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30 Jan 2020 12:13:12
Can any of the eds share any info on the Niasse situation.
Is there actual interest from championship clubs to take him on loan and is he refusing to go?
If this is true I'm baffled by it, surely he woukd rather be playing and still picking up his wage than sit on the bench or not even make the bench sometimes.

{Ed002's Note - I am not aware of any offers from the Championship and suspect he might hold out for a move back to Russia or to the Ukraine over the next month.}

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30 Jan 2020 13:11:01
Cheers Ed, probably more speculation to fill pages.

{Ed002's Note - I could certainly see interest from the Championship but I just don't know of offers - a move in February would make sense for all parties.}

29 Jan 2020 21:08:12
Do the Eds know if Barcelona might come back with another bid for Richarlison? Any info would be great please.

{Ed002's Note - Perhaps in the summer.}

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29 Jan 2020 21:33:39
Thank you.

29 Jan 2020 22:28:34
Everton have denied they have received any bids from Barcelona.

29 Jan 2020 23:20:05
Maybe we’re waiting to see if they offer any players as part of a deal.
As Ed’s have said previously swap deals are very unusual.
However with it being so close to the window closing may be that’s the only way we’d progress on a deal if a player was offered as well as some cash, rakitic anyone?

30 Jan 2020 10:03:16
No Thanks, rather keep Ricky for the foreseeable future. Isn't Rakitic on something like £200k per week as well? If so it would kill our wage structure even if we could afford it.

30 Jan 2020 20:14:24
I would guess that if there has been real interest in him from Barca, then he will do what most players do and become as disruptive as possible to force a move. Playing for the likes of Barcelona is an opportunity that doesn't come along too often and you can't blame a player for wanting it. the question is how disruptive? The last thing we want is a miserable player hanging around feeling he is being prevented an opportunity. yes I know he was happy enough to sign a contract with us but remember he already had one at Watford.

{Ed025's Note - i dont think i have ever seen him smile on the pitch degsy.. :)

29 Jan 2020 17:16:00
Wow, reported €100m offer from Barcelona for Richy. Can see the player being interested in the move.

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29 Jan 2020 17:37:36
It's been turned down. No interest in selling.

29 Jan 2020 17:54:07
Honestly I'd sell for 95m. I honestly don't think he's that good and we could but two players.
He shows up every now and again and think Gordon will be better.

29 Jan 2020 18:10:23
He’s quality - hence that’s why he plays for Brazil and Barcelona are after him.

29 Jan 2020 18:18:23
If its true i'd sell him an buy everton soars identical type of player would still leave us with funds for a cm and with in the ffp.

{Ed002's Note - You perhaps don't understand FFP.}

29 Jan 2020 19:10:00
If not now, he’d leave soon. hold Barce to ransom, or keep him.

29 Jan 2020 19:25:23
It’s all nonsense no bid has been received and Sky are just making it up. Like ED002 has said previously the majority of rumours are totally untrue.

29 Jan 2020 19:34:30
Why would you sell a 22 year old proven prem player that will only go up in value over next few years now, it makes no business sense and certainly not a good footballing decision.

29 Jan 2020 20:24:52
So explain why this doesn’t help ffp rather then just a flippant comment so people understand in the greater detail you obviously do.

{Ed002's Note - I have not come accross any Everton fans who are able to grasp the mess the club are in financially. There is no point me explaining again.}

29 Jan 2020 20:41:19
I thought I posted in regards to our ffp which Ed025 agreed with yesterday.

29 Jan 2020 20:43:41
I am an Everton fan and posted this yesterday, all be it ai missed out the 85% in wages.

I would not get too excited, as covered on previous posts, we are very close to our ffp cap, chances are we will bring Vicenco from Inter in, but have a feeling with no out goings likely, may have to either loan any others, until we can offload a few in the summer and then sign the others in the summer.

Could be wrong and maybe any of the Ed’s can clarify this.

29 Jan 2020 21:00:58
If they are in the financial mess you suggest, then surely they would be biting the hand off Barcelona right now?

{Ed002's Note - Assured sales need to be done by June 30.}

29 Jan 2020 21:21:18
Very arrogant Ed 002 if you don’t mind me saying so. Perhaps you should get out more and meet more Everton supporters - you might be surprised.

{Ed002's Note - I spent 226 days in hotels last year - so I get out plenty.}

29 Jan 2020 21:47:37
Hi Ed, maybe something you are not aware of but recently there was. ‘Rumour’ that Everton May be looking to end their shirt deal with Umbro - given we are clearly looking to maximise all revenue streams as our all clubs, wondered if you may have heard anything a bit more concrete?
- cheers.

{Ed002's Note - They extended the deal less than a year ago - it would be expensive to get out of but that could be offset after a few years of a new supplier. But I am not sure anything is on the cards right now.}

29 Jan 2020 21:58:00

{Ed002's Note - More vegetable matter removed from the site.}

30 Jan 2020 11:30:49
Thanks Ed 👍.

{Ed002's Note - You are welcome.}

29 Jan 2020 17:04:35
Barcelona circling Richarlison. it's squeaky bum time.

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29 Jan 2020 17:09:24
Sky Sports saying we have rejected an £85m bid from them.

29 Jan 2020 17:13:28
We've rejected a 85 million pound or 100m euro bid from Barac for richarlison hoping we stand firm.

29 Jan 2020 17:16:16
put it this way, if Richarlison was playing across the Park the bid would be well over £100 Million, so unless they come back with a much bigger bid, I would tell them to do one.

29 Jan 2020 17:25:11
Rejected 85 mill and seen pics of him at a kids event today and looks happy enough end of story for me.

29 Jan 2020 17:31:53
Depends if a much bigger bid comes in, we are close to our ffp, would Everton Soares be a replacement with cash Left over to spend, if a ridiculous offer came in.

29 Jan 2020 17:47:28
Whether he's happy here or not, a player will almost always want to move to Barca, it's definitely squeaky bum time. If there offer hits £100m which isn't much of an improved offer then it may sadly happen. Hopefully we can try to get someone from them in return, another loan to buy.

29 Jan 2020 17:50:02
1st bid. If they want him they'll be back.

29 Jan 2020 17:50:52
Or how about we sell for 50 Million with a buy back clause for the same, bring in Soares for £30 Million, then when Niasse, Martina, Tosun and a few others are off the wage bill, buy him back. One way of getting round our ffp.

29 Jan 2020 18:06:18
Hahahaha if only Bignev!

29 Jan 2020 18:08:40
That won’t happen bignev. Think his agent would allow that in a contract? Go to biggest club in world only to come back a year later for mid table in prem.

He deserves to play in CL and we are nowhere near it. No closer than when Martinez was here 4 managers ago.

I guess we will get about 100 million for him.

We are a selling club (stones, lakaku, Rooney, arteta, fellani prove that)

We need somehow to get into elusive CL positions - even then if Barcelona come knocking we will have no say.

If we could get samefdo or wague on loan as part of deal that would be good business.

29 Jan 2020 20:46:03
Not being funny but haven't commented in this for ages due to forgot password but read a lot. That comment above sobs newcastle, your saying he deserves a cl club, he's 22 he deserves everton football club. He's just signed a 5 year deal he's going no where and if he did I would be devastated as if we are going to get anywhere near champions league then he needs to stay.

All of the above apart from lukaku was basically before moshiri and we was skint. And lukaku was banging 20+ a season and he wanted to go. We knew that anyway when has richy inclined he's not happy or wants to move on to early. He's 22 and wouldn't have signed a new deal if he was desperate to make the next step.

29 Jan 2020 21:25:34
Is the next step not Barcelona - do you expect him to have 5yrs in mid table. Sorry but your not being realistic.
I’d love him to stay but put yourself in his shoes - could be a once in a life time chance.
If we were 4th or 5th we still would struggle but we are out of both cups - not qualifying for Europe - can’t sign players - we are not too attractive.
I know it’s negative but it is realistic.

You can add Gueye on that list who also left for CL.

29 Jan 2020 22:04:30
Sobs - I think based on our current situation TRANMERE would be the next step!
Barcelona is a triple jump away 😂.

29 Jan 2020 22:05:01
The next step is Barcelona or someone like that but he’s not ready and he wouldn’t of signed a new deal if he wanted to get off. He knows the clubs ambitious and we now have Ancelotti who is a better coach than Barca’s? I just don’t think he will go anywhere for atleast 18months and we would be stupid not to keep him. If he scores 20 goals next season fair enough he’s proven he’s ready and we will get even bigger money for him. The club have said rumours aren't true anyway. When Barcelona come calling and the player wants to move there’s not much you can do look at Liverpool. But Suarez it was now or never, Richarlison has age on his side and he’s a blue! Fingers cross COYB.

29 Jan 2020 22:08:47
Also gueye how old was he when he left, smells like now or never to me also.

30 Jan 2020 08:38:10
Stones, Lukaku, Arteta and Rooney WANTED to go.

30 Jan 2020 20:14:49
I don’t remember stones, arteta, lescott, fellaniI, Rooney - further back graviton, barmby, Ross Jeffers, Xavier etc. Wanting to leave until a big club came asking.

I think Guaye was professional and I imagine we kept him for one more season with agreement he could leave at the end. Lakaku was a disgrace as was Ross
I struggle to think of anyone we have kept - Coleman to Man Utd possibly.
Even speed + Ferguson went to bloody newcastle.

30 Jan 2020 20:42:35
Who says Richarlison doesn't want to leave? Maybe he wasn't thinking about it but when a team like Barcelona comes in for him it's got to make him think.

Signing a new contract doesn't mean he's staying either, just means he has the decency to allow our club to get a decent transfer value for him.

30 Jan 2020 21:21:18
Look at countinho, the grass isn’t always greener! What I’m saying is he’s only young and does anyone think he would walk into there team? Or do you think he would be better off waiting until he’s a proven player and then leave? Maybe I’m just to hopeful or maybe that’s what I’d do I don’t know. Every player you lot are mentioning was before we had money, before we had any ambition. Half the players wouldn’t of signed pre moshiri. Rooney was prob are best sale we could have easily of gone down without selling him I’m sure that’s how we started to sign the likes of Cahill and arteta for 1.25m and 2m? Players who served us well and deserved there next step. Lukaku was never going to stay he was too good for us at the time but imagine he had stayed, we wouldn’t of signed klassan Sandro or maybe Sigurdsson. I’ll shut up now I could go on forever.

29 Jan 2020 12:40:10
Has anyone seen anything about the return dates for Gomes and Gbamin?

Not looking for exact dates like but I thought Gomes was going to be out for the season but with him being back in training hopefully he will be back earlier.
And I thought Gbamin was supposed to be back in January but still no sign of a return?

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29 Jan 2020 15:24:12
Around 23rd Feb buddy.

29 Jan 2020 15:32:17
Not sure, it's been a fast recovery. Think he was off the crutches within 2 or 3 weeks and he's had a few weeks back in the gym. You wouldn't put him in harms way with full training if wasn't ready. As he was less than 3 months out he can't be that far away fitness wise. I'd not be surprised to see him make the subs bench in the next 2 or 3 fixtures.

29 Jan 2020 11:41:33
A mate of mine (a toffee) was flying back from Munich last night with marcel brands on the flight. Sent me a picture definitely him. Fingers crossed it was a transfer mission.

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29 Jan 2020 11:54:15
Might have been about John Joe.

29 Jan 2020 14:20:52
Likely about Anthony Evans. Just signed for Paderborn on permanent deal.

29 Jan 2020 17:04:43
Munich is miles from Paderborn (Westphalia) surely Dortmund or Frankfurt Airport would be more likely, if Brands was sorting Evans deal?

29 Jan 2020 10:52:55
Ronaldo Viera being linked this morning for £14 million.

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29 Jan 2020 14:03:58
Well if he plays half as well as his namesakes then get him.

29 Jan 2020 14:15:31
EDS is there any truth in it? i'm sure this kid use to play for leeds and was highly rated.

{Ed002's Note - I am not aware of an approach by Everton for Ronaldo Viera but certainly Milan and West Ham have spoken with Sampdoria who have alreadey resisted a couple of bids - and Burnley and Montpellier have spoken with Trimboli about his availability.}

29 Jan 2020 16:38:25
Thanks for the info Ed002.

28 Jan 2020 19:39:50
Looks like no Everton Soares for us according to SSN third party ownership issues apparently.

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28 Jan 2020 22:48:44
I for one hope whatever happens close of deadline day is another curve ball. If it is i'll no longer bother with any rumours or whatever sites. Secretly really want whatever business to make a total mockery of the papers etc. Not convinced we are remotely interested in any of the targets doing the rounds. Waste of time all round. What will be will be.

29 Jan 2020 12:00:45
There won't be any notable incomings. We are in a bad financial situation its been spoken about a lot on here. I haven't even bothered reading the rumours. No one will leave until their contract is up so we won't be getting anyone.


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