20 Feb 2021 19:32:08
For the rumour page - rumour has it we won at Anfield. Please confirm?

1.) 20 Feb 2021
20 Feb 2021 20:04:49
And that we got a penalty?

2.) 21 Feb 2021
21 Feb 2021 01:08:28
Don't get too excited mate, we played against a poor team that has now lost four on the row at home. They also have a strategically inept manager who focuses his post match comments on the validity of our penalty. Since Christmas they have taken 9 points from ten games according to the match commentators. Too easy for the Professor and his men.

3.) 21 Feb 2021
21 Feb 2021 03:49:20
VAR to look at the game and award the Reds 3 goals because Klopp cried.

4.) 21 Feb 2021
21 Feb 2021 10:59:17
After every defeat people on here say we are a poor side and question Carlo and his team selection
I’m just loving getting that run of losses at their place has come to an end!
An amazing weekend.

5.) 21 Feb 2021
21 Feb 2021 11:19:13
Don’t get too excited, Blue Mike? Have a day off mate, it’s ok to celebrate a deserved win at Anfield.

6.) 21 Feb 2021
21 Feb 2021 12:12:22
I thought it was all a dream, especially when Souness said we were the better team.

7.) 21 Feb 2021
21 Feb 2021 13:47:38
If only Thompson was still on Soccer Saturday that would be entertaining!

8.) 21 Feb 2021
21 Feb 2021 16:09:23
BlueMike1 how many times have we gone to them played the better football and either lost or scraped a draw? There are plenty of Toffees that haven't been alive long enough to see us win over there so it doesn't really matter how crap they are the fact that we won is all that matters.

9.) 21 Feb 2021
21 Feb 2021 17:33:58
You can only beat the team that’s put in front of you.

10.) 21 Feb 2021
21 Feb 2021 20:17:58
Come on guys it was just a bit of Scouse sarcasm. Of course I am ecstatic about our win, although I am old enough at 81 to remember the times when we could beat them on a regular basis.

11.) 21 Feb 2021
21 Feb 2021 20:49:08
Jesus Mike, how are going to react Tuesday, if we get the thumbs up for the new stadium, probs we should have had an 80,000 stadium.

So many times I have watched Everton play them off the Park and end up getting a draw, so many last minute slip ups by ourselves, that was a decent result and got a huge monkey not just off our back, but Pickfords as well.

12.) 21 Feb 2021
21 Feb 2021 21:08:32
Well bignev I am going to miss the Old Lady. Been there when we had an attendance of close to 80,000 as a teenager with my friend Neville Smith who went on to write "The Golden Vision". Been there when we won the league and when we had the first game under lights and many other fantastic memories. Hopefully I will still be alive and well enough to go to the new stadium.

13.) 22 Feb 2021
22 Feb 2021 08:01:15
I'm a little confused how anyone couldn't see Bluemike was taking the piss I got it Mike bud and it made me smile bud UTFT.

14.) 22 Feb 2021
22 Feb 2021 14:41:25
Apologies BM1 didn't realise you were adding a bit of sarcasm to the site that would be down to too many negative posts and I just looked at the stuff about them and though fact.

15.) 22 Feb 2021
22 Feb 2021 20:39:52
I think it's called "taking the piss" sa90. Waited a long time to be able to do that.

16.) 24 Feb 2021
23 Feb 2021 23:25:33
If you can’t get excited about wining a derby at Anfield then don’t but a lot of us are, we have made huge strides this season, but ending a record like we have in this fixture is massive, it is a sign of mentality changing and Carlo deserves huge credit, consistency is the key now and then go again in summer with adding bit more quality.