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27 Jan 2020 17:21:39
Three more names into the frame being suggested that we might be in for via Smarterscout are
Samuel Chukwueze, 20 striker for Villarreal
Maxwell Cornet,23 from Lyon
Isaac Itanga,19 from FC Norfsjaelland
Please excuse spellings don’t know if there is any genuine interest from Everton just an article I read while scanning for any info to get excited about and it passes the time.

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27 Jan 2020 20:23:06
I would not get too excited, as covered on previous posts, we are very close to our ffp cap, chances are we will bring Vicenco from Inter in, but have a feeling with no out goings likely, may have to either loan any others, until we can offload a few in the summer and then sign the others in the summer.

Could be wrong and maybe any of the Ed’s can clarify this.

{Ed025's Note - i think your spot on bignev..

27 Jan 2020 20:53:18
Think we will save a few quid in the summer as I think niasse 80k Martina 60k and baines 60k (guess) are all leaving when their contracts run out so that should give us a little breathing space.

27 Jan 2020 21:18:29
A lot depends on who goes out and a lot can happen in the last few days of the window. If Niasse goes too, we’d need another forward.

27 Jan 2020 21:44:15
I cannot see anyone taking Niasse when they can get him for free in the summer, nor will he bust a gut to a move when he can pick up a big wad just warming the bench and coming on late on In a match to dof his cap.

27 Jan 2020 21:44:27
JB - why would we need another forward if Niasse goes? It’s not as if he’s any good, doubt we’d miss him, could probably play the toffee lady up front and would be better.

27 Jan 2020 23:31:00
If Baines leaves, surely we would have to replace him?

27 Jan 2020 23:41:48
its not in the echo.

28 Jan 2020 00:00:29
Because we’ve already loaned out Tosun and both players made the bench in recent matches. If DCL picked up an injury, we’d have a problem.

28 Jan 2020 08:08:14
Yes Pierre we would have to replace baines but the chances are he would be on a lot less than baines is which would free up some wages.

28 Jan 2020 09:09:22
I wouldn't be surprised if we Bainesy was offered an additional year at reduced terms. It sort of makes sense in the position we are at with FFP. Unless there is a reasonable up and coming player in the U23 youth setup he would still be a reasonable back up for Digne even at his age.

28 Jan 2020 09:59:35
happily see baines here for another year, it delays the need to buy another left back in the summer (another position fulfilled so we don't have to spend more in the summer) we can then go full throttle on a cb and rw.

28 Jan 2020 12:01:38
Personally I'd be surprised if we didn't offer Baines another year, seems like a no brainer to me.

28 Jan 2020 14:00:05
Not had much game time this season Baines, but I would say this season only, the games he has played in he has played well, Digne has looked out of sorts, I would look to give Digne a rest and give Baines a few run outs And certainly give Baines another season, until we get our ffp more favourable.

28 Jan 2020 16:29:09
Offloading even in the summer some of our overpaid and underperforming squad is something we have had difficulty in doing over the past two years.

28 Jan 2020 16:41:21
If DCL got injured I would rather see Holgate in attack than Niasse. But not Pickford, he doesn't seem to know where the goal is.

28 Jan 2020 17:12:19
Can't we sell an option on the contract renewal for our toiletries to Usmanov for £50m?

28 Jan 2020 17:36:33
To be honest. I can see Baines leaving and going somewhere he will start every or most games as it will likely be his last, maybe somewhere he will be player coach.
Personally think we missed a trick with Robinson by selling him without a buy-back clause.

28 Jan 2020 18:43:08
Still digesting that we are paying Niasse And Cuco almost half a million of month between them. Out of interest I wonder how much our wage bill this year is for players who have played less than 90mins in PL or are on loan and we are still paying (ie Sandro)

29 Jan 2020 09:49:15
Baines definitely another 12 months and a pathway into the coaching setup for me. Proper servant who could have (and maybe should have) taken a big money move back in his heyday. Total respect.

25 Jan 2020 17:17:06
Being reported we have bid £15 million for Vecino and they want £20 million talks ongoing.

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25 Jan 2020 19:15:05
Seems like they need the money to pay for Eriksen.

25 Jan 2020 19:32:47
Saying they will accept £16-9 so must be close.

25 Jan 2020 20:44:48
Think you are right cookie as £16.9 is what they are rumoured to have forked out for Eriksen.

26 Jan 2020 11:15:28
Would we not have preferred Eriksen if they’re the same price?

26 Jan 2020 12:25:04
I think it would be easier to convince the pope to swap faiths to Hinduism than convince Eriksen to sign for us.

26 Jan 2020 12:34:54
no chance of us getting eriksen tho is there?

26 Jan 2020 14:52:12
Agree what you’re saying about Eriksen, he’d probably never join us or for that matter want to.
but let’s put it in to perspective.
Why is he leaving spurs? Already got champions league football, then is it as simple as money?
Not that I want another overpaid star but if money was the only reason hypothetically why couldn’t we convince him?

26 Jan 2020 16:04:41
It’s probably got something to do with trophies, he’s won nothing at Spurs, yes got champions league football but he’s got to want some winners medals from somewhere. He’s not got a bad shot at the Serie A with Inter.

26 Jan 2020 20:48:22
Someone getting ahead of themselves and has updated Vecino’s Wikipedia Page to say he’s a midfielder for Everton and the Uruguay international.

26 Jan 2020 22:10:59
Wages for Eriksen would’ve crippled us even further financially rumoured to be over £300k per week.

24 Jan 2020 20:32:17
Any inside track on incomings or outgoings at everton at all Ed002?

{Ed002's Note - Read the piste.}

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25 Jan 2020 17:16:12
I'm not currently on the slopes Ed. haha cheers!

24 Jan 2020 09:39:54
Question for the eds,
I am sorry for the same questuj s getting fired at you, but the rumour of everton soares is gathering pace, an even speculating the deal is "very close"
Have things developed in this situation or is it juts usual transfer window lazy journalism for click bate.
I try not to buy into these rumours but the football fan in me can take over any rational thought.
I'm not even sure I want him, it's the curiosity which drives me Insane.
Feedback woukd be appreciated.

{Ed002's Note - The asking price for Everton Soares is very significant, and he is of course yet another LW. I am not aware of Everton and Gremio being close on a deal. If Everton were to buy him then CA needs to start considering his position at the club as he certainly would not be his choice. And where would the money come from?}

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24 Jan 2020 11:34:47
My thoughts exactly.
As always thanks for the insight its appreciated.

24 Jan 2020 12:01:38
Cheers for the info ED.

24 Jan 2020 13:21:40
If Everton Soares was to come in I would think we would be cashing in on Richarlison in the summer which will also free some more money for another player too. Just my guess replacement in early bed him in. Only thing I can see happening.

24 Jan 2020 15:20:12
Would be strange to buy a left winger to replace one of our only strikers wouldn't it Eddy?
I know ricky started life on the left but he and we see him as a striker now.

24 Jan 2020 19:40:14
Can play on right wing too. Maybe Walcott replacement if he does come in.

24 Jan 2020 21:07:48
ED is more conservative than me but regarding Soares, that is a load of droppings. As to Ancelotti considering his position! I wouldn't bin 11.5 Mill a season.

25 Jan 2020 19:51:42
We need everton soares or someone like him. We need goals from someone other than Richarlison or DCL.

Best scorer beyond those two has 2 goals.

23 Jan 2020 21:24:26
Hojbjerg from Southampton being linked tonight. Never saw that coming.

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23 Jan 2020 22:01:27
Could be Morgan the other way.

22 Jan 2020 23:19:08
Likely to be a busy week ahead and no games to get in the way of transfer business. Same few names still doing the rounds in the press - Everton Soares, Nzonzi, Can. Idrissi from AZ Alkmaar is the new name in the pot. Any truth to any of these rumours Eds?

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23 Jan 2020 00:25:14
I believe Ancelotti stated that those players suggested by the press are not the ones being considered.

23 Jan 2020 07:26:17
I started Jan all enthused that we might make some changes watching quite a few of these transfer shows on Sky, not bothering now if we do something great but there’s only so much I can take listening to how Levy is going to play hardball over Eriksen and then the willl he won’t he Pogba saga. again!
It’s all mind sapping!

23 Jan 2020 07:39:51
Given the well documented financial issues, I'm more interested in outgoings in this window. The more rubbish we can shift the better we can plan for the summer as opposed to starting the summer with no idea of transfer/ wage budget until we've offloaded players.

23 Jan 2020 10:00:58
Wouldn’t be the worst strategy - trim the squad and the wage bill. Niasse, Martina, Baines will all leave anyway. Schneiderlin and Sigurdsson should go imo - massive wages. Then we need pace, strength, positive attitude!

23 Jan 2020 12:58:20
Thing is thou if we sell we need to buy as we down to the bear bones as it is agree for -five players need to b gone I can see Everton will sign plus a mid and Cb who not sure but think Carlo knows he needs to revamp the squad.

23 Jan 2020 13:52:31
what well documented financial issues?

{Ed002's Note - Read the posts.}

23 Jan 2020 15:35:11
First transfer window I have not been too bothered with, may get a loan signing but very much doubt we will offload many players, nor bring many in.

I think we will do a few in and a few out in the Summer window.

Way too close to our ffp for the time being to expect signings in this window.

21 Jan 2020 11:46:29
Ed, do we have any interest in either or piatek or milik? Seen a few rumours around but can't see it myself. Both are good players on their day but would think we would only open the chequebook that wide for a cm this window.

{Ed002's Note - I am afraid that someone has been teasing you although Ronald Koeman had Milik watched at one time.}

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21 Jan 2020 13:17:35
Yep just what I expected. Cheers!

18 Jan 2020 12:46:08
Emre Can is another player being linked today.

{Ed002's Note - I would not hold your breath about Can. You might want to look at Ferro - Everton have asked a third party to investigate.}

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18 Jan 2020 13:35:47
Is he a cb Ed?

{Ed001's Note - he has played there but he is a midfielder.}

19 Jan 2020 00:20:24
Hi Ed is he any good? What type of midfielder is he? Would he want to join us.

{Ed001's Note - when he was at Liverpool he was a bit on the slow side, slowed down the play, but he was only young and Rodgers kept playing him in different positions. I wouldn't see him as any more than a decent midfielder to see you through until you can buy better quality.}

19 Jan 2020 14:45:38
That's what we need, another midfielder on the slow side! He can fart around passing sideways and backwards like the rest of them.

20 Jan 2020 09:01:56
is that a player there is genuine interest in ed?

{Ed002's Note - There is interest in Ferro.}

20 Jan 2020 09:43:41
interesting, cheers ed.

20 Jan 2020 09:47:37
whose this ferro play for now ed?

{Ed002's Note - Benfica.}


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