02 Oct 2021 23:40:51
Really pleased for Gordon today…hope this gives him the confidence to command a starting place once we resume!
Cannot knock Rafa at all to date??.

{Ed0666's Note - just a thought have Everton fans started to sing Rafa’s name yet? The guy has worked miracles with an average squad.

1.) 03 Oct 2021
02 Oct 2021 23:54:17
Ed0666…he has indeed and as a fan who didn’t want him, I’m happy to admit that he has far exceeded my expectations to date.
I don’t think singing his name is at the top of fans or either Rafas agenda, but there is definitely a huge amount of respect.

{Ed0666's Note - that makes me sad mate. Sing the guys name you don’t think he deserves it?

2.) 03 Oct 2021
03 Oct 2021 08:21:38
Always wanted the bloke just as a commonsense decision. Importantly it looks like Moshri etc! are listening to him. A note of caution here though, as experienced and capable as Rafa is, he can only work with what he has. If somehow we can bring in players to fill and solidify our weak positions in January then just perhaps we can finish top 7.

3.) 03 Oct 2021
03 Oct 2021 11:52:38
This could be Gordon's breakthru season. Alongside the likes of Gray and Townshend, we have a real battling attack now. Always relied on DCL and richy but the goals are coming from the wings now znd centre midfield. When did we last have a winger with 5 gls in 5 games like Townsend has.

4.) 04 Oct 2021
03 Oct 2021 17:18:32
Average squad - Englands keeper - Columbia centre half, French left back, Ireland right back, Brazil forward and midfielder, Nigeria right winger, England forward, how on earth Decore is not in French team is unbelievable.

We are not average - international at nearly every position - we have been performing poorly but Rafa is changing this.

5.) 04 Oct 2021
04 Oct 2021 18:17:01
Fair point mate, and you are right we do have good players we just didn't have a good team. Maybe now that's going to change.