09 Jan 2022 18:19:03
Villa in advanced talks to sign Digne, mmmmmm 30 mil ish hopefully.

1.) 09 Jan 2022
09 Jan 2022 19:07:54
So we sell a player we should be keeping to a side that 2 seasons ago was in the championship. And are now going to be stronger than us.

What is going on with our club?!

{Ed025's Note - who he goes to is not really the point ace, he does not want to be here so its a case of who pays the biggest fee for him mate..

2.) 09 Jan 2022
09 Jan 2022 19:26:51
I get that Ed but I’m not happy it has to be a club that competes in the same space as us. Can’t we sell to another league?

{Ed002's Note - Perhaps Everton being relegated would make you feel better?}

3.) 09 Jan 2022
09 Jan 2022 19:34:40
Villa squad already better than ours imo.

They got 100 mil for grealish and reinvested it pretty well.

They got pace with traore and Bailey
2 decent St ings and watkins with mcginn pulling strings and Douglas Luis improved in his 2nd season.

They probly do lack in defence and digne is an improvement on targett.

If the rumours of him flitting back and forth to France are right, Gerrard won't have that just like rafa never.

30 mil for a player who is nearing 30 and not really played well for 2 years, replaced by a 22 year old that cost about 17 mil.

That makes financial sense to me and probly where the Patterson money appeared from regardless.

With 8 high earners possibly off in the summer, finances should start to improve pretty quickly.

We just need the right (wiser) manager to spend it.

4.) 09 Jan 2022
09 Jan 2022 19:49:38
Swop Digne with John McGinn?

{Ed025's Note - absolutely brian..

5.) 09 Jan 2022
09 Jan 2022 20:19:09
It is what it is Toffee. Doesn't matter who he goes to, the lad doesn't want to be here. All we can do is bitch and moan but like it or not Everton (like all others) is a business. As Ed002 said with usual acerbic wit!

6.) 10 Jan 2022
10 Jan 2022 09:47:08
Yes and a not very well run business at that DS.

7.) 10 Jan 2022
10 Jan 2022 11:26:43
If rumours of his traveling back and too to France and his frustration over this being stopped and his petulance over tactics, then I'm afraid as much as I liked the player, he's not the manager and has been poor for a while maybe due to missed sessions, then add in his desire to leave and it makes perfect sense.
Worryingly it may set a don't like it leave mentality.