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23 Nov 2014 14:32:19
hi fellow blues this is my first time post. just want to tell you of a talk I had last night with a so called true red. I asked him what was liverpools manager before shanks he said don't no. so I gave him a clue think of a world darts player I said answer eric bristo if you no your history lol




23 Nov 2014 13:46:29
Howard-6.5-made one really good save but was well off his line when beaten, which was stupid, scares me with crosses

Coleman-7-back to his old self, few good runs and solid defensively

Jagielka-6.5-him and distin were way too dodgy

Distin-6-did some really really stupid things and deflecte off him for the goal, browning anyone?

Hibbert-7-shouldnt of played but did, and did well, annoys me when people shout shoot, grow up, hanging on to a 2-1 lead and people are shouting shoot 50 yards out in the 86th minute

Mccarthy-8-brilliant from him again, superb buy

Osman-8-had his best ever game for us, in the holding role too

Mirallas-6.5-barely had a chance to influence the game, made up he's back

Naismith-6.5-worked hard but should of scored

Barkley-5-dont remember him having the ball without losing it, he needs to leave as he is wasted on the wing and refuses to pass it

Lukaku-6.5-won one out of about 30 headers but got his goal, touch was a bit better than usual

Eto-o-7-shocked he didn't score but changed the game and got an assist, its a joy to see him in an everton shirt

Besic-6-came on and yep, didn't see him


Performance? Dreadful, result? Yay, clattenburg his usual kopite self, west ham should of been down to 8 men but regardless, onto the bext one


Just checking you were there? Deflected off Distin ehh? Well I need to move seats I think, didn't see that like!! Barkley neds a shaking, thinks no one can take the ball off him n he's got all the time in the world, well he's wrong on both counts. What they doing with him in training apart from massaging his ego??

Howie bluenose

Barkley needs to leave why because he was dead on his feet for the whole second half i'm guessing down to fitness, if it wernt for the fact that we had other players losing their heads he could have been rested but bar McCarthy n Coleman the rest of the team were poor including osman he lost the ball bout 20 times but ye he scored so let's rave about him


23 Nov 2014 16:55:28
People in the ground instantly said it deflected off distin, haven't seen it back and mike ffs, don't start acting like I (ME) always rave about osman, he had a good game, that's it, I still think he's awful but he had a good game.


Mikedablue, like Swan youve convinced me that I need to find another seat or I need to check my 45years plus of following football. So Osman was that bad ehh? Me and all the Everton legends need a break from football to think he marshalled Everton yesterday and was outstanding. However if he'd ran around like a whirling dervish takling everything that moved, nearly get sent off and pass every ball backwards, then without doubt he would have been outstanding. McCarthy was outstanding for that contribution but it didn't win us the game, it very nearly cost us the game.

Howie bluenose

Well for your info it came off Jags Swan, and in my opinion he looks nothing like Distin for obvious reasons, so what all those who instantly said it was Distin are wearing for specs well its time they went for a check.

Howie bluenose



23 Nov 2014 13:14:39
Not being one to cause controversy or conflict, I just want to say, "Leon Osman" you were superb today. He ran 7.1 miles compared with 6.5 for McCarthy, had 93% pass accuracy, completing 71 passes. Oh and he scored another goal to ensure a further 2 points in our quest. Not bad for someone who's legs have gone and is past it according to some posters on here. Don't get me wrong, I am not his biggest fan, nor is he my favourite player by a long stretch. It is just I feel like he has had unfair press from certain quarters this season. That includes you Ed 025. I also noted that McGeady was not present in yet another of our wins. Anyone notice a pattern developing here? Stats for Leon are 400 games and 55 goals. Not bad for a codger.


Ed025{Ed025's Note - he is a good squad player for me degs, something i have stated all the time mate, just not a regular starter..

But if he plays like this Ed, who can leave him out the team? I believe it is all about form. McGeady is obviously a decent player, but lacking in confidence just now. Osman was lacking confidence, but is getting it back. With support behind him, he still has a couple of years left. that's 2 goals this season and a couple of assists.


Ed025{Ed025's Note - he can still play a part degsy but for me not every week, but thats just my opinion mate..

I'm sure we all see the pattern degs only about the 100th time u have said it your painful


Ye it was well deserved osman was the real game changer as if I can tip toe round for 7 miles not to mention lose the ball loads but as long as I score all else is forgotten, we shouldn't of won so give it a rest




23 Nov 2014 07:49:11
Got to say our support of late at home is not existant not sure if it's the slow build up play or something but I could of had a conversation with some one in the main stand from my seat in the bullens, also we need to work on our dead ball situations it's like RM is embarrassed to use them or are we trying to fit it in training in the last few mins




Ed033 Note: The Everton Player Ratings page has been updated to the latest Everton match.

You can also vote on Man of the Match for the latest game using our Everton Man of the Match Polls page.

Ed033   Ed033



23 Nov 2014 00:38:08
Two great wins for evertonions today. Etc vs West Ham United and Bellew whacking cleverly


Split decision though??? Hmmm


Still won though mate.


Ed025{Ed025's Note - it was never a split decision he won easily..that judge who gave it to cleverley needs to go to specksavers..

Never got to watch it ed,but a win is a win.saw on ssn that clever couldn't deal with tonys power.


Ed025{Ed025's Note - it was a poor fight to be honest dentie, but like us yesterday its all about the win mate..

It dosnt matter then the fact the guy threw a left jab the whole fight(apart from the last 4 rounds) and won on a judges card, viva Qatar 2022




22 Nov 2014 21:52:24
Just want to say I was expecting doom and gloom all season and did post a few negative posts, I have eaten a piece of humble pie and am now back to my normal self. Todays performance proved to me we can win ugly and have a real chance of Europe again. Onwards and upwards Blues and let's hope we finish above we won't miss Suarez's 30 goals a season F.C.

lancerboy   lancerboy



22 Nov 2014 18:37:51
I second that phew Charlie. Can't say we deserved much today but that's football. We'll play better and lose so just delighted with the three points.




22 Nov 2014 18:22:35
Anyone hoping Moyes does well tonight?


Ed025{Ed025's Note - no..



22 Nov 2014 18:17:42
Nice to see we can still win ugly we needed that, 3 points hope Naismith is ok Coyb.

Stef the blue



22 Nov 2014 16:56:43


Ed025{Ed025's Note - you can say that again charlie..



22 Nov 2014 14:48:21
What's happened oveado, not listed as injured?


Ed025{Ed025's Note - i reall dont know charlie...i thought he was a cert to play mate..



21 Nov 2014 11:46:46
Morning Eds, would I be able to use this page to wish Tony Bellew good luck for tomorrow night please.



Azul Cambiante

Ed025{Ed025's Note - you certainly can azul, hes a good friend of mine so i will pass it on personally mate..

Hope he knocks that clevrly out


21 Nov 2014 13:24:40
Thanks Ed, I've never met him myself but he always comes across as being quite a humble family man and certainly wears his colours (blue and white) on his sleeve.
Two blue and white victories tomorrow would make my weekend.

azul cambiante

Ed025{Ed025's Note - mine too azul..

Come on Bellew. Also wanna wish my mate Bradley Saunders luck as he is on the under card.


Ed025{Ed025's Note - good luck to them all dentie, they deserve it because its such a hard game..

Agree with all that. c'mon u Blues

Nil Satis

Alan BallBoy

Come on bellew lad. Us blues are right behind ya. Knock him out arrogant (person)

bodie37 bodie37

22 Nov 2014 14:01:28
Come on Bellew. I think he's great, he's hilarious in his interviews


Think I could knock that Tom Cleverly out myself


Ed025{Ed025's Note - swan would be your friend forever if you did that tedster..

23 Nov 2014 02:29:29
Two Blue and White victories, my day is complete.

azul cambiante



20 Nov 2014 17:29:53
will any of ed be able to say who we are interested in for January and not everton related poll would anyone like to see shawcross given chance for england or curtis davies or both


Ed025{Ed025's Note - there is nothing coming through on new recruits bretto, maybe its a bit early yet, i will submit your poll request to ED01 mate..



20 Nov 2014 10:58:18
So I see the ever professional ROY KEANE has his views on our manager. well being the disgrace of a player he was and out spoken person of a manager or assistant manager he is. I think he should keep that mouth shut. any views ppl??


He doesn't like to be out the limelight too long does he. A thug of a player. by his own admission. Regarding man City player he put out the game.very bad manager. we kept stuffing Sunderland when he was in charge. In general he is just a little moaning cry baby who's toys keep being flung out his pram.


Ed025{Ed025's Note - im with you dentie, hes a bully boy. but you wont see him mixing it with the likes of big dunc or souness because they were genuine hard guys..

I know ed. Bet he didn't run to fergie asking why giggsy was only available to Wales in qualifiers and never friendlys


Ed025{Ed025's Note - your right dentie..

And this is the same loyal Irishman
who walked on his country in the middle of a World Cup because he'd had a spat with Mick McCarthy who was managing Ireland at the time

Daveyboy Blue Daveyboy Blue

The reason he fell out with Mccarthy was because Mccarthy was arrogant and unlikeable and told Keane to go when he questioned his judgement and why he did this was because he thought the training pitch and hotel standards where not fit for professional footballers you say he was afraid of souness and duncan well he gave schmeichel a black eye and he was an animal

Matas Beard Matas Beard



19 Nov 2014 13:23:45
Can someone please explain what is happening with george green? All the hype around him, he doesn't play for the under 21s and is usually on the bench for the under 18s. he's about 19 now right? Has he just not developed or was he never really that good?


Ed025{Ed025's Note - he was really good when he came swan, but injuries and loss of form has contributed to his career stalling somewhat, there are still high hopes for him but he needs to knuckle down now as he is not a kid anymore..

Need to see about putting him out on loan from January. Lower league team.


Ed025{Ed025's Note - i think your right dentie..



18 Nov 2014 22:00:51
This post is mostly about england with a hint of everton and a lot of anger, firstly what does roy get by putting on the likes of Lambert? He isn't very good and why when you have berahino on the bench with 20 minutes to go in an international friendly would you put on someone who you already know exactly what they'll give you? Seems more than pointless to me but onto my really point, Barkley- why not bring him on earlier? Half time, a start even, possibly 20 minutes but no he gets 4, why even bother, and not sure if anyone else has noticed but when Barkley tried something that wasn't the conventional receive, pass the way you're facing did Roy go mental at him? He's already publicly criticized him for giving the ball away to easily, let's thank god that ross isn't with England that often and with a forward thinking manager who wants him to play naturally, I get the feeling if it was up to roy he would have ross a completely different player and thank god he isn't there very often, in my opinion we will never do anything with someone like roy in charge, hope I'm wrong but I believe he is not at all what we need, old, predictable and has his favourites, and for anyone very excited about this england win remember, it was Scotland, not Germany

Blue D

. couldn't agree more.Hodgson is something of a managerial dinosaur, we'll always fail miserably when it comes to the big tournaments & against better teams. let's hope he stays in the job for a little longer though because something tells me that Roberto is high up on the F.A shortlist to replace him!


19 Nov 2014 01:23:17
The manager is useless, one if the worst managers to ever be involved in football, but the teams full of overrated players anyway, hart, wilshere, henderson, sterling, barkley, rooney and welbeck, nothing spectacular is it. I wanted scotland to win tonight, wanted a naismith hattrick, the hype is unbearable, the most boring team to watch in the world, if england want to do anything, which is difficult as there are no world class players in the team, they need to scrap everyone 27 and over, play the kids and get an attacking manager, stop playin has beens like slippy g, fat frank and michael 'the wannabe gareth barry' carrick, get rid of them all, including the owl who manages them.


Don't agree with a majority of players in the list being overrated but I agree with the kids policy. Germany did it a few years ago and even though they were drawing and losing a few, they came good in the end. To me. even though it was a friendly and gave woy chance to experiment, I don't think he could bare to lose to the Scots.


If England would have lost to Scotland Hodson would be under so much flack from the media that his job would be in jepardy so you can't really blame him for playing tried and trusted players that he thinks will get him the win. This is the problem with England they are expected to win every match so managers just play it safe. If the FA came out and said we are going to develop players and therefore may not qualify for major tournements the managers may have room to experiment, but that's not going to happen as the financial implications are to great. just my opinion about England. As for Woy I don't think he is the right man for the job but thas who we have so there we go.


Swan the England manager can only play english players so unless you can come up with a starting eleven that dosnt involve tem players your argument makes no sense, w all know that English players are over hyped but hodgson did actually give it a go in the World Cup so its hard to criticise a manager who decided not stick with the way its always been, but you still need a good enough team to do it


Hodgson just looks like someone who doesn't inspire confidence.
Watch him as he sits there biting his lip in that nervy way, rubbing his hand over his chin/mouth.
He even did it the other night straight after England scored - he had a two second brief cheer/smile then he immediately sank back into his worry position and started grimacing and rubbing his mouth again nervously - he's not an inspiring leader is he?




18 Nov 2014 14:17:58
Does anyone know what the misconduct charge was that Sunderland have admitted to against us?
They were so dirty in that game I'm struggling to single out the worst incident.

Rhapsody in Blue

Surely it was when the penalty was awarded.

Cowpat Sid 2 Cowpat Sid 2

Sunderland have been fined £20,000 after admitting an FA misconduct charge arising from the game against Everton this month.

The club were charged with failing to ensure their players conducted themselves in an orderly fashion during the match which ended in a 1-1 draw.

The Sunderland players were incensed by the referee Lee Mason’s decision to give a penalty after Connor Wickham, their last defender at the time, brought down Seamus Coleman in front of the six-yard box.

“Sunderland have admitted an FA misconduct charge and accepted the standard penalty of £20,000 following their game against Everton on 9 November 2014, ” a statement on the FA’s website read. “The club was charged for failing to ensure its players conducted themselves in an orderly fashion in the 76th minute of the game.”

Sunderland’s protests had been in stark contrast to the reaction of their manager, Gus Poyet, who admitted after the match the decision was correct. “I would give it, I need to be honest, if I was on the pitch and I was the referee, I would give it, ” he said

hope that helps


19 Nov 2014 07:59:35
Cheers Ste

Rhapsody in Blue



18 Nov 2014 12:24:32
Jonas Gutiérrez has recovered from Cancer which is fantastic news, but he's subsequently been told to find a new club by Pardew. Very cold and horrible thing to do. But, when he gets back to full fitness would anyone take him? I think he was a pretty good player.


18 Nov 2014 15:36:43
No, he's a player who will work hard, but lacks any technical ability and has no pace not to mention an awful finisher and one footed, nowhere near good enough, even newcastle fans say that


18 Nov 2014 18:15:42
Fair enough Swan, personally think he could do a job imo. Sometimes just pure hard work is enough to win matches.


QB I think your using your heart rather than your head


19 Nov 2014 22:22:07
Yeah Mike, I reckon you're right. Would just be nice to give him a better chance for Football sake.




17 Nov 2014 20:58:42
Is it just me or is Roy Keane being a complete person at the moment?
I've just read some of his remarks in relation to JMc and Seamus and can't believe the arrogance of the man.
Isn't this the same man who walked out on his country after he spat his dummy out?
And now he has the gall to question Roberto, one of the most respected managers in the premier league.

Rhapsody in Blue

Ed025{Ed025's Note - hes a total prick RIB mate..

Strange because he had quite a lot of good things to say about everton in his book, I actually just think he says stuff for the sake of being heard at times coupled with their defeat I would take it with a pinch of salt


18 Nov 2014 13:50:39
His beloved utd never exaggerated players fitness for international breaks.

Tommy Irish Red



17 Nov 2014 18:45:38
Wow! Get yourselves on Yahoo on have a look at Ryan Ledson's 45 yard free kick for England Under 18's. Awesome.


17 Nov 2014 20:37:57
Has anyone got a link for this? I've had a look around and can't find one anywhere .


Ed025{Ed025's Note - i just typed in...ryan ledson free kick on google and it comes up mate..

It looks to me like he's overhit the free kick that he's aimed for the forwards to attack in the air and the goalie has misjudged it and the ball has ended up in the net. It's great that he scored, but it doesn't look to me like he meant it - but what do I know!

Cowpat Sid 2 Cowpat Sid 2

Ed025{Ed025's Note - i think your right sid..

I think it was a accident but he got some almighty curl on it.I'm looking forward to seeing him break into the 1st team.I think he is one of the best youngsters we have atm.


19 Nov 2014 12:45:41
does anyone know ryan ledsons natural position. Thinking about who needs replacing in the current first team in the next couple of years, the only two the wrong side of 30 I would presume is Barry or Pienaar. Can ledson play in either of these positions, bearing in mind I would expect Oviedo to replace Pienaar's role in the near future if not already, so it leaves barry the player I would say in the current system who is to be replaced in the next couple of seasons, granted we have Gibson and besic to fill this role aswell, would Ryan jump these two as a starting midfielder?




17 Nov 2014 16:07:19
Here are a few suggestions for voting polls. My apologies if you've already had them.


Cowpat Sid 2   Cowpat Sid 2

Ed07{Ed007's Note - That's great, Sid, cheers. I've passed them onto Ed001.}



17 Nov 2014 16:30:53
Given the comments on international matches. Would people be happy with Ross playing against Scotland, given how ferocious these games can get.


17 Nov 2014 19:01:15
Id rather none of our players played at all, ever.


18 Nov 2014 19:34:36
Swan even if Everton have a game you don't want them to play good that's what they r doing this season then.

Tommy Irish Red



17 Nov 2014 11:28:18
Could you set up a few polls please ed?

Who do you care about more, your club or your country?
Club. Country.

Are you over the moon with leon osmans new contract?
Yes. No.

Do we need a new goalkeeper?
Yes. No.

When John Stones returns, should he go straight back in the first team?
Yes. No.

Cheers if possible ed


Ed01{Ed001's Note - ok mate will add those to the Poll Of The Day list. And thank you, it is always good to have some sent in.}

I think I can guess what your answers might be, Swan, and I reckon most posters will agree with you. ;-)

Cowpat Sid 2 Cowpat Sid 2



17 Nov 2014 09:39:47
Should we stop playing international football (that is between nations, not between clubs) at odd times throughout the season and just play the international matches at the end of the season or, perhaps, also during a mid-season (Winter) break?
Maybe we could also reduce the qualifying stages by having smaller groups or perhaps have the 'lesser' nations have a knockout pre-group-stage and then also make the finals more of a knockout competition?
Either way, I'd prefer to see less of the (often) meaningless, (sometimes) uninteresting, international football and more genuinely competitive (i.e. more knockout, fewer group matches against minnows) international football than at present.
In my humble opinion, the current scattering of international breaks for the UEFA Euro 2016 qualifying campaign is just too disruptive and the effect on players (risk of injury, disruption of familiar rest/recovery routines, loss of time that could be spent training and practising with their clubs, travelling and time away from families, etc.) is not conducive to good club preparation.
I appreciate that the international players wouldn't benefit from this breaks (as they'd obviously be playing!) - but I guess most clubs would play friendlies anyway using their other players - and the international matches would overlap with the transfer windows, but it might work out for all concerned. Of course UEFA and FIFA like all of these international matches because of the revenue (especially television) they generate and they're unlikely to give that up!
I'm sure more fans follow their clubs to a greater degree than their countries. I'm not saying they're not passionate and patriotic, but I'm pretty sure that the clubs come first for the vast majority of fans.
By all means keep international football - although personally I wouldn't miss it that much (I find the international club completions much more interesting in general) - and I do accept that most fans want to keep the World Cup, etc. - but I just want to make it less disruptive to the club seasons and the club players.
What do you reckon?

Cowpat Sid 2   Cowpat Sid 2

17 Nov 2014 11:20:31
Id love to see an end between international football full stop, what's the point in playing estonia, san marino, hungary and greece twice, its easy qualifying all building up to a tournament that ends as quickly as it begins, the world cups alright, have that every 4 years, to qualify? what's the point, the same teams qualify each time. Just have the top 32 nations on fifas list play in the world cup, instead of 2 years of 4 nils against opposition whose team consists of part time waiters, bartenders and chefs, its incredibly boring and does nothing but affect premier league clubs (the important thing), keep the world cup and don't play any matches ever until the world cup itself, so annoying and pointless, in the time international breaks are supposed to happen? Give the players a break, scrap it full stop bar world cup


Nice one, Swan.
Maybe having each confederation (like UEFA) having their own championship played over two Summer breaks and the top sides from there then playing in a FIFA World Cup over the alternate two years (qualifying one Summer, then playing the finals during the next Summer) might work. Use a Winter break for tournaments in the Southern Hemisphere or places with too hot Summers. Otherwise, no meaningless international football - let the club competitions take precedence.

Cowpat Sid 2 Cowpat Sid 2

Before I start, I will state that I understand that other people have different views to me. I guess I am "old school" with my views. I actually love England and see England internationals as the pinnacle of football in this country. I love watching England play (sometimes) and even more so if we have some Everton players involved. However, I see the Champions League as a money making scheme invented by UEFA in order to grow football around the world and not particularly for the benefit of the majority of clubs. only a few elite clubs benefit who once involved are almost guaranteed to have a 50 million cheque each season. I do understand the need for a top club competition. I just think the Champions League has been promoted to the point of taking over. I would rather see more England internationals and less Champions League stuff. That's my view and sorry if it upsets a few.


I'm with you degsy.


17 Nov 2014 18:59:10
And world cups are a money making scheme by fifa, it works both ways, heres a question, england win a world cup or everton win 10 champions leagues and 10 premier leagues in the next 20 years


Sorry Swan, I knew my view would irk you. I can't help it, I admit I am different to most, but I would love England to win the World Cup again in my lifetime. I would also love Everton to win one Champions League in my lifetime. Or the Premiership. In reality I am running out of time, but history says Everton are due a trophy. As for England, unless we host the competition, things look bleaker.




17 Nov 2014 09:36:21
Not all about Everton but could have implications on playing meaningless Internationals.

Europe to get out of FIFA. Seed the best teams and the drawcards. Say 12 and the remainder play in qualifying matches. Go around the world and get another 20 teams using the same criteria.

That means bye bye FIFA, brings interesting international football played where the action is.

Clubs would be happy too and have the clout to make it happen!


Read my post below.
I agree with what you say but I would use the moment to get out of FIFA.




17 Nov 2014 02:46:19
Keane is shouting the odds about Everton withdrawing players from the Irish team. Everton pay their wages, thus, if there is any doubt about their fitness, they don't play, it really is that simple.I pay to see them play, fully fit, against w/ham, not semi fit or out altogether. So Mr keane, do your job, and leave r/m to do his, they will play if everton say they are fit, keep your nose out our clubs management.


God I can't stand that obnoxious Irish Bully.


Totally agree, guys. When there was talk of Keane joining us a few years ago I was in a real quandary - how could I applaud or cheer that cowardly thug? Luckily it didn't happen. Maybe we should ask big Duncan to have a quiet word with him. Maybe not - Keane would just run away from him like he used to do on the pitch!

Toffee Tezza Toffee Tezza

Did he not walk out on the irish team


Ed01{Ed001's Note - amazing how that gets forgotten, that he walked out on his country because he didn't get his way, like a 5 year old taking his ball in.}

By the way, that stunt was invented by his old boss at old trafford




16 Nov 2014 15:16:53
Luiz Adriano of Shaktar Donetsk is available to sign on a pre-contract in January. He's been a good striker for a couple of years now, would anyone take him? If you look at all the top clubs they have 3 very good striking options, Rom's not exactly firing at the moment so it couldn't hurt to mix it up a bit.

BitterBlue   BitterBlue

Yes we should or try get him in jan other good players schar from basel koloplanka and gingac ayew Marseille


I reckon it's up to Hope and Long this season to prove they're worth a permanent place in the Everton first-team squad. If they don't progress - and if none of our other U-21 and U-18 forwards aren't deemed ready - then RM will surely have to bring in at least one forward, as Eto'o probably has only got a couple of seasons left, Kone doesn't look like he'll ever be consistently fit, McAleny apparently remains some way from the first team, and that leaves just Lukaku as a frontline striker. In my humble opinion, playing Naismith or Mirallas as a main striker might work occasionally, but isn't a workable longer-term solution.
The way we play - with just one out-and-out striker - means that should be OK with four (at a pinch three) such centre forwards in our squad, but we do need to have enough adequate strikers to rest/rotate in that position, especially if we're playing in a European competition.

Cowpat Sid 2 Cowpat Sid 2



16 Nov 2014 13:12:08
We currently have 23 'aged over 21' players in our registered Premier League squad. Come the end of next summer's transfer window, we'll have several current 'under 21' players who'll have reached the age limit and will have to be accommodated in that 25-strong squad - namely Barkley, Lukaku and Garbutt. Stones will be considered 'under 21' for another season. The good news is that they're all 'locally trained', which helps us meet the regulations. On the assumption that several players - probably Distin and Alcaraz, but maybe a few others like Junior - will be moved on, then we should have no problem with squad size.
Any preferences - bearing in mind who's signed contract extensions and who RM has brought in during his tenure (and therefore likes as a player) - as to which players should be moved on next summer?

Cowpat Sid 2   Cowpat Sid 2

I think pienarr may go in jan to socie dad


16 Nov 2014 19:11:20
If Pienaar does move, then I imagine it'll be because RM wants to bring in Cleverley.
Actually, I can't see anyone leaving unless RM has a replacement already sorted - either an incoming transfer or someone that's ready from among our U-21 and U-18 players - as I'm sure we'll need a full strong squad (hopefully injury-free and in good form and few if any suspensions) for the rest of the season.

Cowpat Sid 2 Cowpat Sid 2



16 Nov 2014 12:59:59
Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but my understanding is that John Stones will have been with us for two years at the end of the coming January transfer window and that means that he'll no longer need to be named in our UEFA Europa League List A squad for the knockout rounds (should we qualify from the Group Stages). Romelu Lukaku, although also still 'under-21', hasn't been with us for two years yet, so has to remain in the List A squad. Stones will drop down to the List B squad.
To get to the point ;-) this means that we can bring another 'over-21' player into the List A squad or bring in one of our other 'under-21' players who hasn't yet been with us for two years - like Galloway or Henen.
Any preferences?

Cowpat Sid 2   Cowpat Sid 2

Henen for me.let's see what all the fuss is about.




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