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09 Jul 2020 09:45:03
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08 Jul 2020 21:53:05
Eds, do any of you know what's happening regards season tickets? I renewed at the beginning of the year but I don't see fans returning to stadia this side of christmas. With that in mind, what are clubs generally planning? Obviously there's refunds, but are clubs and the tv corporations considering other options, e. g. giving season ticket holders viewing access to all teams games home and away. Are there any alternative arrangements other than season ticket refunds?

{Ed002's Note - You are right JCL - nobody knows. Some clubs are renewing which gives them cash and they will figure it out going forward through concessions, extensions by number of games etc..}

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09 Jul 2020 05:57:28
Cheers ed.

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08 Jul 2020 11:16:33
My view is play Holgate in midfield. Was brilliant against man utd. Let gomes concentrate on getting ball forward. Or give Adenrian a go. He can power forward with ball given the chance. Mina next to Keane or even throw Branthwaite in. If he can be on bench he can play in 1st team. Beni at DM is also to be considered.

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08 Jul 2020 12:38:27
Ultimately we need to sign the players needed to suit Ancelloti’s formation. There were more than a few players out there on Monday that weren’t good enough. I’m pretty sure Ancelotti saw that better and sooner than we did. I wouldn’t expect too much for now. Some players must move on and others must be signed. The constant needs to be the coaching staff, it’s the one world class thing we have.

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08 Jul 2020 15:49:47
Baningime isn't good enough, the rare occasion he has been brought on, he did very little.

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08 Jul 2020 20:48:44
How can you judge a player on a rare occasion?

I’d rather they be given a decent chance and then judge

Surely can’t be worse than anyone currently in our midfield?

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08 Jul 2020 21:43:57
Because if he was any good, he surely would be getting a game, only on the bench now due to a shortage of players, he doesn't get a start as sub, maybe he needs to go out on loan for some experience.

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09 Jul 2020 08:38:47
Toffee Ace, good post mate and my sentiments exactly.

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08 Jul 2020 10:29:58
As others have highlighted the display against Spurs was a disgrace. Trying to avoid criticising individuals, but it is difficult to not be critical of Sigurdson and Iwobi. Why Everton bought the latter is unbeleivable and Sigurdson in my view has performed as if he didn't want to be at the club since his arrival.
The problem is not just the players but the recruitment. If Delph was not needed at City, then he is not needed at Everton, the same with Iwobi, that's why those clubs got rid of them. It's not the players fault, it's not the managers and coaches fault but those at higher level who do the recruitment. The buck stops there.
How many of Everton's players would get into a side in the top 6, the answer is none of them with possibly the exception of Richatlison. That is why Everton is a long way from a top 6 placing until there is a change of players.
This goes on season after season, we now have one of the best managers, a good owner, a new ground on its way but again bad recruitment is always present.
I go back to the 1950s when John Moore's was owner and Jonny Carey manager followed by Catterick and I know the performances and players attitudes then would not be acceptable as they seem to be today.
I don't mind not getting 100% performance but at least I expect 100% effort from all.

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08 Jul 2020 12:09:14
I’d argue that both Digne and Holgate would get into a top 6 club not just Richarlison.

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08 Jul 2020 07:13:16
FIVE points out of 129 available when losing at half time said it all. Remember just over 10 years ago when Carsley, Cahill and Arteta running Midfield - never felt out of a game and expected to come back and win. Now they just give up when behind and accept it. If only Ancelotti could find a Gattuso or Roy Keane would improve us so much.

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07 Jul 2020 21:40:58
Quite a bit of negativity on here following last night's game. yes sure it was poor but let's remember the circumstances in which football is being played.
This isn't football as we know it and remember as poor as we were we lost to a freak own goal away to spurs.

With regards to slating individual players and the fact we are "going backwards" I don't think is justified at the moment. just because we have a word class manager doesn't mean we will have a world class team or indeed performances.

Take a minute to remember where we were with Silva and that we have been challenging for Europe until last night speaks volumes fir the progress made.
Gary Neville is far from a favourite of mine but last night he quite rightly touched upon the "mentality" of "Everton Football Club" and that if we want to progress in line with the managers and owners aspirations then that needs to change. this isn't just confined to the players but also us fans.

An element of perspective is required at the moment and fingers crossed we return to normal soon when we can again get behind the team and assist in that change in mentality.
That said Iwobi was crap!

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07 Jul 2020 22:49:43
Gary neville was 100% right in his comments.
We are bottle jobs.
Whenever we get ourselves into a must win game, we bottle it .
This mentality seems, to be ingrained in the club. And if this manager doesn't manage to turn that round no one will.

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08 Jul 2020 08:28:23
Brett. Not interested in slating players in that you are correct. Where we differ, is in the circumstances and environment the game is currently being played. It is 11 v 11 on the pitch and their job.

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07 Jul 2020 21:27:07
Don't particularly like Garry Neville, but he was spot on in his assessment of our players last night.

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07 Jul 2020 17:27:53
Ed02 could you see tranmere being interested in unsworth for there next manager.

{Ed002's Note - I don’t know but would think it unlikely.}

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07 Jul 2020 19:13:50
Okay thanks for info ed02.

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07 Jul 2020 14:26:06
very poor last night, don't get the wholesale criticism of Tom Davis though, he had a good energetic game considering he was carrying Siggurdson on one shoulder and Gomes on the other, Gomes gives away foul after foul because lacks pace, and always has, if he passed the ball forward last night afraid i missed it both of them complete wast of a shirt, and Bernard not his fault too lightweight but who chooses these players is he always to remain blameless.

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07 Jul 2020 16:25:21
i disagree he has been poor this season you clearly havnt watched enough of him to judge him and it has nothing to do with him being local he's been poor he looses the ball gets knocked of the ball an he carries gylfi no one was carrying any one he was bad aswell iwobi was shocking gomes can only pass am sorry half that team needs gone am not assed now cause getting sick of this if c. a can't rebuild that team givin time then who else we going to appoint then there's only one way we are going we must be only team to be invested an go backwards laughing stock are club at times poor recruitment poor manager appointments laughing stock we are.

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