, this is already a good start and we still to draw up plans, once they are drawn up and retail spaces and all associated with the build are on show this will also be used to generate more investors. One step at a time jimmy, to me it all looking very positive at this moment in time.


Jimmy c,
can you not embrace the fact we might just might have something.


Why do people have to find fault with everything we do, would you rather us not have announced anything? this is exciting for 99% of us blues, the other 1% will always have something negative to say, well to that I say get behind the club supporting it in the right way and stop moaning. coyb!


If we build this new stadium were is our money coming from for the nxt 15 years to buy new players while we pay 200 million back in loans.
Without iinstant investment I fear this will be a bad move


This why shaky people like you, me, Jimmy C and anyone else who doesn't run companies or build stadiums try to understand the finances or judge whether this is good or bad for the club.

Instead jump on the bandwagon of progress and simply buy into the fact we are showing ambition that we only ever saw from other clubs who aspire to be better than what they are.

Get some balls, grab a pogo stick and start bouncing!


Steblue69 "might have something" is not the same as defo having something.Until we do have something defo then I will gladly embrace it with great delight.Mate we have heard it all before and been kicked in the town halls, that's all I am saying. And to bluejohnuns I had the balls to voice my opinion in the first place.If you want to wet yourself silly over a few comments and a paper article that's your opinion too. don't try and shout down other peoples opinions after all it is a banter page.

jimmy c

Why on earth should any of us get excited over somethin that has dragged on an been talked about for 10-15 years its stupid


There's balls for voicing an opinion and then there is moaning for the sake of moaning.

This is the very first stage of a long process and already you start questioning the move.

All I'm saying is get a brighter outlook on life and at this early stage were questions are not needed get with the feel good story.

Come on misery guts!





16 Sep 2014 18:13:33
Depending on how much the stadium will cost. I would like one the same as bayern. Munich.

Blue Vinny



16 Sep 2014 17:46:24
I live near Milton Keynes and there ground is good example of modern stadia. It has lots of parking around it, retail stores and the usual Maccy D, KFC etc. You just couldn't do this around Goodison. However, like a lot of modern grounds it lacks atmosphere. So hopefully our new ground (whenever it comes), will look brilliant from the outside but have more atmosphere, and I think to do this they should introduce standing areas behind the goals. I'm in my 50's now and still miss the atmosphere generated by a swaying rocking crowd. It has been shown in Europe that this is possible to do with modern grounds, and let's face it most people stand up still anyway. Time for a cuppa!




16 Sep 2014 16:22:08
So we and LCC want to regenerate North Liverpool around Walton Park. What's wrong with regeneratring around Goodison. The council have a history of stopping us doing things with Goodison. Why?
With regard to redeveloping Goodison and the time to do so, does any one remember the when the main stand was built, demolition of the old stand started on the 2nd of April. The new stand was part opened for the 1st game of the seasons. We could do the same with Bullens Road, if the council give us as much as help as across the the park with compulsory purchase orders.


Ed025{Ed025's Note - the infrastructure around goodison does not lend itself to being a viable option GTB, compulsory purchase orders can drag on forever, and its so built up that it would be virtually impossible to redevelop mate..

We need somewhere that can easily accommodate a 50'000 seater and still be able to be expanded on should the need arise the area around goodison definitely doesn't lend itself to that. The fact that we are out growing the old lady should be seen as a positive thing she won't be forgotten :)


Ed025{Ed025's Note - amen to that AL..

17 Sep 2014 09:49:50
the problem with re developing goodison is that bullens road is a listed building, you will see when it comes to selling the old site it will be turned into a shopping centre/ retail park similar to cheshire oaks or edge lane.




16 Sep 2014 07:53:52
Shock horror kenwright announces he's wants to move to Walton hall. Sorry boys but there's no new investor and were still in the very early stages of negotiations. What u reckon eds?


Ed025{Ed025's Note - he has put a lot of investment and time into this club kingy, so i suppose his dream is to be chairman of a great and successful club with a state of the art stadium..and who can blame him?...certainly not me!..the ground will no doubt bring investors in, i imagine they will knocking his door down to get a piece of the action mate..so i see it as good news..

Just a thought how many of us would give up our jobs if someone else came along who (maybe) could do it better say what you want about Bill we have grown as a club under his chairmanship.


Ed025{Ed025's Note - for those of us who can remember agent johnson, bill is a breath of fresh air..so im with you AL..



16 Sep 2014 15:43:59
Oh dear it looks like I've upset the red Mancs with an innocuous comment on their banter page. They've bitten big time once again, much like our neighbours across the park. What is it with these deluded fans who think that because they finally won a game at the weekend, they're destined to become Champions again this season? You couldn't make it up!

Daveyboy Blue Daveyboy Blue

Sorry Daveyboy but they are right having won their 1st game they have every right to cliam they will be champions this season after all the are the best team in the universe. As for our close neighbours they will run the Mancs close afterall the are the best team in the universe. Must be something about the colour red!




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