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28 Apr 2020 15:03:44
Just by way of passing the time
GK Pickford ( English )
RB Phillipe Mottoni Rhodes ( Brazilian ) played for u23 Excuse spelling
CB Holgate (English)
CB Mangahles (Brazilian)
LB Digne (French)
CM Gomez (Portuguese)
DCM Allan (Brazilian)
RW Everton (Brazilian)
LW Richarlison ( Brazilian)
S Courtiniho (Brazilian)
S Rodriguez ( (Columbia)

Virginia ( Spain)
Baines (English)
Mina (Columbia)
Kenny (English)
Calvert-Lewin (English)
Bernard (Brazilian)

It would be like watching Brazil well almost 😉.

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07 Jul 2020 09:19:52
GK Pickford
RB Coleman
CB Holgate
CB Keane
LB Digne
CM Gomez
CM Davies
RW Siggy
LW Iwobi
S Richarlison

Like watching paint dry but not as fast.

17 Apr 2020 09:48:06
Gosh Megsey put in your place there mate, think you'll be claiming ED02 is a closet red, keep safe and well.

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20 Apr 2020 23:28:37
Seriously? Don't you read any newspapers bbc online or watch any news?

{Ed033's Note - I don't.

20 Apr 2020 23:50:44
Judging by Ed 02's replies neither does he Ed .

{Ed033's Note - Why would anyone want to read/listen to fake news. :)

22 Apr 2020 13:21:00
Ed could you please suggest any truthful news outlets . If my sources The bbc, The Guardian, The Echo, The Times have been spreading fake news and scaremongering where can genuine news be found . Thanks in advance.

{Ed033's Note - There are no truthful news outlets. The closest you'll find is Uk Column

We have a Conspiracy site that looks for the truth.

22 Apr 2020 15:30:11
Is it any wonder we have Trump in The Whitehouse and Johnson in No 10 when ALL news outlets are dismissed.

23 Apr 2020 13:38:49
I agree Ed with all the fake news, you only have to go on the google homepage and the various newspaper headlines to catch your attention is what they want you to read and believe.

As with Conspiracy will look into your site, love Conspiracy.

Most if I am correct on the news outlets, from the USA networks, Facebook, google, all have either the c. i. a or the fbi, right at the top, controlling what they want people to hear and read.

23 Apr 2020 14:53:39
You have been watching to many X files nev 😂.

16 Apr 2020 21:15:39
I can't take credit for this - I was sent it

"I'm already practicing my rant shouting - are we still socially distancing - when we concede first goal from a corner at Goodison".

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15 Apr 2020 08:27:50
I've just watched an interview with Adrian Heath from toffee tv. Great watch for those of you who are interested in that era. If you have an hour to spare then give it a go.

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13 Apr 2020 08:20:20
Well lads, I'm a reds supporter from Ireland and I haven't been on this site in a while with what's been going on but just thought I'd share some nice info about your wonderful skipper.

A few weeks back a local family from my locality in the Midlands learned that their one year old son Dan was very sick, and need a life changing operation in the States which cost 2 Million quid. It has really touched people over here and lots of money has been raised and hopefully they will get there very soon.
But something that was noted on the donations last week was a significant donation of 15,000 by one person, a Seamus Coleman! There was no big announcement. No publicity stunt. He's not from the area, not by a long way. Just a genuine guy who was touched by the story. Whatever about football ability, ye boys have yourselves a legend right there. He's our captain for the national team aswell and he is as loved over here too.

FYI, if anyone has a couple of quid that they would like to share to help a little boy then search for the story #doitfordan

Cheers boys.

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13 Apr 2020 09:42:19
Hope all works out for the poor lad, great post macko nice of you to post on a blues page 👍👍.

13 Apr 2020 15:56:02
Macko, I sincerely hope the young lad gets the treatment he needs to make him better. I'll have a look for the funding page right now mate. Coleman gets a lot of stick in these forums these days but he can not be faulted for the work he does off the field, he puts his hand in his pocket quite a bit for things like this. Top man is Seamus.

01 Apr 2020 15:39:23
alrite fellow blues hope everyone is well and all the eds aswell just a question for any of the eds really with everton in the summer just you're thoughts what players we are looking at in the summer and without naming players what positions do you think the blues will look to buy in thanks for reply.

{Ed025's Note - i think we will be concentrating on the spine andy, a keeper, centre back, central midfielder and a striker, we have been looking at a right back as well but we need to ship quite a few out to make it happen mate..

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01 Apr 2020 16:51:19
thanks for that ed025 is the gk a backup for pickford or will it be to replace pickford and also what's the update on Jean-Philippe Gbamin any news to when he will be back in training thanks for reply.

{Ed025's Note - i suspect it will be a replacement andy, donnarumma has been mentioned in dispatches mate, not heard anything about JPG though im afraid..

01 Apr 2020 23:22:05
Just an interesting thought, if we as predicted might be looking around June or beyond, there could be a possibility of the ffp being relaxed until next year.

If that happens and Everton get the stadium go ahead before next June then Everton will have a big part to play in the transfer window this year.

Before the next submit next June, if it does get upheld for 12 Months, then the following will be off our wage Bill before June 2021.

Niasse, Martina, Schnids, Bolasie, Besic, Sandro and Walcott.

{Ed002's Note - Yes, I expect a relaxation. The stadium is unrelated. Everton can continue to be stupid if they want.}

02 Apr 2020 23:07:14
Do you think the ffp needs tweaking then Ed002, the likes of Everton and City have bought players, with the money going to other clubs and spread out around the football world benefiting from the income.

Yet Utd have debts of around £700 Million that goes into stocks and outside of football, but that is not an issue in regards to ffp.

How can a club with debts of £700 Million be fine and not even come close to being looked into.

Do you think that along with losses over a 3 year period, they should also bring debt into ffp.

{Ed002's Note - Manchester United are living within their means - FFP is there to protect clubs from spending beyond their means. That is what Everton are doing and the benefit at the moment is punishment will likely be delayed another year. Existing debt that is being repaid whist the clubs working within their means is fine. What Everton have done is not.}

03 Apr 2020 09:42:37
How are man utd living within there means if they are 700 million in debt . Only asking ed don't shout at me.

{Ed001's Note - the debt was racked up in the sale to the Glazer family. That debt has actually reduced significantly over their ownership, because they live within their means and pay that down, as well as paying the family a nice income each year.}

26 Mar 2020 08:43:20
We all know that Carlo s a top manager, but on BBC sport Football page there is a video of him making a phone call to a police officer and Everton supporter who is self isolating. Top Top person.
Best wishes to all.

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26 Mar 2020 09:46:24
Alot of the 1st team have been calling fans. I'm sure EITC are doing plenty as well. Lots of clubs doing good things. Brighton are giving 1000 free tickets to NHS. NET staff as well as other stuff. Clubs are donating food and money to food banks. Chelsea's hotel at the Bridge is for NHS staff only currently. Plus many many more ways football is trying to help I expect.

24 Mar 2020 19:05:41
I personally think Dwight McNeil of Burnley would be an excellent left sided midfielder for Everton, excellent pace and a massive engine, full of quality and only 20 yrs old.

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