08 Nov 2021 11:26:12
Nobody mentioning Richarlison - his dive after head butt was pathetic.
If he just stopped his attitude and started being the player he can be we would be a lot better off
DCL being out has cost us 6 points

Instead we are now sitting there with Toson and Rondon - about as potent as 2 male giant panders in a zoo

We put a load of effort in I agree - 2 shots on target from both teams show we were up against another struggling.

1.) 08 Nov 2021
08 Nov 2021 13:30:49
Sobs spurs didn't have a shot on target whole match. Hit the post but that's not classed as on target either.

2.) 08 Nov 2021
08 Nov 2021 15:11:35
Dentie - pretty sure Richarlison didn’t have a shot on target either.

3.) 08 Nov 2021
08 Nov 2021 16:53:53
I didn’t say Spurs had a shot on target - I said 2 in total - both from us
2 shots in target in a whole game suggests two teams very much out of form.