16 Aug 2021 23:41:28
Liverpool fan here in peace just appreciate Rafa when you have him. His change of tactics got Everton the points yesterday. Well done by the way.

1.) 17 Aug 2021
17 Aug 2021 07:09:56
Thanks Rud, I've wanted Rafa since Moyes left so I am 1 of the happy fans.

2.) 17 Aug 2021
17 Aug 2021 09:46:23
Not bother who Rafa supports, played for or managed, so for along as he is our manager he gives everything and gets the best out the players he has and I will be one happy blue.

3.) 17 Aug 2021
17 Aug 2021 09:52:01
Thanks rudder, but would you be praising us if it it wasn't rafa in charge?

4.) 18 Aug 2021
17 Aug 2021 15:05:56
Skylark I actually would. I won't forget how Everton fans stood by us after Hillsborough. Obviously we won't agree on everything football but I won't forget that.