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24 May 2021 14:17:22
So out of contract this summer we have:


Olsen loan comes to an end.

I have heard Bernard and mina want out, can't blame Bernard for wanting to play. James will probably leave, barely plays anyway.

I really don't think we will be able to ship anyone else out. Can't see who would want them and the players wouldn't get their stupid wages anywhere else.

This mess will take years to untangle.


1.) 24 May 2021 18:41:20
Should make good money from Mina or keep him, Bernard will be a nominal amount but he's on high wages so it's upto him to reduce his demands if he wants a move.
Need a decent replacement for Mina as he's our best CB. Could do with selling Keane as he's not getting any younger and isn't a leader so can't be paired with a young CB. Also if keane is in the team we are automatically 20yds further back as a team.

2.) 25 May 2021 11:28:07
Kenny will also likely move on.

3.) 25 May 2021 18:59:38
Iwobi could leave on loan I guess?



23 Dec 2020 21:59:22
Can any of the Eds please please give us some news about a league 1 side being in for Davies?


{Ed025's Note - i have not heard anything on that chris, but i cant see him aiming that high mate..

1.) 24 Dec 2020 12:49:27
In local paper down here in Plymouth Herald they are looking at him to improve their under 23s.

2.) 24 Dec 2020 13:49:20
I think that you are being to hard on Davies. Yes he as not progressed like we would have liked but he gives his all every time he plays unlike a lot of our squad who are stealing money from the club. Davies is a good backup and squad player.
I would get rid of Siggy, Gomes, Bernard, Tosun, Bolasie, Delph, Besic, before Davies.

3.) 24 Dec 2020 12:23:06
Ed, I honestly don't see what others see in Tom including Carlo, because I have seen (like everyone else) players with more to their game than him, getting benched loaned out sold for peanuts maybe and yet here we are scratching our heads in bewilderment .

4.) 25 Dec 2020 19:44:14
People say they can't see what fans see in Davies I'm at a Loss at how quick fans are to jump all over the kids back I even seen one on twitter blame him for the loss against Utd the issue with a lot of our fans is they pick a scapegoat and that is it no matter what he does he is dammed my view is if Carlos sees something in him and he's picked he will have my full support as will any player who wears the royal blue jersey as that's what Everton fans used to do it seems a lot of fans have forgotten that.



01 Oct 2020 20:22:43
Second Godfrey bud of 25mil plus add ons been accepted apparently.


1.) 02 Oct 2020 00:53:52
Don’t really watch motd I just focus on us, how good is this lad.

2.) 02 Oct 2020 06:29:13
On first glance he looks like a slightly quicker/ stronger version of Holgate. Excellent passing range as well but time will tell I suppose.

Decent signing imo.



18 Aug 2020 20:16:49
Apparently Everton have agreed terms on a 4 year contract for Doucoure but Watford haven't accepted the bid. I always though the club had to accept the offer before talks of personal terms. Coming from a French news outlet.


{Ed002's Note - Well clubs need to give permission to talk directly with a player but they can speak with their agent.}

1.) 19 Aug 2020 09:40:35
is that tapping up?

{Ed002's Note - If the club speak with the player without permission, yes.}

2.) 19 Aug 2020 11:25:01
If Watford play hard ball with Doucoure and ask for an over inflated price then I do hope the club stand firm and don't cave. If a deal has been done with the players agent or player (although I do hope we haven't tapped him up) then if he really wants to move and if he puts in a transfer request and is willing to loose any loyalty payments that may be in his contract, then definitely try to buy but still not at any cost.

3.) 19 Aug 2020 13:04:01
Watford fans seem to be laughing all the way to the bank. They reckon we are about to pay 3 times what he's worth. They were not impressed with him last season.

4.) 19 Aug 2020 15:07:49
I doubt they were impressed with any of their players last season.
Guy would improve our midfield giving us much needed energy and pace. Can’t believe people are not happy with this!

5.) 19 Aug 2020 16:17:58
I remember Watford fans last year saying he was worth £50 mil and that he belonged in the champions league. he has got to be better than what we have at the moment.

6.) 19 Aug 2020 20:20:08
His stats for last season are way above any of our midfielders. So even in a so called poor season he was still better than anything we have. Says it all really.

7.) 20 Aug 2020 10:43:00
I'd like to think we'd walk away too if the price was to high. Look at palace, we put in a massive offer for zaha that they turned down because they thought he was worth 70mil. I doubt they'd get anywhere near 45mil for him now. Hopefully teams realise now when they get a good offer they should sell, or risk lower prices later or even players running out their contract.

8.) 22 Aug 2020 10:32:00
If doubting Doucoure, have a look at what was happening at Villa when we signed Gueye. Team doesn't make a player as we've learnt with likes of Mina, Pistone, McGeady, Gerard Dela.



30 Jul 2020 12:31:21
Kieran Dowell has gone to Norwich for an undisclosed fee.


1.) 30 Jul 2020 12:46:17
Exactly the sort of players we need to be pushing out the door. Sure he has talent but he's not banged the door hard enough and with the woes of our midfield in general these last years. If he didn't get in, sell him. More sales please Brands. Get em out lad.

2.) 30 Jul 2020 12:58:05
Good move for the kid wasn't going to get a game at us and can't keep going out on loan nice club Norwich similar values as us a nice family feeling I will be keeping an eye on him and Norwich next season.

3.) 30 Jul 2020 13:01:34
Send cantwell in return. please.




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01 Dec 2021 19:17:31
Teams out and rondon is starting.


1.) 01 Dec 2021 19:33:17
Apt that Fat Chris is where i found out : (.

2.) 01 Dec 2021 19:46:29
And I’ve gone for a 2-0 home win on super six, Rondon to get both.



26 Nov 2021 10:53:45
Injury situation is grim. Still that doesn't mean iwobi or rondon should get a look in in my book.

I was hoping having someone like Rafa would mean we would have a flexible system rather than keeping to 442 and playing sub par players. This is a game we really could do with getting 3 points from looking at our fixtures.

I'd like to see us go 433 with our strikers out (then we only need 1) Simms, Townsend and Gordon front 3.

Midfield is unknown with injuries really, ideal would be doucoure, Allan and Delph. But with 1 or 2 likely out, Onyango would be my first choice replacement, I've always thought he looks good. And I suppose gbamin, hopefully he's gained a bit or sharpness back.

Long post, I'm sorry. But my point is, isn't Rafa supposed to be a "master tactician"? I'm not trying to slag Rafa off here but I don't think we have the players to go 442 or 4411 how ever you look at it.


1.) 26 Nov 2021 11:52:01
Interesting that in his press conference Rafa said

“At the moment we have two experienced players, [Cenk] Tosun and [Salomon] Rondon available, and a young player [Ellis Simms] that was injured and is coming back.

“Normally for these kind of games, it is for people with experience so they have more chances the two senior players ahead of the young player. ”

Simms was the only one he mentioned an injury. No mention that Tosun hasn't played all season because of an injury and that Rondon hasn't given even the vaguest hint that he is fit enough for the Premiership

He might be giving false signals to Brentford but I think he's also sending the wrong message to Simms and other young players.

2.) 26 Nov 2021 15:29:10
Agree bw.

3.) 26 Nov 2021 15:51:54
BW I thought it was a bit of a ridiculous statement for Rafa to make.

As you say Tosun hasn’t played all season. Rondon has been poor.

Also how do the youngsters get this experience he talks about if he doesn’t play them?

Not sure as you suggest could be mind games with Brentford but starting to worry about some of his decisions in regards to strike force.

Personally playing the youngsters against Brentford would be sensible and something I think the fans would be happy with.

I’d much rather see Dobbin or Simms starting over Rondon . Atleast you’d know them 2 would give their all for the chance to shine, whereas Rondon hasn’t shown anything so far to suggest he should start.

{Ed025's Note - im with you dan..

4.) 26 Nov 2021 16:30:22
I'm not sure what the point of discussing whether we have the players for 442 or 451 or 433 or 721 or whatever, currently there is no formation we have the players for end of.

Whilst I agree Rafa was supposed to be tactically astute, he has been well and truly dropped in it with the squad/ injuries we have. I think as far as the striker situation goes yes I would prefer he went with Dobbin or Simms but I don't think that'll be the difference maker against Brentford.

5.) 26 Nov 2021 19:18:55
Maybe he is here to take us down!

{Ed025's Note - i dont think thats the case DFS but some of the decisions he is making are baffling to say the least, yes we have massive injury worries but a loss to brentford and then liverpool would put us in real trouble mate...and rafas situation would i expect come under serious consideration..

6.) 26 Nov 2021 20:38:31
Agree EFCONE if anyone can make the difference if he plays will be Doucoure mate.

7.) 27 Nov 2021 00:58:25
I agree with you Ed025. I don't believe Rafa wants to take us down but the sentiments expressed by DFS (maybe in jest? ) are likely to increase if there is no improvement quickly. We are cursed with a weak squad - not his fault but caused by mismanagement of the club from the top.

We are cursed by injuries - again not his fault but someone 'up there' doesn't like us

What is his fault however is that he is losing the fans. He was supposed to be a master coach that would stop us conceding so many goals - he hasn't. Zonal marking isn't working and he doesn't seem able to fix it. His defensive tactics give opponents the initiative and confidence against us - no one fears us. He sees things in Iwobi and Rondon that quite frankly no one else does.

We are struggling but the most galling thing is we are going down without fighting which is another thing people said he would instill into our side

We can't afford yet another massive payout for sacking the manager so we need him to earn his wages which are one of the best in Europe and he's not doing it at the moment

Lastly - get the fans back on side by giving the kids a chance. Could Dobbins or Simms really be worse than Iwobi, Tosun and Rondon? Could Onyango do better with more than 3 minutes? There are others but Rafa doesn't want to lose face and admit he is wrong.

{Ed025's Note - i agree with all of that bw..

8.) 26 Nov 2021 17:48:20
Agree Gd.

9.) 27 Nov 2021 13:37:18
Of course it was jest/ sarcasm. I agree with BW with ref Zonal Marking. Maybe old school but defending without a target would do my head in. I also have to admit that Rafa has surprised me, especially with his stubborness. We simply have to do better than we are. Players should show the fans they care and putting in genuine effort would be a start. Rafa should also show he us genuine by switching that light at the end of the tunnel on!

10.) 27 Nov 2021 14:17:24
DFS - the tunnel is still headed down - that's why we can't see any light at the end.



11 Nov 2021 21:06:06
Gordon scored 2 and got mom for England 21s tonight. Iwobi should never be picked in front of him again.


1.) 11 Nov 2021 21:28:28
Agree there mate no contest eh.

2.) 12 Nov 2021 14:49:16
Delighted for Gordon. Must be a huge boost for him. Get him in the team. Strike while the iron is hot.



18 Oct 2021 07:56:25
So I didn't watch the game yesterday, I'm on holiday with the family. But seeing a 1-0 defeat and the squad I can be pretty sure how it went. I saw these stats for iwobi as well which I found pretty funny.

79 minutes played
0 key passes
0 dribbles
0 interceptions
0 shots on target
0 Accurate crosses
0 Duels won
0 Fouls won
0 Tackles
0% Crossing accuracy (0/ 2)
0% Shooting accuracy (0/ 4)
1 big chance missed.


1.) 18 Oct 2021 09:27:11
Actually had two big chances. ?.

2.) 18 Oct 2021 11:48:41
Watched with my son who said ‘you’d forgive him if he scored wouldn’t you Dad? ’
I said ‘no, he’s bloody awful’.

3.) 18 Oct 2021 12:41:49
I think the old favourite what's his best position joke "left back" is perfect for iwobi, dressing room or preferably at arsenal.

4.) 19 Oct 2021 16:02:00
thats some stat that fc i knew he's been poor but blimey that stat sums him up as a player.



18 Sep 2021 19:32:24
Today's game changed when Villa made subs. We only really had a starting 11. And I thought we had the better of them the first half.

Rondon doesn't look up to match fitness (or at least I am hoping) . Personally I don't think Rafa deserves any grief here, couple of mistakes from Digne punished and a very thin squad. Someone said in the game chat, which I agree with, today's game shows we need to be patient with Rafa and let him improve the squad.

In more positive news I though Gray was great first half. If DCL had have started I think we would have gone 1 up and would have been a different game.


1.) 18 Sep 2021 19:50:30
Good post mate.

{Ed014's Note - yep I agree with him too

2.) 18 Sep 2021 19:59:43
Would still like James to step up and show a bit of gumption, time to show us what you can do and help us out, goodness knows your paid enough.

3.) 18 Sep 2021 20:03:18
Spot on. We knew there would be games like this. Can see also why Rafa is making a good CB top of his list in Jan window.

4.) 18 Sep 2021 20:48:19
Agree with most posts. First goal was so important and I thought we looked most likely till they scored.
R squad depth exposed today and that’s not fault of Rafa!
Personally, disappointing display from Iwobi today - starting looked like last years poor player to me, his end ball is p. poor!
My only question is where was James? I think he’s a magician and even if he doesn’t suit Rafa’s style we didn’t name a full sub bench I believe for 200k p/ w at least put him on bench.

5.) 18 Sep 2021 20:53:03
We need him mate hope he reads this.

6.) 18 Sep 2021 21:00:56
Agree GB
Really positive with your posts and most blues. We lost and no dickwads calling for Rafa’s head. R depleted squad were most dangerous team in first half and first goal was decisive, plus I totally agree with Rafa’s priority to add an absoulute ROCK at centre half.

7.) 18 Sep 2021 21:10:21
Spot on mate.

8.) 19 Sep 2021 08:08:04
A CB, RB, LB and back up-back up CF (though this should be a youth player) PHH. Spread thinner than water on a wafer yesterday.




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06 Dec 2021 22:54:17
Yeah agree lads. Was a stupid idea that's somehow got blown out of proportion and hyped up then never happened. Was glad when hardly anyone left. The crowd were fantastic night.




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03 Dec 2021 20:30:48
Haha exactly BM.




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08 Nov 2021 01:27:33
We all know how light we are in midfield. If allan went and doucoure got injured as we'd be proper ****ed. We can't afford to lose anyone from our starting 11 with a replacement of equal quality.




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20 Oct 2021 19:04:16
He has too. Rondon proved he's not up to it. We play on the counter so why not play them.


{Ed025's Note - lets hope so chris..



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05 Oct 2021 07:03:41
Is giving branthwaitte more playing time not an option? With him we have 4 CBs although 3 would be you get players.


{Ed002's Note - Possibly Chris but departures will likely be covered by arrivals.}




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07 Dec 2021 14:26:56
Gomes is a bench player for me. I think he's to slow to start games but after we've been playing for an hour and the other team are tiring that's we he can come on and do a job. Still think he gives too many fouls away though.




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06 Dec 2021 23:02:05
Haha yeah I agree ed. But I said to my pals all the build up will be be about and his philosophy. Just come to expect it now Everton barely get a mention even when we're on telly.


{Ed014's Note - it bores me to tears mate, they do it every time there’s another new dawn for United!?‍♂️



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06 Dec 2021 22:57:45
If he can instill his own work ethic in our young players we will have a real team.




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06 Dec 2021 22:56:11
I think Marcel getting the bullet is what sparked the conversation not the (very few) people leaving their seats.




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02 Dec 2021 08:29:14
No he's not Ed he's come into a terrible squad and been unlucky with injuries so you could say this was almost inevitable. But his tactics formations and subs blow my mind sometimes. Can only assume there are reasons behind it we don't know about.

Something has to change. We've changed manager so many times it's obviously not the answer. The big question is what is the answer?


{Ed025's Note - i wish i knew chris, but something has to change mate and soon, or we will find ourselves in a relegation battle and i dont think this team has the balls to fight its way out..