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16 Apr 2014 23:50:16
RM and our players have not been in this position - of realistically being challengers for the top four before - so the experience this season will, I trust, be invaluable in them fully understanding what is required technically, tactically, physically and psychologically when playing at this level. As long as they all learn from this season - both the highs of playing well and defeating top-class opposing and the lows of playing poorly and losing when expectations are so elevated - then it sets us in good stead for next season. Let's hope we can finish strongly this season, have a good transfer window, a good pre-season, and then make more progress and get success next season.

Cowpat Sid 2

{Ed025's Note - quality post sid...but im not writing off this season yet mate!..



16 Apr 2014 23:27:42
Anyone who thought tonight would be an automatic win are kidding themselves. Pulis had turned them in to a solid base who don't concede often, like he has in other teams. The race for 4th is certainly not over and we can't afford to show any weaknesses against United. Not one evertonian thought we would be where we are at the minute. Let's chear the team in and get behind them. Arsenal may have an easier run in but they will slip up. The best game we could have asked for to bounce back is united at home. Let's not be negative and give the team The support they deserve.


{Ed025's Note - good post that cropper, palace are no mugs mate..

I think kudos to Tony Pulis for getting Crystal Palace to 40 points - surely safe from relegation now - especially considering where they were when he joined. He got a lot of flak for the playing style at Stoke City, but Crystal Palace have different types of players and he's got them playing in a different (and effective!) style.

Cowpat Sid 2

I think that the thing I found most annoying tonight was the time wasting from Palace, which started around 40 minutes into the game and lasted until the final whistle. Even Palace fans I spoke to after the game think that Speroni should have been booked early on for time wasting. I know it's often a symptom of going the game but I thought that the referee was poor tonight and made a lot of bad calls (it will be interesting to see the tv footage of the match). That being said, we were rubbish tonight, conceded 3 goals and didn't do enough to win. Poor team selection, and one of the few times that Martinez has let us down. What's even more annoying is that I knew before the game that it may prove costly. I suppose that this is all part and parcel of being an Evertonian. I had only let myself believe after the Sunderland match and now we've been pulled back down to earth. Still a chance for Champions League so I suppose it's business as usual Sunday. COYB

Blue Tommy



16 Apr 2014 22:53:38
So, Wenger is happy because we just slipped up. Admittedly, the loss now to CP lies in the same pit as the loss to Sunderland. It makes me unhappy, very unhappy. My son tells me that "the team that we played amzing but CP were unlucky". So now I'm just unhappy. My grief will last but a few short moments. One of my previous posts said 3 games ago, that we could loose 4 points and finish on 77. That's 3 gone tonight but we are still in the hunt. As RM says there are many bends to the finish. So were we unlucky or just not up to speed tonight? Did you bring the roof down with noise? I am trying to guage were we will be against Man United and I rather have a small run of ill luck in one game we had tonight and not have it dribble into the next 2 or 3 as opposed to having to hear that too many players looked out of form. COYB


{Ed025's Note - the crowd done their bit TTM, we really missed mcarthy tonight mate, but its not all over yet as you say..

Not sure why RM didn't start McCarthy tonight. It can only have been a tactical/formation choice for tonight's match.
In my opinion, with Darron Gibson being out injured, we've had no reliable alternative this season to Barry and McCarthy and therefore couldn't rest/rotate them like I'm sure we'd like to have done. If we don't sign Barry permanently - and if we don't have alternatives already at the club (which means players occasionally playing out of position - like Osman - or youngsters coming through) then we must bring in someone to share the workload with McCarthy and Gibson next season.

Cowpat Sid 2

Just listened to RM's post-match interview and he said that McCarthy came into this match carrying a bit of a knock and was not expected to cope with a full ninety minutes and that's why he was on the bench. To me, that begs the question (wise after the event I know), but in those situations why not start the player and give the regular team formation a chance to get ahead rather than having to bring him on in order to try and recover a losing position? And why take off Barry in place of McCarthy?
Also, for me, his injury also explains McCarthy's recent below par (in my opinion) performances compared to his play earlier in the season.

Cowpat Sid 2

{Ed025's Note - i suspect he was hoping we wouldn,t need him sid..



16 Apr 2014 22:37:51
Based on all his performances - not just tonight's disappointment - does anyone else think that RM will transfer out Mirallas this summer? Sure, he's got pace, but in my humble opinion his finishing isn't clinical enough, his decision-making (when to shoot, when to pass, when to cross, etc.) is questionable, his game-changing moments are too infrequent, and he sometimes just doesn't seem to be "up for it". Overall, he just hasn't been as effective as his skills should warrant.
Not that my comments mean a jot, but here's hoping he plays out of his skin in the next matches and scores a load of "worldies" to secure maximum points. ;-)

Cowpat Sid 2

{Ed025's Note - im with you on that sid...serial under achiever for me mate..

Add 'how to tackle' to that list.

The Juicer

Ed025 - it's always interesting to me to see which players we have attracted to the club, at what fee, and why no other club (especially those in European - especially Champions League - competition) haven't gone for them. So, for us to have picked up Mirallas for around £6 million (I think) and not had other clubs outbidding us (by dint of higher wages or European football) seems to me indicative of what other clubs think of the player.

Cowpat Sid 2

{Ed025's Note - for me he doesn.t do enough sid, flatters to decieve if you will, there are times when he looks great but these are becoming fewer as time goes on, he does have ability but does not warrant a starting berth for me, as you say, i cant see him interesting another major club anytime soon mate..



16 Apr 2014 22:29:42
Seriously we used to be great from set plays under moyes now we r terrible 13 corners tonite never looked like scoring need to be doing much better from corners and free kicks


I was thinking exactly the same thing whilst watching the game, we just don't look dangerous from set plays. Given how many corners we win it's something that needs to be worked on.


Here's a thought.
Wenger is criticised for being stubborn - not having a plan B - and insisting on Arsenal always playing his way.
Could it be that RM is showing similar resolve to have Everton play his way, which is great in open play, but sometimes we might need to adapt to the opposition (or the score) during the match and try some variation. Likewise, as the original poster commented, we've been poor too often this season at set pieces - both offensively and defensively - apart from penalties and some other direct free kicks. There's no shame in scoring a headed goal from a corner or free kick rather than just from exquisite open play every time (all goals count don't they) - just as it's effective play to make a good clearing header when defending a corner or free kick.
I love the expansive passing game that RM has introduced, but there are occasions when a little variation wouldn't go amiss in my humble opinion.

Cowpat Sid 2

Have we scored from a corner once this year?

Boston Toffee

{Ed025's Note - i can only remember the one against liverpool BT..

You lot could always Begg moyes to come back we won't score as many open play goals but hay maybe we will start from corners. Some of these posts are stupid all because we lost to palace. We are a work in progress under Roberto




16 Apr 2014 22:17:42
Right F that rubbish we need to get Rid of Martinez now he is killing us. god I wish Moyes was back.can't handle this 4th spot race anymore it's killing me.

Stef the blue

{Ed025's Note - i hope your tongue is firmly in your cheek there stef.. :)

Irony - don't you love it!

Cowpat Sid 2



16 Apr 2014 22:16:55
Grrrrrrrrrr. Howard-5-on his arse for too long and some of his clearances, wow. Coleman-6-tormented by bolasie all night and didn't make any runs going forward. Stones-8-funny, we concede 3 and I give a mistake prone centre back an 8, he is special and wanted to win, him and 4 others actually tried tonight, what a talent. Distin-7-some of his passes were poor but reliable in defence. Baines-5-what was he doing, puncheon just strolled past him and he didn't even attampt a tackle, oviedo baby!. Barry-6.5-why he was taken off is beyond me, looked lost without mccarthy but tried, I will give him that. Barkley-4-he is woeful, absolute tosh, lost the ball every time he got it, thought he was gerrard attempting 60 yard passes but failed, every time and wanted the head lines with that 40 yard left footed effort, if you gave me the option, keep stones or barkley i'd pick stones, barkley is woeful. Deulofeu-6-backed out of every tackle and did he do anything?. Mirallas-5-terrible, everything he did was woeful, didn't look arsed. Mcgeady-6.5-will no doubt be the maon centre of abuse from evertonians tonight, we bought him to take people on and cross it, he did both tonight, yes he lost the ball but no one would move for him! Least he showed some balls and didn't stop himself working hard, well done. Lukaku-5-first touch, poor, jumping, poor, retaining of the ball, poor, movement, poor, overall performance, dreadful and hopeless. Mccarthy-7-should of started, got us going and clearly played for the shirt like his fellow subs, love him. Osman-7-again, got us going and tried, he wanted a win and had that tenacity and aggression that mccarthy, barry and naismith possess. Naismith-7-worked his socks off and actually jumped for headers. i'm probably overreacting but I feel sick after that, there is was, goodison under the floodlights, top four is a possibility, then once puncheon scored I thought 'of course! Everton do an everton at the worst of times!' no doubt either mcgeady or barry will be put to blame, least they attampted to do something, martinez, if you're going to rest mccarthy then yoi better have a master plan, the Manchester United game meant nothing if we didn't win tonight and look what happened, look atvaraenals fixtures then look at ours, we have no chance now, beat man united and then roll over against man city please, sorry lads no doubt many will disagree, maybe i'm overreacting but at the moment this is how I feel, sick of something going wrong in big games, doesn't matter who the manager is, this is the everton way




16 Apr 2014 22:15:30
Had a bad feeling about tonight before the game even started, as evertonians we are now used to this feeling of huge disappointment as it happens every season in some way, shape or form. I think we need to reflect more on what has been a very positive season, much much better than any of us imagined it would be, & if we can get 5th place & cement a Europa league place - that'll be classed as improvement on previous seasons. Roberto is still the man for me, although he is still learning as a manager & will have to learn from some of the mistakes he has made this season in some of his decision making in team selection before important games. The derby at an field where we were hammered was 1 of those games where he played Stones out of position at right back (when he should of played local lad Hibbert) & donkey kong slow Alcarez at centre back rather randomly & also bought Barkley back far too early from his broken toe. Tonight against Palace is another 1 of those games, where he's decided to rest McCarthy & go with 3 wingers & a forward leaving a knackered Gareth Barry isolated at the back of midfield. In my opinion after winning 7 games on the bounce, you shouldn't tinker with the team selection too much but keep the winning team together as much as possible. at the end of the day, Barry/McCarthy are our Peter Reid & Paul Bracewell in the engine room to give our forwards the freedom to create & score, but our engine was rested tonight which left the team looking very out of shape at times in that 1st half. All in all though I'm very impressed with Martinez thus far & I think the future looks bright with him at the helm. Finally, I would definitely spend £15 million on Wilfried Bony in the summer, but definitely not £20+ million on Lukaku! Good night all.


{Ed025's Note - night zacki mate..



16 Apr 2014 22:13:45
Well that was disappointing, what do you think the atmosphere will be like on Sunday now? Hope it's not flat as were still only 1 point behind! What reception do you think Moyes and Fellani will get! So disappointed after tonight but we have to pick ourselves up and go again!


{Ed025's Note - i think they will get the reception they both deserve bobby..



16 Apr 2014 22:11:58
Is a little bit of a disaster however not a total one only R.M knows why he fiddled with the formation and probably regrets it now. This is the premier league and teams are in it for a reason and that's they are capable of beating each other on their day, let's hope we beat united which we can and Hull can do a number on the gooners, COME ON JELA!


Hull are no pushovers at home and have nothing to lose you never know Jelavic might even score!😃




16 Apr 2014 22:10:37
The reality is that we all knew our run in was extremely tough. Yes we should have won tonight, but fate has been cruel to us.
The reality is Man City can't afford any more slip ups, Manchester United are coming into some sort of form and Hull are on a high. Southampton are a solid team so for us to win 5 cup finals in such a short period was going to be a big ask.
We have dared to believe, but it isn't over yet and i'm sure we will pick ourselves up, dust ourselves down and carry on.
Attacking football is the only way from here on in. No points for 2nd best or in this case 5th.


{Ed025's Note - adele may be clearing her throat AW, but its not over yet mate..

Good post that AW! It was a reality check that tonight but I feel that Arsenal will slip up somewhere along the line we just have to win our games and hope!


Ed025 - steady on! She's not fat - at worst she's pleasantly plump, at best she's a woman with real curves. I may be old fashioned, but that's much more attractive than some of the stick insects lauded by the fashionistas. Sorry - went off topic there - back to Everton banter next time.

Cowpat Sid 2

{Ed025's Note - i like a big woman as well as the next guy sid, i was going to say bella emberg...but some of our guys are too young mate.. :)

Bella Emberg? Now, there's a proper woman.

Russ Abbott you lucky b*stard, lol.

dagenham gunner

{Ed025's Note - pretty tasty in my book dags..

Ed025 - if you'd said Anita Ekberg, well now you're talking. Nordic voluptuousness personified - couldn't act that well - but you didn't watch her films for her acting talent ;-) Sorry - gone off topic again, but some youthful memories (pun intended if you get it) recalled.

Cowpat Sid 2

{Ed025's Note - i do mate.. :)



16 Apr 2014 22:01:32

Azul Cambiante

{Ed025's Note - love it azul..



16 Apr 2014 21:58:35
Cannot understand why he put mc carthy on the bench shocking decision cost us hope spurs beat us to europa league now although there's probably 6 teams getting into it that would be a disaster to get into. Think wengers mind games got to roberto mind u the way west ham played lastnite we might as well give up now jarvis has a chance to earn a penalty and decides to be a saint that's why he's playin at west ham and as for andy carroll what a waste of space what a tube can't defend and can't score enough said absolutely GUTTED




16 Apr 2014 21:54:51
the dream of champions league gone now. back to reality and fear man u on sunday. this defeat could do more harm than losing fourth place


{Ed025's Note - its not over till its over mate..

I just cannot imagine that we'll play as poorly in our remaining fixtures as we did tonight. If the players worry about fourth place, rather than just playing each match as it comes, then we will struggle. We must move on quickly. Our finishing position will be after 38 matches - which have included dropped points all along the way - so let's just do better than tonight in our four remaining games and see where our eventual points tally gets us.

Cowpat Sid 2



16 Apr 2014 21:53:53

The winning formulae was there and Bobby tinkered with it. Why?
Yes we have big games coming up and he might have thought some players maybe needed a rest so they could come back fresher and stronger against the Manchester clubs, but with so few games left and the opportunity to pile the pressure onto Arsenal we really have slipped on this particular banana skin, City only drew as well, Can we regroup and kick on again? YESSSSS!
Do utd over this Sunday and hope Hull beat The Gooners, C`mon jelavic FFS youowe us big style.
Really disappointed by this result.


{Ed025's Note - me too hugster, im as sick as a sea going parrot mate..

Our defeat - following Arsenal's victory yesterday after going behind - will surely have given Arsenal - Wenger and his players - a massive psychological boost. I just hope that RM can get the players to forget about fourth place and concentrate on winning the next match.

Cowpat Sid 2



16 Apr 2014 21:51:24
Hugely disappointing result - that makes 4th place very unlikely now - and an even more disappointing performance. Too many players just not at it tonight. I'm also amazed that RM chose not to play McCarthy and Barry together, as that midfield pairing has been central to our formation this season. As for Lukaku, his poor first touch was found wanting again - he just couldn't hold up the ball. Credit to Pulis for setting up his team - although their time wasting was terrible - and for getting a deserved result (because we surely didn't play well enough to merit a result). Final comment - John Stones was immense tonight even though we shipped three goals.
So, lick our wounds, learn from tonight's performance, then move on and prepare for the next match.

Cowpat Sid 2

Problem was we have to stick with lukaku week in week out because no traore and no kone feel for lukaku still a young lad still learning




16 Apr 2014 21:50:00
That was not expected! 3 goals at home conceded to palace! Plus man city dropped points aswell arghhhh! No longer in our hands will be hoping the arse drop points now! Regardless of where we finish this has been a great season!




16 Apr 2014 21:46:22
Why oh why did Roberto change a winning formula - the McCarthy/Barry partnership has probably been the most successful unit in the team this season - providing both defensive cover and a springboard for our attacking players. By breaking that partnership up, we left ourselves wide open - conceding 3goals at home. Trying to be too clever, I think.


{Ed025's Note - it was a strange one joe, ah well..

It was strange to break up the McCarthy-Barry partnership against a team that would be very well organised defensively and would have counter-attacking opportunities as we pressed forward with all the attacking players in our lineup, but RM hasn't made too many mistakes this season and he'll surely learn from trying different combinations of players in different formations. It's a pity that it was at the expense of a win and the three points that we really needed for fourth place.

Cowpat Sid 2

{Ed025's Note - spot on sid



16 Apr 2014 21:44:52
if we don't get lukaku I honestly won't be to upset. for the money he will command we can get two strikers, hopefully one with a decent first touch and the ability to hold the ball up

Boston Toffee

{Ed025's Note - it was not just lukaku boston. mirallas was awful and a lot had a bad night, palace done a number on us mate simple as that..



16 Apr 2014 21:41:34

Honest blue



16 Apr 2014 21:23:02
Well that's a kick in the nuts


16 Apr 2014 21:48:29
Shooting practice needed, also through balls need to be worked on if we are going to try to walk the ball into the net rather than down the wing to cross. Disappointed with lukaku tonight, did not look like a everton player concerned whether we wanted to win or not. Palace wanted it more and they took their chances well, we on the other hand were piss poor in front of goal tonight. Maybe we don't deserve champions league football after a display like that at home. Dropping mc carthy was a gamble and it most certainly did not pull off. Barkley looked out of his comfort zone there and his defensive qualities are not the best




16 Apr 2014 21:21:06
i think that's just put an end to are champions league dream.

daz efc



16 Apr 2014 21:20:38
75 mins and I've called it a night, disappointed to say the least, can't understand why we didn't start with McCarthy and Naismith i.e a winning side




16 Apr 2014 21:20:12
What on earth is going on? Coyb you can do it. 1-3 at mo come on!




16 Apr 2014 19:04:20
Team News:
24 Howard
23 Coleman
26 Stones
15 Distin
3 Baines
20 Barkley
18 Barry
10 Deulofeu
11 Mirallas
7 McGeady
17 Lukaku

1 Joel
2 Hibbert
21 Osman
29 Garbutt
32 Alcaraz
16 McCarthy
14 Naismith




16 Apr 2014 18:15:16
Here we go again then big game tonight need to take all 3 pts as both Manchester clubs coming up and I don't see us taking 6 pts from those 2 games although they don't scare me as much as palace do at moment we could easily slip up on this one remember we win tonight and we can go 2 pts clear and have a better good which could be worth a point at end of season come on boys it's all about the tempo we start at we all know pulis is great at getting his teams organised and hard to beat be paitent but we need to win




16 Apr 2014 18:12:22
All remaining home games sold out!

Lets get this done guys. We are Everton and are with you all the way, every pass, every run, every tackle, every goal!

5 games. 15 points. let's show the doubters that we deserve fourth and take the school of science back to the top where we belong.
Prove all those pundits wrong that want us back in our box for daring to upset the balance of the billionaire teams.

There is no 'I' in TEAM!

Robertos blue army is coming!




16 Apr 2014 18:10:14
everton tea lady latest to be linked with a move to pg tips utd
sick of all the rumours regarding our squad


I think her best days are behind her. Sell now, and give one of our youngsters a chance. I hear we have a good tea lady on loan at wolves.

Blue Lee



16 Apr 2014 15:51:49
Tonight's fixture was put off last time because the roof was in danger of coming off; let's do the job properly tonight, get behind the lads and really bring the house down with the incredible atmosphere that is only produced at the Old Lady. COYB! Here's to 3 points and back in 4th place on merit.

Azul Cambiante

{Ed025's Note - love it azul mate..



16 Apr 2014 13:43:35
Pressure comes when you have something to lose. We have everything to gain.

Martinez. Pure class.


16 Apr 2014 13:53:24
Totally agree with you Ed about teams fighting for the lives, and hopefully one of them teams will do us a favour, but I would still feel better if we stretched out that good a bit, one less thing to stress about over the next few weeks


The man must oozes charisma and class, he's very media friendly and a great motivator and mentor. He's like your favourite uncle who always gets you the best present at Christmas. I wouldn't like to cross him though because I'm quite sure that lying underneath that smile is a ruthless streak that only comes with born winners.

Azul Cambiante



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