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25 Feb 2020 16:31:34
Moshiri wanted Ancelotti, Kenwright wanted Moyes. If nothing else tells you what you need to know about Bill, then that tells you everything. Come on Farhad, buy his last 4 shares and FK him off.

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26 Feb 2020 09:11:08
🤣🤣🤣 and you know that how? News now? Daily mail? Bloke down the pub? And so what if he did. Ever put your house up for Everton to buy a striker to stay in the premier league?

Wait, what no? Didn't think so.

I think he can leave whenever he wants and should have the thanks of all Evertonians for what he's done. Including getting the right man to take over the club. We could have been Leeds, Sunderland, Portsmouth or a load of other clubs that have been ruined.

You couldn't tell me anything about BK because you don't even know him. You have an outsiders point of view that has no clue whatsoever happens behind closed doors. My dog could tell you the same as what happens at a football club as what you could.

But actions speak louder than words and his actions in keeping us in the EPL, EITC, the perception of the club from other clubs, pundits and even rivals tells a thousand words.

Hes not running the joint anymore so just let it rest and move on. People like you bore out of me.

26 Feb 2020 14:34:10
Well said Blue John.

26 Feb 2020 15:20:14
any everton fan that wants bill kenwright out is not an evertonian in my eyes the man done good for us yeah okay he might not bought players but let's all be honest the club was in debt we had to sell likes of rooney lescott arteta felliani just to make a profit am only 30 years old so i remember those days and yeah we did struggle in moyes era but least we gained top 10 good few times under him just pisses me of with one or 2 blues saying he's done nothing obv you havnt seen what i have seen otherwise woudnt even be putting this on here c. o. y. b.

26 Feb 2020 21:29:11
Love the guy and a True Blue thank goodness we have him.

{Ed025's Note - i just cant see what the guy has done wrong GB?, for me the fella has done nothing but good for the club..

26 Feb 2020 23:40:02
The fans who slate him on the regular should take a step back and have a think of what might have been if he hadn't bought the club when he did. Johnson was the worst thing to happen to Everton in all my time supporting them, possibly in our history. BK should be thanked for helping get rid of him amongst other things. He doesn't deserve the disrespect levelled at him by a minority.

{Ed025's Note - your dead right BP..

27 Feb 2020 18:41:18
Because of Marsh and Johnson we went backwards in the 90s. Bill put a stop to that rot and we should forever remember that. Without him taking over, we would probably be one of those teams who have fallen into the lower leagues such as Leeds, Blackburn, Portsmouth, Charlton, Wimbledon and Coventry to name a few.

{Ed025's Note - i think your spot on BR..

24 Feb 2020 20:12:28
I'm agree we should have come away with something from the game but let's look at the positives and negatives.
Positives: we created 17 scoring opportunities against Arsenal's 9, it's been a long time since we achieved anything like those stats and yes we should have scored probably 3 more goals but at least we are pressing and creating chances.
Andre Gomes to return so quickly from a serious injury, play only 60 minutes of a practice match and come on to control the midfield and hit some great passes is an absolute bonus.
Negatives: our midfield was non existent with Sigurdsson, Delph, Sniedlin and Iwobi offering very little to the team.
Although Sidibe found wanting Mina was also very poor which didn't help.
For an international player he lacks positional sense and should have prevented the opening two goals.
The first he was two yards ahead of the Arsenal forward running into the box and should have cut out the cross. For the second he was five yards too far upfield and ten yards too far to the left leaving a gap the width of a motorway between himself and Sidibe for Luis to thread a 40 yard pass through.
Basic stuff which Carlo has seen and will address for sure.

{Ed025's Note - i agree with all of that fancy..

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25 Feb 2020 13:16:49
I don't. The cross should have been blocked by Iwobi who just stuck out a leg, and never really made any attempt to block it. The second came about because no midfielder closed down their defender, and gave him all day to make the pass.
Carlo obviously wants the defence to play a high line, but this only works if you have a midfield. We don't so to blame the defence for the goals is a bit harsh in my opinion.

25 Feb 2020 19:35:34
Awareness of what is going on around you is a fundamental in football.
Players cannot assume the outcome of any given situation and therefore it is not an excuse for Mina to be totally out of position, despite a powder puff midfield, and therefore not in a position to prevent Arsenal’s first and second goals.

26 Feb 2020 10:37:36
Awareness of what is going on around you? Look their fullback was allowed to jog down the wing without a right midfielder or right full back getting anywhere near him. Their central defender was allowed to pick the ball up in his own half and walk 15 yards before making the pass. Yet you want to blame the defence?
I am sure Mina was aware of one thing and that's he was aware we had no midfield. Also if the players should be that aware, then should Pickford not have come out for the cross? I mean he had to anticipate it coming in? Had he come out and cleared it then we would not be having this debate. But hey we have had a go at Pickford, now it's Mina's turn.

23 Feb 2020 10:52:56
First time poster but been viewing this site for a while.

Regularly go to watch Fleetwood town being from Fleetwood and I have to say Lewis Gibson is a great talent. I think he will be pushing for a first team spot in the next year or 2. The loan at Fleetwood will do him the world of good. Maybe extended into next season too.

Callum connelly looks very versatile too. Played at cb and cm bagged a couple of goals too. These two may even save us a few quid on signings in the future.

Hoping for a decent result today. Always struggle at arsenal. Anything Has to be better than the home fixture haha.

Enjoy the game blues. Up the toffees!

{Ed025's Note - welcome aboard jamie..

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18 Feb 2020 19:04:02
WOW that was good to see Gomes on SSN, back and playing for 60 mins at Finch Farm and it's even being suggested he could be involved in the game on Sun, really chuffed with that.

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18 Feb 2020 12:52:24
Just seen a poll on another Everton website about Jack Grealish. Only 53% of fans that voted would sign him? That's mental I'd take him in an instant, even though he is very very unlikely to come to us if he left Villa.

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18 Feb 2020 17:59:38
I imagine the other 47% are closer Villa fans.

18 Feb 2020 23:38:58
Could be right there Smitt, with the other 47%, class player Grealish.

19 Feb 2020 07:29:52
Totally agree boys, he would be the standout midfielder in our side.

09 Feb 2020 14:02:05
Made up with the win slowly climbing the table be made up with european football next year . i think pickford needs a kick up the a** And as i have been saying for a long time on this site tom davis is not good enough he is a 5th choice midfielder and carlo knows this buy he is the only option because of injury's . Morgan played really well i'd rather have him in the side than gylfi

Tom davies
Wont be hear long.

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09 Feb 2020 15:51:16
One swallow doesn't mean its spring. As bad as they are at the moment, Gylfi and Tom have given us more over the last few seasons than Schneiderlin.

10 Feb 2020 13:18:57
So of the players mentioned their contract expire:

TD 2023
GS 2022
TW 2021
FD 2022

I have a felling that they may be here longer than you think Evocalum. Also I can't see Schneiderlin having his contract extended past 2021. i'd be surprised if we sell any of them to be honest more than likely their contracts will run down. The only one we would make money on is TD and I think CA may want to keep him.

13 Feb 2020 17:45:28
I think Mr Ancelotti knows what he wants and I think it’s best left up to him to decide who is good enough and who need to go.

14 Feb 2020 11:03:54
Well said Big C.

08 Feb 2020 20:58:53
Schneiderlin has his best game for us for some time, and that clown Darren Bent says he was a liability today? Do these people actually watch the game or are these interviews pre recorded?
Now I'm not Morgans biggest fan, but fair play to him he ran our midfield today. Looking for the ball and not scared to play the long pass.
But hey Mr Bent a very average striker knows better.

{Ed025's Note - morgan done very well brassington, but the less said about siebe, tom davies and coleman the better mate..

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08 Feb 2020 23:28:52
Sidibe I could give a bit because he was playing out of position. Tom too slow for Prem and Coleman has sadly gone passed his sell buy date.

04 Feb 2020 06:22:20
Looking at how bunched it is at the bottom of the table, what do you reckon the survival points total will be this year? Normally it’s 41 but it might need to be higher this year.

I’ll be happy when we get to 45 (if we get to 45) .

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04 Feb 2020 15:50:52
its been around 37 for the last few years.






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