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24 Apr 2017 22:50:54
Congratulations to the U23's on there title win tonight. Great job by Unsy and the boys.

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24 Apr 2017 00:56:04
Sorry to post this again, but has anyone who registered for there season ticket had the call from the club yet? I'm still waiting and getting nervy now tbh.

{Ed007's Note - The best advice is to phone up or e-mail the ticket office if something's not right, clubs don't mess about when it comes to application deadlines etc.}

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24 Apr 2017 22:52:26
not had mine yet either Ryan they supposed to be contacting by the 30th April so I'll wait till then then phone the club.

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23 Apr 2017 20:23:31
Excellent story on why we need the new investment from the Chinese Consortium for the stadium to fund new players on NSNO, GuernseyBlue.

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23 Apr 2017 23:01:19
Read it aswell Guernsey Moshiri guiding us in the right direction again, this summer is going to be big for us blues and the future looks bright with the right men in charge, let's hope us as fans keep calm and trust what is going on behind close doors.

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24 Apr 2017 08:09:34
Ditto that mate, cheers GuernseyBlue.

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23 Apr 2017 14:57:09
Anyone else think Bournemouth striker King would be worth a punt? Prem experience and playing really well at the moment?

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24 Apr 2017 13:25:55
Yes definitely Getsy, I would love to se us go for him, better than players who have never played in the Premier League and might not hack it, King is proven.
Get him and another from overseas we should be able to do that and more with the money we get for Rom.

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24 Apr 2017 18:46:57
Absoletly nowhere near good enough. He's proven in what? He has scored 30 career goals by the age of 25 and after playing in the league below mostly!

Let's start thinking like a top four club.

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24 Apr 2017 22:35:38
Well said BlueJohn! Surely the club must know something we don't if they let Gabbiadini go. Or have a better option for a plan B if or when Rom goes.


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24 Apr 2017 23:02:05
Lets think outside the box if people thought like many do Vardy would still be a non league player, Marez would not be here, nobody would have heard of Kante and Leicester would not have won the league.

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25 Apr 2017 10:53:42
I can't say I have taken any notice of King at Bounemouth. I have no idea if he is any good? I do know that some players slip through the net. eg Gana for us is now being linked with Arsenal. Yet he is 27 and when I watched us wallop Villa at their place the season they went down he was pretty anonymous. Nothing special at all. Likewise, I get the point that milomj makes about Marez and Kante and Vardy. I also remember Marc Albrighton being given a free transfer by Villa and Leicester winning the league with him playing in every game and 90 minutes in them all I think. that's what I would call value for money when you think of his contribution. We paid £7 million for Kone! £13 million for Niasse. So whilst I also understand the comment of aiming higher, I would say we are not going to compete with the likes of £85 million for Pogba. We also need to sign players who are willing to join a club on the way up. but still not a Champions League side. Maybe with a miracle that will happen this season? The next few weeks will decide. However, is King a decent player? Would he do a job for us? Certainly Niasse has fitted into Hull quite nicely. yet looked dreadful in our team. I trust Mr Koeman and Mr Walsh to decide which type of player we need and what style we play. If that includes the likes of King fine. If it involves someone from abroad, fine.

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23 Apr 2017 11:34:25
It's with a heavy heart I feel we need to sell Ross. The no 10 is a key position and 4 goals and his lack of vision are not good enough, his 360 degree turns on the halfway line just slow our attacking momentum. Hazard, Erikson, Courtinho, Silva all score more and play for teams above us. Coincidence?
Back on a balmy summer evening in August at Sunderland Koeman subs Ross at 0-0 second half we run out 3-0 winners. RKs tried criticising, cajoling, praising and still nothing a double deflected goal against Burnley changes.
Rooney WILL come home, he'll get us the 10/ 15 goals we need to challenge again, he has the vision to split a defence.
For Everton and the sake of your career you need to move on Ross but you'll always be one of us, an EvertonIan.

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23 Apr 2017 12:54:20
The opta stats for the players you mention show that Ross has created more chances than most in the league this season. Only two players fair better, Eriksen and De Bruyne.
Silva has scored 6 in all competitions this year. Hazard has got 16, Eriksen 11 and Coutinho has 10 compared to Ross on 5. So while he may not be scoring as many as these players you mention, bar one of them, he is creating more chances for team mates. He is, however, probably going to finish this season with less goals than last but he has been more creative for the team.
Stats are deceptive. We can all see that Ross has progressed this season, especially since RK called him out. He has got a future at the club if he signs the contract on the table.
With Europa league all but sealed, we will welcome players such as Rooney to the club but we will need a bigger squad so we must keep hold of our better players if possible. Ross falls in to that category.

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23 Apr 2017 13:44:14
I agree with all you've said, and like most Evertonians I'd be gutted if he left, however Koeman has shown with his sign or be sold ultimatum he's losing patience. Koeman is massively ambitious for our club and we'll back him or loose him. I trust Rks judgement he's a winner. There's only one no 10,one playmaker I just don't see Ross getting in ahead of Rooney (especially the wages we're paying to bring him back) I also think Rk will sign Sigurdson 3 into 1 doesn't go even with Europe. As you say we'll need a bigger squad next year so I hope your right and I'm wrong!

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23 Apr 2017 14:20:55
I think the ultimatum is only to do with his contract stalemate rather than the way he is playing. If he signed the offer then RK would be happy to keep him. Not sure if Rooney would play in the same role as Ross, personally I'd put him up top as he is more effective up front imo. I'd bring him and Sigurdsson in regardless of whether Ross stays or leaves, the europa is relentless! Time will tell mate.

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23 Apr 2017 15:27:20
What we do need if he stays is some quality competition for that position then if he isn't good enough we/ he will soon know as he won't be playing.

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23 Apr 2017 16:05:01
His contract talks and his "questioned" ability have nothing to do with each other. If he is to leave, he will be a loss. unless we have better lined up to sign. At present he is starting to show his ability. I agree he had a bad patch. So did all the other players you list. So does every player. In my view we should do our utmost to offer him the contract he wants and only if he refuses to sign should we consider selling. That is what Koeman is saying. I know of no better player in his position that is waiting to sign for us? If you know of that player, please tell me who it is.

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23 Apr 2017 22:22:11
Rooney has not been given enough game time under Jose, you watch Rooney now Zlatan is out, no coincidence Utd look a better team with Rooney in it, just hope it does not scupper our chances of signing him in the Summer.

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24 Apr 2017 14:14:50
rooney will be for sale come summer a few goals here and there won't change that. Also our good performance have had nothing to do with rooney, we looked very good against chelsea and rooney was nowhere near the team, against burnley he scored a poacher's goal but it was pogba and martial who created the chance for him, other than that he ran a lot, gave the ball away a lot of times and was essentially rubbish.

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Stats And The Lack Of Context

23 Apr 2017 04:41:10
{Ed's Note - We have posted a new article entitled, Stats And The Lack Of Context

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22 Apr 2017 23:02:32
Hi end any truth in the Chinese consortium that are apparently in talks with Mr moshiri and bill been reported by mirror at 1035 this evening cheers in advance ed.

{Ed002's Note - Everyone hopes not.}

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23 Apr 2017 00:15:27
Would the extra investment not be a good thing then? Saying it will help moshiri give more financial backing to rk.

{Ed002's Note - What extra investment?}

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23 Apr 2017 09:45:50
Ed it's clear he's talking about the potential money from the Chinese consortium.

{Ed002's Note - That would go to whoever sells their shares to them - it doesn't go to the club. This is very, very basic finance and you all seem to be struggling with it.}

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23 Apr 2017 11:25:52
The article I read says the investment would be naming rights to new stadium not actually buying shares ed so that money would go to the club would it not?

{Ed002's Note - If it is simply naming rights it would go to the club to help pay for the stadium in all likelihood.}

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23 Apr 2017 11:44:07
How about investing in the naming rights for our new ground, pardon my limited knowledge of basic finance.

{Ed002's Note - That would simply be sponsorship starting in a few years time.}

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23 Apr 2017 18:08:58
In a report I read the Chinese investment is in relation to finances for the stadium and allowing Moshiri to concentrate on financing the building of a team. Was also mentioned on SKY.

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23 Apr 2017 22:25:26
If they put the money in can call it the Golden Phoenix for me, as long as we don't build a stadium like West Ham's.

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24 Apr 2017 13:20:43
provided they don't call it Wan King stadium.

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22 Apr 2017 20:06:13
Hi have to agree with Jimbo below one swallow does not make a summer, also agree our goalie was very nervous, R K said after the match he could only change 3 players at half time and not 5 or 6,i think come the end of the summer we are going to see a completely different team from today, GuernseyBlue.

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22 Apr 2017 22:33:27
Agree with GuernseyBlue and Jumbo. Some people expect us to win every game outside the top 6. Unfortunate doesn't work like that.

West Ham were the better team. Simple as. Don't think we should start axing the squad left right and centre because of it.

I agree with Jimbo we need a squad and we have a decent one. I wouldn't be on for selling someone unless they are replaced with someone better. This way we are improving. Rather than getting rid of players and replacing them with the same quality or even less.

For me West Ham were very well organised and are finishing there season strong. We weren't terrible just outplayed by both their manager and team on the day.

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23 Apr 2017 08:24:03
Our away form all season has been poor with only 4 wins out of 17, and 7 losses.
Middlesbrough away was just the same as yesterday were we did not look like scoring and didn't create, Watford away the same. These are teams and places that you should be going and getting results if you have any hopes for Top 4/ 5.
The point I was making about not being good enough was not just aimed at the starters yesterday but players on the bench or injured a lot. James McCarthy is a goner as he is always injured and when he is still injured attempts to play for Ireland, Lennon has barely featured and isn't going to next season, Kone is, well say no more, these are just 3 as an example. You need a squad of players that whether starting or on the bench give you an option when you come across teams like West Ham yesterday or when your players aren't performing.

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23 Apr 2017 19:53:01
Love my Team and love supporting them and would love them to win every single game 1-0 or more but only for a Season, just so I could say, 'I was there'. One Season would be more than enough after that it would just get boring.

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23 Apr 2017 20:57:31
I think there are quite a few players that should leave. Kone, McCarthy, Barry, Lennon, Ged, McGeady, Stek or Robles with the other being understudy, probably Jags even if he has had a resurgence. Probably Ross and Kev if they don't sign new deals as well.

Our away form has been poor and too defensive. However, I feel Koeman thinks this team can't be trusted away from home and so plays this way. Add to the fact we have limited attacking options on the bench plus players like Kev, Ross and Rom are very different players away from home.

We also need a RB as Holgate is solid but offers us little going forward and at least 1 more CB. This summer is going to be a busy one.

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22 Apr 2017 17:37:03
That for me has to be a wake up call for some of the players on show today that there careers at Everton are over. West Ham are awful at home, luckily for them we are poor away. 70 minutes to register a shot is not good enough, can't wait for next season and hopefully a whole new Everton.

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22 Apr 2017 19:32:13
Don't think one poor performance away from home is much to panic about. think we are 4-5 players away from being great myself an the so called careers that are over I wouldn't mind keeping as squad players as our squad isn't the biggest.

I do like the way we use the kids more than anyone, and I hope we continue doing this. Just with next season, Europe early doors FA Cup League cup and hopefully a top 4 push.

Gonna need to be fresh all year round and not run out of steam. But today we could of played 3 times over an not threatened to score. But at another clean sheet even though the keeper looked shaken again.

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22 Apr 2017 20:08:56
Change will not happen until Moshri has total control and that will not happen while our Bill still wishes to play a major part along with his CEO, Both still are the major players when it comes to transfers hence why the legendary Everton hesitancy still endures. It is with a heavy heart Bill especially for all you have done for this wonderful Club but it really is time to go, There is no doubt that BK will remain in a major honoury role.

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22 Apr 2017 20:41:18
I think it was at the AGM that someone said that Moshiri was like a kid and just kept saying about transfers, get him, him and him without any thought process so let's keep BK helping run the show for now anyway. Don't want Moshiri buying every tom, dick and Harry do we.

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23 Apr 2017 19:56:49
Don't disagree with that Smit and wasn't for getting rid of Bill as my last sentence indicates. We have a DoE now so hopefully he will be able to take a more pro-active role. And at the AGM, Moshri said no such thing, someone may have had one to many sherbets or was not listening properly.

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23 Apr 2017 22:30:09
I don, t know Smit I would take Dick Van Dyke and Harry Kane, struggling for a Tom though.

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23 Apr 2017 23:11:18
Yep just found the line. It was from BK himself. He said Moshiri wanted to buy more players than the supporters.
Maybe not the best way to spend the club's money, let's keep BK a little longer.

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22 Apr 2017 17:06:24
Just come out of the game. nothing really to shout about. I think we grew into the game but could of played another hour without scoring. On to the next one.

Here's one for you Ed n fellow blues. who is your player of the season this year. I know Rom has scored a lot of goals, the rest have been in n out the team at some point. Gana made a good point for himself. Just like to hear what yas think. I'm struggling to pick out a stand alone individual myself.

What you think?


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22 Apr 2017 19:42:18
To be honest the easy vote is rom can't fault the goals personally and with no real basis is go for seamus with Tom davies nailed on for young player.

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22 Apr 2017 19:53:28
Tom Davies has been great since he got in the team. Early in the season Mason holgate looked tremendous and done nothing wrong since he came back in again.

Seamus is our mr consistent an will always be in the mix. Between lukaku n gana for me.

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22 Apr 2017 20:09:56
For impact alone Tom Davies is a good shout, looking at results from January, compared to before January.

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