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27 Jan 2015 21:57:22
If reports are true that Konoplyanka would prepare a move to us I'll be very disappointed if we don't make a move. A good signing could turn our season around. Just make a decent bid and try and get the lad ffs! Why are these things so hard for everton eds?

Kingy   Kingy

Ed025{Ed025's Note - you tell me kingy..sometimes this club really do my swede in mate..

Well we must have made a move, let's be honest players who are being chased by clubs like Roma don't come out and say they would like to join everton unless we have made contact and he knows were interested. Just hope we can get it finalised if the rumours are true that he wants to join.

Honest blue



27 Jan 2015 20:32:26
. not expecting much in this window.would be happy with Konoplonker, Charlie Austin & W. Reid.


Ed025{Ed025's Note - not asking much then zacki..

Ha would be delighted if we got them.

Honest blue



27 Jan 2015 16:33:26
eto, o gone now




27 Jan 2015 15:25:36
So the Eto'o experiment has come to an end.
How soon before the Martinez experiment is brought to an end?
I guess Eto'o wasn't such a gift from the footballing gods.
It's said that those who the gods want to destroy, they first make mad - not sure if that's BK or RM.

Cowpat Sid 2   Cowpat Sid 2

Ed025{Ed025's Note - both..



27 Jan 2015 13:10:05


Ed who's going to save us now?

blue bry

Ed025{Ed025's Note - winnie parks bry?..



27 Jan 2015 11:26:38
so who do we want in jan transfer window lads?

what do we need . I reckon defender winger and a striker


id be happy with that

dazza the jock

Ed025{Ed025's Note - a centre half and a winger would do me fine dazza..

27 Jan 2015 11:54:35
I'm not that greedy

Just a new manager would suffice


27 Jan 2015 13:46:28
Mbia got sent off every game for qpr, pato has been finished since he was 20 and I've seen konoplyanka 4 times, he had one good game against england, even then all he did was kick the ball sideways against kyle walker and pass backwards when walker caught up or he lashed it straight to joe hart.


1 goalkeeper
2 Centre Backs
3 Midfielders
2 Wingers
2 strikers
a new manager
a new assistant manager
a new U21 manager
a new chairman

We are Everton
That's what we do

The Real Mike

Ed025{Ed025's Note - love it mike..

27 Jan 2015 16:27:04
Konoplyanka is a million times better than McGeady though Swan, so I'd take him anyway. Who would you (realistically) like us to go for mate?

Blue Tommy

Ed025{Ed025's Note - only a million tommy?..

Im better then mcgeady


Ed025{Ed025's Note - im sure you are bretto..



26 Jan 2015 11:46:08
Konoplyanka and Ings out of contract in the summer so will be linked to cut price moves in January, would think both are worth a punt!


Would take konoplyanka all day. An actaul wide player to replqce stevie P

preki scored

Ed025{Ed025's Note - so would i preki..

I've no doubt that we're interested in lots of players - especially those in the final year of their contracts and likely to be available on a free transfer in the summer (or a minimal fee during this window) - but I also doubt that we could attract the majority of them without the lure of Champions League football or by paying big wages and big signing-on fees.
Beyond incoming transfers, of concern to me is how we can retain our better (and ambitious) current players if we can't offer Champions League football to them within, say, the next two seasons at most.
Then there's the hope that our U-21 and U-18 youngsters can progress and earn places in the first team squad/team as and when our aging players have to be moved on. Whether we could risk playing too many youngsters regularly in the first team so that they can gain experience - even if results don't go our way - is surely a moot point.

Cowpat Sid 2 Cowpat Sid 2



26 Jan 2015 01:22:05
So the rags have linked us with loads of players over the weekend. Alexandre Pato, Stephen El Shaarawy, Charles N'Zogbia (loan), Yehven Konoplyanka, Orjan Nyland and some Norweigian 14 year old midfielder called Edvard Sandvik Tagseth. Probably all a load of rubbish as are most tabloid rumours but as its a rumour site I thought it worth posting.

Blue Tommy

That's a list of has-beens, never-wassers, fly-by-nights, time-wasters, never-heard-ofs, and no-hopers. Sounds like a typical Everton transfer window wish list :-(

Cowpat Sid 2 Cowpat Sid 2

Ed025{Ed025's Note - we will probably get them all now sid..



26 Jan 2015 00:41:17
Sad day for some of you on here, grab a beer and sit down for a minute. Juan Roman Riquelme has retired




26 Jan 2015 00:14:26
Looks like riquelme link been put to bed after about ten years of links to him!


Ed01{Ed001's Note - I wouldn't be so sure, have you never seen read a British newspaper? I am sure they are already writing out articles linking him with Everton as the next manager as we speak.....}



25 Jan 2015 21:40:59
I am off to France for 5 days so won't be posting during that time. Good luck whilst I am away.


Ed07{Ed007's Note - Have a nice trip mate.}

I don't know what I'm going to do without your daily mention of Leon Osman ;)

Blue Tommy

Your not going to lille are you degs? You might not get back without the odd rubber bullet getting fired at you.


Stay away from the fairy liquid mate:-)




25 Jan 2015 20:34:43
Apologies in advance for the length of this post. Been taking stock of the season so far and the crucial months ahead. Did it as an A-Z

Apprehensive if not seriously worried.
Besic. Best player recently and scapegoat at the same time.
Chairman. Treating the fans with contempt and mustn't forget corners. Waste of time getting them as we've forgotten how to take them.
Dave Hickson ' I'd break every bone in my body for any club I play for, but I'd die for Everton.' How many of the present squad would remotely feel this way.
Expected more this season, a lot more.
Formation. Square pegs in round holes. Been said many times but very accurate.
Garbutt. Why is his contract not sorted?
How are we going to get out of it? No managerial changes, no significant signings, no sign of managerial acumen. Could be down to luck then?
Injuries. All clubs get them, not as many hamstrings though.
Jagielka. Not my idea of a captain. Who would you give it to? Give me the Dave McKay type anytime if they're not extinct. Apologies to the younger readers
Kev. Why no apology? Poor PR.
Late goals costly.
Martinez. Gave him the benefit of the doubt, but is a phoney and a stubborn one at that. Poster who referenced the 'Kings New Clothes 'was bang on.
Naismith. Top bloke. Top attitude. 100% committed. Never wide right though.
Oviedo baby. Another who is committed, not top drawer but should be playing wide left.
Pre season. Badly mismanaged
Quatar. Hope the players come back with more than a suntan?
Robles. Three clean sheets 2013 FA Cup quarter, semi and final, so must have had something. Starting to look a keeper, confidence will probably go again though if we sign this any Nyland lad.
Samuel. Would like to know the real story?
Transfers would take none this window at Martinez's hand, even though we need them, with a new manager to make them in the Summer. Whether we can attract or keep better players is debatable.
Underachieved big time
Victor Anicebe. Almost miss him sometimes.
Walton Hall Park. More silence.
XXIII points after XXII games not acceptable.
Youngsters too few opportunities, especially Browning in central defence and Garbutt.
Zilch. What we have won this century. Looks like same again this season. Only another seventeen points or so to maintain our proud top flight tradition. The present squad is more than good enough to stay up. It's criminal that we have to use phrases such a stay up, when most of our posters could pick an eleven and a formation each week and be able to make the odd substitution or tactical change when required.

Sent from my iPad


Good post tester good round up to a shame of a season and considering the points hall of last season I for one am not a happy person either. Pretty much the same squid but night and day in comparison.

I got shot down for praising mouse stability over the last 10 years but never in any season would you question the squad harmony which was always a 100%, fair enough he wasn't brave enough when it mattered but at least the team were one and his first 6 months of his last year we dominated games even better than last year. Soured himself on leaving but he done good whether you like it or not.

I loved last year but RM needs a reality check maybe he realised at the start of the season the gun ho style wasn't working so reverted to destroying the soul of fans to the point of silence but it's become a sham, how a manager can act like a set play dosnt exist is beyond me and eve. On corners we take them like we can't be arsed, sum one needs a rocket up then sharpish




25 Jan 2015 18:03:02
It's now been reported that "Fabian Delph has ended speculation about his future and signed a new four-and-a-half year contract with Aston Villa."
I guess that even if we were interested at one point we didn't go that far in pursuing him. This must mean that it's almost certainly Cleverly in the summer on a free. Cue the "Dying Swan" music for one poster ;-) I just wish that RM would be more of a "Nutcracker" when geeing up the players.

Cowpat Sid 2   Cowpat Sid 2



25 Jan 2015 19:57:39
1 Good thing came out from today. McManaman, is to sign for West Brom, meaning he won't be signing for us. But having said that, he can't be any worse than mcgeady I suppose. so maybe not a good thing, as in our current situation, he's probably the standard we can attact at the moment.

Does anyone else feel that we don't use the South American market as much. The last player I remember from that side of the world was Le Straq, and although he wasnt that good, he seemed to work hard. If you look at the talent that has come to the prem from those horizons, its a list of some big names.

Di Maria
Mascherano (spelling)
Felipe Luiz

Theres so much potential there, and atm we've got Oviedo (and Alcaraz, but don't make me laugh), and that's it. Would like to see us increase our range for players in that region, and if that does happen, maybe we can get more fan based exposure also.


All been or are top players, except pauliniho, we would never have attracted any of them, moyes watched di maria for a while & quickly realised he was out of our league. Like he did with Hleb

preki scored

The problem is getting work permits which means you have to buy established players which means there expensive the cheapest player on your list is who pauliniho at 18m


All these players were highly thought off, not so much hidden gems but cash cows to be marketed by South American teams they represented




25 Jan 2015 17:35:46
I think we've all now pretty much given up on any significant incomings this transfer window. RM said as much weeks ago and this is the one area where he's always been provd true to his word.
Even any replacement for Eto'o looks likely to be a "who's he?" at best or a "wtf!" at worst.
BK will no doubt persevere with RM, so there won't be new ideas from new management leading to a radical refreshing of the squad going forward - it'll be same old same old from the RM coaching & recruitment staff.
It's surely a question of how much RM changes the squad this summer. If he says there won't be many big changes, then I fear for next season when our aging, injury-prone, short-of- self-belief players once again find themselves struggling - whichever division they're in under RM.

Cowpat Sid 2   Cowpat Sid 2

Don't rule out loan move for ex Wigan player frozen out @ villa nzogbia lol & in the summer another world beater cleverley currently on loan @ villa from Man U who Martinez had on loan when he managed Wigan.
Can u see the pattern he's got Everton playing like Wigan & wants all his ex players to follow him to Goodison so that he can take us into the championship next season & play his ex employers minimum of twice a season.
Wish the fella had stayed @ Wigan if he thought they were that good.


Yep. This is a rapidly ageing squad that we seem to be adding to with ageing players. I pointed this out last season and Swan in particular had a right go at me. There are at least 4 or 5 who in my opinion have probably reached their sell by date and another similar figure rapidly approaching it. That is one reason I did not understand the selling of Anicebe and purchase of Kone for a similar figure. Kone has probably 1 more season. Anichebe has 6. Added to which, signing Alcaraz when Distin is at the end and Jags probably 1 more season. I likened it to Sunderland and Villa who both had squad re-vamps. Swan called me all sorts for pointing this out. I also suggested Osman, Gibson and Pienaar needed replacements. so we sign Barry and McCarthy. Ok McCarthy is a good long term signing. but Barry was surely at best a 2 season signing. Add all these up and we need to replace 8 players. Not forgetting Howard, Hibbert and probably someone else I have forgotton. We should onned young players.dare I say it.like Moyes did when he took over.


What do you mean take us into the championship next season. Currently we are in the relegation fight well and truly. If those below us carry on with their current form and we carry on with ours, what are the odds!!!


27 Jan 2015 11:23:41
i agree this january we need players wether it be on loan or permanent.

this summer will be huge for everton I feel like u say degsy

howard,hibbert,osman,pienaar, alcaraz ,gaz baz, jagielka distin eto.0. kone. all coming to the end of there careers and will need replaced. perhaps he's going to rely on the youngters

howard - stanek
hibbert - kenny
osman - lundstrum
pienaar - kennedy
gaz baz - ledson
jagielka - browning
distin - stones
alcaraz - galloway
eto.0 - henen
kone - mceleny

would we be happy with the olds out and the youngsters in? add in joel garbutt besic barkley mccarthy coleman lukakau naismith baines mirallas mcgeady. is this a good enough squad to compete ed? what's your views

dazza the jock

Ed025{Ed025's Note - not enough experience for me dazza, history says that not all of them youngsters will make the grade, we need some new blood with quality mate..



25 Jan 2015 17:12:12
The official club website is announcing a forthcoming hospitality event (for real - I'm not kidding):
"Our third and final Ladies Lunch of the season with our Blues Manager Roberto Martinez takes place on Tuesday 31 March at the Hilton Liverpool.
Enjoy a welcome drink on arrival, followed by a two-course lunch before hearing an interview on-stage with Roberto and then meet him for an autograph / photograph opportunity not to be missed!"
Well that means two things: (1) BK won't be relieving RM of his duties, as the club clearly couldn't afford to refund any tickets - no matter how few are sold; and (2) no-one can dispute that on this occasion our manager will well and truly be out to lunch!

Cowpat Sid 2   Cowpat Sid 2



25 Jan 2015 15:59:15
.very impressed again with Winston Reid this afternoon.the guys so strong & can definitely defend. reckon we should go & get him to partner Stones for next season. my wife's just told me he got man-of-the -match too.


25 Jan 2015 17:38:16
Unless we see a dramatic upswing in our fortunes I doubt we could attract him to be honest.


Why would he want to leave a club in the next round of the FA Cup, 6th in the premiership to go to a club in obvious disarray 4 points above the drop zone? OK if he was an Evertonian I would understand it.


25 Jan 2015 22:06:07
Degsy he will go to who offers him the most money, footballers don't give a toss about who you are, it's how much do I get.




25 Jan 2015 15:33:23
Why are we prepared to spend 4.5 mill on a goalkeeper?? Robles has done ok up to now! It does make you wonder what the hell is going on? All of a sudden there is a deal on the table for M'bia who can't get a regular start with Seville, another defensive midfielder . Do we need him? No we don't, unless Mccarthy is on his way? We still have Besic and Barry as defensive midfielders. What we need is creative players who make things happen. So sad to see Eto leave, it does make you wonder why? He looked so happy playing for us when we played Burnley. He was a class player to say the least.I just hope the players come back from their undeserved break with a huge passion to win every game and give us the hard paying fans 110% in every game.


I agree we need a creative midfield asap, but Barry for me is struggling this yr an I think he will get worse, 5.5mil is slot for a young keeper by he is really really good an could be top 5 best keeper in couple of yrs


25 Jan 2015 16:59:12
Because ok should not be good enough. Agree we need midfielders/wingers with vision and pace, and a strong C/B who can defend.


I put a joke on a couple of days ago about RM wanting to fill the midfield with defensive non-scoring midfielders who are good tacklers and good at retaining possession. Look around and there are quite a few in the Premier League ex Wigan. The joke was that if we played 4 defensive mids across the park and with another behind them to protect the defensive back four, we could increase our possession from our current 60% to probably 75% and hardly ever give the ball away. We could isolate Lukaku completely so that he never actually got the ball. We would get 38 nil nil draws and virtually guarantee safety every season. (that bit was Ed's joke). Perhaps reality is not so far away?


Mbia would be a free by the looks of it. We have Barry who is ageing and off form, besic and injured j-mac (I'm not even counting Gibson anymore) some more strength in depth would help. I think if we could rest Barry properly although rm seems dead set against that he would be sharper. I know he is slow but he looks incredibly lethargic this year. If I remember correctly then mbia can cover at centre back too.




25 Jan 2015 14:27:04
When David Moyes decided that He had "taken Everton as far as He could" & left for Man Utd, I genuinely believed Martinez was the up & coming young Manager who would hopefully take us to "the next level"! But now I am deeply concerned at his Refusal to change tactics when required and his constant backing for Ross Barkley who is definitely not progressing as he should have by now. We badly need quality players in numerous positions and we need them immediately. in this Transfer Window. Also I am very disturbed to read in Sunday papers that Martinez is trying to secure a loan deal at £70,000 per week, for N'zogbia from Aston Villa. yet another ex Wigan player!!! Martinez reckons he can get the best out of him. This is very alarming to say the least, we should be looking at better quality than this in ALL positions. Nyland, a young Norwegian GK is mentioned . never heard of him, but he could be a gem.my opinion would be to sign Schmeichel from Leicester, brilliant young International Gk with proven Prem League experience. We also urgently need a dominant Centre Back as Alcaraz & Distin aren't up to the job any longer at this level. Barry had a good season last year, but is found wanting far too often now, and we need a powerful, running strong midfielder. Ross Barkley is not the answer and is NOT the next Wayne Rooney? He doesn't do much off the ball and loses the ball far too often in dangerous positions and can't tackle to save his life. Potential, he may be, but in my opinion should not be in the team at the moment until he rediscovers some form. I'd like to see us go after Sissoko from Newcastle. plenty of power & drive. With Eto apparently having left now then we also need a proven goalscorer/striker.take a chance on young Ings at Burnley maybe. what do you think Blues fans. not sure about the Lennon from Spurs talk.I would prefer Andros Townsend.but we do need an immediate injection of fresh players. and now. otherwise depending on the results of our next 3/4 games, I fear we could be involved in a battle we might not get out of once confidence has gone!

golden vision

I would agree with everything you say Golden vision except.we could be involved in a battle etc once confidence has gone. We are in a battle and confidence has gone! Other than that mate.great post!


I couldn't agree more with your post. No more Wigan players.Yes we need a few players but it could be at the expense of Mccarthy or Mirrallas?? Never mind the players I think we need a new manager or we will get relegated.




25 Jan 2015 12:37:10
El Shaarawy yesterday, to N'Zogbia on loan today.

Oh how I love the transfer window as an Everton Fan. LOL


Yeah QB. It says something when posters are suggesting we bring back Cahill. Although a bit of his fighting spirit would not go amiss.


25 Jan 2015 14:29:43
Ive posted before about Cahill Degsy, and wouldn't mind him in a coaching role. Maybe among the youth team setup. but otherwise no, even though i'm a huge Cahill fan.




25 Jan 2015 11:20:00
I hope we sign this nyland 5.5 for a young keeper abit much but he amazing an will be 1 of the best in the world he best de gea to the best u21 keeper in the euro




25 Jan 2015 09:56:50
Come on guys I'm as frustrated as anyone with how things are going at the moment but whenever we get linked with a player its doom and gloom, if we haven't heard of them we shouldn't bother and if they have abit of class and pedigree there is no way in the world we will get them. Let's cross our fingers and hope we can get a couple of gems before the end of the month.

Duaney Boy R



24 Jan 2015 19:49:30
Neil Lennon is getting a lot of praise and obviously destined for a bigger club than Bolton. Mr Kenwright are you making notes.


. Lennon was my first choice on this site well before Martinez was discussed & recruited. all I got then was a load of abuse & not good enough thrown at me.


I'd rather have the ghost of John Lennon than Neil Lennon . If we're getting that desperate, let's get moyles back. If he couldn't build a team with Celtic that played attractive football, he hasn't got much hope in the epl. And no, I don't think it's just about results, it's the way a team wins that most fans crave for.

Blue Lee

Scraping the barrel if you are thinking of Lennon. Think we need a replacement for Eto first and in any case if we get rid of Roberto of the single dimension there is always Sheedy, Big Dunc etc that can easily do just as good if not better (I believe better).


Come on Zaki i'm sure you slept well that night? it wouldn't of been abuse just constructive criticism.

lancerboy lancerboy

25 Jan 2015 00:07:11
Many have said we should not have appointed RM based on one cup game. Will we never learn?


25 Jan 2015 05:18:25
Now that's desperate


. Frank De Boer for me now guys. done a great job at Ajax in developing the youth, can mix it tactically both ways, is young, tactically astute, spends not much dosh (which we don't have), has won the last 4 titles in a row, very like Koeman as a manager & coaches a strong defensive unit. need I go on??!?? Sack the skinny waiter now as there is no hope or confidence left under his stewardship & bring in De Boer at the end of the season!! No brainer!!




24 Jan 2015 19:27:24
Hello Ed`s and fellow blues, I`ve read all the posts and reactions to the current dismal run of form and tried to be as objective and optimistic as possible.
The Manuel/Basil Fawlty dig I had was an attempt to make light of the clubs current plight. We are all totally gutted/disappointed/disgusted/angry/embarrassed/brassed off. well you know.
What worries me more is the fact that during this current period of unacceptable performances the manager/club/chairman/board, whoever, have the audacity to sanction a jolly up to Quatar.
Now I`m not saying that they are all off pissin` it up, and I`m sure they are working very hard, (let`s hope on corners, set pieces and defensive mistakes), but it seems to me that the club as a whole are totally out of touch with their supporters. We`ve been subjected to this absolutely shocking sequence of performances and after the Mirallas penalty debacle, the utter disgrace that was Martinez` attempt to defend the action of Kevin Mirallas. I think the club as a whole needs to show a LOT more character and steel off the pitch as well as on it. DO NOT patronize me, do not spew out your inane drivel and expect me to happily accept your explanations/excuses. Everton FC right now are showing a scant disregard to their supporters and the financial sacrifice make week in/out.
They get knocked out the cup and get rewarded by going on a jolly to the sun. They should be made to go to Finch Farm and lie down in puddles in the pissin` rain for hours at a time then sandblasted from close range. This trip has angered me more than the shocking performances. Also there seems to be only one set of b_llox in the Martinez household and Bobby`s wife got the swingers.
We are perilously close to the abyss. We need something to happen, NOW. To be relega. I can`t even bring myself to. FFS Roberto Martinez surely you cannot destroy us.
I am afraid.
Hugster, EFC.

hugsterefc   hugsterefc

Ed025{Ed025's Note - good post hugster, this trip has been arranged for a while mate, but that does not mean its a good idea, a lot of what you say is correct hugster, and i must say the club is beyond a joke when it comes to transparency..

We only got knocked out the cup 10 days ago. It can only have been arranged for a while if we knew we were getting knocked out. Which doesn send a good message

preki scored

Ed025{Ed025's Note - the trip was arranged a while back preki, but no definite date was set..

I thought about this trip myself. I put a previous post on in which I called it a jolly. Then I reconsidered and thought. "Man City" have been on exactly the same type of trip and they have just got back. If it's ok for Man City, then surely it's ok for us? Perhaps I am too old fashioned and don't realise the sort of team bonding that goes on with these sort of trips. By the way, I missed the results today, how did Man City get on?


They got beat degsy so did chelsea and swansea mate


I was being sarcastic fozza. Meaning that Man City had been on a trip just like us and it therefore must be ok. how did they get on again? What are their fans moaning about? A pointless trip to a sunny climate!


Fair enough degsy had a lager and scotch hangover yesterday mate never again


Hope it was worth it mate.




24 Jan 2015 19:24:19
Ed, just wondering why Everton are refusing to keep fans in the dark over the Eto'o deal. Sampdoria are coming out with all these comments and Everton are just remaining silent. I know from a professional point of view I think Sampdoria are scraping the bottom of the barrel but nevertheless they are putting comments out there and surely we should counter them in one way or another. What are your thoughts?


Ed025{Ed025's Note - i think our club are crap with communication Mc, whether it be the fans, the media or other clubs...i cant believe your surprised mate..

24 Jan 2015 20:12:14
Ed, I was talking to Big Nev the other week and the subject of our clubs communication came up over why Myers left suddenly. He said the club always have and always will be afraid of communication. Myers was just doing what he was paid to do. Just too well from the clubs point of view, so he had to go. Very sad

Toffee ace

Ed025{Ed025's Note - that is sad ace..just not unexpected mate..



24 Jan 2015 18:09:12
City OUT, Chelski OUT, Spuds OUT, South'n OUT,
United should be OUT.
What a time for us to have had a cup run.
O.K. some good teams still in the mix.
I hope Mr.Blobby & the boys have had a nice rest in the sun, because after todays result, Palace will be on a high for the game next week.
If we loose that then what do we do?
Answer! nothing, more of the same from the Goodison think tank.




24 Jan 2015 17:20:20
There's a young lad at West Brom banging em in, we should look at him!


24 Jan 2015 19:11:07
Haha now that is hilarious


Yeah hilarious Swan. Kone is much better and has at least a few more seasons in him. That young lad at West Brom has scored a few lately and is 23? What's his name? Another player in that mould is the one who played for Bolton. He held the ball up brilliantly today and is very similar to Kone in many ways. I think he is called Heskey.


25 Jan 2015 04:58:56
Haha yes, goals against gatesgead and birmingham do make you a worldie. Answer me something degsy, is there ever a time you're out of moyes' and his favs arses? Now I do doubt that, from a man/obsessed fan you sure do have your heroes. Some kids may have batman or spiderman posters or comics, what you have is a sticker book, pics of all moyes and his favs. In fact i'm calling this obsession so far, if you have kids I have no doubt one is called david, if its a girl, leona, there's a whole range of possibilities. You know, remember when I asked you a few questions such as moyes or mourinho and fabregas or osman, it killed you didn't it, lying like that, so i'm going to throw a good one at ya, who is better anichebe or lukaku, come on, don't blank me now


You do jump around with your comments and observations Swan. Of course Mourinho. Just like last time I answered that question from you. I will ask you who is better just like I did before: who is better Kone or Anichebe? because from my perspective, Kone has brought absolutely nowt to the squad that Anichebe has to offer. We debated this last time and you assured me that Kone was quality. Like you also said Alcaraz on a free was worth every penny. Well in my view, we have paid him an awful lot of money (just like Kone) to keep our fitness trainers busy. If you remember my original post, I said "what is the point of replacing a 23 year old with a 31 year old similar player when one has time to have a resale value and the other is just plain knackered. Same goes for Alcaraz and I would even suggest that Barry is beginning to fall into that category. The other debate we often had was lack of goals from players we were signing. Remind me, how many goals have Kone, Alcaraz, Barry, McCarthy, Mcgeady (who incidently you told me was quality). That is 5 signings with about 3 goals between them in 1.5 seasons. We are linked with Lennon of Spurs. That will be another. And N'Zogbia. more whodon't score. No wonder we have to play possession football. At least if we put a couple more defensive mids in we can go for 38 nil nil draws a season! Over to you mate! and don't blank me neither!


25 Jan 2015 18:19:34
Ah the old 'i told you' bs you come out with, I have NEVER in my life said mcgeady was quality, I also would never say it to you. Bar this site, to which you can get every post back up (which you won't use as proof I said as you're a liar who enjoys silly smug comments as a way of trying to prove your point that moyes and his bed friends were the best) I don't communicate with you in any way, so please don't keep lying, you may start to believe it yourself and the outside world will know quite how mystical you are. I saw a similar thought process to you written on a wall but it was written in sh*t




24 Jan 2015 14:07:52
A ship with a captain sails in whatever direction the captain says. A ship without a captain goes round and round in circles, never getting anywhere. Before we turn our club into a ship without a captain, we need to have a new one ready lined up. As far as I am aware, we do not have anyone lined up. Although RM is not my choice nor ever has been, it worries me that some supporters are calling for his head now. I trust BK will make the right decision at the right time. That time is NOT now. Not unless he has a new manager ready to take over. We all need to get behind RM and the team and allow them to play with confidence and pick up the points necessary to stay in this league.


24 Jan 2015 14:50:08
this a text I got off my smug faced red rubbish mate soon to be ex mate. HI ITS ANOTHER FA CUP WEEKEND BUT FOR YOU EVERTONIANS ITS CALLED SATURDAY AND SUNDAY. So I am off to the pub in my everton shirt to give those red smug faced b--------s. a hard time come on you Bolton.


A sinking ship has no captain or crew!


For once I agree degs :)


Wakka, like you ate I suspect we are going down. But let's hope that the one thing RM does right is to get us sufficient points to stay up. Then we can all call for his head. Look at the debacle at Newcastle if you want to see how not to behave as supporters. They nearly got Pardew the sack yet he managed to turn them round and then walk away.


Good point degsy I think we would only Ever be a stepping stone for him, but his true quality has yet to show


If he went now I'd be happy. To keep him on you have to believe he has the ability to keep us up by getting the required points.

One win in thirteen matches?

I don't see how keeping him in post helps us just because there is no decent manager to take over. He is killing us now, slowly but surely.
If you're bleeding to death do you wait for the ambulance to arrive before you put pressure on the wound? Of course not, you use anything at your disposal to stem the flow.

Keeping him as manager is just like waiting for an ambulance. But in our case nobody has bothered dialling 999 because they can't see how bad the wound is.


I like the analogy BlueMacPK4, so I will try and take it further. It is like you are bleeding to death and you don't trust the guy you asked to phone the ambulance. So you get rid of him. Hold on a minute. we need someone to phone the ambulance or I will bleed to death. Too late we got rid of the other guy and didn't have anyone else lined up to take over that responsibility. I suggest we get someone lined up first.and hopefully that is exactly what BK is doing now.but don't hold your breath mate.




24 Jan 2015 13:38:56
Nobody's perfect - and every player is an individual with human limitations - but I find it difficult to comprehend why professional footballers often complain about wanting to be treated as adults, yet seem to lack the maturity and mental strength and self-belief to cope with the so called pressure of their jobs without needing an occasional kick up the rear or a consoling arm around the shoulder. I accept that it's not nice to be getting criticism (downright abuse sometimes!) from all quarters, but for goodness sake - just grow up and do your jobs and don't just talk a good game and don't drop your heads or meekly shrug your shoulders and cravenly slink away clutching your bloated pay packet. I can forgive any player wearing the Royal Blue shirt if he is giving his all for the cause - even if the player patently doesn't have the greatest ability - and as long as he's not cheating the paying public by blatantly under-performing.

Cowpat Sid 2   Cowpat Sid 2



24 Jan 2015 12:32:25
Did anyone see the little Aussie bloke that scored 2 goals against China in the Asian cup? I think his name was Kahil or Cahill something like that, I read he's Australia's all time leading scorer and is still top quality at the age of 35. Might be worth having a look at, thoughts Blues?

Duncs head

24 Jan 2015 13:08:20
Don't understand the clamour from some fans for Cahill to return. Was diabolical in his last season for us, a few years in that rubbish league across the pond won't have changed much. A great servant but we got rid at the right time.


Very true, there were so many current Everton players that performed better at the World Cup wasn't there?

Duncs head

24 Jan 2015 13:41:16
i'd have him back in a coaching role. He certainly wasnt one of the daft footballers, and did have a good eye for the game. Plus he loves Everton, and maybe he can show some of our current players how to act accordingly whilst donning the Royal Blue Jersey.


Who says he would come back anyway?


25 Jan 2015 05:15:05
Dont think he'd be welcome back in with the legends like ossie degsy, the one who said he shouldn't of got a cheer from the fans for being a great servant?. Which is a shame because all osmans got is years, being here for a bit longer than everyone else bar hibbert, see osman scores goals though that's what, wait a minute, cahill got more goals then osman? How could this be, so, if we are going to have a bit of door swinging bith ways, cahill surely deserves a little respect himself? ain't that right, so how disrespectful of mr perfect to talk about someone like that. Cahill should be brought back immediatly, fortune teller degsy has spoken, he's said osman is the cure, cahill has more goals in less time, get both of them on either wing and bingo, champions league winners 2016 here we come.


Don't make it so personal Swan. By the way, I would welcome Timmy Cahill back at the drop of a hat mate. If ever I wanted a battler on the pitch who had a decent shot ad could change a game. he is the one. Even in a coaching capacity he might inspire. A real footballing legend that still is going. And re Osman.when we winour 2nd game of the season without him. YES SECOND game without him, I will throw a party and you are invited. We are half way through the season and he has played a handful of games and yet we have only on 1 game without him. yet the guy has supporters such as yourself on his back all the time. I think that is one reason why I defend him all the time. We will see if he recovers.then we will see if we start winning a few games again. Certainly our run without him has been catastrophic!!


Further to the last post.Ossie and Cahill have scored more goals between them than Alcaraz, MCcGeady, Kone, McCarthy, Barry and Besic ever will for us. GUARANTEED! None of them score more than 1 a season. period.


25 Jan 2015 18:40:39
Wow, why so aggressive? You know I never did believe in many conspiracies. What I don't get is you defend him for people rightly getting on his back, yet you have a go at mccarthy and besic etc and if we go by what you said about defending osman, we should get behind everyone shouldn't we? Now I do want to question, seeing how made up you were when utd went above us last season, whether you are loving our slump and want us to go down so you can come back and say 'i told you so'. i'm not so sure if you're as much of an evertonian rather than an attention seeking narcassist. Oh now who looks aggressive, my manners, now I don't pray or believe in any supernatural entities, but you obviously pray to your moyes god, and his 2 servants, leon osman and phil neville, osman whom you told me you had a crush on. You should have a good season degsy, your beloved real sociedad avoiding relegation, have a good one.




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