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31 Oct 2014 15:21:42
team tomorrow I like to see howard coleman distan or alcraz jagikeal baines barry mcarthy barkley wide right nasmith wide lm cut in eto behind lukaku




31 Oct 2014 09:25:30
I think the utmost credit has to go to Bill, record profits, this backs up what bobby has been saying about how we are in a very good place financially, hopefully a little refreshing in Jan then another strong Summer, onwards and upwards blues

Blue D



30 Oct 2014 01:44:24
Hallam hope has returned, so yet again another youngster has a poor loan spell along with browning, junior, barkley and mcaleny (due to leg break), seen a few wednesday fans calling him awful and a few others saying he was played out wide and not given a fair chance, for me its unfair, if a club has a young player who clearly has potential, use him, don't potentially affect his future and confidence by not using him or when you do then play him out of position so fans think he is garbage, its not right, the under 21 league is poor, players his age need regular game time, so going out on loan is the best option, but then that fails, i'm not expecting pitchforks and torches against wednesday but surely both clubs should agree something with the player, how often he will play etc, no wonder some don't make the step up when they have had poor experiences playing professionally


30 Oct 2014 16:13:49
We've got Atsu and we're not playing him much, so I'm not sure we can be too critical of other teams. Pips


Swan no offence, but do you literally sit around all day thinking about what you can moan about next? C'mon man! :)


Ed025{Ed025's Note - no mate...sometimes he stands up moaning.. :)

30 Oct 2014 22:23:40
Me? Moan? you're havin a laugh mate, i'm happy go lucky me


Haha! Nice one Ed :) Swan cheer up mate McGeady's due an appearance this weekend so at least you'll have an easy target to bash next week!! Isn't that a positive!? :)


Just because a players on loan dosnt mean he must start I wouldn't have too much of a go at the loan system on the whole it works well, ask seamus amongst others


31 Oct 2014 16:46:35
I'm sure the same happened to Ross at Wednesday, he was rarely used, then when he was used he was played as a left or right winger and had very little influence on the games when he played. There is 1 position for ross to flurish and that's sat behind a striker in the hole to work both his feet and dazzle defenses. Half the problem with sending our talented youth out on loan is they are poorly used, but at least they get experience playing in a higher level than in the u21 league.




29 Oct 2014 21:12:46
The Swansea game will be interesting. Win and we're looking up to the next winnable games, lose and we will still be in limbo. I fancy us to nick it.




29 Oct 2014 21:00:22
Is any 1 else missing Saturday games? Don't get me wrong I enjoyed the Lille trip even after getting gassed by the fuzz but I miss the old school Saturday 3 o'clock




29 Oct 2014 15:44:11
Could you tell me why people refer to the Premier league as the premiership? this isn't rugby the league has never been called the premiership. Granted this has probably been brought up tons of times


Ed07{Ed007's Note - The first season had no sponsor and the league was known simply as the FA Premier League, when Carling became the first sponsor of the league in 1993 the league was renamed the FA Carling Premiership, Barclaycard came along and took over sponsorship from Carling in 2001 and the league became known as the Barclaycard Premiership. From there Barclays took over sponsorship in 2004 and the league was called the Barclays Premiership until 2007 when it was rebranded as the Barclays Premier League which is still used today.
It's been called the Premiership a lot longer than it's been called the Premier League.



29 Oct 2014 10:08:06
According to PL stats Jags is the fastest player in the league now who would have thought that? To be fair some of us have been a little concerned about our lack of pace in the back four but that concern may well be unfounded. Looks like our poor preseason may have been the reason for our average start to the season. Onwards and upwards! COYB




29 Oct 2014 08:23:28
Does anyone expect McAleny to get anywhere close to the first team - even the subs' bench - this season?
Other than being a "club trained" player (one of only three alongside Hibbert and Osman) that we are required to name in our Europa League squad (in fact, under the rules, we should name at least four, so our overall squad is one light - 24 not 25) what else is the lad being used for at present? I imagine that he's being carefully brought back from his injuries with a view to playing a part in the first team later in the season as suspensions, injuries, need for rotation, etc., take their toll on the rest of the squad.

Cowpat Sid 2   Cowpat Sid 2

30 Oct 2014 01:09:56
I would like to see him play a part certainly, he has a goal or two in him. In reality, I'd think that he will be used in cup games or as backup this season.


30 Oct 2014 01:49:10
I honestly don't know what the point was in giving him a 3 year deal, he hasn't went on loan and I've heard nothing of him for the under 21s, he's not in the first team, was the plan just so we can make money when we do sell him? that's pretty sly on mcaleny, playing for the team he supports, thinks a new contract means he is in martinez's plans but then gets told it was just so we could make an extra 100k when you left, cheers or the few bob, bye!, unless martinez has something strange lined up for mcaleny, if not I don't know why we gave him a bew contract




28 Oct 2014 20:10:43
youve got to laugh at the reds. Colin Pascoe says we are not frightened to play our youngsters tonight . and in come Jones, Johnson and Lambert. Ha Ha

Alan BallBoy

Alan BallBoy

28 Oct 2014 21:35:26
Does it matter? Least they reached this stage, unlike us


28 Oct 2014 23:45:56
Well this is awkward mate, isn't it


Who cares about what they do?
We should be concentrating on us winning against Swansea City on Saturday.

Cowpat Sid 2 Cowpat Sid 2

Nice one! A bit of light hearted banter on a football banter site. And yes, I know it's an Everton banter site, but if we can't have a laugh at the reds now and again, what's the point? We could always ask the ed for a deadly serious page.

Blue Lee

Ed025{Ed025's Note - im with you lee, nothing wrong with a bit of banter mate, life is serious enough without letting it affect our footy...and i dont do deadly serious fella, some of the pages are full of moaners and i dont intend this one to end up like that..



28 Oct 2014 14:50:02
Hull sending Tom Ince out on loan, shows how sh##e he is then, who was saying we should sign him in the summer, close call


Maybe we dodged a bullet by not signing Ince, but some of the posters seem to think we've taken one by signing McGeady!
Just goes to show how fans are split in their opinions and even those players who are now our favourites (especially those who've taken a while to develop and fit in) will have their critics - even if those posters sometimes seem to be critical just to be cantankerous or to stir up a debate. No names, no pack drill!

Cowpat Sid 2 Cowpat Sid 2



28 Oct 2014 02:04:13
Considering the fans' generally perceived poor form of Tim Howard this season - and the fans' lack of confidence in Robles as a yet-to-be-proven reliable deputy - I wonder if the first team's goalkeeping coach, Inaki Bergera, should be doing more with them? Maybe these players' preference for punching the ball rather than cleanly catching crosses and other higher balls is indicative of a continental goalkeeping style that we've adopted. Goodness help us if our young goalkeepers - like Griffiths, Stanek, Hunt, etc. - are being coached to do the same, as that doesn't bode well imho. Being a very good shot-stopper is great, but dealing with crosses and other high balls in a way that gives confidence to the rest of the team is just as important surely, and commanding the penalty area in an assured and calm manner (that is no rushes of blood to the head and no poor decisions!) are part of what great goalkeepers do. There was only one Neville Southall - oh for some of his greatness to manifest itself in Howard, Robles, etc. - what a prospect that'd be ;-)

Cowpat Sid 2   Cowpat Sid 2

Hi Cowpat, think the goalkeeping coach has done a great job with Howard. Probably his best season last year with us. Think Timmy suffering from World Cup like many others. Still one of the best in the Premiership, although would be nice if Roberto offered Valdes a deal till the end of the season.

UzbekBlue UzbekBlue

Agree totally with Cowpat Sid. Its punch punch punch regardless of whether its easier to catch or grab it. I prided myself when in School as a Keeper in getting all the Keepers manuals, West, Banks, Shilton, none of them talked about how often to punch, yes how to punch but it was mainly how to hold onto a ball, on one knee, knee up for the cross and eyes on the ball not the defender or attacker, how to create the protective basket with your arms keep it in the chest not the tummy, Palming the ball away from your goal not straight out. You are the KEEPER not the GETRIDDER of the ball. Tim is a great keeper in all but his command of his space ohh and his distribution at times is suspect but only since the Martinez era of getting the ball to the CB or WB's, he's not a natural footballer so struggles at times with this. Sadly its difficult to name a Keeper that could replace him really as it seems the way with all Keepers these days.

Howie bluenose

Good posts there from Howie and Sid. Think I read some goalkeeper manuals too. Played there twice. First time used the down on one knee technique, broken glass on pitch off to hospital for stitches. Second time tried the command your box technique, got clattered, off to hospital to get a broken thumb fixed.


Thing is in modern day football the slightest touch on the keeper and its a free kick and therefore the oppositions attack has broke down, yet our keeper never attempts any crosses in and aroound his six yard box, the Giroud header at Goodison being a prime example, these sort of things shouldn't need coaching to a keeper of Tims age it should come naturally


29 Oct 2014 08:03:46
This idea that "things come naturally" has never been for me. I accept that every individual has attributes - physical size, speed, strength, mental toughness, intelligence, determination, etc. - that should make them adept at certain activities, but the idea that someone can be a goalkeeper - or any kind of top-level sportsman - without coaching or guidance seems unlikely to me. In my opinion, it's only time spent being coached and practising goalkeeping techniques that makes these techniques part of a goalkeeper's armoury. Maybe it's a lack of confidence or a fear of injury that's making him punch rather than catch crosses and high balls. Whatever it is, I still reckon that the goalkeeping coach needs to be doing something more effective in order to improve our goalkeepers' performances.

Cowpat Sid 2 Cowpat Sid 2

29 Oct 2014 09:08:51
I think the tendency to punch balls, rather than catch them, is rifle throughout the league. It used to be foreign keepers that resorted to this practice, all over europe and not just the ones in the English top flight, but now the majority seem to do this. Maybe it has more to do with the actual footballs used. Balls back in the 80's did not move as much as they do today, the flight now moves from left to right and back again in the blink of an eye. Is it possible that the modern keeper is conscious of this and takes the easy option to punch rather than catch?


29 Oct 2014 10:06:36
spudv: good point about modern balls - maybe that's why many modern goalkeepers aren't confident enough to catch the ball and prefer to punch it. Nevertheless, I still say that it's up to the goalkeeping coach to work with the goalkeepers to improve their performance - that's surely why we have specialist goalkeeping coaches these days. Did Southall or West or Sagar or any of our championship side goalkeepers have - or need - specialist goalkeeping coaches back in the day? They had specific training routines to improve their agility, speed of recovery, handling, etc., but it was the regular coaches who worked with them - wasn't it?

Cowpat Sid 2 Cowpat Sid 2



27 Oct 2014 22:14:38
Just a message on the keeper situation. I feel Howard has been getting some unfair criticism of late. Our defense has been poor this year, but will definitely get better from here on. However, we should be looking for a new goalie, not because Howard is rubbish but because he is getting on a bit. So here's my serious suggestion how about Vorm? He is never going to get a look in at Spurs and not sure why he went there to be honest. However, I think he is a good keeper. Any thoughts?


Ed025{Ed025's Note - i think your right about tim getting a bad press on here mate, but i cant say im a big fan of vorm, but a keeper would be good to keep timmy on his toes, i dont see joel as a serious threat to him myself..

Who would you suggest then Ed? I can't think of any others off the top of my head. Any other realistic possibilities that is! GK is one of the hardest positions to fill and the best ones are already at big clubs! Ideally I would like Begovic but don't see that happening!


Ed025{Ed025's Note - it would be tim krul for me aflm, i know he would cost a fair bit though..

I did think about him. But have felt his form has dipped lately, but maybe that's just because Newcastle have been poor. I do like him as well though to be honest him or Begovic would do me fine. Vorm was just my cheap option!


Ed025{Ed025's Note - we will probably go for vorm the mate. :)

28 Oct 2014 01:28:06
David marshall?


John Ruddy, we should never have got rid in the first place.


Agree about Ruddy should never have sold him! I'm not sure about Marshall haven't seen enough of him to be honest!


28 Oct 2014 10:41:01
No way to Vorm. Why go for a keeper who left a club being #1 choice to go to a club to be clearly #2?

Granted he's a good keeper but what on earth was going through his mind when that decision was made.

For that reason I'm out.

toffee ace

Agree won't go far wrong with Marshall, Ruddy or even Swansea's no 2 goalie Tremmel all decent keepers

Neil Jones



27 Oct 2014 16:51:35
If we start looking at a new keeper, one for the future, then that lad at Norwich looks quite handy!




27 Oct 2014 15:45:40
Lukaku talking about Eto'o "In training we have a finishing competition and the one who loses has to do sprints."
Thant explains why he always looks so tired then.


Rom's first touch is shocking for a professional player, so whilst Eto'os probably scored four Rom's still trying to trap a ball. I still love Rom to bits but surely some one touch training would not go amiss.

UzbekBlue UzbekBlue

30 Oct 2014 18:55:16
that's exactly what i've thought for rom. his first touch is awful, why are we not doing training sessions with him firing balls to his feet to teach him to trap the ball? although it sounds simple, you have to work on the simple things before moving onto the technical things, he has finishing in his attributes, along with strength and pace, but working on his first touch will open up his game to make him a more rounded player, not to mention this to help the teams performances when building attacks.


Ed025{Ed025's Note - im certain they practice it all the time craig, i think he is thinking whats going to happen next and loses concentration for a split second, it is an area of his game that can be improved and will..



27 Oct 2014 08:10:04
Why oh why do I get involved in these debates? This is defo my last words on Ossie (I hope).
Ed, I agree that he is old and on his last legs. Swan, I agree he is easily knocked off the ball. Anyone else, I agree we should be looking for a replacement. Now this part really is my last comment. he has been a wonderful servant. He is still part of a 25 man squad that is likely to need all of those players at some stage this season. Would I pick Mirrallas every time ahead of him? Of course I would. Do squads get injuries and need cover? Of course they do. Can Ossie still do a job for us against the lower teams. Yes. Is he likely to be too lightweight against Chelsea, Citeh and the other top 5 *ite? Probably. Right now in my humble opinion, we have one world class wide player and he is out injured. Should we be scouting for another? Yes of course. Did we waste money on McGeady? Well yes if his current form is anything to go by. Could McGeady improve? Possibly. We need to wait and see. Just like I said about Eto'o. In previous games he has showed glimpses. Yesterday was his best game by a mile. let's hope that form continues. Football is very emotional as I am sure everyone would agree. We all have opinions. I will leave it at that. COYB


Spot on degsy


From watching Mcgeady play for Ireland he is better in a free roaming role where he can be at both sides of the pitch

Matas Beard Matas Beard



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Ed033   Ed033



26 Oct 2014 23:50:01
Just heard rom saying that etoo keeps him back after training and they have a finishing competition, top top lad

Blue D

So who's finished lol




26 Oct 2014 21:38:08
Anyone else want a new goalkeeper in january? Howard costs points big time, he messed up against man u an palace, he doesn't command his area, doesn't come for crosses and is easy to score past from distance, good shot stopper, nothing more


Ed025{Ed025's Note - i dont agree mate, tim is a very good keeper imo, star man of the world cup and all that...it could be a lot worse swan...we could have mignolet.. :)

You on drugs swan? Behind Man U and Chelsea we have the best keeper in the league


26 Oct 2014 23:29:07
And behind sunderland and qpr we have the worst defensive record in the league, cech, courtois, de gea, hart, lloris and forster are all better, he doesn't do the basics, may aswell have an actual statue in goal, he will cost us so many points throughout the season through poor mistakes alone, i'm not suprised set pieces are deadly against us because he doesn't come for them, if our defenders can't reach it then its a guaranteed goal, he makes everything so complicated, like today rushing out, he had no reason to do it, one world cup and the odd wonder save don't make up for the amount of mistakes he makes, everytime a cross comes in our defenders are scared, not because they are bad, because they know if they don't win the header that he will not leave his line and will concede, little scrambles in the box always lead to a goal because he cannot take control of a situation, his positioning is beyond awful too, that's one thing I haven't touched upon, gerrard at anfield, di maria at old trafford and nearly hutton against villa


Last week it was Macarthey this week Howard .

oz rooster

27 Oct 2014 07:39:43
Should be looking for a new keeper and CD regardless how he playing. No strength in depth there. Do agree though think Howard has had a bit of a head wobble since the World Cup. Always looks like he's having an argument with himself.


27 Oct 2014 08:00:18
Swan I'm beginning to think that you just like seeing the reactions you get from other readers with some of your posts. So negative it is laughable at times. Each week you post about how bad a certain player is and how they are not good enough for our club. I'm glad you aren't manager! Go through every goal we have conceded so far this season and I bet you he wasn't at fault for them all. Even when we win you want to moan and rip our players. Last week it was relegation if we got beat by villa, are the majority of posts fuelled by ale? Forster really better than him? Behave lad


Our defensive record is not down to him. He isn't playing any better or worse now and he's only conceded 1 in our last 3 games swan iv got to say some of your moanings and slating of players reminds me of kopite behaviour glad I don't have to sit by u at the match


27 Oct 2014 11:20:37
I love the way it always comes down to kopite behaviour, don't like every everton player and think they are the best at everything that ever existed? KOPITE!, I slated mccarthy and came back on what I said, martinez himself has said howard has had a world cup hangover, but he's just a closet kopite isn't he?, let's see, hazard near post against chelsea, matic rolls one past him as does costa, that's 3, girouds header, he should of came and collected it like a normal keeper, but no he stood there and we conceded, palace at home, why did he run out and give away a penalty, distin and jags had it covered but he thought he was superman and rugby tackled someone, bolasies goal, wow, what is he doing getting beat at that angle, burnleys goal yesterday, he didn't need to run out, gerrards free kick is another, di marias goal, he's standing on the penalty spot, why is he doing that, no need, falcaos goal, why didn't he just hit it out? 10 goals due to him doing stupid things, well done tim mate, as long as you do a save and start screaming like youve just saved the world we will love you, let's just put it like this, if you offered me a swap for any of those keepers, i'd take it


Don't get eggy now swany just saying it how I see it. For me he hasn't had the best start to the season but does that make him a bad keeper no it doesn't. What about last season and other seasons when his record and stats were incredible! Sorry mate but any 1 who can jump on a player so easily like this or McCarthy last week is acting like a kopite in my eyes. Just sayin


Swan I'm only going to deal with one of those games as your post is quite simply ridiculous! So Crystal Palace. Howard was at fault for one of those goals but neither of the ones you mentioned. The penalty was 100% Stones fault. You said Distin and Jags had it covered but it was Stones not Jags! If in doubt put it out Stones was and he didn't go back and take a look!! Then Bolasie's goal what are you on about we lost the ball he was put through and finished well. What angle you talking about exactly? Did you even watch the game? The only goal he was at fault for was the 2nd one when he came for a cross and was beaten to it by Frazier!! And yesterday yes he SHOULD have come out mate. And in any case it was Lukaku's fault for misplacing his pass. Wake up if you don't like Howard fair enough but if you're going to criticise at least know what you're saying!!


27 Oct 2014 19:31:13
Yes lukaku lost it but howard had 4 men covering ings, all ings could do was get dragged out wide but as soon as howard came he had a chance to score, I dot remember campbells header, care to explain the other goals I mentioned? Or was he not at fault for any were they all world class finishes?


27 Oct 2014 19:51:33
agree with Swan to a certain extent re Howard. not commanding of his area at all. the back four must crap themselves when a high ball is lumped into our area. as for the palace goal in question, I was in line with it and it was his fault not stones. howard should have been screaming" keepers ball" but he never.


I honestly think that's to do with us not having a commanding cb. Don't get me wrong there all good players but we haven't got the john terry or kompany type have we. I think it swings both ways maybe howard looks a little suspect sometimes because of that


Ed025{Ed025's Note - i think jags is very commanding kingy, its just his distribution that lets him down at times..

Dragged out wide? He had been played in right through the middle of the defence and was ahead of all of them. How exactly could they have dragged him out wide? Go back and watch it again. I'm not going to argue with you about this. But blaming Howard for all of those goals is just wrong. We have been poor defensively and made mistakes all over the pitch. It's too easy to blame Howard for all of them! And wilfy I disagree Stones should never have tried to shepherd the ball back to Howard, he should have hooked it clear for a corner.


Sorry eds I didn't quite explain I meant commanding at set pieces. when u see a set piece against Chelsea or Man City u see the likes of terry commanding the whole situation military style if we had that it would make Howard's job a whole lot easier


Ed025{Ed025's Note - to be fair to jags kingy he is as good as terry at doing that for me, thats why he has replaced terry in the england team, i think he had a bit of a world cup hangover at the start, but i believe he is getting back to his best for me mate..

28 Oct 2014 01:36:56
I disagree ed, jags is very quiet and doesn't organise the back line properly, terry is willing to shout and will have a go at a teammate if he isn't doing his job properly, jags just gives a thumbs up and isn't bothered, which is when mistakes happen, for me a captain has to be a good leader, vocal or if not then one hell of a player, jags is none, I think barry, mccarthy or even baines would be best off as captain, think gibbo has it in him if he can stay fit too


28 Oct 2014 07:33:09
Swan you're being very economical with the truth to suit your argument, yet again. As others have said, the entire team has been poor defensively, especially in comparison to last season. To blame TH entirely is very narrow minded. He has been one of the better keepers in the league for a few seasons, definitely not as bad as you want us to believe. We attack as a team and we defend as a team, each player in a blue shirt has to take collective responsibility. Get behind them instead of picking a new target at random each week to rip apart, it is getting tedious.


He might talk nonsense but youv got to give it to swan he started a good debate off here haha


28 Oct 2014 21:37:10
Cheers kingy




26 Oct 2014 18:47:33
Great win and job well done - but I think we are missing a bit more 'muscle' in midfield - quite a few of our players seem to get dispossed quite easily - I think we need a box to box enforcer in the style of Roy Keane

Osman Naismith pienaar all can't mix it and one or two of the others don't want to.


26 Oct 2014 20:03:19
I think we are missing a bit of pace on the left too, should get a winger in the mould of cristiano ronaldo maybe


Too old Swan. Knocked off the ball all the time. Poor shot, can't dribble and heading ability zero. I wish!




26 Oct 2014 16:15:14
Where's all the eto slaters now ey? Hate to so I told yas so infact no I don't! Told yas so! Haha boom boom boom let me here ya say etoooooooooooooo


Ed025{Ed025's Note - etoooooo....he was quality today kingy..

Class is perminant eds were lucky to have him mate


Ed025{Ed025's Note - i must admit i was very sceptical about his signing kingy, but to be fair to the guy he has been excellent on and off the pitch mate..respect..

26 Oct 2014 18:13:29
Got to agree with you Kingy.
30 years ago we signed a 'burnt out striker with dodgy knees' which was seen as a last throw of the dice for Howard Kendal; his name was Andy Gray.
9 months later the ECWC was in the bag and we were league champions.
As you say, class is permanent.

azul cambiante

Good point that 1 azul hopefully a good omen for the Europa this year then. Up the toffees!




26 Oct 2014 16:06:34
Oh, by the way.lets go back 3 games where people were even suggesting the club had gone backwards and RM only knew one way to play. When I suggested wait a few more games and see how we improve, one comment to me after the Villa win was "get a life Degsy". Well I have and it is fun again. Sorry to waffle on but I went to my first away in Europe game and all I keep hearing when I close my eyes is, "60 grand, 60 grand, Seamus Coleman" etc. COYB time for a beer!


26 Oct 2014 16:50:09
the problem is degsy, is up until the last 3 games we have been well below par, throwing 2-0 leads away inside 10 mins, looking so comfortable and leading a very average palace and losing 3-1. now the reason a lot of fans were not happy and I include myself in that is we want to challenge the top 4 tall order I know but all everton players, staff, fans want that, then we simply need to do better, it easy to say but if your so close season b4, I would expect us to be more determand this year and we have not shown that so far, I think the club have messed up with pre season, not enough quality game for me ment the first 4-5 league game were the pre season the players needed. last pre season us mini torny set us up nicly, why change it?


Enjoy your beer Degsy mate.

Toffee ace

Toffee Blue you are saying what I have been saying. We did mess up with pre season. Total cock up. I bet RM won't make that mistake again. The fixture list and injuries were also cruel to us and things are starting to change. As long as we don't have too many more long term injuries, I predict we will climb the table and be making a good attempt of Europa League progression. Our next run of fixtures is much kinder and players like Gibbo, Eto'o, Pienaar and Ossie will all play roles as well as others such as Oviedo and Besic. These days a team needs almost 2 first teams and our finances mean we cannot do this without having a few square blocks in round holes. A job has to be done. Loads of waffle sorry mate, but I think there has been a bit of gloom mongering of late when things were not quite as bad as seemed. I was one of the lucky ones to go to Lille and believe me I know we have the best supporters in the world. With a bit of a push from us and a bit of good fortune and maybe a quality wide player in the January window, who knows what we can achieve? The only other problems I see at present are McGeady's form and what happened to Distin? If those two could be sorted. what a squad! Just to add, part of McGeadys problem is confidence. He looks like he is frightened to do anything. That means he needs the fans behind him. Same with Ossie. Both will improve then. Final point is on Ossie. He keeps getting caught in possession from behind. In my day in the heights of the Wirral Sunday League, my teammate used to shout, "man on". It improved me no-end. I wonder if some of Ossies team mates could try that?


Ed025{Ed025's Note - i just think the game is too quick for him now degs..



26 Oct 2014 16:04:07
Match Awards from New Blue

1. Best textbook goal for Everton in the last 3 years: Eto'o's 1st goal. Perfection

2. Best individual goal in some time:
Eto'o's 2nd goal. By his body language, he knew his shot when he got the ball. He put on a clinic (mostly) today.

3. Hardest Working Man in Show Business Award: the James Brown Award goes to Naismith. The kid must cover 10 miles a game. If he were only a few inches taller to reach the high balls.

4. Halloween Horror Award: Central Defensive shambles. Lucky just one goal today, but Jags held it together.

5. Lead Foot Award: Lukaku. He redeemed himself.

In any case, solid game, climbing the Table. Barks is back, Kev by the end of the year, and hopefully Stones at New Years. Start Eto'o every league game.

With injuries though, no great wide midfield speed. When is Oveido back?

And if anyone knows, can Delo be bought in January while on loan at Sevilla?

New Blue in the U   New Blue in the U

26 Oct 2014 18:09:25
If there was a recall clause in the loan then we could pay that off and then pay the fee to Barca for his signing. That'd how it would work theoretically but doubt it will happen as Deulofeu has said publicly he doesn't like life in England and loves living in spain.


I believe Atsu, given an extended run, would prove to be the answer to the wide wing roll, certainly in Kev's absence.
Christian possesses the skill and pace and will only gain confidence with game time, he has the ability to be a game changer.
He would be in my team ahead of McGeady and Osman.

Fancy Smith

Ed025{Ed025's Note - he would be in there for me as well fancy, as much as i respect and appreciate ozzies contribution over the years i only see him as a bit part player now myself mate, and dont get me started on aiden.. :)

26 Oct 2014 21:35:32
Atsu looks so poor, I don't get why he gets played on the right, he doesn't cut in and shoot, he has no right foot and doesn't cut in and cross, he would surely be better on the left, if I could have anyone, it would be doofy loofy back, mcgeady is p*ss poor, osman is osman and pienaar is done, can't wait to have bryan and kev back, but back to atsu, I really do not get what he offers on the right, he would surely be better running up the wing and crossing or going in and out into the box




26 Oct 2014 15:58:28
Another tongue in cheek: Remember reading posts about Eto'o being 40 not 33. Well past it too. Even on a free is rubbish or Chelsea would have kept him. In the voice of Delia Smith, "where are you?"
Going for a glass of wine now. Oh Hi Delia!




26 Oct 2014 15:55:50
Tongue in cheek:
That's two games in a row we have won. Coincidently, Leon Osman played in both. I think he is to blame. Far too old, lost his touch and should not be in the team. I would rather play with 10 men and see if we can lose a few more. Surely he is so bad that playing with 10 would be better?


26 Oct 2014 18:17:24
Well done, he was poor in both, but let's start him every game on the wing with his blistering pace and silky skills, ross barkley? Nah, osman is much more important


26 Oct 2014 18:19:28
Alcaraz started both games too, shame he's not the perfect god leon osman is


A great servant as he has been to the club over the years degsey, imo he shouldn't be starting games for us now.The days of the quick feet and a quick pass have long gone.The games just to quick for him now he gets caught out in posession everytime he gives the ball away and is so weak in the tackle. Most of our play is broken down through him causing us to be caught on the counter.

jimmy c

Tongue in cheek again: Glad to see you come out with the sarcasm again Swan. Missed it I have! Fact is, 3 weeks ago you were popping the mogadons like nobodies business. Depressed and and sounding like we were bottom of the league (oh we nearly were) . Like I said, I knew we would pull through. Our pre season was amateur and we paid the price with the toughest of fixture lists and travel any team has had. Regarding Ossie, everyone can see he is slowing up and is getting easier to knock off the ball. My gripe as always is that the guy has been totally loyal and a good servant. McGeady was brought in as a wide midfielder but has been poor. Until the last few games everyone was raving about McGeady and slagging off Ossie. But what I witnessed was a great servant coming to the end and a new signing not living up to expectations. Then some of the fans getting behind one and on top of the other. My loyalty says that that is wrong. Quite a few also said Eto'o was a stupid signing. If you remember, I suggested he could do a job and was obviously class. I admit he was absolutely way above my expectations today. Just out of interest, would you play Barkley every game for 90 mins, or would you use Ossie as he is being used? ie as a squad player until we make better signings? I guess Pienaar is also coming to the end, so while super Kevin is injured, I see a role for all 3. Especially with the Europa League games having to be squeezed in. All the best mate. Chin up and all that.


Osman is a bloke I appreciate what he has done but too lightweight,slow and misplaces simple passes.any chance of henen being brought through soon? Raw talent and great pace.let's mix things up abit.


26 Oct 2014 23:21:26
Mcgeady and osman get equal stick, as does distin, i'd rather use naismith, barkley, pienaar and atsu behind the striker before osman, i'd honestly rather put any of our midfielders before him, eto'o too, or even just play with 10 men, he went from useless with the odd decent moment to useless full stop, i'd say in january either sell him, let his contract expire or just let him help the kitman, if he can lift up the kits without falling over




26 Oct 2014 15:47:52
was lucky enough to meet martin 'sir dobbo' dobson outside turf moore today. absolute gent and seemed genuinely pleased to spend 5 minutes of his time chewing the fat with me.

Paddy The Greek



26 Oct 2014 15:26:31
Feel really sorry for Ossie now just hasn't got the legs anymore. Not a great game but got the points. Plus Spuds lost, just need the Mancs to blow it then into top eight.




26 Oct 2014 15:19:31
Eto'o. Is. Class. That is all.


26 Oct 2014 15:28:41
Agreed. If you'd have said to me 5 years ago that Samuel Eto'o was playing at Goodison I'd have been made up because it would have meant we were playing in the CL. Never thought I'd see him wearing the famous Royal Blue of Everton. He brings a whole new dimension to our play and seems so humble and genuinely excited to be at Everton.

azul cambiante



26 Oct 2014 08:08:28
I know the Star is one step up from Viz, but it seems the touting of Ross Barkley has begun already. Are we in a position to turn down bids? He seems more than happy at the moment. Also thought Kjaer looked useful the other night - would be a great addition at CB


He did look good and he is pivotal to a very strong Lille defence set-up. I think we need another CB and also aRB in January. Although it doesn't have to be on permanent basis', a quick fix would do and then we could think long term in the summer.


I think we need to start looking for a new keeper as well blue tit.

jimmy c



25 Oct 2014 10:45:11
I heard a Rumour that Brendan Brewster Rogers inherited money from a distant relative in the summer but there's a catch: he must waste £1 million of that money in less than two months before the transfer deadline.

Emre Can £10,000,000
Rickie Lambert £4,000,000
Adam Lallana £25,000,000
Lazar Marković £20,000,000
Dejan Lovren £20,000,000
Divock Origi £10,000,000
Alberto Moreno £12,000,000
Mario Balotelli £16,000,000

As you can see he has easily achieved this they make great substitutes, the defence is worse than last season and have loaned out the best striker. Balotelli has lost any resale value and Brendan brewster has only got the shirt he has on his back or Pepe's.


And his team are still above you in the league!


Ed025{Ed025's Note - after spending £100+odd million they should be mate!!...fact is that you are the new spurs, lost your best player and instead of buying a quality replacement bought lots and lots of average joe,s...prepare for mid table mediocrity my friend..

26 Oct 2014 19:17:56
So ed 25 we will be mid table because we signed a load of average Joe's, you paid 28m for lakuku now unlike you lot I am not going to be fickle and say he is useless and right him off but he is not really doing too well I think your bitterness just shines through in posts like this .when Danny comes back we will shoot back into the top 4.imo

Tommy Irish Red

Ed025{Ed025's Note - you could be right tommy, you are really missing sturridge, but for me suarez made your team last season, danny is a decent striker mate, but the space afforded to him due to the fact luis was the one all the defenders feared made him appear better than he actually is, add to that that he is a bit of a sick note and im afraid you will really struggle to make the top 4 imo, maybe if you get rid of balo in the next window and replace that waste of space with a class forward you may have a better chance, but you will also have to shore up that leaky defence and maybe even drop your talisman and captain as they dont seem to be at the races at the moment..oh and dont forget that dodgy keeper..maybe another £200m will do the trick fella, anyway it could be a great scrap this season for 3rd and 4th between us you united and arsenal..let battle commence.. :)

26 Oct 2014 19:52:13
Ed 025 I would take you out a that list you put forward for the battle for top 4 position and put Southampton in to be honest but we are all entitled to are opinion just saying.I know you are all a bit excited after beating Burnley but let's get real here.

Tommy Irish Red

Ed025{Ed025's Note - we do all have our own opinions tommy and thats healthy, i expect the saints to drop a bit as the season wears on due to the lack of strength in depth, we will deffo be around though mate, and unless your lot buck their ideas up you may be the ones who knacker my list up!..now i know you and i both wear rose tinted glasses tom, but barring the spurs game you have been the worst team in all your games this season..even QPR played you off the park fella!..but hey were all friends together and thanks for your input..

Ed I wasnt going to post but couldn't resist. I was just touring the Blue page to see if youse Blues were whinging as much as the so called fans on our page at our slow start to the season. Don't worry about us though as soon as Studge is back and the new "Joe's" settle I think we will be back in the top 4. Hopefully you will be joining us in the battle with Arsenal and Utd for a top 4 spot.


Ed025{Ed025's Note - i think we will NRed, it should be a very interesting after as you say a stuttering start for us all, fans can be so fickle though mate, a couple of weeks ago some on these pages were calling for roberto,s head..now brendan is getting it in the neck, personally i think we have 2 of the best up and coming managers in the prem..

26 Oct 2014 20:35:11
So did everton play us of the park ed. but I do agree with you ed if we don't start improving soon we can forget about top 4 but I really do think we r going to improve both going forward and in defence, do you think your dodgy defence, forward line will improve also ed and your keeper that a few everton fans were unhappy will recently.

Tommy Irish Red

Ed025{Ed025's Note - both of us got off to a shaky start tommy, i cant put my finger on why though, but i do believe injuries will be a telling factor in the end, with both of us in european competitions the strain will eventually take its toll, which for me will give united a distinct advantage, dont worry about us mate we have a lot of quality and the cream always rises to the top..

I agree Ed we are lucky to have them. I'm sure Bill will give Roberto all the time he needs, i'm not so sure about FSG though I think their expectations of Brendan and the team are a bit higher and perhaps so with the money they have put into the club. I just hope they keep the faith.


Ed025{Ed025's Note - last season brendan was the best thing since sliced bread NRed, he took the reds to the brink of the title, now a few months later he is tactically inept, does not know his best side and is naive in the transfer market according to some of the supporters...its that old chestnut...instant success...some of the greatest managers of our time had very slow starts, ferguson and shankley to name two, some supporters need to get a grip imo mate..

26 Oct 2014 23:48:56
Ed how could you spell the the greatest manager of all time wrong shankly look at it write it down remember it.And to be honest ed I think your wrong the supporters that r annoyed with Brendan r very much in the minority.Any way ed I would just like to say I would like both clubs to get top 4 US 3rd of course but going over to liverpool I have met many evertonians and had great craic with them I think it's different for us with the rivalry utd r the 1 team I hate with a passion but I get it you hate us with passion.But when I was young about 10 mid 80s both r clubs were the top 2 teams in England I would welcome them days bk.

Tommy Irish Red

Ed025{Ed025's Note - i apologise for getting shanks name wrong tommy, but as for hating the reds you are wrong there, i dont actually hate anyone, its just friendly banter with me mate, my 2 lads are staunch reds and a lot of my mates as well, when it comes to football all is fair in love and war, we give each other terrible stick at times but thats as far as it ever goes, i remember the 80s well, when wembley was decked out in blue and red together and it was great...do i want you to lose every game?.. hell yes, and that will never change, its just the way it is..

Everton will finish above the reds this season.no problem


Balotelli is already causing fireworks across the park and Bonfire Night is not until next week.

Daveyboy Blue Daveyboy Blue



25 Oct 2014 10:09:04
A couple of posts from me that will no doubt have opposite effects:

Firstly, just back from Lille with an amazing group of supporters who behaved exceptionally well considering the provocation from the French Police and local thugs. We were a credit to our club. Weds evening a group of Blues were attacked by thugs who were not part of their welcoming supporters. Thursday, some plain clothes police seem to think loud singing and letting off flares warrants the drawing of batons. Evertonians naturally assume this is another thug attack and defend themselves and mates. Cue the riot police. Tear gas etc. Totally unnecessary and not in the spirit of the welcoming Lille supporters.

Secondly, Osman - McGeady debate seems to have got out of hand. All I was saying in previous posts was that a loyal servant such as Osman should be treated with a little respect and yes I understand he is now at best a bit-part player, but all the hostility towards him is unjustified and not in the spirit of Everton. Even great Everton heroes like Big Dunc slowed up and became bit part players. I would love to see someone put some insulting comments about Big Dunc. Especially if they were stupid enough to put their address on as well! LOL


Nice one Degsy

Daveyboy Blue Daveyboy Blue

Totally agree osman deserves bit more respect


And I hope there are no reprisals against Lille in two week's time. The French who will attend the game are not the mindless cowards who attacked those lads outside the pub nor are they the French buzzies who fired the CS gas in the main square. Let's show Europe how we will respond, as we always have done, with good humour and a sense of decency on and off the park.

Daveyboy Blue Daveyboy Blue



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