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24 Oct 2014 05:37:27
Ok, I know a win would have been better, but a clean sheet at last is a good thing, is it not? Maybe it is a sign of the defence really getting themselves together for the rest of the season.

Is it me or was Coleman, despite him being very attacking, very much the main reason for the defensive improvements? He brings balance and forces the opposition back with his attacking runs.

Ed001   Ed001

I agree that a clean sheet is a good thing, although RM has supposedly said that he isn't concerned about clean sheets, but only about winning matches, which I guess is right.
I also agree that Coleman does bring a balance - and a lot more - when he's in our team.
Our attacking play, especially the fluidity and movement and slick passing and clever runs, is great to watch, but we just need to be sure that when our attacks break down - and the opposition counter attacks - that we are able to get into a sound defensive shape and aren't exposed. Once we've cracked that, then we'll be cooking with gas!

Cowpat Sid 2 Cowpat Sid 2



24 Oct 2014 00:47:48
Another away draw in Europe, which is good. Win the home games and draw the away games - that's the proven recipe for group-stage qualification. A clean sheet as well, which follows the clean sheet against Aston Villa, so hopefully that's a sign of defensive improvement. We must now show that we can play well - and get a result - after playing in Europe, so a win at Burnley (who are clearly struggling for any sort of result following promotion) is an absolute must imho.
What's clear to me - and many other posters - is that we have several ageing players (the over-30s like Distin, Osman, Pienaar, etc.) who have been good performers in the past, but who are now struggling.
We do have a group of quality players in their mid-20s (Coleman, McCarthy, Mirallas, etc.) who are now the core of the team and we must retain these. At the same time, although we do have several very promising youngsters they (even Barkley, Stones and Lukaku) are still developing as players. This surely means that RM needs to bring it several players during the next couple of transfer windows. Doing that within the constraints of FFP and the rules about squad sizes and the homegrown/foreign player quotas will be an interesting challenge for RM.
This is only the second season of his work-in-progress at Everton, so let's see how he takes us forward from the poor start (results-wise) at the beginning of the season - especially as the injuries to key players are slowly being overcome.

Cowpat Sid 2   Cowpat Sid 2



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Ed033   Ed033



23 Oct 2014 20:17:40
Ratings:howard-6-had nothing to do but still won't come out and collect crosses which is really annoying, hibbert-7-not much going forward but did his defensive work very well, jagielka-8-very solid and handled origi really well, distin-6.5-looked really dodgy and has evidently lost a yard of pace, again, baines-7-wasnt allowed forward too much but very solid throughout, besic-6.5-few dodgy moments but still fonding his feet, barry-8-reads everything so well, wonderful bit of skill to get inbetween 2 players on our left hand side, defended really well, mcgeady-5-jesus christ, should of continued running when we broke, he slows everything down and cannot pass, the worst thing? He could be really good if he knew what to do with the ball after running with it, awful tonight though, barkley-6-lost it a lot but when he did get a run he looked dangerous, still not fully fit though, pienaar-6-does random backheels for no reason and lost not only the ball, but his mind, would of been sent off had he not been substituted, eto-7.5-he is so classy, little bits of magic and not afraid to have the ball, really unfortunate with his chance first half, great seeing him talk to barkley, what a guy, lukaku-6.5-certainly look better with him on, had nothing to work with though, atsu-6-came on and didn't really do anything, happy with a point, need to beat them at home however, good result nontheless


Ed025{Ed025's Note - you gave mcgeady 5?.....thats 6 too many for me swan..worst player to ever wear an everton shirt for me, i thought he was crap when we bought him but decided to give the guy a chance...that chance is over..sell him and give the team who takes him a pile of dosh..

23 Oct 2014 20:31:37
I would probably sell him too, he doesn't get assists as he can't pass and he can't do what mirallas does and get goals, if he can't do either, I don't know what he is offering, least he will be 2nd worst you have ever seen when big tom joins us in the summer, if we want a proper winger who we have a good chance of getting if we want him, yarmolenko


I agree with with both swan and Ed025s Mcgeady I have never rated, and was suprised we signed him.You expect wingers to beat a man get down the line and whip a cross into the box.He does neither.He always plays with his back to goal, receives the ball only to pass it backwards, very rarely beats a man and his final ball all round is shocking, he offers nothing apart from tying himself in knots with the silly stepovers and turns.

jimmy c

Ed025{Ed025's Note - and thats when hes having a blinder jimmy..

Ed025: if you reckon that McGeady is the worst Everton player, then you must have not seen (or perhaps just wiped from your memory) such crackers as Bernie Wright. Once Harry Catterick had signed him, I just knew that the heights achieved by the 1970 championship side were no longer attainable and we would be in the dark ages for a long time - which (apart from some brief false dawns during the following decade and more) is what happened until the mid-1980s. What made it worse was that as we floundered the lot across the park were lording it domestically and in Europe.
By the way, I was watching ToffeeTV (very good imho) on YouTube and one of their lads said that if we'd had Bill Shankly as manager then we'd have gone on from strength to strength after 1970. A heretical view to most Evertonians, but an interesting and provocative suggestion.

Cowpat Sid 2 Cowpat Sid 2

Ed025{Ed025's Note - i remember bernie sid, and he was an absolute whopper. but aiden is worse for me because not only does he not contribute, but he sells us down the river by losing possession and is the opposing teams main threat!, mcgeady and balotelli could be merseysides answer to the chuckle brothers mate..

Is McGeady Astu's role model? Very similar players alhough Astu is young so he may improve.




22 Oct 2014 23:50:30
.hearing some news tonîght that some Everton fans have been seriously injured in Lille after an unprovoked attack by Lille fans. not good!!


Absolute scum these people that done that have no place in football and it's a shame cause they bring it on the decent supporters that just want to cheer there team on.I hope they are caught and prosecuted to the full extent of the law , complete scum that's all they are.99 percent of Lille supporters are decent that 1 percent ruin a clubs reputation there not even true fans just a bunch of hooligans shame on them.

Stef the blue

I heard this too. Apparently a group of supporters were ambushed by a French mob outside a bar whilst having a ciggie. The bouncers weren't the help they could have been and locked the doors to prevent fans getting outside to help and stranding those outside (including young kids having a kick about). To make matters worse, when the local gendarmes arrived they started firing CS gas at the Everton fans.
Let's hope that last night was an isolated disturbance and that the game tonight goes ahead without further disorder.

Daveyboy Blue Daveyboy Blue



22 Oct 2014 13:58:43
Hey fellow blues I was talking to a fella at work who just got back from Australia and he was telling me about a aussie player that was with us that is doing really well over there. Does anyone know who he is on about? Is sydney blue still on here if he is could you help me out mate I'm interested.

Duncs head

23 Oct 2014 07:52:42
It could be eddy bosnar signed under moyes never played and left after 1 season I think


G'day Blues and Ed's

Sorry I haven't been on much but still keep an eye on the site regularly. I hope you are all going well.

Dunc I would have to go with young Terry Antonis, he has had a rough time with injury but is finally back playing for Sydney Fc and was a real stand out performer in the recent Sydney derby.

He is a great lad and a good talent who I've know since a young age and I really wish the blues had got a deal sorted.




20 Oct 2014 07:57:38
An 8 Game analysis of Everton to date:
Leicester good 80 min
Arsenal good 80 min
Chelsea good 80 min
WBA good 90 min
C Palace good 30 min
Liverpool Good last 45 min
Man U good 90 min
AVL good 90 min.

What I am saying is I see a change coming about in terms of concentration. Gareth Barry works so hard but sometimes gets knackered towards the end of games. It is important others do the hard yards in the second half giving him a break and stopping him to have to drop deeper as the game wears on.


20 Oct 2014 10:16:22
Id say we were awful against man u cept for last 5 minutes, awful against chelsea the full 90


Agree swan, we were terrible against United until the last 10, showed no urgency until then and when we started to play we could have had 2 or 3 in that last 10




19 Oct 2014 19:59:38
Thought Lukaku looked a lot happier with his mate Barkley back with him. He was a lot more mobile and first touch and control a lot better. Hopefully we can kick on from here, some very winnable games between now and Christmas.


Depends how you are comparing us? If you think of the days when we couldn't get the ball off Utd and they would have 80% possession and beat us 4 nil. Or looking at it objectively knowing they have just spent over 100 million on new players as well as the cost of their squad overall. I would bet we had 50% possession and a good few shots on target and at the end except for a fantastic save by De Gea and header off the line. Yes we were not at our best, but to say terrible?


20 Oct 2014 20:36:53
what you on about Degsy?

Gods Doctor

Think he ment to post for above post




19 Oct 2014 19:57:37
Good result, and not a bad performance, but, (and I know he has been a good servant to our club ) ossie in now a major liability, not strong enough, and certainly not quick enough, to command a starting place in the side, a place on the bench, then an dignified retierment at the end of the season, please.


19 Oct 2014 22:24:30
Ive been saying it for 6 years


20 Oct 2014 11:59:37
Agree with that to, can only really play centre where he cannot be exposed for lack of pace, except his first touch is not good enough and constantly gives the ball away.


Who was it took the quick free kick?


21 Oct 2014 15:45:58
Osman took the free kick, wait a minute, OSMAN took the quick free kick? Do you know what this means? Any mistakes he ever made can be argued by the fact he passed the ball five yards to baines, oh my god! What a player, new 5 year deal, pay rise and captaincy for him after that mesmerising 5 yard pass, let's hear it for the greatest of all time, evertons number 21 LEON OSMAN


Swan, you certainly know how to wind me up. I have not replied to one of your comments in a negative way for ages, but show some respect please. Leon Osman has played for one club only. That is Everton. In 1998 he won the FA Youth cup. In 2002 he was player of the year. He has played over 350 games for us scoring over 50 goals. He has never asked to play for anyone else. In fact other teams have tried to sign him. Yes he is knocking on. Yes he is slower. But tell me, which game did we win 3 nil this season. Did he set up a goal with quick thinking? Most importantly, which player would you pick ahead of him each game? I remember you raving about McGeady and Kone in debates with me last season. Well McGeady played almost every minute this season until this game when Osman replaced him. Tell me again, which game did we win 3 nil? I take my hat off to you for Alcaraz, he played a good game this time, but that's the first decent one I have seen him play too. Anyway, Osman has been a hero more than once and I would have 1 Osman for 10 McGeady's.


21 Oct 2014 19:59:45
I slagged mcgeady off immensely last season, who tried to sign osman? I remember fulham had interest.fulham.FULHAM.FULHAAAMM. Alcaraz was motm against southampton at home last season, did well against stoke and qpr and came on against man u second half last season and was very good again, granted poor in others, back to mcgeady, he annoys me, he was blamed last season for the smallest things yet osman costs us against sunderland and no one mentions it, however, in terms of ability he is miles ahead of osman, osman has been a loyal servent blah blah blah, so has jags, distin and hibbert, look at the crap they get said about them, but osman is untouchable, he win the youth cup, again, world player of the year here, didn't jonny heitinga win our player of the year once? Hardly a difficult award is it, god knows how many quick free kicks people take a season, kyle walker did it too us last season, why aren't you raving on about him, he shouldn't be shown an ounce of leniency


I have to agree with swan on this one, just because he has been a one man club does not mean we owe him anything if he ain't performing to the level expected. He is to slow and lightweight to play down the flank, and he ain't no Pirlo so can't even consider switching to central role, especially with both ross and naisy being more dangerous in this role.
Sorry but there is no room for sentiment in the high paid job of being a footballer, its a case of thanks for the memories and adios imo.




19 Oct 2014 16:49:59
See my posting below. Posted just before the team was announced yesterday. To all you doubting Thomas's


Get a life degs seriously wot r u five


Just miffed that last season everyone was on a Roberto love quest. This season and only 7 games in and people were talking about sacking him. Me get a life?




19 Oct 2014 11:59:34
Watching the game yesterday I turned to my lad and said, ya got to say their No 8 is bossing Villa's midfield and having a cracking game, who is he? He looked at me n said "Dunno", I thought genuinely. I realised after he was being sarcastic, as when I looked after the game who No 8 was. CLEVERLY!!.only saying like!

Howie bluenose

19 Oct 2014 14:27:17
He bossed the game? Are you taking the mick? I turned and said did cleverley play today? He said 'yeah number 8', all I saw was number 8 passing sodeways and backwards and getting pushed around by mccarthy, just saying!


19 Oct 2014 19:09:54
I didn't even realise he was playing until he came second best in a tackle with Jimmy Mac. Dodged a bullet there, he is far worse than any of our midfield players. Really hope Villa sign him permanently in January


This shouldn't be a shock to anyone anymore.

Clevs is playing = Clevs is being World Class.

Best player on the pitch by a mile yesterday.

I have no doubt that Martinez was suitably impressed.

We are Everton
That's what we do

The Real Mike

You only read what you want Swan, every time. Try reading it again. no. still struggling.i said he bossed their midfield!! not ours.
Ohhh n yes Ossie is slow but has an alert mind and pass, see the 3rd and vital goal.

Howie bluenose

21 Oct 2014 15:49:45
Still struggling? Nah not really, it was a same sentence thing so I didn't know you asked me to reread it, he bossed nothing, was awful, as usual, osman has an alert mind? Did you watch the palace game? 37 thousand people screaming 'MAN ON!', he still loses the ball and then blames baines, third and vital goal? We were 2 up and had the game wrapped up, they were no threat but again, if someone like mcgeady or pienaar does that pass no one mentions it but loyal leon osman? Just give him the ballondor now


Think about it, he receives a ball when everyone is shouting man on, right on the edge of the box, think i'd be blaming Baines too!! You ever played footie like?!! As Alan Brazil says, you really are a person at times ha.

Howie bluenose

21 Oct 2014 20:07:58
So if osman recieves the ball, everyone says man on, he turns round and loses it, that's baines' fault that osman lost it? Oh well that's good, next time lukaku misses a chance, blame david cameron, next time amir kahn gets beat, blame tiger woods, incredible




19 Oct 2014 11:49:34
I can only guess that 4 Liverpool fans voted in your poll yesterday to say they don't think Martinez is the right man for Everton.
Personally I think he's the best man by a million country miles and next season you will finish top 4 and be fighting off Barca Real and the likes trying to take him off you.
I can't believe any Everton fans aren't happy to have him so soon into his time with ypu


They r just a small percentage that know nothing about football :)




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Ed033   Ed033



19 Oct 2014 10:35:12
Great win yesterday. To be fair it could have been 5 or 6 such was Everton's dominance in the second half. The return of Coleman and Barkley plus McCarthy of course gave the team confidence against what I thought was going to be a better Villa side. Massive game against Lille on Thursday night followed by what should be a win against Burnley next Sunday. For all the doom and gloom mongerers of the last few weeks "We are back". So get behind the team as we showed yesterday with a full house. COYB.

Daveyboy Blue   Daveyboy Blue



19 Oct 2014 10:14:58
Well played last night boys. I thought that was our best performance of the season by far. Was it cause we had Barkley back? Coleman was huge. Alcaraz was brilliant. However my only 2 downsides were ( as much as I love him) Osman. He is brilliant when in loads of space but he is way too slow and I think the game is getting away from him. Eg Hutton burned him off and had that curler that nearly went in. Howard even though we kept a clean sheet is still way too indecisive when he should come out or stay at home. Eg when benteke hit the cross bar( even though it was a free kick to alcaraz). He should have come over the top and either caught it or punch it away. He was rooted to the goal line. Anyway no complaints no injuries, however one game doesn't make a season so next week we need to do it again against Burnley.

Aussie Toffee



19 Oct 2014 08:56:43
A message to the minority of doubters,

jimmy c

19 Oct 2014 10:41:54
We thought that after the west brom game, service will resume if we string a few wins together


19 Oct 2014 21:02:39
Except we played awful against Brom and got a lucky win but we dominated Villa and now Barkley is back we seem more balanced and our attack is going to be so much better with him and Coleman back. So stop being so negative swan, you are normally the one having a go at people for making stupid comments about the team; over the past few weeks you have been the one making stupid comments and being ridiculous. Get behind Martinez and the team, we will do well this season.


19 Oct 2014 22:27:39
Again, I will believe it when we string a few wins together, anything but a win and this all goes out the window




19 Oct 2014 00:12:35
lots of praise for ross today, he is class but what about coleman, pesronally I think we have missed him more than ross, nasy has done a sterling job in ross' absence but hibbo as good a defender he is, he is not as good as coleman, the lad has came on leaps and bounds last 2 seasons and for me 1 of the most important players we have, we have no balance when he out.




18 Oct 2014 20:28:45
Top 4 by crimbo, mark my words the only way is up, love you all




18 Oct 2014 17:59:30
.that's better. now winning consistency is needed & fit players. Barkley was the difference today, quite clear we have missed him massively, we mustn't ever sell him for any amount not even £100 million!


18 Oct 2014 21:35:41
We are incredibly lucky to have players like ross and rom, so young, so good and both can become world class




18 Oct 2014 17:38:22
Ratings, howard-7-made a good save second half, they scored but it was disallowed for a foul, no doubt alcaraz will be given unfair abuse for that, howards fault as he should of come out to claim it, still makes me nervous, coleman-7.5-solid defensively, great positioning for his goal, didn't see him rampaging down the right too often, alcaraz-8-was shocked to see him start, even more shocked him and jags swapped sides but mostly shocked by how good he was, fantastic headed clearance to deny benteke first half, he made a good tackle in the box and his passing was top notch, jagielka-8-brilliant header and very solid throughout, did well on the ball too, baines-8-some great passes and 2 excellent crosses, solid defensively, mccarthy-8-well, I've been made to eat my words, maybe its been too long since I've seen him play, I made the comparison to henderson, henderson offers more going forward but as someone rightly pointed out, macca let's the full backs bomb on, thus allowing 2 threats rather than one, superb tackle first half and great pressuring from him, barry-8-passing was slick and he tackled when he needed too, barkley-7-made up he's back, looked very comfortable on the ball and would get a higher rating if he had played for abit longer, but he is only just returning, osman-6-right before anyone moans, he lost it constantly, was late reacting to everything and passed the wrong way at the wrong time, got pelters at the match, villa attacking us and he is still moaning at the ref, naismith-9-wins every header, works so hard, does the right thing at the right time, non stop from him, love him, lukaku-7.5-his lay offs and passes were a lot better as was his touch, chased things down but should be running onto naismiths headers, pienaar-6.5-did his bit, etoo-6-good skill in the area and isn't selfish, gibson-6-good to have him back, fantastic win, need to continue against burnley though, good to ser seamus, ross and macca back, must ease off now though, good performance, good result and a clean sheet, come on everton!


18 Oct 2014 20:43:47
Have you moved seats :-) nice one mate. Barkley just oozes class.


20 Oct 2014 11:55:56
I agree with all of your ratings this week Swan. I was willing Osman to do well because it annoys me when people have a go at him from the first minute, but he was our worst player by a mile on Saturday. He lost the ball nearly every time he got it! On a more positive note, I'd say so far Naismith is our player of the season, hope his form continues and a few more players start making a claim for that accolade! I'm cautiously optimistic about the rest of the season now. onwards and upwards hopefully.

Blue Tommy



18 Oct 2014 17:31:45
Better, pretty solid all round I thought. Jags much more at ease great to have seamus back. Ross seemed fit from the off and was involved in a lot of positive movement forwards. Relieved and happier now. Let's push on now and build fitness and fluency as we go. Coyb




18 Oct 2014 17:09:52
Better performance and result today - welcome back Ross and Seamus. Also to Swan (I think) McCarthy last ditch tackle when their player was through on goal typifies what he does he allows baines and Coleman the freedom to bomb on


18 Oct 2014 17:39:52
Spot on OP,

The reports will call this an easy win. I'd say it was more like a well played result.

toffee ace



18 Oct 2014 09:01:00
Well here we go boys and girls. Our turn around for the season starts here. Let me explain why: Firstly we had the most difficult of fixtures to start the season. Lots of the top 6 to play and then a few Europa league games to squeeze in. Added to which a lovely little trip to Russia. Secondly, we then suffered injuries to our key "creative" players. This left us with McGeady, Atsu, Naismith and Osman as our fit "link" players. Osman looks bloody knackered before he gets his boots on, McGeady seems to be brilliant for Ireland yet flatters to deceive for us and Atsu. well looks like a little boy lost. Naismith has been quite brilliant. but on his own. Besides super Kevin M, we have a few returning as in Barkley Pienaar and Gibbo pick up their fitness again. We may or may not win today, but I predict that over the next few weeks we will start to see the return of last season's exciting forward thrusting form. Providing we don't lose to many more players to injury.


Villa no mugs won't be easy after their victory @ Anfield a few weeks ago.
I think Benteke will return today so it will be a big test for our defence.
If we can keep a clean sheet then I think we can win it 2-0

Neil Jones

Totally agree that our fortunes are about to change and am a bit disappointed about some fans reactions to our bad start and roberto martinezs managment we have already played liverpool, man u, chelsea and arsenal and we are still only 2 wins off the top 4 even with our bad luck with injuries also if we hadn't thrown 4 points away against leicester and arsenal everyone would be creaming their pants about how well we had started




18 Oct 2014 01:57:22
I know he's a young lad like, but why not give Browning a slightly bigger role than currently, looks quality and seems to have a great amount of potential. Had great loan periods past few seasons and done very well end of derby. Could he be the answer to our defensive leeks. who know! But one thing is certain with the likes of him, stones, and Garbutt coming through we could have a very very strong defence for a couple more seasons


I'd play him along side jags while stones is out,and hibbo at full back.we can't afford for one of our three subs to be a swapping of full backs.browning looks calm on the pitch,he did well coming on at anfield and Trafford.


I agree about Browning but I'd play him at RB and not CB in place of Tony Hibbert. With Distin looking a cert to play today and with Seamus still a week away at least. The position of RB is a concern and Young Browning deserves his chance.

Daveyboy Blue Daveyboy Blue



17 Oct 2014 23:19:11
stubHub - disgraceful that some fans trying to rip off fellow supporters £94 for a park end ticket. You should be ashamed.

Sleep easy - fellow blues!!




17 Oct 2014 20:50:53
Does anyone know why Coleman is really out? Surely the facial knock he got against palace can't be that serious. looking ahead to tomorrows game, I have a bad feeling that a draw will be considered a good result.


Ed025{Ed025's Note - we will win tomorrow pauly, and it will be the start of a run that will see us shoot up the table..mark my words mate..

17 Oct 2014 22:15:41
Totally agree Ed,i think we have been unlucky in some f the games


I believe Coleman suffered a hamstring injury in the same match that he was substituted 4 concussion.

Neil Jones



16 Oct 2014 21:23:31
Cheered up abit, quite excited for saturday now (not really), teams lads? Personally I would play howard (meh) browning jagielka distin baines barry besic mcgeady naismith pienaar lukaku, agbonlahor vs hibbert is just too scary, browning please, need distins pace, although alcaraz is a good footballer, he simply cannot play against villa, although we have no one to bring it out from the back, stones :(, no one else to play behind rom, if he plays lukaku on the wing again i'm giving up completely, let mcgeady run at cissokho, he will get past him, then lose it, but it will be fun seeing a few tricks on show, let pienaar do whatever it is he does (still don't know), if we didn't have such rubbish in joel I would drop howard, new goalie in jan needed, (marshall?), thank god we've only got 1 or 2 minor injuries, its not like we are without the best right back in the lea. oh, at least we are not missing the best young defender in the coun. erm, at least we have mira. oh, thank god ross didn't get injured in pre seas. oh FFS EVERTON!


Marshall is a.fair shout. Think he is in last year of contact too


Swan, I would go with your selection although I would not be too scared if Hibbert played instead of Browning. what we do need to do is make sure we are in a position to stop Villas counter attacks which we have never really donein recent times I totally agee with you, in my opinion, Rom has to play through the middle if not then he may as well be on the bench.


17 Oct 2014 14:25:18
swan don't forget we are without McCarthy too to add to the injury list, plenty of positives to look forward to key players to return from injury and help us push up the league. I would presume ross is due back soon as he isn't on the injured players list on the OS.


17 Oct 2014 15:25:30
I wouldn't call mccarthy a big loss, could put a statue where he plays, does the same job and might actually score


17 Oct 2014 17:14:06
donno swan, I agree he can go missing in games, but that is partly down to the position barry takes up both defensively and offensively. I think J Mac could do a job alongside Besic, both energetic and have the ability within them to pass the ball around, just haven't been impressed with barry this season, he's a shadow of what he was at the beginning of last season and feel we may be playing him too much to the extent with him now burning out. He's been a yard of the pace defensively, and offered very little building attacks from the back when he drops between the 2 centre backs which I feel has been the cause of why we have conceded so many sloppy goals this season in a strange way.


17 Oct 2014 22:05:52
Most mammals have the ability to pass the ball around, he just doesn't go forward, doesn't carry the ball, doesn't spread play or put people through, he runs around aimlessly, slides in, passes it backwards, may aswell have someone with actual ability in there, besic and barry for me every time, gibbo to come in aswell


18 Oct 2014 00:30:17
Barkley shouldn't come straight back in. Naturally he would be a Naismith replacement and SN is the only player who can be pleased with his performances this season.




16 Oct 2014 18:33:58
As much as I know my RM doesn't want Ross B to play in the European U21 championship anyone else think that if he did stand in the way all the football fans in the U.k would go bonkers. It's a call up to represent your country and personally think it would be damaging for RM career if he did stand in the way?

lancerboy   lancerboy

16 Oct 2014 21:28:25
I personally think all this international stuff is boring, england in general, I only watch teams our lads play for like belgium, bosnia, ireland and scotland, yenno, where everyone actually tries and the manager isn't clueless as an owl, literally, yeah, I would love a vote to cancel international breaks, have the world cup and maybe euros, friendlies and pointless games against san marino and estonia, 180 minuted of jack wilshere falling over and danny welbecks ice skating skills and constant talk about rooney beating a record anyone could beat if you played the anount of games he has? Yeah, all abit pointless really


17 Oct 2014 09:43:30
More inclined to agree with RM with the world cup this summer then his injury Barkley will really need a break next summer and a full preseason, then the year after its euro's again.




15 Oct 2014 22:02:37
Lots of talk in the media today about the cost of watching football matches.
Sorting through some programmes the other day and came across the 1967 F A Cup 5th Round v Liverpool. First Saturday evening game I remember, 7pm kick off. Famous for also being shown on big screens at Anfield. 64,000 ish at Goodison and about 40,000 across Stanley Park. Loved that era with Ball and Alex Young in the same side.
Couldn't find the ticket to see how much it was to get in but the programme cost 6d old money, now about 2p. Other prices from within the programme, converted to new money: coach to Tottenham £1.80, 2year old Mk10 Jag £1575, half ounce tobacco 30p, 7 pint can bitter 75p. Mind you average wage was probably about £15 per week - good days though to be a kid supporting the Blues. We won of course.


Ed025{Ed025's Note - of course with that side ted....thanks for sharing mate..

Those were Definately the good old days 4 sure.Any chance u can get me a Jag if I giv u 2 grand lol.

Neil Jones

15 Oct 2014 23:32:43
Good days those , what value for money too . I was 12 years of age I used to travel from Mid Cheshire on train to most matches with a number of mates . expenses for the day . Train fare 1s 6d return , bus fare to the ground from Lime Street 3d each way, entrance fee 6d, programme 3d .no charge for the atmosphere generated , couldn't be bought today!!

Cheshire Cat



14 Oct 2014 21:22:03
Given the injury situation do you think it's time for Besic to be given an extended run? Apart from the Clelsea howler think he's done okay, is mobile and did well this week again against Bale and Hazard in the Euro qualifiers.
Only seen bits of Browning. Can play at right back or centre back apparently. Is he worth a go too and what is his best position? Stones flourished when he was given a run last season.
Martinez reckons Lukaku form is on the back of the World Cup. I don't really buy this. Lukaku didn't play all the time and got extended leave. Others have come back from Brazil and played well.


Ed025{Ed025's Note - i would like to see more of besic as well tedster, browning can play either mate, but coming off the bench may be the best option for the moment..



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