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24 Jul 2014 12:57:35
Eds, haven't been on the site for a while but just been catching up with some of the banter and there suddenly seems to be some hostility between some of the posters, most noticeably Degsy and pb2; also, a lot of posters seem to be rounding on swan. Have I missed something while I've been away or is the hot weather causing tempers to fray? I've not seen anything like this on this site between fellow blues for a while.

Azul Cambiante

{Ed025's Note - it must be the heat azul, but thats why i nipped it in the bud, i like to think we are all friends here, it does happen on other pages as well mate, and with other eds having access to our pages they sometimes let a post through that i would not, i dont mind if the guys have a different view about things as that healthy, but i do draw the line at abuse and personal attacks...unless its on liverpool supporters.. :)



24 Jul 2014 11:32:35
Hi Ed, about Dobbo, only a bit of fun, but I feel the need to disclose a personal interest here,
(& I don't know whether you can post this on.)

In the 80's I worked as a rep for a German kitchen company.I had a very good customer in Burnley, owned & run by a married couple, Carol &
By this time Dobbo was back in Burnley, & seamed to be good friends with this couple, eccept he wasn't just buying a new kitchen.
I called at the shop one day to find the place closed, & found out later that the wife Carol had run off with Dobbo.
I think they got married & are still together.
My point is Dobbo cost me a good client, & a great deal of commission.
as they say in Germany. arbeits bis arbeits und
schnapps ist schnapps.
(don't mix business & pleasure)
Anyway it's forgive now, but I still think he was
crap at Everton.



{Ed025's Note - i loved him hendo, gave 100% every game..



24 Jul 2014 11:55:22
Finally some positive news regarding transfers, bobby has said 3 or 4 to comie in very soon!
Who do we think we are signing ed? Or anybody else? Cheers


Henen, Besic and Galloway with maybe Adama/Lucina Traore on loan. Not a marquee one among them but maybe Lukaku will be one??


24 Jul 2014 16:02:37
Besic, galloway, henen and hopefully rom or bony


{Ed025's Note - iwould take that mate..



24 Jul 2014 09:19:46
Before the transfer window opened, I said that this was going to be a real weird one. I suggested that in any market place, a supply and demand situation would find it's own balance. This is a business rule. The extra funds provided by Sky money together with Premiership payments and ever increasing sponsorship deals means certain clubs have an extra couple of hundred million. This includes: Liverpool, Chelsea, Man Utd, Man City, The Arse and possibly one or two others. I predicted that hardly any players would move and then on the last 2 days, you would see players going for really silly money added to really silly wages. I admit I have been surprised that a few clubs have already started to put their ducks in a row and have actually signed players. Please believe me when I say that this is the tip of the iceberg. I expect Manchester United to look to spend around 200 million. I expect the other clubs mentioned above to target one or two players from clubs around Europe. These players could well be young up and coming stars. This does make us pretty vulnerable with regards to our youngsters. However, providing we do not lose some of our younger prospects, I expect us to sign some big names on the last 2 days. possibly before, but certainly not in the next few days. If we get Lukaku, no doubt it will be undisclosed. but far more than the figures we are talking about. that is why RM is trying to hold his nerve and let Chelsea "line their ducks" up first. Then they will be glad to get rid of him. If you remember I also suggested a couple of unknown Latin players may make their way to Goodison. Lower league Spanish or Italian? Certainly Columbian and other South American lower league players are probably being evaluated. On another post, ED025 suggested that are lack of transfer activity is partly due to our high wage structure. This is completely true. If we sign a player for eg 20 million. His wages of 5 million a year on a 5 year deal means his wages are actually more than the transfer fee!


I can see the reasoning in this and also with the FFP rules homegrown players etc a few bigger clubs will potentially be looking to offload at the end of the window.


Slaps hand on his face!! Degsy I'm sure you're a really nice fella mate and it seems like I'm jumping down your throat all the time and I don't mean tobut alls you're doing is stating the obvious. Of course prices will inflate if all the clubs are cash rich I hardly think people need that explaining it's obvious. Same with Lukaku, the whole world knows he is our no1 target, Martinez has said this on numerous occasions and its blatantly obvious we're holding out for him. You said hardly any ayers would move. Well loads have, absolutely loads, it's blatantly obvious United will spend huge, they've said they have 200 mil plus to spend they have a new manager and finished 7th last season again its blatantly obvious they will spend big. The other big boys always spend big and Liverpool had all that money then the SuRez money so again it's not rocket science they will spend. The last 2 days of the window ALWAYS see a flurry of activity as clubs bing in their targets and look to offload others and world cup years always bring an influx of relatively unknown players, this year teams like Columbia, Costa Rica etc excelled so of course clubs will be looking at their players, if some of the African nations got through to the quarters/semis then it would be those players in the spotlight. Lukakus wages won't be all paid at once they'll obviously be spread over 5 years so the club will of budgeted for this in any possible transfer going through, if they can't afford it it simply won't happen. I just fail to see any revelations in your posts/predictions as anyone with half a brain can glean themselves by thinking about most of it and gleaning the rest from the media. Soz mate I don't mean to be condescending towards you but I just don't see anything that most people don't already know as the blatantly obvious in your posts.


You keep saying you suggested this and you suggested which uv already said previous, more money means over inflated prices its not rocket science it's common sense, still doesn't explain why we seem so far from signing anyone when a lot of teams have done a lot of business, I'm not suggesting sign just anything but were the only team that hasn't yet your making a broad assessment that only seems to apply to everton


Well Martinez himself has said he expects to complete 3-4 signings in the next few days so your theory, prediction or whatever it is has not come to fruition. We certainly will not be signing 4 players and then signing more big money players at deadline, unless we sell


I think at least 2 of those will be for the under 21s Svenny mate, although he does say he is bringing them in to finalise the squad so if he means what he says you would imagine they will be big signings. If it's Besic, Hennan and Galloway and he means that statement and that's it then we're in major trouble.


Has this turned into a let's all gang up on Degsy thread?

Let's all chill and almost all will be revealed in the next few days.

Young Rocky

{Ed025's Note - im with you rocky...i would not have let a couple of those replies through myself mate..but hey ho, onwards and upwards..



24 Jul 2014 09:08:16
Just heard bobby on talk***** he said there will be hopefully 3 or 4 new signings in the next couple of days.When asked about Lukaku he didn't say yes or no he swerved around it very diplomatically the way only bobby can do.

jimmy c



24 Jul 2014 08:54:48
I know we all have concerns over timings etc of our transfer activity, RM has stated he wants to bring in 2 strikers and a midfielder, assuming these to be Lukaku, Traore (loan) & Besic, we have a budget in the region of £32-40m, we look like signing the young lad Henen but as a future player, unless he is looking at a couple more loans this doesn't seem enough given the extra commitment of european football, remember last time we were very stretched and ended up with hibbo at CB and the youngsters filling up the team, surely there must be more than this coming in?




24 Jul 2014 08:52:40
good shout about the Toffee Lady Mushy,
but she always seemed to avoid the "boys pen" on match days, can't think why? such a bunch of young gentlemen.
Labby Labone for me too, good god it's nearly 9 o'clock & nobody's fallen out yet!
(Swannie probably still in bed)



24 Jul 2014 12:31:42
He's probably waiting for his ritalin before he's allowed on line.

Paddy the Greek



24 Jul 2014 02:05:36
Lukaku apparently hasn't returned to Chelsea and is training with Anderlecht,maybe still a chance he could end up at Everton.




23 Jul 2014 21:57:29
Mushy, I would go.
big Joe, Labby & John Hurst.
Ed would go.
Martin Dobo Martin Dobo hello hello Martin Dobo.


{Ed025's Note - i did love dobbo mate..

24 Jul 2014 08:07:14
Should we also include the Toffee Lady and Gladys Street to avoid claims of sexism?
And Brian Labone!




23 Jul 2014 21:29:37
Only seen a bit of Luke Garbutt, but according to guys who went to last nights game, he was our best player. That means we have Oviedo, Baines and Garbutt fighting for one position. The small bit I have seen of him says to me that he will be challenging this season. Europa games probably.


23 Jul 2014 22:11:46
Saw him playing here in Dublin a few years ago when our first match of the season against spurs was postponed due to the London riots. He played well that night against bohemians, pretty pacey and not afraid to go forward. Just what we're used to from our full backs




23 Jul 2014 20:58:57
Ed and fellow posters a question about EFC transfer funds. I basically accept that we probably have around £30m to spend this window and that the bulk of it is earmarked for Lukaku and the rest will be spread very carefully.
My mate in work can't understand why we can't splash well more than this given recent sales, league prize money, TV money and because of the wealth of one of our shareholders. My mate reckons Lord Granchester is on a par with J W Henry in terms of net wealth. When Granchester's grandfather was chairman we regularly blew other teams out of the water in the transfer market. What is the issue? Is there some sort of feud with Kenwright?


{Ed025's Note - in a word tedster yes, apparently he wont invest any money while bill is in charge..but for me its because hes as tight as a ducks arse, we will not spend what we cant afford mate as we dont want to end up as the next leeds utd, we have an operating loss of £5m per year, this is mainly due to high wages paid to keep and attract players, i hope that helps mate..

23 Jul 2014 22:33:58
his family are worth, get this, 1200 million. It also says he' a cattle farmer.


{Ed025's Note - they meant bull s*****r ray..

Lord Granchester has held that grudge for over a decade now. Really says a lot about the man. That's a long time to be throwing one's collector's edition, mint in box toys out of one's gilded baroque pram. My worry is that if Kenwright is involved in the transfer dealings, then things could well be going very smoothly, until Bill leans across the table and utters the words 'So, do you fancy investing in a musical?'

onlyhaveeyesforblue onlyhaveeyesforblue



23 Jul 2014 21:04:30
Not Everton related but is if you can be bothered to read the rest!
In the absence of any real transfer activity I was really proud to be a scouser this morning to see those French controlled giants are back to entertain throughout the streets of Liverpool this weekend (how cool is that giant dog with the floppy ears?). You Tube, 'Liverpool Giants Titanic'.
Just a thought, if we ever do leave Goodison for a new ground, how good would the weekend be with four or more Everton Giants being raised from the pitch and moved to the new stadium (stay with me I'm not on drugs!)?
Who would those giants be?
Dean, Hickson, Ball and?


{Ed025's Note - latchford for me mushy...i enjoyed reading that mate..



Got to be Alex Young


Dimitar Bilyaletdinov Ah. So this is what heatstroke feels like.

onlyhaveeyesforblue onlyhaveeyesforblue

{Ed025's Note - good stuff OHEFY mate..

Howard Kendall

Daveyboy Blue

Kendall Harvey and Ball. Best ever midfield trio




23 Jul 2014 19:46:28
I wouldn't mind us going in for holtby dudnt do to bad at fulham from what a saw




23 Jul 2014 19:45:05
Teams are out but No Ref against Wrexham! Is this pre season becoming a joke or what! keep yer hair on, ya got to laugh though!

Howie bluenose



23 Jul 2014 14:58:41
What I get from martinez's comments on david hannen, it seems like he has been bought to play in the u21s. So I'm assuming that he will still be looking for three attacking options for the first team and hannen isn't one of them. What do you think ed?


{Ed025's Note - im hedging my bets marco...i think he may be mate..

I'm expecting 3 other attackers 2 strikers one for big money the other a loan, and a winger probably loan defenitley


Personally I'd like an Ian wright type player and a rock solid holding attacker to keep the ball to feed our midfielders who bomb on.
Id like a playmaker too of real quality and I still feel we need a versatile defender for cover.


If Del Boy was considered to be good enough for the PL (albeit being selected sparingly) I think young David Hannen (if and when he signs) will be given more games than we think next season at top level.

Daveyboy Blue

{Ed025's Note - you could be right davey..

Probably loan definitely, ha love it, maybe then a 100%




23 Jul 2014 14:29:57
I have no idea if I have got this right BUT, looking at Chelseas squad numbers for this season, Lukaku, Moses and Coutois all don't seem to have been given one? Costa is there and has one, those 3 and 2 others don't. Could mean nothing like but hmmmm (adds fuel to the conspiracy fire)


{Ed007's Note - Have you thought that perhaps it's last year's squad numbers? The three players you mentioned were out on loan last year so didn't have Chelsea squad numbers.}

Costa was in it though. My first impression was it was last years but it had 2014/15 and Costa was in the listings. It may well just be an addition which is why I said I may be wrong but that's how it read


Was Costa on loan last year ed? ;)


{Ed025's Note - no stu...the 3 ED007 mentioned were lukaku, moses and coutrois mate..

Haha, fair play!


Also Fabregas (4) and Luis (20 something) all in it. Lukaku, courtois and Moses all blank. Maybe they haven't linked up again yet so not got one but just playing devils advocate it prob means nowt


And quote from Costa on ssn now "i've come here to have a good fight with Fernando Torres for a starting place in the team" not a mention of Romelu!


Your given a sqaud number when you sign and Torres being a Spanish ex athletico player is prob the reason he's being mentioned, let's face it Torres won't put up much of a fight




23 Jul 2014 13:42:05
Our friends across the park, finished second by 2 points, but are on course to spending 150m in an effort to improve, at the other end, w/ham, who just about kept their prem place, have six new players, one who cost 12m and before the w-cup know one had heard of, and w/ham are reputed to have debts much on the scale of Mexico. We, on the other hand, have recruited a free transfer OAP, and now are thinking about buying a promising kid who may, in a few years, be a good player, all this after being told what a good financial position we are supposedly in, I trust RM, but the owners, your not allowed to use that sort of language on here!


Guys - there are only so many ways you can say the same thing. We get it!. other clubs have signed players. its taking too long. blah blah.

Wish people would remember this is not Football Manager. Things don't happen with the click of a mouse.

Who cares how much each team has spent, especially Liverpool. 80% of their spend for as many years as I can remember has been wasted.

Every player that the media mentions is not another one we missed when they sign somewhere else, and every player we are linked too can't be "not good enough for Everton. we should be aiming higher. "

If there was no money, we wouldn't be targeting Lukaku in the first place. There is a difference between being careful and skint.

RM has a plan, and while it would be relieving for us fans to get it done early, I would rather they get it done right, and get in the players we need the numbers we need, for an amount we can afford.

Bra Boy Blue

Since when does buying a load of new players guarantee your going to be a better team? You need to stop your knee jerking, And that goes for the rest of you too as you all act like spoilt children who can't get their own way all the time.

Mike S Mike S

Yes West Ham have massive debts but they are in the unique position of being given a stadium pretty much for free in a few years. So can prob afford it. Reminds me of Man City and we all know what happened there. Still have a better squad than west ham though! Onwards and upwards!.


He never said it did in fact he said totally the opposite. @ the op, I think we're trying to get Lukaku on the drip and that's the problem mate. Of course I'm only speculating but that's what I think.


Roberto Martinez has confirmed Everton are trying to sign Muhamed Besic and Romelu Lukaku - but has urged the fans to stay patient.

Lukaku has been Everton's number one target for most of the summer, but any move was never going to be completed early given the striker's involvement at the World Cup.

Reports of a move for Bosnia international Besic emerged at the start of the month, with the Twitter 'ITK' chancers taking guesses as to when the deal would be completed in the following days (it was always 'within 48 hours').

It seems the deal for Besic is a complicated one involving payments for both his current club Ferencvaros and former club Hamburg.

Meanwhile Lukaku is on holiday until this weekend before joining up with the Chelsea squad - his parent club don't forget - so a move was never going to be wrapped up before then.

Once the Belgian is back in England things may start to move quickly, though Martinez has said repeatedly that any deal for the 21-year-old may go right to the deadline.

Speaking after the 2-2 draw with Tranmere on Tuesday he intimated that once again, asking the fans to remain patient and reassuring them that they would be first to know, not the fake agents and pretend freelance journalists on Twitter.


@miker, I apologise mate, you were referring to the op, I thought you were talking to the lad who posted above you so hands up and sorry. My first comment in this thread was to the second poster not the op, stupid arse I am. Sorry kids and kidesses for my stupidness ://


To be fair its not knee jerking its concern and a knowledge of 'if ya know yer history'.
We are currently down on squad size from last season, so we need numbers, but we need the right players. So far we have ensured Barry is with us and a couple of very young lads. Now; as we all know were in Europe and know what that entails and how it can affect you in other comps, the PREM in particular. Its fair to say the concern is there as its less than 4 weeks to the start of all comps, so the longer it goes the less time players will have to bed in the squad, and i'm sure we will get players in, the concern now is they will all have to hit the ground running, and we all know (were only Human) it takes time to settle anywhere new especially from abroad.
So I think as Evertonians its natural to be concerned as to the lack of activity, and its nothing new, same thing happened under Moyes. Martinez is talking up the u 21 lads a lot this pre season even last night he again said of their importance, so maybe that's it, they are the new squad numbers we are missing?

Howie bluenose

{Ed025's Note - i realise your concerns howie, and you do make some valid points mate, but i think we will bring in a few good names to strengthen us as well..

Yeah but Bra Boy the RS appear to be buying quality this season compared to last year. I know the departure of the water rat will have some bearing this season, but they appear to be swimming forwards at the moment whilst we still appear to be treading water. If only this was the case of the tortoise and the hare.

Daveyboy Blue

{Ed025's Note - for me they have done what spurs did last season davey, sold a world class player and bought mediocrity..lets hope it bites them in the ass..

The trouble they (Liverpool) will find with the water rat gone is that you can buy 5 or 6 players with the money, but only one can be on the field at any time to replace him, and that's the same issue that Spurs found. They have not shown an amazing ability to buy players that gel together, apart from the odd one.

We should be positive about the return of some injured players we did without for long spells last year (Oviedo, Gibbo and potentially Kone if he can gain some confidence early). Barkley's decision making should be a year on again, and with limited player sales and continuity of manager, I would like to think we can cope without a big signing for the first few games vs us struggling to fire last year.

Bra Boy Blue



23 Jul 2014 12:09:22
Besic again - just follow link to BH Dragons Besic. In depth article on all the complications with this transfer.




23 Jul 2014 12:40:03
Medicals going down everywhere, players signing for clubs up and down the country across Europe but not a peep from Everton it feels very lonely on the transfer front. I can only suspect that it is calm before the storm surely just surely were about to come out with a boom just waiting and waiting but I trust in Bobby he will strengthen soon Coyb.

Stef the blue



23 Jul 2014 12:30:08
Listen fellas. I understand a lot of you are losing your patience, but trust Martinez. He has a plan, and he has several times said, that he's willing to play the waiting game. Remeber last year were our central midfield were fixed at the very last minuts, and i'm sure we'll have to wait a lot more to have it all sorted out.
Right now Everton har just doing business with some young guns, but the big guns are waiting to be announced. Have trust in our manager, he's our god :)




23 Jul 2014 10:10:09
New ways kit out Friday black an yellow

Blue beard



23 Jul 2014 10:10:06
I see this Belgium kid has same agent as Kevin Miralas and lukaku also saw Martinez interview after last nights game seemed berry happy and had huge smile on face he looks very relaxed for someone who is few weeks from start of season with little attacking options I think lukaku deal will get done but may take all transfer window to get deal done even could take to last day but will get done




23 Jul 2014 10:03:47
One of the more reliable broadsheets are reporting that should Drogba sign for Chelsea then Lukaku will leave with Everton his most likely destination.
Come on Didier lad, make it happen.

Paddy The Greek



23 Jul 2014 10:02:28
Lukaku doesn't look too good as torres will be going back to A Madrid and they will need him.


23 Jul 2014 15:20:02
Even though chelsea want 20m and athletico already have 4 strikers? Yeah sure, chelsea will go out and sign another striker anyway




23 Jul 2014 09:15:30
Besic. A few observations. Firstly it was us not offering 4M up front, then it was agents, then it was dual nationality and visas/work permits. I'm no expert but Bosnia is not EU. Germany is EU and where he plays Hungary is also EU. He is an international too. Surely it can't be that complicated. A few weeks back other clubs were linked, that's gone quiet. Everton say nothing official.
It's another wait and see and if he does sign a usual EFC window signing where the player gets no pre season or time to bed in before the serious action stats mid August.


I'm I the only one that thinks who cares, hardly a world beater and I guess most of us are desperate for a signing of any sort even if average




23 Jul 2014 08:32:25
Would anyone here take Micah Richards? Always looked a good player for me, although injury prone, he never gets game time does he? Can play as a RB or CB. better than Alcaraz anyway.


Yes would take him all day long if he plays regular first team football has the ability to be first team reg for england should be now really but needs to leave man city


Yep I'd have him for sure


23 Jul 2014 15:22:42
Hed be on big wages, he hasn't played in 2 years and is insanely injury prone, on a free with a massive pay cut? Maybe




23 Jul 2014 07:57:09
Has anyone heard about that new kid center forward called Av Patience? He is brilliant. He is the answer to all our problems. Apparently he will make us all more excited for the future. There is another one called Will B.Skint .not sure who he plays for, but he apparently gets everyone wondering why we bother, so not much hope with him.


23 Jul 2014 09:09:58
I think it's also down to these Ahso Yung signings Degs.
I might be dead when they make their debuts!


Dont know about this Av guy but am pretty sure Will's brother was in the club somewhere I think his name was Wes R.




22 Jul 2014 17:29:45
what's going on ed should of signed besic by now are we even interested in him are we going to sign this kid from Belgium or will this drag on for a few weeks I posted last transfer window why does it take everton so long to sign players .


{Ed025's Note - besic and henen are targets KH, there are problems with besic,s permit due to him having dual nationality mate, to be fair, bobby did tell us all that things would be done late, now i know its frustrating, but we will just have to grin and bear it im afraid..

22 Jul 2014 23:22:00
because there is no money at the club mate


{Ed025's Note - thats just a guess swan, and an un-educated one at that mate..

22 Jul 2014 23:38:23
We'll see


Tut tut Ed,putting Swan and uneducated in the same sentence,shame on you.


{Ed025's Note - not him BC mate...just his guess..

Ah I know Ed I'm just teasing,it helps with the boredom of waiting for a signing:)


{Ed025's Note - thats ok mate..so am i.. :)

I agree with swan, I know poeple think that due to this 1 year of extra tv money and with the felli money that's not been spent( makes me laugh everytime I see that written) that all of a sudden we have 45m burning a hole, its not realistic if you go on previous years spends I mean we do still owe like 50m and run close to a negative shortfall or I'm I missing something


{Ed025's Note - we do, like most clubs operate at a loss mike, last i seen was about £5m per season, this is not nearly as much as most clubs though, and with the increase in sky money we are able to compete for players who have been out of our range in the past..

Even if the extra money means we can reduce the debt I doubt the bank would allow us to starting greatly overspending in terms of wages as we are always near the top end of the budget, it is frustrating to wonder why an established top 6 team is out spent year in year out, I always think back to the kings dock and think what could have been


{Ed025's Note - i know hindsight is a great thing mike...but id say we missed out big time on that one fella..



22 Jul 2014 17:29:31
I will start another thread for the sake of Pb2 and his rather insulting posts below. I am not sure exactly why he has turned on me.something about cockiness he says? Then something about saying things after they have happened? So please tell me Pb2. 1. When did Lukaku sign for us? I missed that one. 2. When did Drogba sign for Cheslea? I missed that one too. Ed025. is there any way you can resurrect my previous posts? I predicted that signings would be few and far between until the last 2 days of the window. I predicted ridiculously silly prices for average players and even sillier money for good players. I predicted that Lukaku was no1 target and we would have a shout in signing him but Bony was our no2 target. Admittedly I did not predict Drogba going to Chelsea. but I did think it was a possibility. I predict that Drogba will be at Chelsea as a player coach and Lukaku will be miffed! I predict that Lukaku will leave Chelsea.possibly for us? I also predict that Pb2 will come back with a smart a*se comment about my posts. Enough said!


{Ed025's Note - lets not get personal with other everton posters guys, i cant allow that, we are all on the same side, so as i have already said... play nice..

Sorry Ed if my post above came across as insulting. If you look at Pb2's post below, you did actually say the same about insults he was firing at me. I take it on the chin and my post above was supposed to be a bit of a laugh.with a friendly dig. No offence meant to Pb2.


{Ed025's Note - as i have said degsy to you and pb2, i cant allow 1 to 1 slanging matches mate, you are both valued posters, and i know a lot of it is banter but i want to nip it in the bud before it becomes more about the posters than the club, i hope you and pb2 understand..

Agreed Ed025. I do seem to have an effect on other posters. Another guy a while back who shall not be named took umbridge at what I was saying. let's say no more on it other than I can honestly say that I put posts on that are genuinely my thoughts about what is happening with our beloved club. Most of the time I have a few snippets of info or experience in the game to know how the things work. I may come over a bit cocky, but it is because I am usually right. How more honest can I be? LOL


{Ed025's Note - how magnanimous of you degsy..



22 Jul 2014 21:54:57
Tranmere 2-2 Everton with Naismith and Osman scoring

Didn't see the game but I'd be interested for any info on how Mcanely played.


Yeh it was good game I went sat in the kop with all tranmere fans are best player last night was luke garbutt he played class gibbo done well. antolin alcaraz looked out of depth and stuggled with Stockton and the wingers.


Connor mcenly had some good link up play that about it




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