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27 May 2016 21:16:27
Hi ed002 who do you think would be an ideal manager for Everton in your opinion.

{Ed002's Note - I said previously my pick would have been Favre. Realistically I thing de Boer and Pellegrini would both do a good job, and again, I would not discount Moyes.}

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27 May 2016 21:49:30
Cheers ed id like de boer but seen a few people saying his style is like bobbies and his back room staff won't be coming which would of been a great package de boer Stam bergkamp and overmars which doesn't sound bad.

{Ed002's Note - Stam may well go to Reading. Berkamp has work to do at Ajax.}

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27 May 2016 21:06:34
This is only a rumour but I believe has some credibility.
It is believed that the result of the Champions League final will have a massive bearing on who will be our new manager. If Real Madrid beat Athletico Madrid then Zinedine Zidan will remain as manager and Unia Emery will be named as our manager, however should Real Madrid loose the final then Zinadan will be replaced by Emery.

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27 May 2016 19:26:30
Cold shiver just went down my spine. Surely we are not waiting for a manager to be leaving their post after the euros. It's not going to be Hodgson is it?

{Ed002's Note - It won't be Hodgson.}

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27 May 2016 19:20:36
Ed002 did we actually have a serous look at Favre? I thought he'd have been really good for us. We presumably could have competed with Nice on salary if we'd wanted him, although I guess living on the Cote d'Azur is worth something.

{Ed002's Note - Everton certainly considered Favre but he knew he was not going to be first pick. Nice gave him an offer, they have a nice new stadium and, as you say, the South of France is a better place to live than Merseyside - although perhaps not Nice itself.}

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27 May 2016 19:37:59
Have you been to Bootle, Ed? I'd swap it for Nice. So if he knew he wasn't first pick, does that mean they had an order of preference from the start or just he knew he hadn't impressed them that much after talking to them?

{Ed002's Note - The club has potential managers where they want to guage their interest and they don't want to make a knee-jerk reaction even though that is what many of the fans want.}

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27 May 2016 16:26:55
soccer rumours reporting wanyama very close to joining everton. hope not don't rate him at all. allways getting booked.

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27 May 2016 17:04:43
Good player in my opinion.

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27 May 2016 18:25:23
I would love a player like him, but I think it's all to do with the rumours of koeman being our highest paid manager, I doubt it would be true, ONCE AGAIN.

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27 May 2016 18:38:32
We can only hope that the rumours will come true.

{Ed002's Note - I would not hold your breath.}

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27 May 2016 13:53:56
. Usmanov has now decided he wants to possess a controlling stake in a premier league club after Stan Kroenke further acquisition of shares at Arsenal yesterday and is said to be considering Everton football club as a viable destination because of his long standing friend and business partner Farhad Moshiri. this would be unbelievable if it happened - just to get a perspective on the situation in hand here Usmanov net worth according to Forbes = £13.9 billion. Abramoovich = £11.1 billion. ah ermmmm.

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27 May 2016 14:26:00

Thing is, wouldn't that be 2 people who desperately want to run a PL club?

In the same club to boot?

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27 May 2016 14:28:27
The original post is an interesting speculation - and I can see why people think it - but where is the concrete evidence that Mr Usmanov really is considering relinquishing all of his shares in Arsenal and buying a share holding in Everton instead?
I'm not saying it couldn't happen - it's a perfectly reasonable analysis and many Everton fans would love it to come true!
One thing is surely clear: many (most if not all! ) Arsenal fans want Mr Kroenke out of their club and they'd be devastated if Mr Usmanov sold up and left to go somewhere else and left Mr Kroenke as the absolute and controlling owner. However, that's not our concern - we just want Everton to become a winning club on and off the field.

{Ed025's Note - thats right sid..

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27 May 2016 14:39:03
Honesty I think Moshiriis Usanov's nominee. Not wonder if it happen.

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27 May 2016 14:44:00
Probably buy Koppites so him and his bezzie can pit wits against each other.

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27 May 2016 15:31:48
The theory started as Moshiri bought his stake for Usmanov, if he was unable to topple to Kroenke then he would buy Everton. Moshiri made his money exclusively really from first working for and then with Usmanov.
The reality though I find hard to stomach. Who will be buying the Usmanov shares in Arsenal?
Ultimately to answer an above question it wouldn't be two owners at us it would be one and I would imagine Moshiri would then take the reigns from Bill as chairman.
As stated before this is a very simple rumour to create given their previous working relationship but I just can't see it.
I would also like to stress that those fans who think we are now rich are deluded. In premier league terms Usmanov is very rich Moshiri is doing alright but hardly rolling in it.

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27 May 2016 15:45:49

''I would also like to stress that those fans who think we are now rich are deluded''

Do you eat 'negativity' for breakfast only, or do you snack throughout the day mate?

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27 May 2016 15:53:07
Usmanov agreeing to buy up Moshiri's stake in Arsenal was all a bit "convenient" to say the least! Moshiri only owns 49.9% of Everton with an option to purchase the remainder Why?
Under stock market rules the extra acquisition of shares by Kronke might trigger a compulsory offer to other shareholders.
Watch this space, too many exit and entrance points to be mere coincidence!

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27 May 2016 16:11:05
Hope there is something in this, but, due to evertons structure, stock market rules do not apply.

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27 May 2016 17:04:54
Svenny is right. Positivity is great when it's rooted in reality, but when it's not it just leads to the sort of disappointment and bitterness we see too much of on here. People will be disappointed if we don't get Simeone, moan if we don't qualify for the champs league within 2 years and if we don't have a stadium in 3. It's ridiculous. Moshiri is the 8th richest major shareholder in the prem (not that it matters because it's his money, not the club's) and Everton have the 8th largest turnover in the prem. I feel way more positive than I did a few weeks ago but a bit of realism wouldn't go amiss sometimes. It's like with people hating Moyes for not signing a contract so we could have a payoff from Man U. As if he could have said to a prospective employer that he'd take the job as long as they were happy for him to sign a contract with us that would cost them millions. Utter naivete.

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27 May 2016 17:58:26
It would explain why Moshiri only purchased 49% shares.

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27 May 2016 13:23:17
the guardian online saying Ryan Giggs set to be named next Efc manager.

{Ed025's Note - lock up your sister-in-laws then.. :)

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27 May 2016 13:38:33
No way Pedro, surely not.
I know he comes from a world class background in man utd but what actual experience (of management) does he have?

{Ed025's Note - he managed to ruin his brothers marriage.. :)

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27 May 2016 13:38:35
The Daily Post thinks they are safe Ed and point to Fonseca as a likely candidate atm? instead .

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27 May 2016 13:50:24
Giggs reported in Tuesday, just papers regurgitating, ignore.

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27 May 2016 13:59:58

''he managed to ruin his brothers marriage. ''

LOL are you here all week mate? ;)

{Ed025's Note - i am unless moyes gets appointed mate.. :)

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27 May 2016 16:31:17
Nice one ed!

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27 May 2016 13:10:20
Has there been any more contact wit De Boer Eds?

{Ed025's Note - not as we are aware of KR..

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27 May 2016 12:12:24
Eds, apologies if it's a dumb question but did Everton ever make an approach to Jose Mourinho or was it all just silliness and supposition please?

{Ed025's Note - it was touted that because mourinho and farhad moshiri are friends that it may happen RIB, whether it was discussed i dont know mate but with jose saying that he would consider a project people sort of put 2+2 together and came up with 5..

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27 May 2016 12:31:21
Thanks for that Ed. Personally I'm glad we never went for him, even if it was only rumours. His ego and the press circus that follows him just isn't Everton.

{Ed025's Note - he is a winner though RIB, but as you say a horrible person..

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27 May 2016 11:04:43
Press suggesting Marc Overmars will become our director of football. Due to him doing this job at Ajax it backs up the appointment of Frank de boer as they have already got a good working relationship. Having won 2 league title whilst working together.

Sounds good enough to me.

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27 May 2016 12:09:12
Sounds good to me just like to get it sorted now but all hear Is no contact made with Frank as of yet but just hope he can bring some of his backroom staff with him if we get him but also make sure we can keep rhino and big Dunc.

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27 May 2016 13:02:24
Konehead if Frank de Boer does become r manager jaap stam won't be coming according to sky sports he in talks with reading about the managers job.

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