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07 Feb 2022 21:30:41
Apparently Dele Alli has annoyed some former players by his choice of clothes and driving a Rolls Royce.

I hope he completely ignores them and carries on doing what he wants.


1.) 07 Feb 2022 22:05:37
His uniform is a blue shirt now. Who cares what he wears off the pitch.

2.) 07 Feb 2022 23:26:09
Bet Glen Hoddle’s manager was well chuffed when he turned up on top of the pops. Short memories.

3.) 08 Feb 2022 05:28:29
Just getting older as we all are. Hoddles knowledge and understanding of the game is second to none. Wanted someone to kick Moshri up the backside and get him to offer Hoddle big bucks for his advice when all this mess kicked off. Alas the bloke wasn't well.

4.) 08 Feb 2022 07:23:31
Good job he's not seen Tom Davies and DCL. Think he will fit in just fine.

5.) 08 Feb 2022 08:40:13
Methinks that even if Deli wore spats top hat and tails with added monacle (wouldn't that be something eh? ) Hoddle would be saying he was overdressed!
Spurs fan alert⚠ ⚠.

6.) 08 Feb 2022 13:14:39
Totally agreed with Lampard when he said he doesn’t care what anyone drives or wears as long as they train hard and play well.

{Ed0666's Note - he can make good decisions then…I’m only jokin before you all jump on my back for slating the messiah

7.) 08 Feb 2022 14:07:28
When a bloke declares he has a penchant for 60+ yr old Welsh ladies and admits he was a Robson and Jerome fan . . . well let me tell you Ed, we can accept all your other idiosyncrasies mate.

{Ed0666's Note - I’m humbled mate because I’m extremely troubled so your warm embrace and acceptance gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling. I’m my defense I never admitted to being a fan of Robson & Jerome fan per se but I have to admit I really do have a penchant for Carol Vorderman she is an absolute beauty Queen.

8.) 08 Feb 2022 15:06:44
Robson and Jerome was thrown in as a tease mate, as for Carol well, let's just say I don't disagree ?.

{Ed0666's Note - you’ve offended me and all your future posts will be deleted unless you apologize for offending the priestess that is Ms Vorderman ?



30 Jan 2022 21:36:09
I'm feeling very optimistic now. Of the options we'd been looking at Lampard was easily the best. Has experience, brings on youth and I think is a serious person who will see this as something that he has to get rightand can attract players.
We've had a terrible run of form recently but I think that was my mainly down to Benitez's appalling management - bizarre selections, weird substitutions, dated tactics, stubbornness, inability to see what everyone else could see, p. ing off players etc.
I know the team could be be better but around a year ago a not too different team convincingly won by 2 goals against the reds at their ground for the first time in 25 years and was looking at European football. Things can turn around quickly in football and with the right person in charge we can turn things around again.




24 Jan 2022 19:18:25
Ranieri is available;)


1.) 24 Jan 2022 20:11:49
Oh let's get him. He has won the EPL :-)

2.) 24 Jan 2022 23:05:30
No hasn’t managed in China or Saudi.



22 Jan 2022 15:42:49
Why were some of the crowd booing Digne?


1.) 22 Jan 2022 17:52:24
Because they’re wan…. Sorry persons.

2.) 22 Jan 2022 17:59:53
And more importantly throwing bottles/ objects at him. Absolute morons mate.



02 Sep 2021 02:06:49
into CB
I'd start with Godfrey and Mina at CB and have Keane and Holgate as cover and maybe Gbamin if he can get up to speed.
At CM start with Allan and Docoure with Homes, Davies, Gbamin and Delph as cover.
The remaining 4 would probably be DCL, Richie, Townsend and Grey but we also have Iwobi, James, Gordon, Rondon.
There are other options too like going to 3 CBs and have wingbacks or having Digne as a winger and someone else at LB as has happened before. Or Gomes or Davies could push up or wide.
So not as paper thin as might look at first but to a large extent it depends on Benitez getting them to play but early signs are encouraging.


1.) 02 Sep 2021 08:01:37
I think their is a big difference between having 'cover' and having depth. We have cover sure, but the drop in quality between some players and their cover is pretty big.

If we stay injury free though, then yes we could still have a decent season, and have enough cover to rest the odd player when needed.

{Ed025's Note - all the players have a clean slate now efcone and its up them how they go forward, rafa does not suffer fools gladly and if you dont perform you will be out the door quick smart, i actually like that ethos and the way we have started fills me with great hope for the season mate..

2.) 02 Sep 2021 14:30:57
Nice to see Rafa nominated for manager of the month as well.

3.) 02 Sep 2021 09:42:10
I guess at the moment I'm feeling very much once (actually a lot more than once) bitten twice shy regarding our early results. Last season has very much left a sour taste.

But yes Ed you are right, a clean slate is needed, and if Rafa can turn the players we have into the players we thought we were signing then there is cause for Optimism.

{Ed025's Note - absolutely mate..

4.) 02 Sep 2021 10:36:50
Best way to be Ed mate, everyone knows where they stand.

{Ed025's Note - they do GB, im fed up with these so called superstars coming for a pay day and a stroll around the park, give me honest to goodness grafters who are prepared to fight for the shirt mate..

5.) 03 Sep 2021 10:31:32
I know what you mean efcone but ultimately we will get worse as the season goes on because of our lack of depth. But at least we won't lose players through lack of effort like last season.




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28 Jan 2022 12:43:38
I agree with sa90.

I don't think we have particularly toxic fans, there are some but all clubs have them. A kopitee has just been found guilty of racially abusing an Everton player for example. Look at some of the stories about some Chelsea fans over the last few years, I could go on. All deplorable but a minority and all clubs have them and a quick Google search will show this.

Also I don't think we should use the word 'toxic' to describe people who protest unless the method is unreasonable (eg 'we know where you live', graffiti on the stadium) .

If fan disapproval has partly been responsible for getting rid of some managers who were going to take us down, as I think has been the case with Koeman, Martinez, Silva and Benitez at EFC and plenty of other managers at other PL clubs (eg Villa and Smith) then there's a lot to be said for it. Protest is a basic right and without it we would almost certainly have gone down a while ago.

A separate issue is what the majority of fans expect and whether they are unrealistic. I and the people I go to the match with all get behind the team whoever the manager is and yet we were all left gobsmacked by Benitez' appointment, not just for what he'd said about the club or who he'd prevously managed, important though that is, but because his recent record just wasn't that good. Then to get rid of the DoF and Digne just before sacking Benitez, is forehead-smacking. Again, I could go on.

I think what the vast majority of fans expect is for the club to be run in a professional way and I think that is perfectly reasonable and completely realistic.




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10 Aug 2021 09:55:01
I remember when Dunc took over for a few games and we beat Chelsea at Goodison with ball boys taking turns to hug the big lad. I gave Iwobi man of the match. He was everywhere and never stopped running and had a massive grin on his face at the end having given everything.
So maybe it's about how he's used and whether the style of play suits him and Carlo just had other ideas. He's quick and strong and can actually beat defenders (although his final ball could be better) and he'll run all day. He probably needs to improve his positional play but that's something a good manager can sort. So I think there's a good player in there.




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07 Aug 2021 22:46:12
Some over-reaction to a friendly game I think. It's main purpose is to give players some game time; no-one got injured, 20 subs each, strikers not playing, nothing riding on the game, youth players given a chance to play in the first team, some of them for the first team, at Old Trafford as part of their development. Rafa will probably have made his mind up about Delph and a few others if he hadn't already, maybe even an element of putting players in shop window.

We already knew the team needs some radical surgery and today's game doesn't change that: Priority: RB, then CF if Moise goes (likely) , CM/ AM (2 if James goes) , CB if Yerry goes, possibly another RW but Gray and Townsend actually looking decent. Fingers crossed we can get them in by the end of August.




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15 Jul 2021 22:38:16
Calciomercato saying we've offered 35 million euros but Napoli asking for 60 m Euros.

However, a later article says that they value him at 50 m but nobody seems willing to pay more than 35-49 million and Napoli need to reduce their wage bill.

He's asked for talks with the owner, De Laurentis, to clarify the position. So this one mght be coming to a head?




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03 Jul 2021 10:59:44
"The Real Madrid coach"






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20 May 2022 13:04:22
What is it we're supposed to remember about Brentford and Palace? That they tried to beat us at football?




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16 May 2022 21:41:25
Well said. We were absolutely battering Brentford until being denied the penalty and then the sending off. We'll have Keane back on Thursday and hopefully Mina on Sunday.




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17 Apr 2022 11:14:03
OK, some mitigating factors before I stick the boot in and then I want to give a warning.

Firstly, some perspective, it could have been worse -Leeds, Blackburn, Forest, Villa etc. There's a bias in comparing ourselves with only the most successsful clubs which loses perspective. I can remember us being compared unfavourably to no end of teams - Sunderland, Bolton, Stoke, Wigan, Middlesborough, Sheffield United. Swansea etc. because they seemed to be going places with young managers with new ideas, new stadia etc. They all enjoyed their place in the sun for a bit only to drop down while we've held on and that is an achevement in itself.

Secondly because of the ban on English clubs in Europe when we were at our peak we were'nt able to hold onto Kendall or take advantage of our position to establish ourselvse as a European force. Bad timing in other words.

Thirdly there were 2 forces in English football that dominated everything for years - Ferguson and Wenger which corresponded to the new era of the Prem. Everyone else struggled to keep up with them.

Fourthly - the new money that came into Everton has corresponded with the introduction of Financial Fair Play rules which have effectively pulled up the darwbridge so the likes of Chelsea and City have befitted from new money in a way that is harder for others.

Saying all that, we have spent very badly and made some really bad decisions with respect to managers and players. (Although I would argue that getting Ancelotti was a real coup, it didn't work out in the end but I can't criticise getting him) . But Benitez? I still can't quite believe we appointed him. Why wren't we persung Ten Haag for example after Ancelotti?

A big problem was how we misused Brands. There's people on here that blame him for our poor signings but his have actually been pretty good (eg Grey was nailed on before Benitez came) and he did well moving on some of the more costly ones made before he came like Walcott. He wasn't listened to when it came to appointing managers - it's clear he didn't want agent Rafa and there have been poor signings that he had nothing to do with.

Then there was the era of 3 number 10s!

Then there's the fact that we've fallen fol of FFP. Whatever you think oof FFP, it's there so you have to take it into account and it seems we kind of didn't.

OK, so here's the warning.

Be careful with what you wish for with respect to a new owner if the rumours about Moshiri wanting to sell are true.

Look at Burnley and Man Utd where the new owners have bought the club with its own money, loading them down with debt. Instead of passionate owners like Leicester City you have investors looking for a financial return and that is hard baked into the ownership model. Man Utd fans are still protesting about it at games and blame it for their lack of direction since Ferguson left.




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10 Apr 2022 16:19:17
Fair point. 3 out of 8 compares pretty well to 1 out of 14 in the previous games under Benitez.

I think Benitez sapped the spirit and confidence out of the team. Given our position in the league, Lampard has a hard job to try and get that confidence and spirit back especially given the restrictions on the squad he's inherited but we've seen real signs of it yesterday after the defeat at Burnley - they were fighting for everything, bodies behind the ball, (most) players running themselves into the ground.

The test has not yet been passed and Lampard and the players still have a lot of work to do but there are signs there that they're doing something right.

A lot will depend on keeping players fit until the end of the season as the squad is pretty thin.




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20 Feb 2022 15:37:17
I thought it was your last post until the end of the season blue tit, ?.