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14 Nov 2021 14:22:40
Lingard allowed to leave for £10 million, sod FFP, pay it.

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14 Nov 2021 19:37:15
Agree good player mate.

15 Nov 2021 08:10:59
Would love it if we sign him, can’t see it happening but he is a very good player.

15 Nov 2021 09:35:03
Is he really that good? Or are we saying he’s a good player because of how well he did at West Ham?

If you look at his stats he scored 9 goals in 16 games when on loan at West Ham which is impressive.

However when you look at his Utd stats 35 goals in 218 games it’s not that impressive.

Personally would have him on loan with an option to buy as no guarantee he’d be as good for us as he was for West Ham.

15 Nov 2021 11:22:47
I would say he is better than what we have on the pitch at the moment mate without doubt.

15 Nov 2021 11:59:21
I'd definitely take him at that price.

15 Nov 2021 16:05:16
If we did go for him then who would we drop to start him?

Think he’s an attacking mid and can play either wing.

So currently we have gray/ Gordon on left, Townsend on right and Richarlison on right or through middle behind DCL

Not sure he’d get in team in front of any of gray, Townsend, Richarlison or DCL.

We’re not going to drop doucore or Allan to accommodate as he’s not that type of player. Also can’t see us playing a back 3 to accommodate him.

So where does he fit?

For me if we’ve got £10m to spend when things have been so tight recently then Right Back has to be the priority.

15 Nov 2021 22:14:31
We never have a fully fit team so it wouldn't be a problem getting him in the team. I'd say yes.

16 Nov 2021 09:56:00
Defo no Brainer mate would be great addition.

16 Nov 2021 11:39:48
Think he’s a better player than Grey and Townsend to be fair.

18 Nov 2021 19:09:12
Knock the zero off the end and you've got a chance.

19 Nov 2021 12:31:39
it's not the fee mate, it's the wages.

11 Nov 2021 12:22:59
With Gerrard leaving Rangers to go to Villa is this the ideal time for Duncan to get some managerial experience and throw his name into the hat for the Rangers job?

{Ed002's Note - No, they are in talks with someone else.}

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11 Nov 2021 12:46:58
No worries Ed just thought as an ex Rangers man he may have seen it as a potential opportunity to get some managerial experience.

{Ed002's Note - I rather doubt they would look to him and will certainly have preferred choices.}

11 Nov 2021 15:37:31
He didn't have the greatest of times up their to be fair.

11 Nov 2021 15:37:31
He didn't have the greatest of times up their to be fair.

12 Nov 2021 13:52:07
I do think if he’s ever going to be Everton manager (or top flight manager) . He’s going to have to leave and earn his stripes at a lower league club first, he’s been passed over a couple of times now.

04 Nov 2021 17:13:46
Bild reporting we are looking at Roger Schmidt to potentially replace Rafa

Lazy reporting or is his position genuinely under threat?

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04 Nov 2021 18:31:55
Well we are ten games in ?.

04 Nov 2021 19:06:33
Unless there’s something going on behind the scenes with Newcastle.

04 Nov 2021 20:25:00
i hope not.

05 Nov 2021 19:31:20
If rafa goes i will never watch the team again the problem is not rafa it is the useless twat brands the useless twat kenwright the rubbish coaches we have ie ferguson unsworth baines just pure losers and let's not forget the cowards that put on the blue jersey.

06 Nov 2021 13:08:02
Never, Alan? No managerial comings and goings would stop me watching my team. If anything it would be Brands!

07 Nov 2021 04:49:08
We cld have 5 top managers, it won't help, our team is just crap, not 1 player wld get in any top 6 team, if we stay up this year, it's a bonus, and Allan looking to move on in January, well that's us fckd ??.

07 Nov 2021 16:19:28
Do you think he’s the man to get us out of the Schmidt?

08 Nov 2021 01:27:33
We all know how light we are in midfield. If allan went and doucoure got injured as we'd be proper ****ed. We can't afford to lose anyone from our starting 11 with a replacement of equal quality.

08 Nov 2021 09:13:09
Again with the not 1 player would get into the top sides business.

I think we have a couple they just happen to be injured. Do me a favour and go and have a look at the teams above us in the league who aren't in the big 4 (cos that's what iit is again now) and tell me which of their players would get into those clubs. I can think of at most 1 or 2 per team, and I'm including West Ham who are 3rd in that crop. My list below.

West Ham - 1, maybe 2
Arsenal - 0
Brighton - 1
Wolves - 0
Spurs - 2
Palace - 0.

08 Nov 2021 17:16:22
DCL Richarlison and Pickford would get into most of the top 6 sides.

10 Nov 2021 13:00:40

04 Nov 2021 12:59:13
A question for any of the eds if they could give me an answer.
I noticed one of the less reputable websites have been mentioning Winks from Spurs being linked with Everton. The man in the know (tongue firmly in cheek ?) is Noel Whelan! Anyway, allegedly, he has been told to find another club asap. Are these links just pie in the sky or do we hold a genuine interest in this player? Cheers in advance.

{Ed002's Note - Harry Winks (DM/CM) Spurs told interested sides in the summer that he was not for sale but if the player were to ask to leave the coach would be supportive of that. Aston Villa moved on from Pape Sarr and made an enquiy about his availability in the summer - that interest may remain. If West Ham were to sell Rice they might offer an option - as perhaps Manchester United might as a possible Matic replacement. Leicester might also be a possible destination if they were to lose Ndidi, but they have a preferred target in mind. Southampton have declared an interest. He would provide an interesting option for Everton but they would need departures first.}

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04 Nov 2021 13:49:58
Thanks, ed002, great insight as per usual. ?.

03 Nov 2021 09:18:09
Iddrisu Baba being linked this morning, saying we are ready to trigger his release clause.

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03 Nov 2021 10:31:50
We have enough Baba's mate, we need some real men.

03 Nov 2021 11:26:33
Love it mate and he’s a mid fielder lol.

04 Nov 2021 18:32:59
We’d be better off with Ali Baba.

04 Nov 2021 21:57:33
He’d fit right in Woburn as plenty of thieves at the club robbing a wage.

06 Nov 2021 13:10:08
Was in Mallorca 2 weeks ago, took my boy to watch the Sevilla game, Baba was the best player on the pitch, reminded me of Gueye.

03 Nov 2021 09:09:24
I've read that big Dunc is shortlisted for the Stockport County job. Whether he has been approached or applied or just press speculation I don't know. Odds 5/ 1 I saw.

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03 Nov 2021 21:31:10
Do him good to go on his own.

04 Nov 2021 12:55:20
I'd like to see him cut his teeth somewhere else, if only to see how he gets on being the man in charge properly. Dunc needs the experience before being considered for the so called 'bigger' jobs. If the rumour is true, I wish him all the best.

31 Oct 2021 16:03:51
Wow Sky saying Nuno's job is already under immediate threat, the precarious life of a football manager roll on next Sun.

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31 Oct 2021 17:11:34
Potter favourite to take over.

{Ed025's Note - it would be a step down for him if he did bobslad,imo..

31 Oct 2021 18:03:00
I agree at the minute, but if he was allowed time at Spurs he would build a decent side.

31 Oct 2021 18:21:05
Potter is class. But you’d wonder what is going on with Spurs that they went for Santo instead of him in the first place.

01 Nov 2021 08:27:03
Why do you think it would be a step down ed025 Potter has done a pretty good job. Nuno hasn't done anything outstanding in the PL.

{Ed001's Note - he meant for Potter to go there from Brighton.}

01 Nov 2021 10:15:10
I wanted Potter before we got Rafa. Mainly because he has his players putting in a full shift, and they never give up (just look at Lpool result) . To have Brighton maintain Premiership status is an achievement in itself. And their style of play is very easy on the eye.

01 Nov 2021 10:34:12
Bit like us with Man U under Rafa.

01 Nov 2021 22:15:56
But not West Ham, Watford or Wolves eh GB.

02 Nov 2021 11:53:28
Very true mate.

26 Oct 2021 17:58:55
Being reported Doucoure likely to be back in four to four and a half weeks instead of seven or more, good news we need him.

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