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31 Jan 2021 11:19:22
Heard from a mate who works at the ground that there was a bit of a spat after the game between Rodriguez and Richarlison. Maybe just a bit of South American passion?


1.) 31 Jan 2021 13:13:23
Could have done with a bit of passion on the pitch Woburn.

2.) 31 Jan 2021 13:49:33
He was probably hoping Richy would run into space at some point.

3.) 31 Jan 2021 15:01:07
Or maybe he was showing him what it's like to get kicked and not just pretend you have been kicked.

4.) 31 Jan 2021 20:41:35
Might be wrong but it looked like Rodriguez was having a go during the game shouting “ why is it always down to me” “up to me”.



20 Jan 2021 13:14:01
Given the current climate I just can't see how we can bring more players in without selling first. The club like all clubs must be losing money. So it makes no sense to spend more at this time.
However, if they could sell Kean, Bernard and Bolasie. Then they could generate the funds for say a new right back or striker.
So it's understandable why the loan rumours are flying around again.
The way I look at it is if we bring loans in to strengthen the team then great. But if we don't then that's fine too, because as a squad we have improved as the season has progressed, and so European football would still be possible.
Stay positive, stay safe💙.


1.) 20 Jan 2021 14:33:35
The only players I can see possibly leaving in this window are Kenny and Bernard. The players we need to sell or get rid of are Besic Bolasie as they are not even in the squad. Both probably aren't bothered about playing as their wages are pretty tidy and an extra six months sitting out matches wouldn't be too much of a hardship for them.

2.) 21 Jan 2021 08:57:57
Woburn, all clubs will be loosing money, therefore nearly all clubs will be looking at loan players to come in or buy at below market value so for Everton to hope to sell players at current market value is nigh impossible I feel. Everyone needs to be patient I feel for the next 12 months before we get back to some normality. At least if they can loan players and get them off the payroll will be a bonus.

3.) 21 Jan 2021 11:40:46
Thought that’s what I was saying?

4.) 21 Jan 2021 22:06:50
I think I was agreeing with you.



04 Oct 2020 22:12:00
I believe Brands has pulled off another master stroke here with Moise.
He's put him with the best team in France, in a league that is not as hard as the Prem. And with no option to buy. Therefore if he does well then his resell value will rocket. Better to do that than sell him at a loss now.


1.) 04 Oct 2020 22:16:43
If he can't do it in the French league, playing for a team head and shoulders above the rest we may be stuck with him till his contract runs down.

2.) 05 Oct 2020 05:36:38
Even if he struggles in France, Juventus will still want him back because he’s a young Italian who gets into the national team, that will always be appealing to them.

3.) 05 Oct 2020 07:20:46
He needs to be in the team to prove his worth, he wouldn’t get in above our front three. Does he get into PSG’s team over Neymar, Martinez, DiMaria, Draxler? Or is he moving from bench to bench?

4.) 05 Oct 2020 16:26:57
Yeah that's what I thought JB. I thought he was home sick and wanted to play, so going to PSG makes no sense to me. But what do I know? I'm just happy he is gone, even though it's temporary.



29 Aug 2020 17:38:39
If it's true that Brands has managed to get Rodriguez on a season long loan then kudos to him.
Good deal all round. We get to see if he can handle Prem without shelling out a big transfer fee, which given his age we would likely never have gotten back.
Move on to Dacoure and Allan now and make them happen please Marcel.


1.) 29 Aug 2020 18:48:10
Where did you see that mate?

2.) 29 Aug 2020 19:28:10

3.) 29 Aug 2020 19:30:05
It’s more than likely there is a buy clause at the end of the loan.
Can’t see Real Madrid allowing him to run down the last year of his contract and become a free agent.
More likely it is a delayed purchase to ease our ffp situation
In any case it is a great signing and I can’t wait to see his impact on the teams performance.

4.) 29 Aug 2020 20:03:03
Which is still good for us Fancy, because if he can’t hack it or is hampered by injuries then we do a Sidibe.

5.) 29 Aug 2020 20:42:03
Isn't he a free agent end of season so if everyone's happy sign to 2 or 3 more years.



26 Aug 2020 14:21:54
If Schalke are still interested in JJK but don't have the money, and we apparently are interested in Weston McKennie. Then surely their is the potential for a swap deal to be made?
However, think if this did happen then Davies would be gone as we could potentially end up with a midfield of, Allan, McKennie, Gomes, and possibly Dacourue and Rodriguez. Oh and Sigurdsson.
Just writing that sounds crazy. But it might happen.


{Ed002's Note - That won't be happening, sorry.}

1.) 26 Aug 2020 14:41:19
Does anyone know when the last players were swapped? Maybe I've missed this common transaction but I can't remember a "swap" in the Premier league. I could be wrong so I'm interested to know.

2.) 26 Aug 2020 15:32:29
was mkhitaryn and sanchez a swap or something very similar.

3.) 26 Aug 2020 15:39:42
Sanchez for Mikhatyrian or however you spell it?

4.) 26 Aug 2020 15:41:42
McKennie going Juve on loan.

5.) 26 Aug 2020 16:11:58
I would like to see us loan Schalke Davies if Weston goes. Hopefully Davies would improve his game being away from the pressure of paying for his home team. This would either make him good enough to keep or hopefully drum up interest and value from other sides for a sale.




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10 Apr 2021 18:12:37
Chelsea showing us how it should be done.


1.) 11 Apr 2021 08:33:59
Yeah getting hammered 5-2 by big Sam.
They did look good today though didn't they Woburn. We are certainly not catching them this year.

2.) 11 Apr 2021 11:25:53
Two games in hand on them we get to a point of them, COYB never say never mate.

3.) 11 Apr 2021 16:40:15
2 games in hand eh! How often have we heard that. Personally be glad to see the back of season.

4.) 11 Apr 2021 17:27:42
One of those games is a home game so rule that one out for any points.



05 Apr 2021 20:02:24
1-0 up sit back and defend. Never works.
Need a right back, right wing, creative midfielder and after tonight's performance, another striker.


1.) 05 Apr 2021 20:17:35
None of them can hold the ball up like zaha.

2.) 05 Apr 2021 20:20:42
None of who?

3.) 05 Apr 2021 20:27:00
Our forwards.

4.) 05 Apr 2021 20:33:34
Our forwards.

5.) 05 Apr 2021 21:19:30
I never mentioned our forwards? Though I agree Zaha is a very good player.



03 Apr 2021 17:41:26
Well done our U18's putting Man City out of the cup👏👏👏.




29 Mar 2021 16:20:16
Watched Rabiot the other night playing for France (he came on for Pogba) . Big lad Very left footed so don't see him being the answer to our right sided issues. He did play well with Digne though so that might bode well. Didn't watch him in the last match because Digne wasn't playing😂.


{Ed077's Note - I personally dont think he is the type of midfielder you guys need. You already have Doucoure and Allan who are more defensively sound than offensive.}

1.) 29 Mar 2021 16:49:18
Agree Ed but don’t think we can rely on James to play the ten role all season either. Gbamin is another defensive midfielder, so feel a ball playing midfielder is still needed.

2.) 30 Mar 2021 05:03:06
Agree Completely. Hope to see Gbamin at the base of a diamond, Allan and Doucoure on the side and Hammer on top. The only problem is we would have 10 players and one Iwobi. Add one attacking right winger (and find the next right back) and then we can see some great games in the league and the continent.

Big Bald Blue.

3.) 30 Mar 2021 09:26:33
The answer is simple
Break the bank for jack grealish that's the type of player we are in desperate need of.

4.) 30 Mar 2021 10:17:26
With you on that EC. Not had a midfielder with drive since barkley. Need someone to get the ball, turn and drive forward, not get the ball and play it back or sideways.

5.) 30 Mar 2021 10:38:49
Agree Evocallum, Grealish would be the perfect signing. But if he became available I think their would be a lot of clubs in for him.



21 Mar 2021 12:31:24
While I agree with most of the comments made about the effort the lads put in yesterday. It's still pretty clear that our lack of pace and creativity is killing us in midfield. So it worries me a little when I read all these stories about Carlo looking at another keeper and centre half.
Priority has to be a right back, right winger and a creative midfielder. We have the grafters in Dacoure and Allan.
Watched the great Alan Ball giving a speech at a charity dinner. When talking about Alf Ramsey he said both me and Nobby Stiles were told to go and get the ball then give it to Bobby Charlton. That was their job.
Peter Reid and Paul Bracewell did this perfectly for Sheedy.
We have the two ball winners, what we don't have is someone good enough for them to give it to.
Sort that out and we will go in to games like yesterday looking to win rather than survive.
PS. Please don't say Rodriguez is the answer. Doesn't play enough, and if you look at his history, likely never will.


1.) 21 Mar 2021 13:04:17
James is the man but I agree he doesn’t play enough. But we can’t go shelling out for another amazing N10. A right winger who can drift inside would be perfect.

2.) 21 Mar 2021 14:00:18
Well if we don't as you put it shell out for a No10 then we won't move forward. How can James be the man when he hardly ever plays? And why would you want a right winger who can drift inside? Surely you want a right winger who can play wide and cross a ball. After all we have one of the best headers of a ball in the league.

3.) 21 Mar 2021 14:29:58
Carlo is only getting started, Woburn, this squad will change over the next couple of windows. The midfield is a major concern even though we strengthened there in the summer. No depth at all and we struggle when doucoure or Allan are not playing.
I could live with the same defence going into next year, providing that a new rb is brought in. We need more depth at rw, I'd let iwobi go so we would need 2 options here! Hopefully, James will cope with the league better next season. He is one of 2 players that could do with a proper pre-season behind him. Gomes being the other.

4.) 21 Mar 2021 14:46:50
We need a right winger who can do a bit of everything. But we do need a left footed right winger. Someone with pace who can open teams up. Getting another fast crosser sounds wonderful in theory but never works in practice, at least it doesn’t for us. Leon Bailey has been mentioned, not seen a lot of him, but someone of that ilk would be perfect.

James is the man in terms of how good he is, let’s not get it confused because he’s injury prone, the man is absolute quality. We got away with him on the right at the start of the season when everyone was fit and Coleman was playing like prime Phillip Lahm. But it would be great if when he does play, we have him in the middle, with options left and right. When he’s injured, that’s when our right winger comes in because we won’t be lacking creativity or someone who will open the pitch up.

5.) 21 Mar 2021 17:20:18
How does it never work in practice? We haven’t had one for years. Take a look at our goal difference. We are severely lacking in midfielders who can score goals. Team desperately needs width, not more player’s crowding the middle of the pitch.

6.) 21 Mar 2021 20:06:46
I mean when we buy direct wingers who can only run and cross. McGeady, Bolasie, Walcott, Bernard etc.

I’m not saying we need someone without width, we can still get that from a left footed right winger. We need a good all rounder playing there. Not just another fast fella who doesn’t create anything.

7.) 21 Mar 2021 21:54:54
Don’t recall any of the above being very good at crossing a ball tbh. Fed up with all rounders, give me a wide man who knows how to play that position and can take players on. Not run ten yards then play it backwards.

8.) 22 Mar 2021 06:43:34
Spot on Woburn. Get to the goal line, fullback thinks he has you, you squeeze through that couple of inch gap, cross the ball, bang into back of net, delicious. Made up for rest of week, no better feeling.




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02 Apr 2021 21:06:58
Bye then👋👋.




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26 Mar 2021 17:36:40
This will be a massive boost not only to the club, but also the people of Liverpool. A huge round of applause to everyone at the club. At last some positivity around this great club.




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22 Mar 2021 20:58:48
It could be to do with all the houses that were compulsory purchased around Anfield to allow them to build their new stand. How’s that for conspiracy theory. 😂.




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20 Feb 2021 20:04:49
And that we got a penalty?




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31 Jan 2021 22:08:04
We don’t need another holding midfielder.





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05 Apr 2021 21:19:30
I never mentioned our forwards? Though I agree Zaha is a very good player.




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04 Apr 2021 22:33:42
We will probably lose out on goal difference as ours is shocking.




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02 Apr 2021 21:11:34
Sorry Coby no chance of getting Grealish for 50m. If he comes up you can double that price.




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31 Mar 2021 21:58:28
Do you play on the right Sir_Loin? 😂.




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31 Mar 2021 11:11:48
Think Kenwright might get one. I mean let’s be fair where would we have been if he hadn’t stepped in when he did. Yes he made mistakes along the way, but he’s a supporter when all said and done, and sometimes as a fan your heart rules your head and you f**k up. I know I would have done.
But the guy delivered. In getting Moshiri we were able to get Ancelotti a new ground and a certain Russian who keeps pumping money into the club.
My personal view is if he hadn’t stepped in when he did then we could easily have ended up like the Forest’s and Derby’s of this world stuck in the Championship.