06 Aug 2021 10:01:26
Rumours of Rondon on a free now, given our financial struggles with FFP it could be an alright backup to DCL if on a reasonable salary but not really getting me excited.

1.) 06 Aug 2021
06 Aug 2021 10:13:22
Looking more and more like a Championship team.

2.) 06 Aug 2021
06 Aug 2021 10:47:08
We can't spend any money. We've signed 2 wingers that like to get the ball in the box for 1.5m total (one of whom had highest cross success rate in the prem last season) and are now looking at another freebie for an alright centre forward. Who is a big man that will appreciate crosses. It might not be Hollywood signings but at least its evidence of a clear plan despite a very limited budget!

3.) 06 Aug 2021
06 Aug 2021 10:56:52
I know it’s not an exciting prospect, but he’s certainly be a decent back up option to DCL. Nothing wrong with a bargain as long as the players has the required attributes. A championship team would not have Digne, Allan, DCL, Richarlison etc playing for them. We’ve a better squad than some fans are giving us credit for. It will take time to sort out the mess that’s been left behind by the past few managers.

4.) 06 Aug 2021
06 Aug 2021 11:00:56
Yea one who couldn’t cut it in the Prem and one who’s had his best days. What could possibly go wrong?

5.) 06 Aug 2021
06 Aug 2021 11:48:03
Rondon on a free is a no brainer in my humble opinion. Good scoring record in the Prem (1 in 3) at Newcastle for example. A low risk option who can offer back up to DCL, it will allow us to sell Kean and hopefully Tosun too, bringing in more money and reducing wages.

6.) 06 Aug 2021
06 Aug 2021 11:59:49
Love how a lot of us are moaning yet Dcl was 1.5 million. Or according to unsworth he was even less. If rondon came he would be a handful. Benitez used him well at nufc and their supporters loved rondon.

7.) 06 Aug 2021
06 Aug 2021 12:49:36
I'd rather use a player from the u23 squad rather than a player that was half decent for one or two seasons. I understand the fact we can't spend but the transfers we're being linked to are getting worse. Hopefully just paper talk!

8.) 06 Aug 2021
06 Aug 2021 12:53:37
He’s 31 not 21.

9.) 06 Aug 2021
06 Aug 2021 13:19:40
I’m with BP, much rather see Ellis Simms or lewis dobbin given a chance this season than recruit rondon.

10.) 06 Aug 2021
06 Aug 2021 13:56:52
Why would the club look to sign Rondon? Kean and Richy are backup for DCL, if we sell Kean we will have money to spend so could in theory get a younger option that may offer better value. It would be a strange signing and counter intuitive in my opinion.

11.) 06 Aug 2021
06 Aug 2021 14:59:25
Agree sa90. Thought we wanted to stop letting players use us for a final pay day.

12.) 06 Aug 2021
06 Aug 2021 13:06:14
The Messi thing is going to have a knock on effect. I'd expect PSG would make LM their priority and not move for Kean. Inter have to sell and if Lukaku is headed for Chelsea, I cannot see them forking out 50-60 for Kean. Can't see AC or Juventus going for him with what they already have, so would expect Kean to stay and see more action. Rondon would purely be a back up for DCL and prob get a dozen games, most as sub or cup. Be a decent low cost short term signing.

13.) 06 Aug 2021
06 Aug 2021 19:20:37
Richy is not a backup for DCL.

14.) 06 Aug 2021
06 Aug 2021 19:25:14
Im probably wrong here but the Leicester side that JUST avoided relegation were more or less the same aide that won the premiere league (regardless of whether top 6 under performed) . Coleman may be aging but he ain't championship worthy only. Godfrey, mina, richarlison, dcl, allan, doucoure, digne, Pickford. Add to that gray and andros and a new manager who won't take any crap, I personally don't think that this is bad as is being made out. A ball hasn't been kicked in anger yet. the club aren't rolling over, its a xhange of tact (enforced ) but they are adapting accordingly.