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19 Jul 2017 14:49:16
Few rumours about that Chelsea and Man U could be in for Barkley. I can see him at Man U - Jose has said in the past he rates him. Hopefully some more interest will drive the price up.

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19 Jul 2017 17:39:10
Tadpole I got told that Ross is signing for utd, I was told about lukaku to utd and ross. I posted it on here but got laughed at last month.
I hope he stays but only if he wants to stay!

19 Jul 2017 17:44:13
it's possible but see how quick he came out to deny theses wage demand rumours. i guess he wants to let his new fans know he's not in it for the money, while he ignores the ones that have supported him since he grew into the first team. poor show from him and his advisors again i would keep him in the pl2 squad before i would let spurs have him on the cheap he deserves it imo i think other teams are looking at him cause spurs believe they have driven the price down but as all's they've done is alert others to his cut price availability.

19 Jul 2017 18:00:04
Bear with me on this post.
Of the “big six”, Chelsea, Manchester City and Manchester United each surely have the resources to challenge for the top-four Premier League positions.
Tottenham have a very good manager and very good players already, but have the relatively worrying factor of playing all their home matches at Wembley - where they weren't great last season in the Champions League.
Liverpool, if they get their recruitment right, will fancy Klopp to get them to challenge.
Arsenal, if Wenger can get it right - and keep the fans onside - will hope to do better.
So, if Barkley does, as looks very likely, depart, I'd be happier if he went to CFC, MCFC or MUFC (at a pinch AFC) rather than THFC, so that THFC aren't strengthened to our detriment. (Obviously, Barkley going to LFC would cause a major meltdown amongst our fans. )

{Ed025's Note - you sound very much like cowpat sid if you dont mind me saying mate..

19 Jul 2017 18:02:45
Hope you are right this has been going on for far too long, its time to move on so R K knows what is needed for the team, cheers mate GuernseyBlue.

19 Jul 2017 18:08:33
rumoured to utd or not it would make no sense to utd to buy him they have so many good att mids he would be like a rooney player over the last couple of seasons there (hardly used ) surely barks advisors have told him this. just no way it is a good idea for ross or utd. this is why utd haven't seriously already looked at him cause they're att is pretty strong especially now they have bought that belgian guy can't remember his name. but ross is not known for his decision making i suppose . this whole thing is the only blip on our impressive recruitment drive sad that is is one of our own causing it.

19 Jul 2017 18:22:10
Ronald will be planning for life without Ross.
Someone will stump up the cash as teams get more desperate towards the end of August. I don't care where he goes if he doesn't want to stay. If Spurs don't buy him, they'd only stengthen with someone else anyway so we may as well profit from the deal. I'm glad he's not travelling with the squad, we want a tight group from day one who are focused on pushing for top 4 and the cups.

{Ed025's Note - hes actually having a small groin operation tadpole..

19 Jul 2017 18:53:25
Is that to find out where his balls have gone Ed?

{Ed025's Note - love it ST..

19 Jul 2017 20:13:13
Ed025 - whatever happened to Cowpat Sid? Before I recently registered, I used to read this website and enjoyed his posts, but then he suddenly disappeared. Was he banned for upsetting a grumpy Ed? Anyway, happy to be considered a similar poster to him.

{Ed025's Note - i would love to know myself bobby, your posts were very sid like mate and thats a massive compliment..

19 Jul 2017 21:40:17
BobbyC. I've just read your previous posts from today. Are you sure your not CowpatSid? Pretty similar on stats and stuff tbh. I think Ed has called you out :)

20 Jul 2017 00:04:01
Toffee Ace - I want to know what happened to this "Cowpat Sid". Does anyone know why he stopped posting - was he banned by a grumpy Ed? Other people have posted similar stuff about stats, etc., since it's all available on the Internet if you take the time to look for it and read it.

{Ed002's Note - There are no grumpy Eds.}

20 Jul 2017 07:54:29
There might not be any Grumpy Eds, but there are a few Happy fans this transfer window. Not sure if you also think there are some Dopey fans on this website ;-)

{Ed025's Note - good stuff bobby..

18 Jul 2017 19:16:52
Hi Ed 025,Ross terms agreed with Spurs being reported on N S N O, any news your end cheers mate, GuernseyBlue.

{Ed025's Note - as far as i know GB negotiations have begun between the two clubs but they are still a fair bit apart on the fee, ross also wants to be the top earner at spurs ahead of the likes of kane and alli which i find ridiculous and i cant see levy buying that for 1 minute mate..

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19 Jul 2017 00:01:43
I have always been confused by Barkley's agents tactics. There has only ever been one club show any interest in signing Ross. Spurs. Spurs have a very strict wage structure. No one over 100,000 a week, not Harry Kane, not Delle Ali, not Hugo Lloris. That's been the case for years. Shouldn't be a surprise to anyone. There is absolutely no chance Ross gets 150,000 or even 125,000 a week. He will get no more than the offer Everton made him. The only explanations are either he is just desperate to get away from Koeman or his agent is criminally negligent. I think this all ends badly.

19 Jul 2017 00:08:03
Didnt realise the lad was so greedy. Shame.

19 Jul 2017 00:17:31
The lad is misguided.
Top earner?
Also heard spurs fans saying he'll have to adjust his attitude going to a bigger club?
The football world has gone insane!

19 Jul 2017 00:48:04
a little harsh on ross all that, but right about his advisors, without a doubt he has been tapped up by kane for spurs (the 2 are very good friends) imo. altho he is probs starting to realise what every football fan over the age of 40 has known for years spurs don't pay high wages certainly not to incoming players you have to earn your contract at spurs and if he is a squad players that means he won't get the bonuses he's been promised that top up his wages. yes he will be going to a good team but one were the best players will be cherry picked by other teams who will treble wages. said it before this has franny jeffers written all over it. was horrified to learn that spurs value him at 15 mill with a wage structure staring at 40 a week plus bonuses. which he won't get cause he will be busy keeping the bench warm. think about what he has been offered by efc 100 a week plus bonuses and it is hard to see what is going on in his head. this is a career defining move for barkley in 2 years he will be getting bought by city or utd (cause he will be successful) for 100 mill or his career will be mismanaged by spurs as they look to keep an eye on wages. i cannot understand why he thinks that playing second fiddle to dele alli is going to get him his england spot. poorly advised by idiots that's all i can say.

18 Jul 2017 23:51:05
Cant see were ross will fit in the spurs team with alli don and erikson in the team.

19 Jul 2017 04:14:57
forgot to say that he may well be persuaded to stay now he has seen what spurs are offering him, altho koeman's body language when asked about ross in a recent vid tells all and the sentence that we are looking for a replacement confirms it. hope he does well in his new team i really do, but i just don't see it the whole move just makes no sense to me. he must know that kane will probs be at manu or city in 2 years dele to chel we all know it will happen they are being tapped up right now in they're sleep. big players have big dreams and the afore mentioned players will have their wages tripled by moving. so they will. that's why spurs are not bigger than everton we have changed our infrastructure paying players on average twice what spurs do and still spending . things are changing at efc we are moving up now if we can do it on the pitch this season things will be on track for the future our pay structure has been smashed and spurs value barkley at 15 mill but they are a bigger club good luck ross your going to need it.

19 Jul 2017 04:36:49
In what world is Everton a bigger club than spurs. One team is a consistent top 6 club and one team is everton. Sorry but a move from everton to spurs is a step up for Barkley. Still he is he good enough for spurs is the question.

19 Jul 2017 05:26:55
Club size is usually based on honours.
Top 6 every season is hardly an achievement. Sorry but everton are a much bigger club.

19 Jul 2017 06:15:33
Three seasons ago we finished ahead of spurs until we went backwards because of a one dimensional manager.

19 Jul 2017 06:44:55
Spurs have won more fa cups than Everton, but I think otherwise Everton have won more. including a European trophy. Add to that founder member of football league and more years of top flight footy (I think) then I'd have to say Everton are the bigger club. are they doing better than spurs currently? No but that can all quickly change. 😀.

19 Jul 2017 07:37:17
And if you know your history.

19 Jul 2017 07:46:57
In reality Everton and Spurs are probably very similar size clubs. Both have had years of being the 'second' club in their respective areas, both in process of getting new grounds with the hope of becoming 'top dog', Everton won more league trophies, Spurs more cups - so as I say similar size.

As regards Ross, he is showing the same lack of intelligence off the pitch as he does on it. Easy to blame his agent but Ross must have some input into it all.

He has embarrassed himself with this greed and the sooner he is gone the better for me.

19 Jul 2017 09:23:15
Totally agree Dave1878, not ashamed to say I want him gone too, not going to slag the lad off like some do but sooner he is gone the better

Similar size clubs is about right, only disagreement is Spurs are not 2nd in London mate, i'd say 3rd but all that could be about to change over the next few years with the magnificent stadium they are building, it does look good, they just need to keep their players now and Poch but with the restraints Levy puts on wages I can't see them keeping Kane or Alli for much longer.

19 Jul 2017 09:53:45
From an evertonian not living in Liverpool or near area, I feel he just wants away from the city. I think the nightclub incident made his decision and all the talk after it made out that a lot of people think he's a but if a plum. I know it's only gossip but maybe there's something in it. Always been rumours since he broke through he likes the pubs and clubs scenes a little too much hasn't there?

{Ed025's Note - he has failed to grow up kingo, the company he keeps is not the best and he is very naive so his advisers need to look at themselves if you ask me mate..

19 Jul 2017 10:28:43
Then maybe if the company won't leave him, then maybe he needs to leave them for the sake of his career before he's another (evertonian) player who never fulfilled his potential.

{Ed025's Note - it could be the making of the lad kingo..

19 Jul 2017 10:30:30
actually i agree efc and spurs are probs the same size club my point was we are actually growing we have real money and a willingness to spend it the future is bright for efc it's the same old spurs as far as i can see and your right barkley obviously has angled for the move so his agent maybe not totally to blame but he should have told ross you will never get a top wage at spurs look at the players they have bought with bale money and since that haven't made it playing time was at a premium for these players as spurs manage their wage bill, if you don't play then you don't get bonuses this is what his agent should have told him when he said i want to go to spurs clearly he never said a word this is because no matter what happens to barks his agent gets paid a bonus for making the move happen.

19 Jul 2017 12:18:46
Totally agree Ed025. This has people taking advantage written all over it. I feel sorry for Barkley. It seems to me his failure as a person will also influence his failure as a footballer.

Failure as a person as in him being naive. Footballers personal characteristics can have detrimental affects on their careers. Many the talented footballer didn't achieve their potential because of this. Barkley would not be the first.

I'm not having a go. I am very fond of him and hope he stays. The kid can't pick if he is naive or not and is probably totally blind to it.

I hope he gets divine inspiration, sees that some people around him are not good for him. Stays at Everton and develops the undoubted talent he possesses. Sadly imho his days at Everton are numbered as Koeman doesn't seem to see a future for him at the club.

{Ed025's Note- the sympathy for ross is on the wane NBTB, supporters are losing patience with this spoilt brat attitude he is showing at the moment and its getting to the stage where him leaving would be the best thing for everybody mate..

19 Jul 2017 13:05:29
I know Ed025 and your right.

Its a terrible shame that he can't see it for what it is himself. He'll probably look back and regret it. In that regard I can't help but feel for him.

At the same that's me thinking his future is mapped out for him. I hope he does reach his potential. Even at another club.

As you say probably best for all concerned if he leaves.

19 Jul 2017 13:48:32
Word of advice for Ross, look at how easy record signing Sissoko has found it at Spurs.

19 Jul 2017 14:02:33
Maybe Ross needs/ wants to get away from Merseyside (for whatever personal/ professional reasons) , but is London too far from his family and (real) friends? I'd have imagined he would prefer a move to a Manchester club, but I'm totally guessing.

19 Jul 2017 14:20:50
Has anyone thought about his pride?

Maybe that is what is keeping him from signing with us to extend his contract, He is just basically scared of looking like a right idiot.

No doubt his agent has told him ALL the top 6 sides would be looking to buy him and that money would be no object, he has been sold that dream and it has influenced his playing as well as his off field behaviour.

It is because of this poor advice he now finds himself in this predicament, Does he wait it all out and hope other teams come in for him, Does he accept a much lesser deal at a similar club or does he swallow his pride and accept the best deal he will ever get at this stage of his career. Sadly I don't think he will swallow his pride and that is the only reason he has not signed.

19 Jul 2017 16:18:01
Pride is the ONLY reason he hasn't signed. Come off it lad ha e you read back what you sent in, ridiculous.

19 Jul 2017 18:37:01
Yes I have read it Bluetooth.

1) He has been ill-advised.

2) He has been sold a dream

3) He has believed in that dream and has taken it to heart

4) He now realises that the dream is exactly that a dream.

5) He can not back track and admit he has been stupid enough to take all that crap onboard. Pride comes in many guises.

{Ed025's Note - but mainly before a fall grumpy..

19 Jul 2017 19:27:23
As poor old RB will soon find out Ed0025 :-)

20 Jul 2017 07:16:50
i don't think it's pride that's stopping him signing, if you listen to the rhetoric about ross from southgate, and press then he has got the message that if he wants to be a top player he needs to be at a bigger club, go back and read headlines over last 2 years, and we don't know what's been said in private. its only natural that he wants to be a top player and he is going to take this to heart. problem comes from 12 mths ago when we got koeman and moshiri decided to back him financially, this sparked a change at efc then usmanov and other funds we have brought in since has changed the dimension, and from a severely financially restricted club has emerged a contender no more than that for a top four finish within the next 2 years and if we keep bringing in high quality players then who knows what we can achieve, now we have financial clout and new stadium on way and a good collection of younger players already waiting to step up. we are not the club the rhetoric aimed at barks was referring to any more we have a bright future and good players and are now paying good wages. i believe he has had his mind made up fro a while about leaving, but with everything ross seems to have missed the change or he has ignored it or taken it for granted. spurs had a good team last year with the top goal scorer and weren't good enough they are certainly a year or two ahead of us on the pitch but that team could yet lose dier having already lost walker. this is why the move makes no sense. but i wish him all the best he is one of us after all.

{Ed025's Note - good post that floats..

20 Jul 2017 07:41:06
cheers 25.

20 Jul 2017 13:27:03
Floats I mostly agree with what you are saying mate.
Firstly that he has been advised he needs a bigger club, now when he was first advised that it was good advice, we could not support his dreams, but now we can, we are a bigger club and in my mind he could get no better in way of improving his skills. In other words he can become a better player with us than he can anywhere.

Now if he has been advised otherwise and he has chosen to believe it then more fool him. I think everybody knows his best place is with Everton. Now his advisers who have financial interests in RB moving club, are either still turning his head away from Everton or they have advised him to stay with us and he is choosing to ignore that advice. Either choice makes him look foolish in the fans eye.

Personally I think he has dug a hole so large he feels he can not get out of it. Any player, at any club, know where their best prospects lie regardless of what they are advised, and again I do not feel RB is stupid enough not to know which side his bread is buttered on. So that begs the question why doesn't he stay?

I think that 2 years ago he was sold such a story of how good he was and that other teams will be beating the door down for him, that in his own mind he became one of the greats in football, the advice he took on board failed to take into account the fact he still had a lot of hard work ahead of him to reach that status. So the chances are that up-to the beginning of this transfer window and the fact that Everton have offered him such a good contract he still believes he is god like on the pitch and teams will be knocking his door down.

This transfer window and the fact that no one is really showing any interest in him (so far) will no doubt be a massive eye opener for him and leaves him little option about what to do next, does he sign a contract he has already turned down? Or does he wait it out hoping a giant club will jump in for him?

At 24 he is still a young person and pride takes control a lot of the time, I can remember many a time in my life pride has enabled me to make decisions, sometimes the right ones and sometimes the wrong ones, The fact it is in the public domain he has been offered ( and turned down ) a very good contract will feature heavily in his decision. So his advisers saying leave coupled in with him turning things down and pride means it does not bode well for us.

20 Jul 2017 14:39:47
Grumpytoffee - a good read that, but - as other posters have written - we don't really know the truth about this situation. Maybe his recuperation from surgery will allow time to revisit matters and resolve everything, but who can tell?

20 Jul 2017 16:21:43
How many times do you want to mention advise an pride grumpy toffee. No one on this site knows what's going on with his contract situation so for you to mention the ONLY reason he hasn't signed is pride is your opinion an not a fact, so you have no arguement just an opinion.

20 Jul 2017 17:27:49
You're right Bluetooth it is my opinion and everyone reading most's who are not looking for a fight know that. If you do not want opinions but only facts you really should take a long look at some of your posts. (I will make this factual)

22 Mar 2017 09:53:50
Cant be going into next season with williams as a first choice centre back, not good enough. Jags is better and sadly he needs replacing.

Now is that fact because to me it looks like an opinion.

The majority of these forums are based on opinions, So sit down watch TV and write a letter of complaint about the program to someone, I'm sure you will feel better ( My opinion )

20 Jul 2017 19:14:54
Yes that was my opinion that's why i sent it in. What i didn't do was say that someone is not signing a contract bcos of 1 reason only which is pride, so that to me sounds like your stating a fact by saying that's the only reason when you have absolutely no idea what the real reasons are. So why don't you sit an watch some old grumpy man tv an send in some complaints or do you not understand that either. I think your losing the plot with old age. Your boring me now anyway.

20 Jul 2017 20:34:52
In fairness to you bluetooth I could only find that one post of yours stating an opinion.

The majority of your others posts see you moaning about someone elses post.

20 Jul 2017 23:34:04
Bcos i like to read peoples opinions but when someone states a fact as you did with your pride shout i have to say that your being a bit unrealistic. No harm was meant by my original post i was just saying that i don't think how someone who doesn't know the lad personally or have internal matters at the club can say such a thing when in reality they have no idea what's going on.

I actually enjoy reading your posts just didn't agree with that one so thought i'd tell you. No harm meant, but maybe that's why your called grumpy toffee 😂. let's leave the matter at that an do what we do best an support our beloved blues.

21 Jul 2017 13:15:07
No problem mate, they don't call me grumpy for nothing :-)

18 Jul 2017 21:44:33
Is there any interest in Patrik Schik, the striker from Sampdoria? He was set to go to Juventus but it appears the deal has collapsed. He would be a great signing if we could pull it off.

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18 Jul 2017 08:56:16
Hi eds

Are we still in for Gylfi? Its all gone a bit quiet since our last bid.

{Ed001's Note - yes.}

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18 Jul 2017 09:49:23
Thank you Ed.

{Ed001's Note - welcome.}

18 Jul 2017 12:34:25
Everton Ready to Trigger €30m Release Clause for Las Palmas Star Jonathan Viera same sort of player as Gylfi.

18 Jul 2017 13:11:07
Similar griff but viera mostly plays as a left wing.

17 Jul 2017 23:18:31
RMC Sport are reporting we have registered interest in Kimpembe from PSG, probably just means we had a scout at one of their games but you never know!

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18 Jul 2017 09:03:44
Would be great but can't see PSG letting him go. At only 2, got into the French squad last season.

18 Jul 2017 10:18:14
At the age of 2? He really is one for the future then.

18 Jul 2017 12:17:15
Scouts report that his dribbling skills are up there with a 3 year old.

18 Jul 2017 16:45:06
Need to buy him now he'll be burned out by primary school!

18 Jul 2017 20:44:26
Denti and Brian. A couple of years ago I was at a kids tournament with my Grand Son (good DM and CB) , Everton Scouts were there, I got talking to one of them who was taking an interest in a few of the lads but then pointed to my Grand Son (he didn't know me) asking how old he was, I replied 7 1/ 2. He said, he is a good player but to old. Gobsmacked (I could see Grand Dad on a Caribbean beach) .

19 Jul 2017 00:15:40
Don't give up on him bill. Push him to the limits. You Will get that Caribbean holiday lol.

17 Jul 2017 20:52:33
Late bid for Bruno Martins Indi rumours appear to be gathering pace, also rumoured to have both Stoke and Palace chasing him although Palace have just signed Riedewald and rumoured to be in for Calum Chambers.
One to watch!

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17 Jul 2017 21:11:08
I think given the amounts players are going for at the moment 12m is a bargain. I do wonder why Stoke didn't envoke their 8m clause though.

17 Jul 2017 23:05:41
i'm pretty sure stoke did last week gibbo? where has this rumour come from i wonder, wily agent imo after a better deal for bruno, altho you never know.

17 Jul 2017 23:15:20
Seems they wanted to sign him and still do but missed their deadline, probably hired the same admin staff we used to have around the time the Dan Gosling debacle happened! 🤦🏻‍♂️.

17 Jul 2017 19:52:23
Papers reporting Villa are keen on taking Lennon on loan. Really hope this is true and he Kickstarts his career again.

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17 Jul 2017 20:13:17
Thought it was Birmingham that were keen. Redknapp had him st Spurs. Let the lad go and get some games - good luck to him.

18 Jul 2017 06:07:24
i wouldn't be so quick to get rid of lennon if i was koeman he is the perfect squad player, and chases the ball endlessly altho if he wants to play more games he might well go. good luck to him.

18 Jul 2017 12:27:57
He's a keeper for me. (Not a goalkeeper! ) good squad player that can definitely play RWB in a back 5.

15 Jul 2017 23:57:51
Theo Walcott, really are the media putting 2+2 together and getting 22, don't get me wrong he has pace and skill and scores goals but really were did this come from.

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16 Jul 2017 06:38:30
surely we only want walcott instead of gylfi. i hope we end this madness with gylfi and go for a more creative (from open play ) att mid we have been linked with plenty of players baines rooney ramirez can play a dead ball as well as anyone. imo we need to look at plan b here cause gylfi's stats just don't warrant our pursuit any more, the likes of walcott in a world cup year makes sense to me like rooney he would have a point to prove and be trying to get a eng squad place all season but this link has wily agent written all over it.

16 Jul 2017 07:39:45
Maybe we should switch to the likes of a Mahrez, Brahimi or Boudebouz we seemed to have looked at all these Algerians according to the press over the last year plus the other one Ghezzal add some more wing trickery 😉.

16 Jul 2017 09:54:04
at this point i would agree we seem to be putting too much stock in gylfi's dead ball skills but we don't have a target man for him to aim at and we have dead ball players anyway. swans deserve 30-40mill for the player but this is ridiculous money for an average player. full brazilian internationals with genuine skill are available for this kind of money we are starting to look like a mule here stubbonly chasing a player cause it is dangling in front of us time to take the blinkers off.

16 Jul 2017 10:27:53
Walcott has been screaming out to b played as a striker and he knows where the back of the net is only negative is that his injury record is poor.

16 Jul 2017 12:32:37
Walcott is a good player but how many games are we likely out of him in a season he so injury prone just watching skysports news know and they say we intrested in in Remy can't see it myself Remy has an even worse injury record than walcott.

{Ed025's Note - i dont think we need any of them duke..

16 Jul 2017 13:14:14
With u there ed but we do need another striker or we will be in same position as last year with jut sandro as r striker as I don't see Rooney as a viable option to play as a lone striker role.

{Ed025's Note - we will get another one in duke..

16 Jul 2017 17:59:29
Think the stats comment on Gylfi and to label him as just a dead ball specialist is unfair. Stats I've seen show he has covered more ground than any other PL player - as well as right at top re assists, chances created etc.
Comments re Baines as well are less than accurate. When did he last score from a dead ball situation? Add that to the fact that our corners only just started to be decent towards end of season and I certainly think Gylfi is an improvement.

Walcott is a totally different player in that he will give us the pace we are lacking - though personally I would prefer Nathan Redmond.

Regards the cost it is what it is. Is Gylfi worth less than John Stones? Cos he was £50m 12 months ago - and fees have jumped again since then.

So for me get Gylfi, someone with pace and a CF to replace Lukaku and from an attacking perspective we are sorted - finally options available to RK.

16 Jul 2017 21:32:15
Dave your right gylfi is a lot more than a set piece specialist if u put him in a better team with more quality players then those stats would get better as well because we would have a lot more threats like ronney, Sandro, klassens that's if we do get him as far as the fee goes know it seems like going rate for quality players these days.

17 Jul 2017 05:52:28
while your right his game would improve with better players it would not add aspects to his game that are not there it would be akin to thinking that jags could to be able to play in goal now we have pickford and that is just ridiculous. it cannot be ignored that any player would have slightly better stats with good players around him it is very naive to think it would make him a player he has never been.

17 Jul 2017 07:13:22
Floats - think you are taking that to a real extreme. His stats already show that you get energy, creativity and goals. The one thing he doesn't bring is blistering pace - which is the one thing I see is really lacking at the moment. Walcott has that - but then spends a month out - so if it's a choice, give me Gylfi any day.

And Nathan Redmond as well please.

17 Jul 2017 07:58:46
while i'm not lookingh to argue you have your stats wrong you need to read them more carefully gylfi does a lot of good work in final third no one could argue with that he does not defend and from open play and chances created his stats are very poor for instance gana and kante were the best mids in prem last year and gylfi does not come in top ten in att mid players who create chances from open play regardless of how much ground he covered in the prem last year or how much energy he has a big price tag does not mean he will be better than any other season he has played in. i like him and wanted him til you realise this kind of money can buy better and their is better out there.

15 Jul 2017 23:53:25
Hi Eds, I've seen a few reports linking us to Arsenal's Walcott. While we do have a need for an attacking winger and further, Walcott has obvious talent, surely his run of injuries and age places question marks on a potential signing. Especially the quoted £30m fee.
Do you have any information on whether we've considered Oxlade-Chamerlain? His contract is up in 12mths, 23yrs, has potential and regularly appears on scoresheet (goals/ assists) . With EPL experience and limited game time at current club, it would be a no brainer.

{Ed002's Note - I am not aware of interest.}

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16 Jul 2017 00:03:20
Cheers Ed, appreciate it.
Can you please get your people to talk to his people. haha.

16 Jul 2017 02:43:54
I'd take a fit Theo Walcott any day of the week. Problem with that sentence is the FIT part but he did score 19 goals last year even with his injuries so.

16 Jul 2017 06:57:08
any ed's got any info on the rumour that price has been agreed between efc and spurs for barkley with his move being imminent! not sure about what i've seen, altho its hard to imagine him staying given our continuing links to his replacement.

{Ed025's Note - no agreement yet i believe floats, spurs are offering half of what we want and they are trying to back us into a corner, levy knows we want gylfi and he is trying to take advantage by playing low ball which is his trademark all over mate..

16 Jul 2017 07:41:04
cheers 25.

15 Jul 2017 21:43:58
Reports in France say we've bid for Marcel Tisserand. CB, plays for Ingolstadt in Germany. Anyone know anything about him?

{Ed002's Note - Ingolstadt has had discussions with St Etienne who have had an offer turned down for Marcel Tisserand. I am not aware of an offer for him from Everton and it would be a very big step up.}

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15 Jul 2017 22:11:46
Cheers Ed - unless he's a young hopeful for the U23s, I'd like to think we're setting our sights a little higher.

15 Jul 2017 23:15:19
Have seen an article myself saying we bid 3m euros and st etiene bid 5m euros, he's 24 so doubt he would be for the u23's most likely just our club being used in a bit of brinkmanship to raise the value.


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