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05 Oct 2015 19:09:03
I was pleased with how we took the game by the scruff of the neck on Saturday.

It is such a difference from the Moyes days and rolling up with 4 at the back 5 in midfield and some lost soul upfront.

We had the better of the attacking play and we finally saw Lukaku come of age.

No longer a timid boy but a man determined to put his head, foot and finger right in the oppositions face.

I'm going to give him a bit of credit that we are now starting to see man he should be.

Galloway again was brilliant but for me Mori was a beast. He covered Galloway a lot when he was attacking and can anyone tell me if this guy has ever lost a header?! It's got laser tracking and he never loses out!

The usual dick decision from Martin Atkinson in not sending off a Liverpool player happened like we all new it would but we didn't give the ref any chance in doing the same with one of ours.

Overall it was a good performance and on another day we would have won it.

I don't care who we play anymore as I now know we will give them a game. Just don't mess this up Martinez! You're winning some of us over bit by bit, keep it up!


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05 Oct 2015 20:14:11
Personally I think Martinez got far too much criticism last year. Last year we had fewer options and some key players out of form. This year as well as some new buys we have some quality youngsters coming through and some oldies like Barry and Kone producing. Ross looks more mature, Lukaku's looking hungry. It's all about options for me. I've always maintained that RM was the right man. He imo is a football man and has changed our whole approach to how to play. In only 3 yrs he has put together the best looking squad we've had in the Premier League era.

Let's get behind this group of players and they might just reward us!! COYB!!

{Ed025's Note - good post that aflm, i have to admit last season i gave him as much stick as anyone but he does seem to be turning things around, the football was turgid and boring but it seems he has had a change of heart mate..and long may it continue..

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05 Oct 2015 18:16:25
I must be losing the plot or just showing my age, but I've just seen a link to an article saying the Police were praising the Fans on Sunday, no ejections or arrests. I walked around the ground for an hour n a half before the game and I've never seen so many half n half scarves being worn?!! in a derby!! I just don't get it, I can't even wear anything with red in it. Well that's a lie, as i'm a fervent Welshman and do wear my red Jersey with the feathers or dragon with pride, but the thought of a Red badge on me, you must be out of your minds!! What the F is up with people, your either blue or a red surely!!!

{Ed025's Note - not for me either howie..

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05 Oct 2015 18:52:15
I don't get scarves in general in terms of football fans. Makes me cringe when a song is on and fans slowly wave their upsidedown scarves left and right. Why are scarves so popular?

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05 Oct 2015 19:28:26
Its in case you get croup, like Private Pikes Mother told him, keep his neck wrapped warm.

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05 Oct 2015 20:51:32
Think you may find those scarves were being worn by liverpool's 'cosmopolitan' fan base who arrive from Scandinavia each match day.
I was in town the other week on the day they played in the europa league and the streets were full of beauts in liverpool shirts with strange accents proudly wearing their souvenir new half and half scarves.
As was mentioned earlier, no self respecting blue would wear anything red or with picture of a seagull chewing a used johnny on it.

{Ed025's Note - love it RIB..

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05 Oct 2015 17:37:47
While I accept that we should be making a special effort to get some silverware (League Cup or FA Cup), I have some thoughts on this.
1. Winning a cup would be great, but would we welcome the Europa League qualification that goes with it? Our domestic form last season was clearly affected by the disruption of Thursday night football.
2. If English teams do badly in the UEFA competitions, then England might fall in the rankings and drop from 4 Champions League places to 3. Could we realistically compete with the wealthier clubs in future seasons for one of those places?
3. With the huge increase in TV money - and the relaxation of the FFP rules - we'd have more clubs competing with us for players and vying for success. In future, it'll surely be even more difficult for us to succeed.
4. Ths season, looking at the variable form and results of other sides, it mght be a golden opportunity to get a Champions League place. The income that'd generate would be great - plus we'd be more likely to retain our better players and attract top talent. If we don't do it this season, then I wonder if we could ever do it.
5. I guess it all comes down to us keeping our best players injury-free, confident, and in good form and then let the performances and results follow. Simples!

{Ed025's Note - its so open this year sid, of course the cream will rise to the top but it would be nice to stay on their coat tails for a good while mate..

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05 Oct 2015 18:55:16
I think we just need to win a trophy, it is dragging on too long now. Europa League doesn't interest me, garbage money in garbage conditions which in turn leads to a garbage season. If winning a cup means another season to last season then fine. We just need to win something. We have a better squad than Liverpool and Tottenham. Just have to hope Utd, Arsenal, City or Chelsea fall. Chelsea will still finish strong though probably. Cannot see us getting in the Champions League if I'm honest.

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05 Oct 2015 19:37:28
Personally after watching united yesterday I think we will wipe the floor with them this week they are weak at the back IMO for me there is a real chance for us to finish top four this season

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05 Oct 2015 20:42:13
Good post that Cowpat Sid 2. Made a lot of sense with that post. I share a fair few of the same thoughts as you it seems.

If we keep going the way we are we have every chance of champions league in my opinion. The points from Martinez's first season in charge would of got us to champions league plenty of the previous years. And we have a better squad this year so looks bright for me.

As long as Martinez keeps doing what he's doing there's a good chance. Long term future does concern me for some of the points made by Cowpat. West Ham are an example of a club that seem to be determined to spend big and are moving into a new stadium.

It seems a lot of clubs around us are getting investment where as our stadium is getting old. Don't see it as a major problem for a couple of years but we could be left behind if some sort of action is not taken.

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05 Oct 2015 09:59:06
I was disappointed we didn't get all three points, but I think our start has been better than the year we had the most points ever in the premier league.

2013/14 4 wins 3 draws 1 loss (15 points).
We played Norwich, Cardiff,West Brom, Chelsea, West Ham, Newcastle, Man City Hull.

2014/2015 2 Wins 3 Draws 3 losses (9 points) We played Leicester, Arsenal, Chelsea, West Brom, Crystal Palace, Red Shite, Man U Aston Villa

2015/2016 3Wins, 4 Draws 1 Loss (13 Points) Watford, Southampton, Man City, Spuds, Chelsea Swansea, West Brom Reds.

All it says to me is the next 2 games we need at least 4 points 3 at a minimum. Then we start playing the bottom 7 clubs except for Chelsea and West Brom. Surely this is the platform where we can start dreaming of Champions League football. I believe only Man City and Arsenal are locks for the top 4.

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05 Oct 2015 09:14:34
ten out of ten times in any other match Lucas would have had a yellow for the trip, its frustrating that decisions that potentially could change a tight derby don't go for us, if it had been the other way we would have ended with ten men!

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05 Oct 2015 17:28:17
And the Skirtl penalty shout on Jags. Not even looking at the ball and a rugby tackle!

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05 Oct 2015 08:47:12
Reds have spent £290 million under Rodgers. That is unreal. Apparently Rodgers didn't decide on all the signings. Signings had to be approved by committee.

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05 Oct 2015 15:27:38
he did sell players to the tune of £128m so not as bad as everyone says over 3 years.

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05 Oct 2015 17:53:04
ye, a biter and a brat, got big money for two low lifes.

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05 Oct 2015 19:42:41
Think it's the fact that he has spent that much yet their squad is still not that strong made a lot of average signings imo

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05 Oct 2015 00:19:49
Can someone who watched the match on Sly Sports tell me who they gave MOTM to?. I know it is pretty Liverpool heavy with Carragher, Souness and Redknapp. Surely an Everton player won it? Much appreciated.

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05 Oct 2015 08:59:05
Best asking on the reds page mate as they all have armchair season tickets and come out twice a year in there mcmanaman shirts

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05 Oct 2015 09:29:15
Lukaka got it I believe. Not a bad choice.

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05 Oct 2015 09:49:00
He certainly had a good one. Nice to see him more involved in the play.

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04 Oct 2015 23:05:01
Just like to say Funes Mori looked class today!! Very pleased with this signing. Well done Roberto!!

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04 Oct 2015 23:23:22
Solid play. Great find RM.

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05 Oct 2015 00:15:39
Yes mate he looks really good. Besic last season was motm in the Derby at Goodison for me (think Ibe or Gerrard got it, no idea why) and yesterday was Funes Mori. Really good winner of the ball and no nonsense but the lad can play too. Really showing Tim Vickery up who said he didn't have the pace to play in the Premier League (you know, because it ruined Jamie Carragher, John Terry and Nemanja Vidic's career's didn't it) he seemed pretty quick chasing Sturridge's charging Brontosaurus touch. That tackle on Ings was brilliant, the match didn't get to him at all. Made up for him.

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05 Oct 2015 08:44:33
Mori was good. He was good against West Brom but even better yesterday. Very solid. Your analysis of the game in another post was pretty much spot on Swan. The only change I'd do is swap Mori and Jagielka's rating. Although Mori was very good. Jags made some vital clearances and he was my man of the match.

I'd give pretty much the same ratings and comments you said about the rest. Well done Swan.

Just one other point. The joint team was picked before the game yesterday. Howard was pretty much a shoe in for the goal position. Based on the game you'd have to pick Mignolet. He gained a draw for the Reds imo. His save from Naismith (although I hate to admit it) was brilliant.

When Schmeichel played he commanded the goals area. As well as big Nev. Howard should just keep his eye on the ball and mow people out of the way if he has to.

P.S. Poor Rodgers, wonder will he ever get a job at a 'big' club again.

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05 Oct 2015 09:03:24
Don't think anyone will touch him with a barge pole with close to 300 million spent in three seasons. I mean it's all very well saying he's a nice bloke etc etc but with those sort of figures he should be a nice bloke winning the Premier league. Anyway that's enough about him spoiling our fantastic Rumour site.

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05 Oct 2015 11:16:12
Agree Swan I really can't understand Vickery's comments. Makes me wonder how often he actually watched him! With him Stones Galloway Browning and Garbutt our defense looks good for the next 10yrs!!

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05 Oct 2015 17:19:38
afim78: add Holgate to your list (plus some other youngsters that my yet prove themselves to be first team players) - and not forgetting that we've still got Coleman - and I'd agree that we do look reasonably covered for defenders as and when the likes of Jagielka, Baines, Hibbert, etc., eventually retire or move on.
We also seem OK for defensive/holding midfielders, but I'd contend that we lack sufficient quality in depth in the forward, wing, and attacking midfield areas. Henen and Rodriguez (and hopefully some promising youngsters) may prove good enough, but I do reckon that we'll need to bring some top-drawer talent from outside into the squad if we are to compete for trophies and for the European places.

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04 Oct 2015 22:48:26
Thought the result was kind to us today guys, great match for the neutral to watch! Think Lucas should probably have gone, but relieved he didn't. thanks for a great Derby


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04 Oct 2015 22:33:32
Someone who we are missing, well not missing because we are doing well. Someone who I actually miss, never thought I would say this, Tom Cleverley, I think, someone who can play anywhere in Midfield. Adds the work rate and quite reliable. Not saying we will all of a sudden become brilliant as that is rubbish. What I mean is, it gives us another option, different type of player. No I've not suddenly become a fan but well done to him.

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04 Oct 2015 22:43:56
I like Tom Swan I think he was a smart signing.

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05 Oct 2015 09:07:38
yes agreed he has fitted into the team really well, hope he has a swift recovery!

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