23 Feb 2021 10:26:56
Guys Liverpool fan in peace, whilst the loss was tough to take yous earned it so well done, yous were definitely due one.

Can only think of 3 real chances we had and got to say Pickford save from Henderson was unreal, did well to block Salah too and I swear I do not know how Michael Keane made that block tackle on Mane, was superb.

Yous played well and were much more effective in your play than us too 👏.

{Ed002's Note - You should know that "yous" is not a word. Ewes (lady sheep) is how it is spelt.}

1.) 23 Feb 2021
23 Feb 2021 13:03:58
Nice one Bill. Very gracious in defeat. Good chance for you to bounce back at the weekend. We have got a couple of games that we should win but that may well highlight our problems this season - follow up a good performance with a couple of stinkers!

2.) 23 Feb 2021
23 Feb 2021 14:16:21
With all the talk of Virgil Bill, since his injury, Liverpool won 7 and drew 2 of their next 9 premier league games, stretching two months, I think the Jota injury hit you harder, struggled since then, with further injuries not helping.

3.) 23 Feb 2021
23 Feb 2021 16:31:17
Gomez injury too bignev killed us but Jota def missed. He was clinical so although we weren't at our best we were still creating a few chances and he was burying them.

That's a big problem at the minute, we're just not creating a lot at the moment and what we do create, nobody is clinical enough tbh.

4.) 23 Feb 2021
23 Feb 2021 12:30:56
Local speech ED002, it works for us.

5.) 23 Feb 2021
23 Feb 2021 12:54:24
I say William dash it all old boy, apart from those scouceltice grammatical oddities that was a bally good post old chum 🧐.

6.) 24 Feb 2021
24 Feb 2021 00:49:41
“Yous” is often paired with “guys” in New York and New Jersey.