04 Dec 2021 16:55:32
I know some did and some didn't want DM back but when I see the effort and commitment of West Ham I do wonder if he would come back to the club or if he would get some of our lazy overpaid players working.

1.) 04 Dec 2021
04 Dec 2021 19:12:44
He wouldn’t come back - need to look forward not back - need to accept we are a top 10 at best club - bitter pill to swallow but city, lfc, Chelsea, arsenal, Leiceste, Man Utd, Spurs, West Ham are all streets ahead of us - after that comes us, Southampton, wolves, Leeds Brighton etc.

This is not me being negative - just look at some of our players - holgate, Kenny, Coleman, gbamin, toson, Iwobi, Digne, Gomez, Davies - would not shine in league 1.

2.) 04 Dec 2021
04 Dec 2021 19:14:06
Not for me mate and he hasn’t had to put up with half a dozen injuries to key players.

3.) 04 Dec 2021
04 Dec 2021 19:35:50
Can’t argue with that Sobs mate,

4.) 05 Dec 2021
05 Dec 2021 08:51:12
I'd have him back, he is doing a great job at West ham. Building a team like the very good sides we had at Everton under him. I wanted him back ages ago. It's not a case of looking back, he is currently doing a cracking job at a club on a similar level to us.

5.) 05 Dec 2021
05 Dec 2021 14:53:44
Why would DM come back to this. He really wanted to come back and would have done but was snubbed fot Ancelloti. He still would have come back but the Club (as usual) left it to late (he waited but then renewed with West Ham) , we then went for Rafa, Rafa like Moyes and other experienced Manager is sceltical of DoF's, hence the time it took to hire him. The place is Toxic.