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29 Jul 2014 11:55:24
what has happened to traore ed? are we still after him? I have heard he is still on Merseyside but why would he be, shouldn't he be doing pre-season training at monaco?


{Ed025's Note - we are still trying to negotiate a loan deal jipster..



29 Jul 2014 10:56:03
Hello eds and evertonians, been away for 2 weeks and obviously happy we've signed besic, I think that was quite an important signing as he is certainly one for the future! Is there anyone else we've signed? Has this hennan guy? Also as frustrated I am with the lack of activity I will wait, till transfer deadline day if necessary for Lukaku, as annoying as this is he is a player that although is inconsistent at the moment give him a few years and him and Barkley will form one of the most lethal attack forces in world football, he will score us at least 15 goals a season (prem) and only improve. There are few other strilers in that bracket as regards age, potential and premier league experience for more than 1 season. But I do really feel we need at least 2 wingers/attacking players, and 1 other striker, maybe someone from abroad who could come in and give us something new like running from the last man etc but I'll leave that to bobby. can someone also tell me when the next pre season game at Goodison is and who it's against? And how many are left? Cheers blues, have a good summer and and

Blue D

{Ed025's Note - 3rd of aug v porto D, and henen should be tied up at the end of the week mate..



29 Jul 2014 09:04:01
All this panic for one striker! Will we get him? Does he want champions league football? Have faith and don't worry. Winnie Parks is on his way!😉

blue bry



29 Jul 2014 08:32:16
A little off track but has anybody noticed a lot of top managers are narcissists. Mourinho and Rednapp we know and when I listen to Van Gaal it is "I I fxxxing I". Hopefully, people see Roberto and yes, the Liverpool boss as more "we will, we can". A more diplomatic an people orientated approach. Do it your way Roberto but don't be too soft.


{Ed025's Note - im with you there smeggs..



29 Jul 2014 07:32:18
I like the look of Besic and really think we got a snip there. But each year the goalposts seem to move, more cash and bigger fees Lovren £20 mil for example. I really hope the cash we have 'saved' through lack of earlier activity and sales / TV money is utilised in the market this window, otherwise last seasons promise is going to be wasted.
There is obviously more to the Lukaku story than we know, and I guess we are keeping funds back for that, but with only a couple of weeks left we might end up being shorter than Southampton .




29 Jul 2014 01:22:03
anyone know anythink about Sam Bryne?

he has just signed from Man utd


{Ed025's Note - hes only 19 and wont be near the first team for a good while BOTN..



29 Jul 2014 06:12:14
it looks like we have signed sam bryne from man utd.19 and a forward


That deal went through a couple of weeks ago mate.

tom the toffee

29 Jul 2014 07:22:30
Yes its on Wpedia, building a team for the future, but we need some fresh players now for the first team


{Ed025's Note - i agree jonno..



29 Jul 2014 06:09:30
Getting a bad feeling about Lukaku and the fact the Remy deal evaporated across the Park .




28 Jul 2014 22:41:58
Lots of Spanish press saying Lukaku to Everton confirmed tonight for 25 million euros.
lets hope so


28 Jul 2014 22:52:26
Spanish press were saying him to wolfsburg was a done deal 2 days ago, he isn't back until wednesday I believe, doubt he will sign for anyone before then although I would like it to be true, I doubt it


It was the German press that said 'to Wolfsburg'. Who knows, but we'll soon find out and I'm hopeful and relaxed for once :o)




28 Jul 2014 21:25:39
Hi eds what happened with the Galloway transfer? Thanks


{Ed025's Note - still in abeyance eddy..

28 Jul 2014 22:45:51
Deals off, they won't let us pay the 1m over 30 years mate




28 Jul 2014 20:59:08
I feel sure that this Besic type of signing is the future. we can't afford to compete with paying 20mill+ for players, so we must develop a "blue print" of these types of buys, & combine them with a youth policy. turn Finch Farm into a development centre, where talented young players will come knowing they stand a chance of getting a game in the 1st team (unlike other Prem clubs) so let's have more of this kind of signing, & look forward to the future without breaking the bank.
onward & upward (can't remember the Latin for this one)
I Claudius.




28 Jul 2014 20:40:21
Just saw Spuds close to signing Jay Rodrguez and Morgan schneiderlin. Koeman must be wondering what he's got himself into, Southampton have basically dismantled their squad. I feel a bit sorry for their fans would hate to be in that position with 3 weeks to season opening.


{Ed025's Note - i agree AL, i just hope that scousehampton end up paying for their pillage of the saints mate..

28 Jul 2014 22:49:54
Just chanced a look on their page mate, not nice at all. I know we moan about Everton but I'd really hate to be a saints fan at the moment.

Azul Cambiante

We've only signed 3 of the 7 players after Schneiderlin & Rodriguez join Spurs ;)

Aggers Mohawk Aggers Mohawk

Is this a question of history repeating itself Aggers Mohawk? Knowing your sizeable following from Scandinavia who fly in twice a month in the name of LFC, have the Vikings finished their pillaging of Southampton Football Club?

Daveyboy Blue

We've spent very good money on Lambert, Lovren and Lallana. As much as I enjoyed watching Southampton last couple of seasons, they've done well getting that much. Haven't robbed them in the slightest. They wanted the draw of a big club and European football so fair play to them.

Aggers Mohawk Aggers Mohawk



28 Jul 2014 20:22:48
Just something for all you Bony fans out there. I agree he would be a fabulous signing but there is one problem being overlooked here, he'll be away after the new year for the Africa Cup of Nations. Our squad is too small to suffer a loss for about a month or so. Let's face it Ghana would be one of the pre-tornament favorites so would be away for a while. I would be more inclined to go for a south american, firmino for example. We were linked to him at the start of the transfer frenzy. I do honestly think that we should avoid Africans for now e.g. Traore et al. WHAT DO YOU THINK EDS.


{Ed025's Note - i get your point EB and its a valid one, but other clubs seem to manage ok mate..

They're both Ivorian, but you do make a good point


Kone ivorian




28 Jul 2014 19:33:18
Besic great signing the new Peter Reid and a steal at 4mil, could prove to be the best signing this window even if we do get a new no 9. thgfest




28 Jul 2014 19:12:32
From Chelsea's Banter Page.
Is it me or is everybody else sick and tired of hearing about Lukaku. Stay and fight or p**s off.

Ha, so it's not just us!




28 Jul 2014 19:02:29
Now that Besic's confirmed and Henen is imminent, I'm guessing we can expect 2 strikers and a winger (Possibly Lukaku, Traore and the Swedish winger Naboui. I can't see Chelsea letting us have Lukaku AND Atsu) plus a couple of deadline day loans. Wonder what happened to the Galloway deal?


Since I have found this site, I have found swan to be the most colourful poster of all. A mixture of commonsense, speak before thought and a compulsive toffee. Carry on and keep me amused. Cheers Mate.




28 Jul 2014 17:48:52
Besic is now official, now can we get henen wrapped up and go all out on rom, i'm strangely excited by this signing, probably because it took so friggin long! But its done now, I think he will do very well and hopefully doesn't end up killing anyone, he looks evil to the extreme, I can imagine osman playing a prank on him then waking up the next morning with a horses head in his bed! Welcome to Everton you greasy haired ball of psycopathic bosnian steel! Welcome, mo besic


Flippin 'ech Swan you must watch some dodgy films son.

Toffee ace

{Ed025's Note - the godfather was not that dodgy ace..



28 Jul 2014 17:34:37
5 year deal confirmed for Besic. finally. Excited about this one, think we've got a real star of the future.




28 Jul 2014 17:10:10
Besic deal now completed.He signs a 5yr contract.Now let's get another couple of signings over the line asap with only just over three weeks till the start of the season.

jimmy c



28 Jul 2014 16:47:51
Besic signed.
On EFC Facebook and twitter.




28 Jul 2014 13:13:11
As an "old agent" can I offer a solution to the Remy situation so we could sign him at little risk.
1. we could sign him on a 1 year loan, see how he goes, & everything is o.k. try to sigh him permanently. the problem then is we are back in a Lukaku situation.

2.we agree with QPR to sigh him on a 4 year deal for the 8 mill+ but, the deal is we pay them over the 4 years, so.
we pay 2 mill for the 1st year & if no injury's, we pay another 2 mill for the 2nd year, & so on, until the end of the 4th year.He as then cost us the asking price.If he breaks down any time during this period he goes back to qpr.
QPR now have an asset they have a problem to sell him on an all the money up front deal.
we do this deal on the "never never" at low risk.

over to the blue think-tank?
I Cluadius


28 Jul 2014 16:54:19
The problem with this deal is that he was only available at 8.5m for teams in the champions league, not sure how much they would want from other teams. I think most teams will wait until clarification of why the deal fell through, one side (LFC) saying he failed a medical, the other (Harry Redknapp) saying LFC just didn't fancy the deal in the end. We've already got one injury prone forward, don't think we could afford to carry another


{Ed002's Note - £11.5M plus big signing on fee, plus big wages.}

It's not a problem to sell a player that fails a medical at one club all clubs have different phases of medical
A- he would not of gone to World Cup if he was not fit

B-hull player Boyd failed a medical at Nottingham forest next minute he signs for hull

I think liverpool are not telling the truth in terms of why they the deal did not go through

We shall know next season if medical had anything to do with it let's see if he starts the season

Also did we not pull out of a deal for leroy fer cause medical he certainly played for Norwich enough times,

I think his medical went ok but there was concerns on a injury and decided not to go through with a deal but that does not mean the lad failed a medical otherwise no deals would go through with players with current injuries lacuna troare had injury when we took him on loan but he still would of had a medical


28 Jul 2014 23:12:23
Didn't realise the price would be so low but, as you say ed02, he would command high wages and a large signing on fee. Best we leave this player alone I reckon.


What type of agent were you? Travel, real estate?
Those two options would be dreamland for one side, everton, for QPR and Remey it's hardly appealing is it?




28 Jul 2014 13:13:11
As an "old agent" can I offer a solution to the Remy situation so we could sign him at little risk.
1. we could sign him on a 1 year loan, see how he goes, & everything is o.k. try to sigh him permanently. the problem then is we are back in a Lukaku situation.

2.we agree with QPR to sigh him on a 4 year deal for the 8 mill+ but, the deal is we pay them over the 4 years, so.
we pay 2 mill for the 1st year & if no injury's, we pay another 2 mill for the 2nd year, & so on, until the end of the 4th year.He as then cost us the asking price.If he breaks down any time during this period he goes back to qpr.
QPR now have an asset they have a problem to sell him on an all the money up front deal.
we do this deal on the "never never" at low risk.

over to the blue think-tank?
I Cluadius


{Ed025's Note - to a team outside the top 4, the fee for him is £12.5m hendo, not such a bargain in my eyes mate..



28 Jul 2014 11:09:12
Interesting! Martinez has this morning now back-tracked on his comments about definitely signing Lukaku & talks about a plan b being needed if we don't get him, which us what I said last week.Praps interested from Wolfsburg & Real Madrid is a lot stronger than we thought then. I'd rather we sign Bony & take a punt with Remy so we've got 2 arrows up our sleeve! :)


{Ed025's Note - we will have a plan B zacki, and a plan C+D as well mate, im hearing that sakho from metz has been watched constantly, but the barcodes and arsenal are also interested..

I'd be disappointed if I had to settle for plan B and definitely D, I suppose that's how it's goes sometimes when balancing the books




28 Jul 2014 09:51:04
Bit strange at the moment with RM openly discussing the Lukaku stuation saying we will get him, also talking about Henen, again before he has signed!
Besic going to thailand before he has been officially presented as an Everton player but photographed in the shirt, can we assume that these are all done deals! Besic I believe is but not sure about the others.




28 Jul 2014 08:26:15
I'm hoping that the money for the tv deal is being spent on a potential new stadium as it doesn't look as though it's going to be invested in the squad. Even if we do sign Lukaku for 20 million Everton still should have plenty to spare as there should be money left after Fellaini's transfer. But on the other hand it looks as though our youngsters should see plenty of game time this season which can only be good for the future


If we buy Lukaku for 20 million plus.

Besic 4 million
Barry 2.5 million

Add to that another 2 attacking options as promised possibly one of them a loan which will still cost a million minimum. then to be fair that would represent good investment in the team by our standards.

I'd be happy with that and downright ecstatic with anything more

Toffee ace



28 Jul 2014 08:21:21
Have heard that liverpool are now buying a tea urn from southampton for 20m+




28 Jul 2014 06:37:37
Putting all the rumours together:

Barkley and the shirts.
Besic signing
Lukaku we will get according to RM.
Remy door open again.

Net transfer dealings about zero. Should please the "conservative spending" policy of EFC!




28 Jul 2014 06:08:33
If the Remy transfer was called off because of the Borini situation and not medical issues, let's get Remy rather than Lukaku. Wages about the same but far cheaper transfer fee and I think, a better all round player. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!


No tsr smeggs he got seven years on rom that's a lot for a striker




28 Jul 2014 04:23:39
Looking forward to playing against SouthLiverhamptonpool in the derby next season!

onlyhaveeyesforblue onlyhaveeyesforblue

Its because they are used to playing in red shirts. I think Lambert was a good buy but a bit old. The others overpriced like Shaw who is also going to play in red again. Not forgetting Chambers to Arsenal. Southampton have Tadic and Pelle already with Vlaar on the radar. I think clubs have bought a playing style rather than the player.




27 Jul 2014 22:19:03
Hi ed carn, t help feeling that our club are not ambitious enough. We moan about will we have enough money to buy lukaku. I think we should not only buy him, but buy bony as we'll and send a statement out to the top teams. Other clubs seem to find money from somewhere, but we stand still.we must have more than 20mill to spend after all the transfers and tv money from last year.

Blue Vinny

Do you want us to do a Leeds/Portsmouth/Rangers? And even if we could afford the 40-50m we'd have one of the clubs record signings sitting on the bench getting cheesed off, collecting a massive wage.


As much as I'd love to agree with you mate and I feel strongly that we should push the boat out and get Lukaku whatever it costs. To do what you suggest is suicide. Wages alone would cripple us, debts increased for borrowing money to buy them and we're running at a loss as it is. Doing what you suggest is the fastest way to become a Leeds/Pompey etc. we can (hopefully) push the boat out for Lukaku and spend a few extra quid that we should perhaps shouldn't but to hock the family silver would be a slippery slope to oblivion.


28 Jul 2014 00:44:42
Don't believe the hype
Everton are no where near as skint as the board would like you to believe. Our debt is one of the lowest in the league yet we not only allow but encourage the press to constantly talk about us as hobo's. We don't often lose money on transfers look at the profets we have made on players in the last 5 years. We have one of the lowest wage bills in the prem. now I don't want us to throw daft money at average players but sometimes to move forward you need to spend something. If we don't spend £40 million this summer we will go backwards because everyone else will.
And we happen to have a manager who with the right backing might creat something special


28 Jul 2014 01:42:32
We can't afford one of them never mind two, chairman is too tight, you could send him into poundland with a tenner and he would still come out with nine things


We have the 7th highest wage bill in the premier league not one of the lowest. Sad as it may seem the wage bill league almost always fits the actual league positions at the end of a season




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