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20 Aug 2014 00:46:31
Will Ramsey be able to play against us as he got 2 yellows in their champions league game? Or is that only in the champions league.

blue watermelon



20 Aug 2014 00:06:09
Ryan Ledson signs three-year contract.another star in the making . some player this lad will be

Cheshire Cat



19 Aug 2014 23:39:41
The game was against Fleetwood XI, with Coleman, Gibson, Osman, Besic, Mirallas, Atsu and Alcaraz also playing
we won 5-0 apperently Atsu scored 2 and linked up really well with Mirallas, anyone think Atsu was playing CAM?




19 Aug 2014 21:43:33
Oh dear. Has anyone else seen Jindrich Stanek's 'wonder blunders' in the U21 game against Leicester? Scored a truly magnificent own goal while trying to clear a simple pass back and gave away a daft penalty which they scored. I feel sorry for the lad and I know he's only young and still learning, but it looks like Joel 'boxing gloves for hands' Robles won't be having to look over his shoulder any time soon.

onlyhaveeyesforblue onlyhaveeyesforblue

Ed025{Ed025's Note - i seen that mate...oops..

19 Aug 2014 22:08:21
feel sorry for the kid getting stick from our supposed fans, he's new, only just turned 18, he will make mistakes, what doesn't help is the persons that call themselves evertonians giving him personal abuse


20 Aug 2014 01:43:39
Well said swan, yea he cocked up but he's a kid that's y he isn't in the first team now, he can make his mistakes in the reserves who is assed really




19 Aug 2014 19:56:35
Re the poll of the day (Was Gerard Deulofeu wasted last season as Luis Enrique claims?) - are you sure that he did claim that? I thought that the story came from an Internet troll who'd written something on Twitter.

Cowpat Sid 2 Cowpat Sid 2

Ed025{Ed025's Note - i thought that as well sid...i will find out mate..



19 Aug 2014 19:56:17
Rumours of Song gathering pace. Would much rather have Holtby. What do you reckon ED025?


Ed025{Ed025's Note - song all day for me matt..

Arse and Spuds are apparently both trying to get Song on loan, so we may have to buy him outright if we really want to get him. Personally, I think he's great, but there was a dark cloud of suspicion over the majority of the Cameroon team during the world cup, such as refusing to play over bonuses and match fixing allegations, plus Song's attitude ended up getting him a red card in his last game.

onlyhaveeyesforblue onlyhaveeyesforblue



19 Aug 2014 16:48:22
Not sure if it's a well known fact but just incase people don't know Everton played a behind closed door friendly today, not sure who against, presumably an XI of a lower league team but we were 5-0 up after 55 mins and atsu got 2, him and kev looked very sharp, Joel, coleman, Alcaraz, atsu, kev, Gibbo and osman all played also would everyone be happy, as unlikely as it may be but Gibbo +cash for remy and song brought in on loan?

Blue D

Huge ammount of details there about the game score n who played but no idea who they played against?

Howie bluenose



19 Aug 2014 16:45:33
Vargas going to qpr not sure how much but worth a late bid I think what's your opinions bluea?


Personally, I liked watching him play in Serie A. My only concern is that he seems more of a winger than an out & out striker &, at the moment, we have more wings than Colonel Sanders!


Toffee Tezza

Its edurado vargas who was on loan at Valencia last year and he is striker and he is only going on loan their




19 Aug 2014 13:08:22
Hi Edd long time reader of this site finally decided to sign up u boys do a great job. Just wondering if anything has come of these etoo rumours IMO I think ye he'd be part time but a fantastic addition to a growing everton team with Europe this season we could do with a striker with experience and another cb what due think?


Ed025{Ed025's Note - welcome joe...im not eto,s biggest fan mate, i think he is looking for last payday, but i do agree that we need a striker and a defender mate..



19 Aug 2014 12:01:23
Vargas is set to join QPR. Does that mean Remy is on he's way?


19 Aug 2014 14:24:09
probably, not too us though




19 Aug 2014 11:33:28
Song to Everton I think were in with a shot what a signing that would be IMO




19 Aug 2014 11:24:18
Svenny mate, take the hint, at 30+ I think your mum is trying to get rid of you & the shirts.
move out, move up & move on.

I Claudius.(Wigan, Fleetwood & Rome)


I left home at 18 mate, married with two kids, I live in Stockholm Sweden. It is the only thing of mine still at my mums as I have never had the heart to chuck it out so its been stored there for 12-13 years now.




19 Aug 2014 08:49:16
Bit random but I have a signed Everton shirt (away kit) from the 94/95 season, signed by the whole squad and Big Joe the night before the Cup Final win. Basically my mum worked at the hotel they stayed in and I was allowed to eat next to them. I was 11. I wore it to the game but after we won my mum got it framed and mounted for me, stayed as the pride of my room for many years until I left home. It is now in my mums attic.
What do people reckon a piece of memorobelia like that is worth? Would anyone be interested in having it as I won't be bringing it over to Sweden where I now live and its a shame for it to be stashed away in an attic. Is there charities that use things like that in auctions? Any suggestions on its worth or if its worthless and anyone who wants to give it a good home let me know.
I also have a signed ball from the 3 round FA Cup match vs Southend in 92, me and my great uncle were match ball sponsors, guessing that one is fairly worthless but again signed by the whole squad.
The final one I have is a signed copy of Brian Labones book from about the mid sixties, can't remember exactly, it was my dads. Not really wanting to sell any of them but the shirt in the frame is quite big and me mum wants it gone!


I doubt it's worthless, I'd like it on my wall for my new pad but think charity is a much more worthy cause. Have you considered contacting the club?. I've seen them auction off plenty of things in the past for charities they're affiliated with.


Just a thought, Svenny. Why not contact Alder Hey & see if they'd take it for one of the many charity auctions that take place these days? There's a chance a wealthy Evertonian might bid a good price & so the hospital benefits as well. Nice gesture btw.

Toffee Tezza

19 Aug 2014 13:58:02
I've got no idea of value or what you would take for the signed shirt. My dad would love it. Not sure if my mother would (depending on size).

Either way I am interested so would appreciate contact a contact email or number if you are not giving it to charity.

Leon EFC


Leon EFC

Yeah I think donating to some type of charity auction is the way to go. I just think because its a replica shirt rather than one worn by a player that the value might be pretty low, on the flip side I have seen Big Dunc signed shirts replica kits from the final going for 150 quid so to have the whole squad and Big Joe might mean it is worth something, despite being the white kit with black stripes and not the blue we played in.
I will update with the outcome, thanks for the suggestions


Eds how do I get my email to Leon?


Ed025{Ed025's Note - you should use MSN or facebook svenny, as a message on here would become common knowledge mate, and is not advised..

20 Aug 2014 03:24:45
If your selling the shirt Svenny I would definitely be interested, you could put it onto EBay and post a link on here, let me know






19 Aug 2014 06:38:03
I think there are some gems in the premier league we can pick up because we are not a threat to the top teams IMO.

Nastasic Loan Man City.
Any young arsenal Midfield Player not getting a regular game.
Any young Spurs midfielder not getting a game.
Dare I say it, any Liverpool midfielder not getting a game.

In my personal opinion, we have been rubbish so far, playing as we did at the end of last season.


We are in direct competition with all of then for 4th apart from city, why would we want there cr@p youth? And we weren't that bad we scored twice away against a team defending there 18 yard box and they scored two flukes.


If we are that bad smeggs, then why are the top clubs after our players.i wouldn't want their young players, when we have our own. 1 game in and the panic has set in already for some.


19 Aug 2014 15:54:02
We've got a few good young midfielders not getting a game ourselves, so why give other teams youth a platform to play? Can't see any valid reason why we would loan a youngster from LFC




19 Aug 2014 00:04:24
City are getting ride of players I think if we could pick up Richards for 2/4 mil an Sinclair on loan would be good sining for squad depth then all we need is a striker but Sinclair could do that roll

Blue beard

Sinclair would be our 5th choice winger why would we want him, is take Richards if he could stay fit and only want 30k a week but neither of those things are going to happen so.




18 Aug 2014 20:46:02
Another observation I have made is that Stones is a wonderful center back, but useless at right back. Last season when he came in we had our best run. I think it was 11 unbeaten. He was superb at center back. The few times I have seen him at right back, he was so raw he was dripping blood. Positionally poor and useless at crossing on the run. So why did RM start with him at right back and Coleman on the bench? Coleman came on so was obviously fit. I really don't understand this one. RM obviously does a brilliant job overall and I really appreciate all he has done, but one or two things just puzzle me. I guess we would all do things in a different way.


I think Coleman was rested as a precaution because of his recent hamstring injury. I'm not sure, but I think Stones played RB for Burnley and was decent in the role for them.

onlyhaveeyesforblue onlyhaveeyesforblue

Damn you auto correct! That should of course read 'Barnsley'.

onlyhaveeyesforblue onlyhaveeyesforblue

Ed025{Ed025's Note - good effort though mate...but i dont want you to post any of my letters for me.. ;)

He played for barnsley and yes he did play right back. He doesn't look comfortable there at the moment though. I agree with degsy. He is going to be a wonderful cb. A concern I was talking about earlier was about rio ferdinand and his development. Rio made lots of mistakes for west ham (i know he was only young) but once david o'leary got hold of him at leeds his defensive game improved. His performances in the 02 world cup proved that. I wonder how stones will develop under martinez who is not very defensive minded , we can't even defend set plays. Just a thought I had earlier if anyone wants to comment

preki scored

Coleman was injured for all of pre season probably wasn't match fit, but this highlights our need for RB cover unless someone like Kenny or browning can step up.




18 Aug 2014 18:49:37
Hi ed, does you or anyone know what dates will be our away games in europa, as I need to try book off work asap!


Ed025{Ed025's Note - i dont bigstep, but one of our guys may have some idea mate..

Uefa website would be best bet. However until the draw is made I don't think you know if you are home or away first. Group stages basically mid Sep to mid Dec. Hope you get time off and get some nice Western Europe away days.




18 Aug 2014 17:30:23
Having had time to reflect on Saturday's performance and our progress, I would say it was almost exactly the same as last season's start. Played a team with less flair than us and dominated possession for long periods. Scored two good footballing goals. but conceded a sloppy corner and another fluke. Norwich 2-2 last season was almost identical. Now my point is, we had loads of corners and set pieces again, but never looked like scoring from any. We also looked vulnerable every time they had a corner or a set piece. If we spent a decent amount of time practicing defending set pieces as well as attacking them, perhaps we would score more and concede less. thus winning more points. I know this sounds like "the bleeding obvious", but RM said last season that we do not practice them in training? It seems crazy to me. We could be the best footballing team around, but win nothing because of this fact. I see most of the other top teams regularly score from set pieces and concede at very few set pieces.


Ed025{Ed025's Note - fair point degsy mate..

Totally agree Degsy. We are woeful at both attacking and defending corners and why we now stop putting the ball into the box at freekicks is beyond me.

We have two superb freekick takers in baines and mirrallas and should be using this to our advantage.

I understand he wants possession of the ball and makes the short pass instead of the ball in the box but this is more obsession. I love barca as well and martinio was obsessed with this same tactic. It frustrated Barca fans just as much.

Its clearly an issue which he should be dealing with in training. Otherwise what is training for?




18 Aug 2014 14:51:53
Hi Ed how much do you know about Max Clayton from Crewe. I think he's one to watch, but he's only a 19 year old

Anglesey blue

Ed025{Ed025's Note - not much to be honest AB..

I know he scored a couple of goals in the Johnstone paint cup final and he's meant to be one of the most promising young strikers in the lower leagues. Aside from that, I don't think he's necessarily much better than some of the talent we already have.

onlyhaveeyesforblue onlyhaveeyesforblue



18 Aug 2014 15:15:47
Apparently Matija Natasic has been deemed surplus to requirements at Man City. Great young centre-back imo. Would anyone here take him?

nil satis nisi optimum

18 Aug 2014 15:34:17
On loan, with view to buy, deffo, will it happen? Nah


I'd take him, but I doubt we have enough for what City will be asking for. At least £15 Mil I would have thought


I'd take him on a free (not that I don't rate him) but I wouldn't go spend what funds we have on him, also he won't come to us I reckon juventus.


18 Aug 2014 17:05:44
Not sure about him but I am getting a little concerned about the defense. We seem to be vulnerable from corners/free kicks/lobs into the goal area and Jagielka and Distin do not appear to be able to cope with them. Teams are and will begin to realize this and put more pressure on them. From the little I have see of Alcaraz he is worse. Stones is one for the future and maybe Duffy but center-back is one area we need to start thinking about and building for the future.


I honestly don't think Bobby fancies Duffy. It's a shame as the glimpses I've seen, he seems to be a decent player, certainly more so than Alcaraz. Jags' legs seemed to be like lead against LC.


I think Stones and Distin should be paired against the arse. Jags clearly needs to improve his fitness.

onlyhaveeyesforblue onlyhaveeyesforblue

Ed025{Ed025's Note - sounds like siamese twins that mate.. :)

As long as at least one of them can tell their arse from their elbow, Ed!

onlyhaveeyesforblue onlyhaveeyesforblue



18 Aug 2014 11:46:42
Who else would start besic instead of Barry against arsenal? I can't see Barry having the legs to track Ramsey, Alexis or chamberlin, and I think Barry was poor against lecister and should of probably seen red.




18 Aug 2014 09:48:34
Right, everyone knows how disappointed we all are over Ross Barkley`s preseason injury blow, but rest assured no one will be as gutted as the lad himself. Reminds me of the way Gascoigne used to be, had to be playing all the time attitude. Gutted for Barkley, hope he responds well to whatever treatment and he`s back terrorising defences sooner rather than later. In the meantime others need to step up and Bobby needs to earn his wages. Good luck Ross.

hugsterefc hugsterefc



18 Aug 2014 09:39:52
I understand some posters complaining about saturdays result, it was a very frustrating opening game somewhat similar to last year where we probably should have won given the possesion and having the lead twice! However it could have been worse if the ref had decided to rightly give Barry a second yellow and sent him off! He is very immobile when players run at him and this is not the first time he has got away with this unpunished, I really hope RM will give Besic & Gibbo the chance soon to play and pressure Barry for his place.




18 Aug 2014 07:57:27
ssn app is reporting everton are set to make an offer for eto after holding talks with his reps
I think this could be a rrally good move for us


18 Aug 2014 14:52:26
In what way is this a really good move for us?


I think the fact he's free and hopefully won't command too much in wages, is a good thing and he's experienced in Europe and gets goals wherever he goes him Konr lukaku and long will be the depth we need to challenge on four fronts unless we have the money to but a new striker, I personally don't think will sign anyone else


18 Aug 2014 15:36:12
'hopefully wouldn't command too much in wages', that's like hoping water won't be wet mate


18 Aug 2014 15:55:05
undecided on this really. Eto'o is an experienced goal scorer, that we can't deny, but how much would he command in the way of wages? The other issue would be his age but, if this is just a short term fix, then that isn't too bad. He's a similar age to Barry so if they are good enough then RM will not hold age against them. Finally, in comparison to what we have, and what we need for the extra games this year, I think he is better than some of the options we already have. For example, Kone is a year or two younger than Eto'o but is he anywhere near the same quality? No. Such a move could make a bit of sense but I wouldn't be too bothered if it didn't happen


It could be a good move becaus eto has scored goals at every club he played for.
And he is a free transfer but never mind swan cause the only people your not negative about are the players who cost over 50 mill and are in early 20's an out of our price range come on swan you tell us who is moor proven in our squad than eto I will tell ye there is no one at everton moor proven than eto


18 Aug 2014 20:33:53
Calm down little miss sunshine, I rate xavi, he's 34 and is free soon so you're wrong already, I only asked, easy boy




17 Aug 2014 20:34:25
Hey fellas,

Reet and I, thanks to the Eds, will be editing a page for the fantasy group that many of you have joined. If you would like to talk fantasy football, or even just talk football in general, stop on by! This is a good way to be friends even though we hope the other loses every game!

Hope to see you there.





17 Aug 2014 20:24:10
Correct Score Competition week 2 has been updated, Everyone is welcome to join in simply follow the instructions on the comp page, A link can be found at the top of the page.
**please do not reply to this message post any questions or banter on the comp page**

Cheers and good luck

Ed 003.

Ed 003 Ed 003



17 Aug 2014 19:27:33
Sorry Jipster but you now need to re register as some one else because if anyone on here believes that you are friends with every clubs doctor they need a brain transplant from one of your mates. The truth is if Barkley is back before Xmas he's done well and anyone who has followed football for the past 10 years has seen this before.
We can cope with him not playing though, attacking mid, we have players although not as good, can do a job, there were times last season he was out and we coped. What we do need is a forward to play with or replace Lukaku, and serious cover at right back so if one of your doctor mates has treated any lately tell him to give the club a shout


17 Aug 2014 19:53:24
I reckon jipster is junster, from one itk rubbish to another, expect japster, robertos shoe shiner to pop up next




17 Aug 2014 17:28:48
Its been a pretty poor weekend all in all. First the news broke about barkleys injury then a disapointing draw at leicester, although an away point is never a bad one. Apart from utd ( ha ha ) all the top 7 have won so far apart from us with chelsea yet to play and city in the process of beating newcastle. But you know what having watched it all mostly highlights admittedly I really believe we can match and beat them all. Yes we need a bigger squad this season with more games to play but in terms of top 4 were right in the mix. let's get rom super kev and seamus firing on all cylenders and see what besic and atsu can add. I suddenly feel really confident again.

sheedy was great

We've had one game lads, and if in my personal opinion we had had a better preseason and I mean played local teams and played your starting 11 for at least your last 2 but for me 3 games so you don't make stupid mistakes in defence on your opening game we would of strolled yesterday's game but we didn't so let's sort it out at finch farm this week and get stuck into the arse on Saturday




17 Aug 2014 16:11:32
as we get closer to the end of this transfer window. Who if anyone do you think might leave us, barring all stupid offer coming in I can only see Gibson and Joel with a chance of going


Ed025{Ed025's Note - i cant see anyone going BOTN..

If RM was going to replace Robles, it would have already happened imho, but it looks like he's Howard's backup until one of the younger keepers (most likely to be Stanek) is deemed to be ready.

Cowpat Sid 2 Cowpat Sid 2



17 Aug 2014 15:53:46
So does anyone actually know how good this Henen is and where he plays? All I keep seeing is he's the next to also but if zits just is interested in him I can't see him being anywhere near that good. Anyone have any info on him?


I meant next Ronaldo


It does seem unusual that such a supposedly hot prospect hasn't had a lot more interest reported in the media (no matter how unreliable the papers and news websites usually are!) and it seems that only us - and Arsenal I believe - have had any interest. It makes me wonder if it's all part of an elaborate wind-up like that player (Weah?) who Souness almost took when he was, I seem to recall, Southampton manager. Of course it isn't - Henen is a genuine player - but I'm surprised there haven't been more situations like the Weah one ;-)

Cowpat Sid 2 Cowpat Sid 2

Lmao sid, it does seen a strange one I mean if he's that good where's the interest from all the other top teams? I think will sign him he'll go out on loan till he's twenty 1 then leave for a nominal fee, call me a pessimist


Ryan, a player playing in scotland for dundee united is hot prospect (the next *insert name messi, ronaldo, cruyff) called Ryan Gauld. It seems nobody has purchased him either. The interest and purchase is down to how much promise the player shows and whether the club involved think he's worth a punt. Top clubs either can't be bothered developing youngsters (chelsea) and will buy sucess, or want to buy a more finished product (lukaku). Everton on the other hand can not usually afford either a fee of a finished product or a top end almost finished product so look at the likes of henin.


Ed07{Ed007's Note - Ryan Gauld has joined Sporting Lisbon for £3 million and has a 60 million Euros (£48 million) buy-out clause in his contract.}



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