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05 Dec 2021 10:10:31
We have read the speculation about Arsenal interest in DCL.
To add to the list Now read that
Rafa is open to letting Pickford leave to Spurs for £30m. Ridiculous low price when the club need money. £50-£60m.

Also the owner interested in Mourinho as manager if Rafa leaves.

Also Everton interested in signing Eden Hazard.

No doubt more speculative stories will emerge. I would think there may be some truth behind the first two stories.


1.) 05 Dec 2021 11:14:49
Jose isn't doing well at Roma and is moaning about his lack of squad depth there. I'm sure he'd love to come to Everton to dip his hands into the toolkit of mainly spanners.

2.) 05 Dec 2021 11:41:33
Well if that happens then the man will definitely be living up to his agent Rafa tag.

3.) 05 Dec 2021 12:10:36
Hope rumours are wrong. Pickford is a liability st times but not eorth selling st 30 million. As for moriniho surely its old rumours, hope rafa gets jan transfer window at least, no more big name manager.

4.) 05 Dec 2021 12:20:48
Self perpetuating guff cycle. RIP sports journalism hello agenda blogger.



03 Nov 2021 09:09:24
I've read that big Dunc is shortlisted for the Stockport County job. Whether he has been approached or applied or just press speculation I don't know. Odds 5/ 1 I saw.


1.) 03 Nov 2021 21:31:10
Do him good to go on his own.

2.) 04 Nov 2021 12:55:20
I'd like to see him cut his teeth somewhere else, if only to see how he gets on being the man in charge properly. Dunc needs the experience before being considered for the so called 'bigger' jobs. If the rumour is true, I wish him all the best.



10 Jun 2021 16:45:06
I see on Everton rumours now site the club approaching Pelligrini.


{Ed025's Note - i really hope not brian..

1.) 10 Jun 2021 17:12:11
Media getting ridiculous now Just waiting for Curbishly Joe Royle and Alex Ferguson to be linked next.

2.) 10 Jun 2021 17:32:24
Yea their starting run out of names now.




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03 Dec 2021 16:22:24
Rafa is experienced enough, been here long enough to say to himself " my tactics aren't working, my formations aren't working, my substitutions aren't working. I need to do something different". When he does that he will regain any lost support that he had and the doubters to his appointment. The ball is in his court to do something and blaming injuries is not always the excuse.
Other clubs have problems and injuries, admittedly with bigger squads.

We also need unaminous support from those on the front seats in the main stand opposite the centre line for the manager whether they agreed or not to his appointment. If they can't set the example how can they expect the fans to accept. We are all in this together.


{Ed025's Note - great post brian, "now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of the party", lets get behind rafa and the team and roar the guys on at the weekend, and as you say it would be nice if the suits also stood up and be counted over the manager mate..

1.) 03 Dec 2021 17:06:55
Completely disagree with you both. Fans have a voice, and if we aren't happy, we use it. This isn't a knee-jerk thing where a few bad results means we’re unhappy. Its a culmination of so many factors, Benitez being one of them but not solely. Football has moved on since he was anywhere near good enough.

Your comment about him seeing his tactics aren't working are baffling to me. We haven't won in 2 months and have scored 2 goals in 5+ games. How long does he get before he sees that ‘he needs to do something different’? About a month ago, I’d say.

2.) 03 Dec 2021 17:21:47
Like your positive post Brian. But what if he doesn’t change? What then.

3.) 03 Dec 2021 18:01:07
Like your idea Brian mate, but I don’t think it would work, just look at some of these replies.

4.) 03 Dec 2021 19:29:25
As I said the ball is in Rafa hands, and yes Hugo he should have changed a while back. If he doesn’t change then there’s only one outcome for him.

If the players can’t adapt to his style, perhaps logically change style to play with the players strengths whatever they might be.

It’s not rocket science what needs doing. We’ve seen outside football over the years what a stubborn attitudes causes.

5.) 03 Dec 2021 20:56:30
Self discipline, fitness, forward planning, listen, see, react.

6.) 04 Dec 2021 12:00:53
anyone giving up a season ticket, ?



03 Dec 2021 09:54:53
If the board do decide to part company with Rafa, then I feel they have to do the same with Brands. He can't stay immune from all this mess, sit back and let Rafa take all the flack.

If they do decide to part any suggestions for replacement? I only wish someone like Brian Clough was around to shake them up from top to bottom, but not to get relegated of course. Seriously, they took a chance on David Moyes years ago and perhaps look in that direction again rather than a well known one who may just come for the money like Ancelloti.


{Ed025's Note - i would go for potter myself brian, but lets hope rafa and the boys turn it around starting with arsenal and we dont need a new manager mate..

1.) 03 Dec 2021 10:43:35
Potter all day long. Wanted him before Rafa and still want him now. And before you all jump in on the “ what has he won” bandwagon, well I would say this. Stop looking at what people have done in their past, because that’s exactly what it is the past.
Start looking towards the future, with a young manager who has served his apprenticeship, and would be coming to us with a fresh modern approach to how the game is now played.

2.) 03 Dec 2021 11:07:54
Spot on Bob.

3.) 03 Dec 2021 11:38:22
Good point Bob.

However why any of us think Potter would come to us if we got rid of Rafa is beyond me.

He’s in a good stable job at Brighton, board appears to support him, he’s improved their style of play and got the players playing for him.

Conversely at Everton he’d be working under a board that is trigger happy and offers little stability, he’d have to try and get the 6 previous managers selection of players playing as a cohesive unit, he’d also be stuck with majority of squad due to ffp - actually would probably lose the saleable assists like mina, DCL and Ricky for us to try and balance ffp.

I think some of us fans need to give our heads a wobble - we are not an attractive proposition as a club at the moment.

As rough a time as we are having and as frustrated as I am with some of Rafas decisions we can’t get rid of him. He needs time to build us back up - several seasons and then we become an attractive proposition for these young managers who would then be interested in taking over from Rafa.

4.) 03 Dec 2021 13:15:55
Carry on the way we are and we will be in the Championship. Find it baffling that people can’t see this.

5.) 03 Dec 2021 13:19:52
I agree with all of you. Potter would be a good choice but why would he want to come to us is difficult to envisage with the everything that has gone before.

6.) 03 Dec 2021 14:11:33
That's the catch if we sack rafa who comes in? We missed the boat now on potter, why would he come here no money, no decent players and a 5 manager mess to deal with on top of a happy shopper owner, with an itchy firing finger.

7.) 03 Dec 2021 14:15:42
Because despite all that is currently going on, we are a much bigger club than Brighton, and he has probably taken them as far as they can go.
If he is ambitious he would see this as a massive opportunity.

8.) 03 Dec 2021 14:33:50
If we had any semblance of a plan at Everton I might agree with you Woburn and we might be a bigger club than Brighton

The big but is why risk it when there will be other better run, bigger than Brighton clubs available if he waits.

9.) 03 Dec 2021 16:37:22
Sorry Woburn mate but we aren’t a big club.
In the 80s yes but nowhere near since.

The only opportunity we are at the moment is a graveyard for managers.

10.) 03 Dec 2021 16:38:32
If their bigger and better run, then they will punt for the bigger names. We don’t need sixty year old once where’s. and I say that being sixty plus myself.
But your right club need to show that they need to change or we could be doing this every year.

11.) 03 Dec 2021 17:31:12
Sorry Dan have to disagree. We have won nothing for close to thirty years yet still get thirty thousand plus for home games. Try getting away game ticket.
Football supporters are transient these days, and follow whoever is playing well at the time.
Everton supporters don’t. They have a passion for their club and it’s something they are born with. That to me is the definition of a big club.

12.) 03 Dec 2021 19:57:39
Woburn have to disagree - just because we can sell out our home games and have a good travelling support is not the definition of a big club.

We’ve a passionate fan base but we’re not a big club any more.

For me a big club is one that’s challenging at the top of the top league in their country, regularly playing in top European competitions, has won recent silverware or come close, can sell out their stadium but also is known globally.

That was us in the 80’s and really hope we can get back to that level but at the moment we’re nowhere near it.

13.) 03 Dec 2021 20:50:50
Agree with gingerdan. No chance are we a big club. We have a big fan base but so do Newcastle and they aren't a big club either.

14.) 03 Dec 2021 20:55:15
Couldn't agree more with your original post Gingerdan and lots of your points in your replies. Not only are we in dire financial straits and have a very poor squad but we also have a fan base that is thoroughly fed up and very quick to create a toxic environment/ force managers out - to me that is about as far away as is possible from being an attractive proposition to an up and coming manager!

15.) 03 Dec 2021 21:38:32
TNS must be a big club then. Full ground. Win League every year. Qualify for Champ league every year.
They must be massive.

16.) 03 Dec 2021 22:22:39
I imagine The New Saints are a big club in their respective league - which is the welsh premier league which is pretty much the equivalent of the National league so 5th tier. So nowhere near the top level I suggested.
I’m also not sure they are known globally.

If you want to believe we are a big club that’s fine by me.

I personally don’t think we are anywhere near a big club, as I said before in the 80s we were but nowhere near since.

However we definitely have the potential to be one again if we sort our act out.

17.) 03 Dec 2021 22:35:08
I think you can only justify the comparison in the same Countries league system Woburn. FC Koln and Schalke have for a long time had average attendances of over 30k and a real passionate fan base. Would you classify them as big clubs? If so …. us Villa and Newcastle are I’d agree. It’s a shame as we were once an Elite club, but I suppose so where Forest and we are no further to closing that gap ?.



02 Dec 2021 15:56:49
The fact that Mr Moshiri has stated he supports Rafa, is that the same as a vote of confidence. We know what very often happens after that.

He can't really say anything else without it being discussed at high level can he?


1.) 02 Dec 2021 16:03:46
Gave the same to Koeman. Sacked 3 weeks later.

2.) 02 Dec 2021 18:21:21
Can someone give Moshiri a vote of confidence?

3.) 02 Dec 2021 23:24:45
I think you've hit the nail on the head EFC.



02 Dec 2021 11:19:04
In the first few minutes Coleman was shielding the ball and signalling for Pickford to come and collect. Think Coleman had to clear for a corner because Pickford failed to come and collect. One or the other to blame.
Coleman was at fault for their 3rd goal, he will hold his hands up for that.

Pickford got to accept some blame for the 4th goal as he left to much of his near post exposed, exactly where they put the ball.

So when still 1-2 Everton were still in with a chance. Was pointless putting crosses in because no one was there, Rondon was elsewhere and how he can be a Premiership striker is unbelievable, never has been, never is and never will be.
Like playing with 10 men.

Townsend and Gray 2 of our better and more consistent players, weren't these Rafa appointments? So can't blame Rafa there.

We all know a right back has been needed for few years among others and it's not happened. Who is in charge of identifying replacement for the future, it is Brands, . He is to blame more than Rafa for the mess. If they can't afford to sack him, then demote him to brushing the stands, then he might resign.

Rafa is experienced and capable of identifying replacements so why do we need Brands. Is there a power struggle going on here? I am not saying Rafa is blameless but he has got to accept responsibility for not changing things as we all know.

So there is a collective responsibility here between Rafa, Brands, Bill and Mr Moshiri to sort things out.

I have been following Everton for over 60 years and in all that time along with Arsenal remain the only clubs to stay in the top flight of English football. I want that to continue, as do all the other fans, but the frustration is coming out because they can't do anything about it.

We have England's No1 goalkeeper, no2 striker and until recently no2 centre back plus other international players, we should not be in this mess. It is embarrassing for the club and the fans and it should be for the players.
We might not be in the bottom 3 but we are certainly in a relegation battle.


{Ed025's Note - i agree with all of that brian..

1.) 02 Dec 2021 12:10:47
In regards to the Coleman/ pickford incident, I think SC was right to have a go at his keeper. JP should have been quicker to react, especially since it was Dalah that SC was trying to shield the ball from.
Totally agree with everything else you say, Brian21. I think the DoF role has been at the route of our problems since FM took over. Brands hasn't wasted as much as Walsh did but there hasn't been much improvement since he took up the role.

2.) 02 Dec 2021 12:14:04
To be honest, if you analyse the lead up to the goals certain players should have done a lot better to prevent conceding the goal.
1 Godfrey should have prevented the cross, right on the bye line that led to Henderson’s goal.
2 Godfrey lost possession way into Liverpool’s half and started jogging back as the move progressed and only started sprinting when Salah was bearing down on our area. Pickford should have been faster off his line to narrow the angle for the goal. He made exactly the same mistake in a previous game and was punished. He is very poor at restricting the angle of his goal for the attacker to shoot at. And we supposedly have a goal keeping coach!
3 Resulting from a poor corner by Townsend which didn’t clear the first defender, the ball broke to Gray who hit a slightly difficult back pass to Coleman who should have dealt with it better but conceded possession to Salah with a free route to goal.
4 Pickford should have saved Joto’s shot as it was from such a narrow angle there was no way he should have been beaten on his near post. Instead of staying big he crouched down and moved to his left away from his near post. Schoolboy error.
I appreciate everyone makes mistakes but the basic level of the type of mistakes highlighted above should not be continually made. They’re obvious and visible and with the level of technology available to the coaching staff should be eradicated or at the very least minimised.

3.) 02 Dec 2021 12:11:47
Thanks ed025, I’ve tried a common sense approach to the difficulties.

{Ed025's Note - common sense and everton should never be in the same sentence brian mate..



29 Nov 2021 09:45:46
I think there's a lot of sense in one of Ed 0666 replies where he feels Rafa and Howe will swop jobs at end of season. Personally think it could be before. If they swopped would that save on compensation?

I posted a few weeks ago that Everton's decline coincided with Newcastle's takeover and media talk that they wanted Rafa as manager. Coincidence or not? But Rafa since has not done anything in my eyes to try and change the situation by changing playing formation, zonal marking, substitutions etc, and is just waiting for the inevitable ie the sack so he can be available for Newcastle.

I'm not sure Eddie Howe could do the job at Everton.
Mention of Moyes who I would have nothing against coming back but would be very surprised if he did considering the success and support he is getting at West Ham.
One thing which does stand out to everyone must be the fact that we don't have a quality strike other than DCL and this has been the case since they failed to replace Lukaku. It's no use having wingers left and right sending crosses in when there is no quality in the centre to receive them, hence the priority in January to get one but FFP may prohibit that but that's where the priority is.


1.) 29 Nov 2021 10:48:58
Don’t think anyone would do a better job at Everton than Rafa at the mo, not until we get our injured players back and a couple of new faces in January on a loan to buy, then we can judge Rafa who I am sure will succeed.

2.) 29 Nov 2021 11:16:21
It's not going to happen realistically though is it? Howe as our manager? No thanks!

3.) 29 Nov 2021 11:17:28
They won’t swap jobs. One we don’t want him, and two we don’t want him.

4.) 29 Nov 2021 11:18:10
Ricky Gervais could do a better job than Rafa at the moment.

5.) 29 Nov 2021 12:04:27
I agree GB, but I also don't think that makes Rafa immune from criticism (I'm not suggesting you do, btw) .

Rafa has built a pretty successful career on being cautious, but persisting with Iwobi and Rondon does seem to be fool hardy, to say the least. Yes, we have a paper-thin squad riven by injuries and suspensions, but Dobbin was fantastic against Brighton for the U23s last week, and Simms offered more than Rondon does, so at what point. Surely if there was ever a time to introduce them is it was yesterday?

I don't think ditching Rafa is the right move (financially speaking, I'm not convinced it's even an option) , but we have to find a way through the next month or two that doesn't destroy us, because at the moment we look like easy pickings for just about everyone.

{Ed025's Note - i think you are spot on john..

6.) 29 Nov 2021 12:05:26
Well we don't know if we have any quality strikers since only Rondon is used. The thing that worries me about Rafa is that he seems to be one directional. If at first it does not work, just keep trying the same way.

7.) 29 Nov 2021 12:14:51
The squad strength is not Rafa's fault however he would have been aware of it before taking the job.
The blame game is unimportant given our current predicament, however Rafa does need to rethink his tactics and maybe some of his playing choices.
I was always told the definition of madness was to continue doing something the same, but expecting a different result!
Rondon is just not up to it, yesterday his positional sense was poor and even with the extra pressure in the second half we created little!
Two youngsters and Tosun on the bench! c'mon we have to take that risk sooner rather than later!

{Ed025's Note - he does not think simms or dobbin are to to it wakka, but surely they would be more effective than rondon mate who offers nothing, at least the would give us enthusiasm..

8.) 29 Nov 2021 13:17:51
Would tend to agree with you there Guernsey. It’s on the media.
Goodison news. com, that the club have identified the Denmark manager Kasper Hjalmand as the main candidate to replace Rafa who has one more game to improve. Whether any truth in this who know.? .?

9.) 29 Nov 2021 13:33:17
Well if their giving him one more game to improve he might as well go now. For some reason the media do not like us, and take every opportunity to stick the knife in. So suggesting he has to sort it aga inst one of the most inform teams in the league (and I hate to admit that) is absolutely ludicrous.




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04 Nov 2021 19:06:33
Unless there’s something going on behind the scenes with Newcastle.




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07 Aug 2021 15:29:26
I didn’t know there was such a thing as a friendly game against Man U.




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03 Aug 2021 14:03:19
Sir loin, I’ve just read on the Everton rumours now pages that Dumfries has stated he has a preference to go to Milan. To me that says Everton are not his first choice, unless trying it as a bargaining ploy for more money. If Everton are not his first choice best to forget and look elsewhere.




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18 Jul 2021 09:46:24
Maybe plans to sign Romero as well and sell Pickford. Then would have 2 good deal keepers, Romero first choice and money in the kitty for other players.




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26 Jun 2021 18:48:33
Don’t want too many on the camels as they may get the hump.





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03 Dec 2021 19:29:25
As I said the ball is in Rafa hands, and yes Hugo he should have changed a while back. If he doesn’t change then there’s only one outcome for him.

If the players can’t adapt to his style, perhaps logically change style to play with the players strengths whatever they might be.

It’s not rocket science what needs doing. We’ve seen outside football over the years what a stubborn attitudes causes.




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03 Dec 2021 09:48:04
When DCL and / or Richarlison are sold, who do we replace them with. Got to be a top class striker to replace DCL and where are they, and would they want to come to a struggling club especially in January. Rafa hasn’t tested any of the younger ones so we don’t know if they can do it. More goals if we get chances have to come from others in the team.

Geoff, ref Michael Carrick, I think there is the making of a good manager in there for the future.




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02 Dec 2021 12:11:47
Thanks ed025, I’ve tried a common sense approach to the difficulties.


{Ed025's Note - common sense and everton should never be in the same sentence brian mate..



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01 Dec 2021 14:18:18
Ducks fly south, I am 79 and I can’t score either so I know how Rondon must feel or am I on the wrong subject.

If we got a good choice of defenders put Keane up top with Richarlison and get some crosses in. After all many years ago didn’t John Charles start off as a Centre half and end up a Centre Forward.




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30 Nov 2021 17:23:02
Geoff John’s, are you serious saying the managers are scared of the sack. It might dent their reputation but then they walk away with millions in compensation and get another posting within months. Joe Bloggs in the real world gets sacked and signs on the dole the following day. I think Joe Bloggs is more scared than a football manager.